Ishqbaaz Anika with head high and self esteem

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Omru and Dadi return from Tirupathi after hearing Tia’s report to the media.

All oberoi family members are present and Pinky takes Tia’s side
Pinky says that because of Anika shivaay is not ready to welcome his own child into their family so she request Dadi to advice shivaay that to give divorce to Anika and send her out and make shitia’s marriage as he never disobey Dadi’s word.

Dadi omru actually got relaxed after hearing that from pinky and they enquire about this to shivaay.

Shivaay expalained what happened and he said he is sure that nothing happened between him and Tia that night.

Dadi and omru were actually happy after hearing that.

Dadi and omru say that we believe in shivaay he never do any job that bring disrespect to their family.

Except Pink all were happy about this.

And all were trying to find solution to this problem.
So as per their plan they thought to do DNA test again.

Pinky inform this to Tia through phone that they want to do DNA test again and she is sorry about that and she ask Tia to come to hospital tomorrow Tia get shocked and she ask whic hospital.Pinky informs her about the hospital detail.

Next day with shivaay blood samples Omru and Anika go to hoapital.

But Tia preplanned every thing there.
After some procedure doctor informs Anika by evening they will send the report to oberoi’s mansion.

Evening in oberoi’s mansion all are present along with Tia and Tia’s mom and someone from hospital come and give them the report.
Shivaay open the report and he is shell shocked to see the report Om get the report from Shivaay and he also looked shocked then he inform that the report says shivaay is the father of that baby.

Shivaay with almost tearful eyes see Anika and Anika is also upset about the result but she again think that Tia may be behind this.

Tia mon says that shivaay already you have humiliated Tia very much what is your answer.

If yor are not ready for the marriage our business merging will not happem and we will inform media that how hearless yor are this may create huge loss to his stack and his company.

And Tia says that always you talk about family and bloodline what are You going to do. This may bring great humiliation to your family if you do not accept me now.
Shivaay says that he is ready for the marriage and he never do any job that bring disrespect to his family and loss to his business.

Then he goes to his room he takes Anika along with him.

All looked confused and shocked by his gesture.

In his room he says sorry to Anika and ask her to sing the divorce paper after hearing that Anika get shocked.

Anika says that behind all this there is Tia’s hand and she say she believe in Shivaay.

Shivaay says that he himself doesnot believe in himself how come Anika can believe.
Oh jaanaa plays in the background.

Shivaay ask Anika to sign the paper and ask her to come out of her dreamworld and face the reality.

Anika says Tia is fooling you .

Shivaay says enough Anika please leave me and move out from my life actually I was happy with my life because of You I am facing this problem.

Anika ask what because of me.

Shivaay answers ya because of You.

If not for you in I would have married Tia by now and lived happily.

You only spoiled my marriage with the another girl who was in Tia’s place when Tia was kidnapped.

If it is for that girl everything would have gone according to my plan and after that one day marriage I would have given divorce to that girl and married Tia.

So please leave my life and go actually now I came to realise that after meeting You I am constantly facing problem.

Anika get tears in her eyes after seeing tears in Anika’s eyes shivaay turn other side and his eyes also get wet.

Oh jaanaa plays in the background.

Then Anika sign the divorce paper and she start taking her things from cupboard.

Shivaay ask what are you doing she did not answer.

Shivaay constantly keep asking and started to pull her clothes from her again Anika get all the clothes from him and put it in the briefcase.

Shivaay say are you mad it’s late night tomorrow You can leave the house but Anika did not reply anything.

She goes to shail room and starts paking his dress.

Shivaay follows her.

Anika say to shail that we can go to my friend house today night and rest we can discuss later.

Shivaay tries to stop Anika but Anika takes shail hand and start moving by seeing this Tia and pinky get happy and rest of them get shocked.

Dadi stoped Anika and tried to speak but Anika said Dadi please don’t say any thing you know that i never if You stop me today I will not have any thing in my life later.

Dadi ask what did billu threatened you no Dadi I am just saying that I consider selfrespect and self esteem as my every thing though I did not have money I was happy about myself but if I stay anylonger here I will loose even that.

Shivaay has tears in his eyes but he could not stop her.

Dadi ask om to drop Anika and shail in their house but Anika refused.

But Dadi says that house is yours actually shivaay played dirty games to get that house from you so don’t worry you have all the rights in that house.

Then Anika get blessing from Dadi and Dadi say if You have not met shivaay I think You would have been happy with your life I always used to say there is reason behind every new people meeting but I think only unhappiness is left in your and shivaay meeting.
God bless u Anika.
Atleast from now onwards stay happy.

And Anika for the last time turn back and see shivaay with tearful eyes.

Even shivaay couldn’t control his feelings and started having tears he immediately rushes back to his room.

The end.

Kanna shows Tia’s and Robin footage during marriage time to omru.They get shocked by seeing that.

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