Ishqbaaz -Ansh, Ishkara, Rumya – Episode 4

Rudy starts shouting happily and jumps on sofa with Ansh. Suddenly he sees someone and all of a sudden he gets frozen up.
The person is Tej. He also laughs seeing Rudy in that position. Everyone is shocked to see this kind of behavior from him. He says sometimes one should laugh also with their family.
Hum saath saath hain plays on the bg.
Finally its evening, birthday time. Everyone is getting ready for the party. Guests have started arriving. The Oberois enter the party. Shivay thanks everyone for making his son’s birthday a grand one by coming here.
A 6 layer cake is being brought for Ansh. Ansh cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Everyone is dancing, enjoying the party. But there is one person who is still alone even in the presence of so many people. He is Om. Shivika sees him and try to cheer him up. But all in vain.

Om joins everyone in dance when Ansh requests him. Oberois are happy to see him there. Then they have dinner together where everyone has to say something about Ansh. This is the special demand by Ansh.
Dadi – I will just say one thing that because of Ansh I got the happiness of becoming a great grandmother (badi dadi). He is the cutest bachcha.
Tej and Jhanvi – we are so happy that Ansh is our grandson. He is so intelligent and smart. He always makes us proud.
Shakti and Pinky – we are very lucky to have him as our grandson. He is the lifeline of this house.
Shivika – we will just thanks him for coming to our life and making us feel the emotions of being parents. Luv u
Rudy – he is my nephew and he will be like me. He says that he is lucky as someone in this house understands him 😛 as everyone teases me.
Ansh is overwhelmed by these words. He sees Om going back to his room. He holds his hand from back and says – chachu will u not say anything?
Om smiles and says why not . I will definitely say for my little Einstein.
Om – ansh is the ray of hope, ray of light from me. He is that person who has removed darkness from my life and helps me in smiling, living this life again. I luv him so much. Thanks ansh for coming into my life.
Ansh hugs him tightly and says I luv u too chachu.
Next scene

The woman is making Avavay sleep. She thinks of calling Oberoi Mansion and wishing Ansh. But the next moment she stops herself. But then she thinks what is the fault of Ansh? Why should I not wish him? He is just a child.
Thinking and pondering over so much stuffs, she finally calls Oberoi Mansion.
Anika receives the call.
Anika – hello
The woman was again in two minds whether to say or not that she is …
She did not utter any word.
Anika – hello, who is this calling. If u did not wanted to talk then why did u call? R u mad?
Later she understands and says – I know that it is u only. I was waiting for your call since morning. I had the belief that u will surely call. Thanks for calling and wishing my son. Please come back. I promise I will make everything fine.
Listening all these the lady cut the phone.
Anika is sitting near the window and watching the moon.
Shivay comes.
Shivay – it was a wonderful party naaa. Did u saw how much Ansh enjoyed? And our Om he too, he smiled.
He noticed that Anika is lost in her own thoughts. He pats her shoulder and asks her what happened? U luk worried
Anika – she called to wish our son. She still remembers everything. She is still a good person. When I said her to come back, she cut the call.
Shivay – r u talking about her?
Anika – yes
Shivay is shocked.

Author’s note: sorry for posting so late… was admitted in hospital… really sry fr keeping u guys wait

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