Ishqbaaz – AnShi (Anika & Shivaay) OS – Kyun! Ho Gaya Na….


O-k-a-y….! I hadn’t planned this, I swear I wasn’t going to write this thing before I complete the previous ones of mine. I blame it all on AnShi and the “O Jaanaaa…” bgm. I don’t know what to say, so just read it and tell me how it is. Fingers crossed, I am hoping that you people will like this OS. Enjoy!


This wasn’t meant to happen! No no no!

Shivaay massaged the back of his neck trying to soothe the itch that his expensive sherwani suit was causing him. Pacing back and forth he was chanting the word “no” as a sacred mantra as if his life depended on it. Though he was looking handsome and totally edible in that gorgeous navy blue attire but he would have looked a little more presentable if he had buttoned up the jacket in the right way, had his hair combed, gelled and styled as he usually did and if he would just stop cursing nothing and no one in particular.

Shivaay ran his hands in his hair and clutched his head tight, “What the hell!” he shouted. The man, the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi who thought that the emotion called anxiety never existed was now having second thoughts about it. He who was known for 3 things ‘Name, Money and Power’ now realized that these three things weren’t the ones which described him, the one who thought that nothing could stop him, control him not even nature, was feeling quite helpless as he found himself being clouded by the thoughts of a certain feisty dark haired beauty.

Today was supposed to be one of the best day of his life, not because he was getting married but because this marriage meant the sealing of the deal that he had made with Tia’s father regarding their joint venture but alas! When had the supposed best day of his life turned into the worse one? It all was just too hard to process. What the hell had happened?

“Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajna..”

He turned on his heel fast to face the person to whom the familiar voice belonged, Anika. There she stood, dressed in the same clothes that she was wearing the day they met for the first time. He was too discourteous, impertinent and presumptuous back then that he refused to acknowledge that she was the most beautiful girl he had met. Not only beautiful but brave as well. Back then he had thought that she was the most stupid girl in the world, who with a sane mind would break the windscreen of a car worth 2 crores and that too the car who belongs to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

Anika shrugged and walked towards him, “Tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye..” she smiled teasingly.

“What the?! I didn’t invite you, and how come I didn’t notice you entering my room!” Shivaay asked.

Anika stepped close and placed her hand on his chest, right above his heart. Shivaay was too surprised to acknowledge the sparks that her touch caused to burst inside him, “I live in here. When you gave me a place in your heart then what’s the need of an invitation?”

Shivaay staggered back “Don’t talk rubbish to me Anika. Can’t you answer a simple question of mine in a simple way?”

Anika made a face, “I didn’t come here on will. You called me, you needed me here so I had to come.”

“I did not! Why would I do that?”

“Don’t act oblivious Shivaay, you know what is going on, don’t you?”

“No! I don’t know what you are talking about.” Shivaay turned his face away because he knew he wouldn’t be able to lie if he continued to look at her face, especially her soul piercing eyes. Nope, not going to do that.

“Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajna, laakh kar le tu inkaar sajna..” Shivaay heard Anika sing. He turned around to reprimand her but she wasn’t there. She had vanished just as suddenly as she had came. Realization dawned on him that Anika wasn’t there in reality, what he saw, whom he talked to was just a figment of his imagination.

Shivaay stood in the front of the full length mirror staring at his reflection. This wasn’t him! Ruffled hair, slumped shoulders, unfocused eyes and the look of defeat on his face, this sure wasn’t the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi he used to be. Name, money, power and lineage made the shrewd business minded, eldest son of the Oberoi’s but the man whom Shivaay stared at in the mirror was the man who had been struck by the powerful jolt of the deepest emotion called love.

