hiii guys i am suhana . i am new to tellyupdates and this is my second analysis.through i didn’t get much comments in the previous one i feel like penning down my thoughts and share it with u guys

so today the analysis is about the couples that is
3.rumya or ravya whatever is going to happen
1.shivika-i have somewhat feel that shivika fandom is more than the other 2.and personally i also love them.they are so adorable together.but have u ever think why their fandom is so large(ok i gi ve 5 min now think,kuch aaya dimag mein ya nhi dorao,dorao dimag ke ghoro ko dorao)ok times upbecause they are contrasting personalities yet they are similar but contrasting more . if u guys remember in the 1 or 2 episode of ishqbaaz dadi said to shivaay that someone will come to his life and make him realise that nkk is not everything.and almost the same happen i mean shivaay still value nkk but anika becames an exceptional .
constrating points in them-

1. shivaay is from a rich family but anika comes from a middle class family.
2. shivaay handles his family business no worry he is talented but anika is a self made woman(aur self made walo ki baat hi kuch aur hoti h jaise anika )
3. shivaay values nkk more than the humans talent but anika gives priority to the talent
4. shivaay becomes weak when it comes to his family he is not able to bear the truth(like pinky) but anikka stays strong(sahil’s bua)
5.shivaay likes to throw things and anika loves to be panika

similarity between them
1.both can do anything for their family
2.both loves brother very much
3. they do khidkitod planning(like exposing tia)
4.they are simple but yet they are adorable (like simple forehead kiss is such a awww moment)
5.both saves each other whatever happens
6. both are takkar ke tadibazz.

aren’t they enough to simply love them.they have contrasting yet simlar personalities .and i think that’s why they are popular . and most importantly they are stable not like om and rudra whose partners are just changing.

ok now omri-seriously speaking i am still missimg ishkara .(sorry if i have hurt any omri fan) i like omri. but ishkara was some what magical .i mean they had the pairing for a short period of time still they just rocked it.
iskara –as far as i remember in ishqbaaz dadi said for om that someone will come to his life and make him understand that lie is a neccesity to live, important to make relation,essential to make them strong . and i think that ishkara pairing was just awesome with the saying
contrasting hates lies but ishana used to lie as she was a con girl was so mature but ishana was somewhat chilidh and i seriously liked that
3. they both were able to understand each other pain only reading through eyes (remember ishana was sharing feelings about om with her sister how much pain she sees in his eyes)
similarity between them
1. both loved their family a lot
2. both were practical about life
3. both can read eyes

aren’t they enogh to like them. and they were toghether for a short period of time. i would love to see the love story of a mature om who has a lot of understanding about relationsip.uses his shayari to make a simple moment magical (personally i like om more when his hair used to be free rather than tied up all the time)
omri- they are also cute. i mean i like them but not as much as ishkara.
om has become more like sso 2 and i don’t expect him to be like that. so many misunderstanding between him and gauri.if he would have handled it maturely i would have love them . not listening to gauri onceis really immature.
constrasting between them-
1. om is from a rich family but gauri comes from a middle class family.
2. om hates lie and gauri had lied him (about chulbul)
i didn’t get anything in my mind if u guys get pls drop it in comment box.

similarity between them-
1. both are self made ( as om is an artist and gauri used to run her shop and as i said self walo ki baat hi kuch aur hoti h)
2. both love their moms very much.
3. both had painful past ( in om case his dad and in gauri case kaali thakur and his mami and mama )
good enough to like them.

ok now my favourite rumya – they are the most cutest and just awesome couple . imean they didn’t had long conversation aur romantic moments but whenever they both come together it simply becomes magical. and for rudra dadi said that as he sees a girls physical appearance not heart someone will come and make him realise that good heart is more important than good figure . and the same was going with rumya.
constracting between them
-1. rudra used to see figure but somya used to see heart
2. rudra used to be crybaby but somya used to be strong
3. when rudra act childish and worried about his brother somya used to explain him
4. rudra was somewhat immature aur childish but somya was mature enough.
similarity between them
1. they used to love their brother ( but unfortunately somya ‘s brother passed away)
2. they used to respect their family
3. they were confused about love.

and if ravya if going to happen then i am not liking it at all
i want rumya !!!!! i want rumya!!!!!! i want rumya!!! iwant rumya!!!! i want rumya!!!!! i want rumya !!!

cv’s are not understanding that trps are drpping because of changing leads . if they keep changing leads then our interest towards the show will not last long .it takes a long time to atached to the character. when we strated liking them they change them and change the character whch becomes really hectic the real essence of the character get missing and the trps faal
ok so these are my views and pls drop ur views in comment box .sorry if i have hurt someone’s feeling
and ignore gramatical mistake

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  1. AMkideewani

    I absolutely agree with you dear I miss IshKara as well and I want Raumy as a pair and no one else

    1. Ya I am also missing them

      1. Thanks for reading

  2. Exactly man!! Rumya pair rocks!! D pair was magical! ❤ravya not at all good!

    1. Yes and after watching today’s episode I don’t their pair will work

      1. Thanks for reading

  3. Sagithya

    Nice I also agree for rumya

    1. I hope they come back

      1. Thanks for reading

  4. U r so correct I still want ishkara plz do whatever with gauri bring ishkara back n only rumya

    1. Ya I also want ishkara

      1. Thanks for reading

  5. Ananyagour

    You are absolutly right i also want rumya back i love saumya she was perfect for rudra somehow i start liking gauri but now also i like ishkara more than omri

    1. I hope so myasthenia don’t quit show like ishana did otherwise we will loss another beautiful couple

      1. Thanks for reading

  6. Aarti32

    Exactly same thoughts I hv about Ishkara n Rumya..I’ll nvr forgive Gul Khan for snatching away my darling couples..
    Omri r great..But Ishkara was something exceptional n magical..I also don’t like Om’s choti.. Open hair Om looked so innocent..
    Although my cousin’s name is Bhavya, but I’m still not liking Ravya..A big NO

    1. I will also never ever forgive gul mam .and I know ravya is not going to work in any means.thanks for reading

  7. Khushilovesroumya

    I completely agree with you.The trps are dropping because of the changing leads . also I miss rumya and ishkara.They are my two favourite couples.Shivika,omri,and ruvya not much their fan.Loved ur analysis.

    1. Thanks for reading but who will make them understand that trps are falling because changing leads they just keep on changing.I wish the cvs get changed

  8. Nila

    ya same feel for rumya and ishkara and shivika contrasting personalities ya I agree that’s y large fandom me too i love shivika more than others so cute and adorable chemistry is btw them and forehead kiss(its true that create some aww moments) lol

    1. Thanks for reading. And yess shivika are just awesome they make a simple moment magical

  9. Nita D

    Nice analysis….I agree with all points…..I love shivika….But recently this pinky is become very annoying…..
    I badly miss old Omkara….if this continues for some more time then maybe I’ll start hating om….
    Ishkara was magical…I loved the contrasting characters of truth n lie….But I like OmRi as well…..
    Rumya is the cutest….and I was always sad that they didn’t get enough screen space….hope we get rumya back soon, cause I have heard the Neha is just on a break and isn’t quitting….so fingers crossed….

    1. Thanks for reading. And if so myasthenia is going to come back then I would be dancing.thanks for giving me this news it seems they still have a hope

      1. Actually it’s neha.

  10. Nikita_jai29

    I completely agree with you dear… I also want rumya!!!

  11. I completely agree with u.. I miss ishkara n rumya.. ishkara was magical.. missing shayaribaaz zulfi singh oberoi n cute n bubbly ishana.. I hope rumya will be back soon on the show… n ya shivika so adorable together…

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