Ishqbaaz analysis -what we expect and get

“MAAA THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE REALLY DIFFERENT” this words escape out of my mouth when i saw the first promo of ishqbaaz. And seriously it was different but till before the spin off

I mean till far we have mostly seen the shows in which the brother becames each other enemies they are jealous of each other but their family wants them to be toghether and like that

But this was the first show that shows that only blood relations are not strong but DILL SE BANAYE HUE RISHTE BHI MAZBOOT HOTE H .their family wants seperation but they were amandade to be together.the story was actually about the three brother who are very differnt from each other yet incomplete without each other. YEH EK DUSRE KE ZAROORI HISSE H YEH EK KAHANI KE TEEN KISSE H. this was the slogan. But the reality is COMING out something diff. Ishqbaaz is all about shivaaay’s family and dil bole oberoi is all about om’s family which has no traces of rudra .and it seems it will become one of the shows which shows NEGATIVITY NEGATIVITY AND ONLY NEGATIVITY (like sasural simar ka, sath nitbana sathiya, gulaam and like that ,sorry if i have hurt someone’s feeling )and i don’t want to be that.

Cv’s need to understand that we are seriuosly fed up of seeing the RELATIVES CONVERTING IN THE NEGATIVE CHARACTER.

Cv’s are saying that most of the people want suspense.but they are not understanding what they are showing is pure negativity.converting the loveable buamaa into a villian is not any suspense it is called negativity if something like buamaa has changed tej or made a deal with tej and after that tej would be behaving nicely with jhanvi and after that showing the flashbacks what actually happen.and after knowing that everyone including dadi becomes angr y with bua maa and starts hating tej is called suspense i think .then tej improving and seeking forgiveness from jhanvi will be truely beautiful . But the cvs have something diff.. In their mind.
Cv’s in the race of trps are spoiling a great stroy . They says this track brings more trp but YEH RISTA KYA KEHLATA AND KUCH RANG PYAAR KE AISE BHI is also a show with very less negativity and it scores good trps. I am not saying that they should do like that but atleast they can consider it.

Viewers are of many age groups its a thirteen years girl from gujrat toh a thiry year woman from tamil nadu . But they all are wathching the serial after finishing their hectic day . They watch tv so that they can relax they can laugh they can have some light mood, be free from tension. If even after spending the whole day in hectic scheduled we get to watch the things turning negative (like bua maa , pinky ) then its really good to watch SAVDHAN INDIA so that we can actually be alert about our surroundinds.

Cv’s are saying that they are doing this for trps so i personally want to ask gul mam that she has done a fabulous and commendable job in ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON .but there was not that much negativity and villians as compare to ishqbaaz and as far as i remember trp were also good. So y they are spoiling such a nice story adding too much negativity in it. If a show contains humour , suspense (like it was at the time of malikaa’s entry who will win the boys gang aur the girls gang (aree jab girls vs boys hua tha mental strength ko lekar ), realistic (like it was at the time of conversation between obros and bonding with dadi) romance (which is already in the air and the credit goes to the superb actors ),rising social issue ( like they did it in malika ‘s case( giving importance to son’s career rather than d-i-l-)), mater planning (which is of course the fab job done by them, like trap for tia to expose her) i think then the show is actually going to be popular there is no need to add too much negativity.

Then ishqbaaz had its MASTER STROKE THAT’S OBROS a single scene containing obros moment ,saring their problems then the trps are going to high. No doubt that the tracks brought by the cvs are quit interesting but i somewhat find too much negativity in it . Like the upcoming track of shivaay ilegimat e is quit interesting but if it is going to involve kamini and then if pinky comes to know that anika’s has tell shivaay the truth and if then the hatred towards her will increase and she will take revenge by seperating them then it contains too much negativity.

I would like to see if pinki and anika ,om,rudra join hands together to realise shivaay that nkk is not that much important and he is still an oberoi as we know that after knowing this shivaay will be shatter and will plan to leave oberoi mansion..

The tracks which i personally wants are –

1.And about prinyanka i want ranveer to realise his mistake to marry priyanka forcefully and seeking forgiveness and as we know generous pinku will forgive her . And gradually they will falll in love and then ranveer will start oppossing kamini and blur out the truth in front of shivaay that her mother was with kamini in the plan of forceful maariage and after thet he will start hating pinki and anika will be the one who will mend the relation between mother-son

2. Pinki accepting anika as d-i-l and saying the world awating dialouge-“ meri hera bahu”

3.i want that dadi and other younster to be the part of the mission tejvi and gauri the support system always and in doing this mission om fell in love with gauri.


Gauri should return home with respect and after that om should know gauri’s truth. Then he wil rush to bareilly to find her . He will ask her to come along with him but she wil refused her in this . And then the mission of omri will be taken up by anika ,shivaay rudra and of my favourite dadi . Ialso want somya in this mission.

4. Abot rudra i want that bhavya to cheat rudra and hurt his feeling because its important for rudra how much somya was hurt when he said harsh words to her and after realising that he will be eager to meet saumya and during this he will realise he has fallen for saumya. and then saumya will again air her show on radio and rudra will find out through tracing that she has not left for Australia because she has fallen for him and didn’t want to focre her feelings on him . he will call her by diff name but saumya will recognise that he his her amar prem and cut the call and then their takkar ki ishqbaazi will began both will try to find out each other feeling about them . Making each other jealous.

