Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine….

Hello all,
This is jara, no one knows me here, as I am new to this page.
I love the show ishqbaaz and thought to write a ff.
All positive and negative comments are welcome…
In this ff, all characters are same as in original and I am just carrying the story from yesterday’s episode, where dadi asks anika to come to oberoi mansion again…with my imagination….
So let’s start,
Next day morning,
Anika enters the oberoi mansion,
Dadi: aaja puttar, aaja.
Rudra and om see her and look at her with a welcome smile.
Shivaaye comes and wishes gud morng dadi.
Suddenly anika’s face gets lit up and she looks at shivaaye…
Shivaye notices this and asks, why are u looking at me lyk that???
Anika: aare baap re!!! U forgot!!! yesterday only we spoke and u forgot?? Lagtha hai aapki dimak mein na kuch hogaya hai…shayyad apiki screw would have gone lose saying this she guestered him as mental(with index finger on forehead and twisting it)
Dadi, rudra , om were looking at each other…

It wasn’t their first time seeing both fighting,.
Dadi: Billu, bhool gayi wish her good morning na??
Billu sorry sorry shivaaye: dadi, plz, don’t call me that…he closed his eyes and gave a sigh and said good morning
Anika looks at him, I think aap shart bool gayi… u should say it with a smile… hai na dadi???
Dadi suppresses her smile and nods in positive…
Shivaaye gets irritated and says, guuuud morningggg miss anikaaaa !! With a hesitated and irritated smile.
Dadi I have to go to work now and leaves the hall..
I know its short but guys tell me I should continue or not . I know I m not good in Hindi plz do bear bcoz I know only to read and some what speak hindi so….

Do let me know about your thoughts and stay blessed guys….


  1. mukul

    Jara good to know that ur a ishqbaazian 2 like us 👍👍 good start keep it up nice short n simple .I am a serious reader n I love to Read ff ur start was nice but short n plz add sum spice to ur ff ☺☺☺☺☺ express ur thoughtd in such a way that every body can connect in its intro itself sorry if I hurt someone feeling its just my opinion

  2. Ayesha

    awesome jara plz continue i loved it a lot and i am sure everyone will also love it……😁😁😁😁😋

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