He now understood his Dadi’s lectures about love. She used to say, “Billu puttar, a day will come when a girl made just for you will enter your life in a way unexpected and unavoidable. She will challenge your ways, make you angry, make you smile and sometimes will make you cry as well. She will evoke and provoke certain emotions inside you, push your buttons and make you do things you would never had done anyway. A day will come when you will fall in love with her and fall so hard that it will become impossible to stand up straight again without her being at your side. You would need her in the same way you need to breathe. You know why? Because inside you lies an Ishqbaaz dil, who is yearning for ishq. Mark my words my dear boy.”

Shivaay closed his eyes as he sat on the floor on his knees. To hell with everything, he need to catch a breath after all the mighty Shivaay Singh Oberoi was finally defeated. Defeated single handedly by a girl. His tense features started to change, eyes lightened up, the skin around his eyes crinkled as he smiled. The bewildered smile turning to an infectious grin and seconds later to full blown laughter as he realized that what he thought was impossible had finally happened. He laughed as he remembered all the events where Anika had told him that he couldn’t control everything, made him realize the same thing most of the times. He laughed remembering each and every antics, her amusing behaviour, her high jinks and not to forget that crazy dance of hers that she did every time when he was rendered speechless by her witty replies.

Omkara and Rudra were stupefied to see Shivaay sitting on the floor, his head cradled in his hands, laughing like a maniac. He was laughing so hard that he was rofl-ing and tears flowed out of his eyes. Confused at first, the brothers soon realized what may have caused this to Shivaay. Omkara smiled widely looking at Rudra who grinned back at him. Both of them walked towards their brother and held out a hand each in front of him.

Shivaay looked at his brothers who had the knowing look on their face. He placed his hands in theirs and clasped tightly. Omkara and Rudra helped him stand up, it was Omkara who asked, “So…you aren’t going to get married right?”

Shivaay just smiled, “Oh! I am going to get married alright but not with Lady Baba for sure.” Rudra gaped at his eldest brother causing Shivaay and Omkara to laugh.

Omkara gave his brother a tight hug and handed him his car keys, “Take my car and go out through the back door. Everybody’s in the front, partying so no one will notice you sneaking out. Go get her bro!”

Shivaay clutched the keys tight in his hand walking away as he thought about ways to woo his girl but realizing something else, he stopped in mid and turned back to face Omkara, the brother of his who had told him way before that the day will definitely come when Shivaay Singh Oberoi will fall in love without thinking of status, money and lineage. Taking long strides he went to Omkara and gave him another hug, “Thank you for not giving up on me.”

Omkara patted his back and smiled softly, finally Shivaay was getting what he deserved, a girl who will love him without inhibitions, without any selfish intentions and without demanding anything in return. “Don’t forget about me! I am your brother as well, I should also get the credit because if it wasn’t me and my matchmaking skills you would have married Lady Baba.” Rudra whined, lighting up the mood.

“Of course! I am indebted to you for life. Thank you Rudra for every prank of yours that you have played to bring me and Anika close. You are really great at matchmaking.” Shivaay sounded impressed as he hugged Rudra.

“Now stop buttering me. Use it all to woo my bhabhi, get set go!” Rudra cheered.

Giving his brothers a smirk Shivaay ran out of the room. Once he was out of sight, Rudra dialled a number on his phone and called.

“Haan Dadi..”

Omkara smacked Rudra upside the head and chuckled. Unfazed Rudra continued talking to Dadi, “Dadi ab yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti! The groom just ran away!”

Omkara was sure that their Dadi would be happy with this decision of Shivaay’s, she too was against of this facade of a marriage.

“Just like you had said Dadi, your eldest isqbaaz is going to get the girl he truly, deeply and madly loves. Ishqbaazi takkar ki hone waali hai Dadi!”


Standing at a corner Dadi smiled as she ended the call trying to keep her happiness under control, she didn’t want anybody to get suspicious even a bit. In her mind Dadi danced joyously. One down, two more to go.

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  1. Simplesweety1

    I Loved It! <3 Awesome!

    1. Megha

      Glad that you liked it, thank you for commenting 🙂

  2. Do u mind if I put forward a request? Can u make it a two shot? The second one comprising of how he woo-ed her and marriage and all? Coming to this, this is an excellent piece of art! Beautiful!

