Ishqbaaz Anika with head high and self esteem 2


Hi guys this is episode 2 continuation from where om leave with Anika and shail to drop them in Anika’s house.

In oberoi’s mansion
Shivaay in his room restlessly think about the divorce drama which happened and he remembers
all the moment he spend with Anika. (Sad version of Oh jaanaa plays in the background)

Om in his room think about the same divorce drama.
Rudru comes to Om room and ask about Anika’s condition as he left her in her home.

Om says she was deeply affected by this divorce drama and she did not speak anything but at last she said to me not to leave shivaay side ever and help him to take correct decision through heart not brain. (Dil se not demak se).

Rudru say she is very nice girl Baiya and Anika di were best pair thakar ki pair.
It is very hard to find nice and pure hearted girl like her and she also have ability to make shivaay sing oberoi to just light hearted shivaay.

Om says its true shivaay has lost very precious gift. If I have to say in shivaay’s language he has lost one of his expensive and rare deal of his life.

Rudru says all because of that ladybaba. If she got married with baiya before atleast we would have been friend with Anika di by now but after this incident how can we face her.

And om I don’t understand one thing Tia is already rich and kapoor family can afford the amount which the kidnapper asked then why those kidnapper kiddnaped her right before their marriage.I think maybe the kidnappers knows that kapoor family can’t afford that much money because they are cheapday types.

All this happened because of that stupid kidnappers they could have kidnapped that lady baba before and not let her out.

Om say Rudru though You did not like Tia you can not wish bad for her.

But Rudru something is fishy actually shivaay said during marriage time Tia wrote a letter that she is not interested in marriage but next day he got call from kidnappers we have to enquire about this some logic is missing in this whole kidnapp drama.

Rudru says Ok come on Om we can go and ask about this to baiya.

Om say no we have to find it by ourself.

Actually I have many doubt about Tia.

First shivaay never forget anything when he is drunk he remembers all most everything when compared to us.

second part is I trust Anika and she is good hearted person but she was constantly accusing Tia. Judging from Anika’s character she never accuses someone easily untill something is fishy. Without fire no smoke.

And now you just mentioned about this kidnapp.

So let us enquire about this first let us get the full marriage video from khann because Tia got kidnapped from the same location where shivaay forced Anika to marry her so it is easy to find out exactly what happened that day.

Om call khann for the video.

Anika in her room think about the hurtful words said by shivaay and cries.

Then she think to herself that she should forget every thing and back to her normal life before she met shivaay and she says to herself that by any means she has to return back all the money which shivaay has spent for shail and her house so she has to be strong and starts her work from tomorrow and can’t waste her time for this anymore.

Next day khann bring those video clip to omru.

By seeing those video omru get shocked.
Om say so this is the truth of Tia and Robin.

Robin is not her brother but husband.

Om ask rudru to call all the family members to living room including Tia.

Rudru says she is not lady baba she is lady bomb who caused chaos in oberoi’s family.

All family members assembled in living room.

Om plays the marriage video all got shocked by seeing that video.

Om ask Tia who is the father of the baby.

Tia say its shivaay’s whatever showed in the video is fake.Already we have done DNA test twice still you people don’t believe me. On that day Robin was just consoling me because after getting married I have to leave kapoor mansion so he was just consoling me and the voice in the video is all fake.

Tia goes to shivaay see baby even your own brothers are framing me by joining hand with Anika they alwaya humiliated me and they followed me but could not find any thing and now they are creating this huge mess.They never believed ME always they were suspicious about me all this happened because of that low class girl Anika.

Actually shivaay baby though Anika influenced them I think they have some bad motive that is they don’t want us to get married because you will become successful in your business when compared to their father that’s why baby they planned this huge drama along with Anika.

They are only your cousin brothers not your own brother so they have bad agenda behind all this fake drama and video.

Shivaay ask Tia to shut her mouth if you say one more word about my brother and wife I will show you the real face of shivaay sing oberoi which you can’t handle.

Tia ask what wife FYI you both signed the divorce paper.

Tia goes to pinky and says it is all drama but pinky gave one tight slap in Tia’s face.

She ask her to move out from oberoi’s mansion and said she doesnot want to talk to khandani cheap girl like her.

Om say just because Anika is not rich and have family name we humiliated her many time he goes to shivaay and says Familyname, bloodline does not describe one’s personality their characters at least I think you would have understood this by now.

Rudru says baiya just compare khandani tia with Anika di and try to stop judging people by your so called bloodline, Familyname etc

Shivaay get shattered by hearing this he remembers each and every minute he disgraced Aniks from their first meeting.

Dadi come to shivaay and says all the poor people does not aspire for richness and at the same time all rich people are not classy people you just remember this. Even your grandfather hailed from poor family.

Daid say I think to make you understand this god has played such a drama in your life.

Shivaay breakdown and cries in Dadi’s arm.
He ask what will I do now.

Dadi say one who does mistake has to correct it.
Just recall what all mistake You did in You lifetime and then try to correct it by youself this is what I can say to you.

Now you are a grown up but you were doing many mistake though I tried to point out Your mistakes you were not in stage to hear it so I thought all are just small mistake one day You will understand it.

Atleast by now you realise it.
Your small mistake and ego has created big problem in your life.

Life and time has thought you a lesson so it is Your responsibility to correct your mistake billu.

Shivaay look shattered with teary eyes.

The end.

Precap: Anika get ready for her work and come out of her house shivaay comes there.

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