Ishqbaaz -Ansh, Ishkara, Rumya – Episode 5

Shivay – anika what are you saying? How can she call? How can you forget what has she done to our family? How can you forgive her?
Anika – I know shivay that whatever happened years ago, it was not her mistake. I can’t believe that she can stoop so low. If u don’t want to believe then don’t believe but atleast don’t force me to not believe her. I will bring her back to this house.
Listening the last sentence shivay got angry.

He said – no u can’t do this. I can’t bear that woman in my house. And anika what happened to you? U know right, because of her my brother is in so much pain. My brother is alive but he has stopped living the life. Zinda lash ban gaya hai wo. If u try to hurt my brother u know very well what will I do.

Anika tries to cool down shivay. But he is very angry on listening his wife thought of bringing that woman back.
Shivay – anika promise me u will not start this topic again in future and u will not try to bring her back.

Anika is shocked. Anika – I am sorry shivay. I can’t promise u this.
Shivay starts throwing stuff here and there. He says – because of that woman, u had to suffer so much, our family lost their happiness, thanks to God that the treatment worked otherwise u would have remained….

Anika ran away and locked herself in a room. She was very much hurt. She is crying continuously.
Shivay realized what he said. He gets angry on himself. He also run behind Anika. He says her to open the door. He is apologizing to her. But she paid no heed.
Listening shivay’s loud voice, all the family members came and asked him what happened. Shivay then tells them everything. Everyone then gets angry on shivay.

Dadi – anika puttar, open the door. See crying is not a solution for any problem. And you are the most strongest child of mine, if u will cry like this then I will become very weak. Betaji, whatever happened is not going to get repeated we all know this fact. That was past and today we all are happy. U need to forget your past and start enjoying your present. None of us can change whatever happened in past. But the least which we can do is to not make our past our weakness and letting it win by ruining our present.

Listening dadi’s words anika came out. But she straightly went to her room. Dadi ordered everyone to assemble in the hall. She wants to talk.
Dadi slaps shivay. Everyone is shocked. U will do this; I had never imagined that my billu will do this. How many times I have said u to control your anger. But why will u listen to me.
Jhanvi – shivay how can you this. I don’t expect this childish behavior from u atleast. U r the eldest child and u r doing this nonsense. When will u have control over your anger. Do u have any idea what did u said her? U made her remember all the hard times which she faced. That hard time which was….

Om – mom why are u scolding shivay. This happened because that woman called. Had she not called then shivay and anika bhabhi would not have fought and this thing would not had again come out.
Pinky interrupts Om and says – oh my mata Om… its shivay’s fault. Even if that unlucky woman called, then why did he mentioned about that thing to Anika. Jethaniji is right. He should have control over his anger.
Om – but chotima, where is shivay at fault? I am not understanding why all of you scolding shivay? This started because of that woman whose name is ….

Jhanvi slaps Om.
Jhanvi – I am not interested in listening how did this all started. But I am very much interested in the fact that shivay due to any reason made anika remembered her past. And whatever is the reason behind shivay’s anger, but one thing he should keep in his mind and that is to control his anger. He needs to understand the fact that every word matters. So think before you speak.
Shivay – badi maa is right Om. Whatever may be the reason, I should have control over my anger. Anika is my wife. She is my responsibility. It is my duty to make sure that she is always happy. I am sorry everyone. I promise I will take care of this and will make sure that won’t repeat this mistake again.

Shakti and tej – well we expect this. Let’s see.
Everyone went back to their room.
Shivay saw anika sleeping. He went to her and sat beside her.
Shivay while holding anika’s hand – I am really sorry jaan. I know I have hurted u a lot. I also know that my act cannot be forgiven. But I promise I will not repeat this again. Please forgive me if possible. He kissed her forehead.

Next scene
The woman is crying. She is questioning God. She is angry on her destiny. She is holding someone’s photo and staring it. She says u never gave me any reason to love u but still I don’t know why the hell I love u. Why am I not getting over you. I hate u a lot but still I crave for u.

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    1. Sukriti

      thankyou so much Lauren….. will soon unfold the mystery

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      she will come soon dear.. thanks

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    can u guys please make some guess regarding the hatred which the Oberois have for that woman? pleaseeee

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