    1. Megha

      Thank you for commenting, I am really glad that you loved the OS.
      And about continuing the OS, well I am planning to make this an OS series, writing Omkara’s, Rudra’s and Priyanka’s OS love story first then later on I will convert thus into an SS for sure. <3

      1. Oh wow that’s great!

  3. It’s wonnddderfullll plz write a second part wid every1s rxns

    1. Megha

      Glad that you liked the OS, thank you for commenting.
      And I will sure make this OS an SS but that’s a project for later.

  4. It was awesome ?.keep writing megha

    1. Megha

      Thank you.

  5. Nita D

    Hey megha i have read some of your is on swaragini page before…..b like them this is also awesome…..i love your writing skills….

    1. Megha

      I am glad that you like my stories, thanks a lot for complimenting my writing skills as well.
      Thank you so much 😀

    2. Nita D

      Its os not is…’os on swaragini page’
      Auto prediction ??

  6. Directionert91

    I loved it to oooo much

    1. Megha

      Glad about it <3

  7. Wen will u post the next part…??
    Waiting waiting??

    1. Megha

      I will post Omkara’s OS, the second OS in this Ishqbaaz series first.

  8. oh Megha! that’s wonderful !!! I just love it….u r amazing…keep going like this….
    Post the next part fast plz…..waiting……….

    1. Megha

      I am glad that you loved the OS, thank you so much for commenting 😀
      And I’ll be updating Om’s OS first, this OS will be converted into an SS later.

  9. This is too amazing dear. I seriously don’t have words to tell you how commendable are your writing skills?

    Hehehe….See m here also to haunt you…tell me when r u going to post ur remaining ffs otherwise get ready because a vampire baba has given me some powers which l ll use and come to ur dreamzzz…so if u don’t want please yaar post kar do aur humpe reham kardo?

    1. Megha

      I am glad that you followed me here as well? and am super glad that you liked the OS, thank you so much for commenting ?

      And about the other stories of mine I am writing tree updates side by side which I will be updating soon ?
      Plus I don’t want you coming and haunting me in my dreams ??

  10. Loveleen

    m jus loving dis shw alot….n ofcrs ur os too….m eagerly waiting fr ur nxt os….btw do u knw nythng abt who is gonna b omkaras heroine..??

    1. Megha

      I am glad that you loved the OS and I love the show too, the Ob-bros are hard to resist??
      I am writing the next OS right now and about Om’s heroine, she’s Twinkle Patel, she played a role in serial Tu Mera Hero.

  11. Nishu

    Superb megha…… U hv grt writing skill….. I loved it…. Do u write any ff???? & os ka matlab??

    1. os means one shot………. 🙂

      1. Nishu

        Tq roshni

    2. Megha

      Thank you Nishu, I am glad that you loved the OS. and yeah I am writing 2 FF’s and one SS here these days.
      And OS means One Shot, you describe a scene, a short story in just one update, that’s an OS.?

      1. Nishu

        Tq Megha

  12. wow………..I just saw a comment n thought to read……..its out of the world………superb megha……I loved it………….tysm for this os………..keep writing ………..n do u write any ff??????

    1. Megha

      Glad that you loved the OS, thank you for commenting.
      And yes I am writing ff’s and ss’s as well

  13. Simply awesm……… Keep the gud work megha. Really loved it..

    1. Megha

      Thanks for commenting Rose, I am glad that you liked the OS.

  14. Yaar sahi mein mast that..great going

  15. Asmithaa

    Very nice Megha dii… Wonderful.. U r writing skills are awesome..

  16. I loved it and you should continue the os…….. I want to know what will happen next

  17. Megha…..U have wonderful writing skills…..this is the first time I am reading something like a ‘what-would-happen’ story to a ongoing serial….loved it…and you should continue the same for Om and Rudra….please!

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