5. I want that takkar wal a ishqbaazi between tej and jhanvi also. I would love to see tej running behind jhanvi manane ke liye and giving their relationship a new chance. And om forgiving his father and caling him “papa”.

6.i want that all the obros and pinku( as per the spoiler) should marry together as every one had their marriage chupke chupke except shivaay he married khulam khula but chupke chupke kisi aur ke sath(swapping of the bride track)
and sahil saying the dialouge with the cutest expression-“dadi mujhe kuch puchna h “
Dadi-“ha puttar puch”
Sahil- “bhaag ke shadi krna aapki khandani prampara h kya”
and all younster face would shape like”o”. And the elders would laugh on his cute question.

7.and during the marriage ceremonies anika comes to know that gauri is her sister will be shone pe shuhaga.

8. and as after that every thing will be happy happy i want face off between men and women men will says that women will not be able to enjoy without them and the women will say the vice versa. And all these will lead to takkar ki ishqbaazi
And i hope all this track will not involve any negativity and will increase trps.
Okk okk thats enough abb kyali pulav banana band krte h kyuki yeh sab hone ke chanches bahut kam h.

Okk guys thats enough . Pls sorry if i have hurt someone feeling and ignore gramitical mistake. And drop your comments in comment box and let me know which track u find more interesting .

Ok so signiging off

Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls comment all positve and negative comments are welcome .

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  1. Dhar

    Really this should happen , i don’t think the cv’s would take it seriously though. But i think u can start a ff of ur own . That will fulfill all our dreams ??. They seperated the obros , they killed our old shayribaaz om , they made our Rudy sumo’s cat fights to end . I skip watching ib as they r showing too much of saas bahu drama

  2. Wow…it’s nice ssuhanaa…yeah u r right they show so much negativity these days…I too wish for the tracks u want to start..

  3. Very good analysis dear!!

  4. Nita D

    Agreed…..I now wish instead of spin-off they would have extended the time slot to one hour….

    Some of the tracks u have suggested are awesome… personal fav is rumya and sahil one

  5. Ssuhanaaa sahil ka wo dialogue baag ke shaadi karna aapki khandhani parambara hai Kya???very funny.rudra aur bhavya ka story pe mujhe bhi interst nahi hai.because I like RuMya and RuMya is best.agar trp ke liye wo log ithna negativity daal raha Hai tho trp badathe bhi tho ham log haina agar hum log apna fans pyaar Kam karke inki over negativity dikhane ko trp girake Jawab diya tho ye log negativity Kam karega.but shivika scenes daalke ye log fans patathe hai aur shivika scene ki saath negativity bhi daal the shivika ke liye dekhne wala fans ki wajah trp high hotha hai.agar negativity se problem Hai tho unko trp girake Jawab Dena chaahiye ki negativity main interst nahi.but bechara shivika omri shivomru fans ka faida udatha hai ye log.phir buama ka negativity hona surprise nahi hai.because DBO ki launch time unka interview main tha unka character vilan hoga.thab unhone upni vilan character ki baare main bola tho mujhe interst laga Tha.but ab jaise lag raha Jai ki wo bhi swetlana ki tharah irittating vilan hoga.i hope na ho. vilan bhi interst hona chaahiye for example Roop,daksh,kaali thakur not like tia swetlana pinky?and IPKKND shyam.

    Ye Gul khan ka show wo wahi kartha Hai Jo wo chaahthi hai.mujhe koi hope nahi RuMya wapas milegi ya nahi.agar usko trp imp hai.agar RuVya ki karan trp gir gaya tho acha hoga.harneet ki twitter chat main usne bola tha ye new girl ko chance Dena chaahiye aur ye Rudy ki new track hai.jaise om ki barely track Tha waise.agar shrenu parikh ki tarah koi match karne wali actress hotha lee ki opposite tho GauriKara ki tarah RuVya ko bhi accept kartha.but ab Gul khan ki Jodi selection main hi kuch problem hai.neha ne live chat pe bola soumya wapas aayegi.but ab IB DBO ki writer harneet singh ne ye Nola ki rudr ki life ka new chapter Hai ye aur inko ek chance Dena chaahiye tho samajh gaya soumya ka come back nahi hoga.dekha jaaye tho RuVya story shivika gaurikara se different hai.agar rudra ko match karne wali hogi tho story aur beautifull hotha.gul Khan ek interview main bola tha IshKara track end karne ka problem unki beech chemistry kami thi aisa kuch.ab main ye dekhna chaatha hu RuMya track end karne ko wo konsa stupid wajah bolegi.agar usne ye bola na ki RuMya ki chemistry problem Hai tho main usse poochunga RuVya pe unko konsa chemistry dikhi.

    Main dekhna chaatha hu RuVya kaise sabki dil pe jagah banathe hai.aur phir ab om ka rude behave bhi mujhe pasand nahi as raha hai gauri ko rothe hua dekh kar acha nahi lagtha.pathar dil hai ye shivomru ka apni sweet beautifull wife ko rulatha hai.plain pe soumya ko rudra ne rulaya aur anika ko shivay kab rulaya tha tho sabko patha hoga ab om gauri ko.ab aage pinky ki wajah se anika ko rona padega.sach kaho tho unko rothe hua dekh kar bura lagtha hai.i know ye ek show Hai acting kar rahi hai.but Inka ye emotional secne heart touching hotha Hai.

    A BIG SORRY SUHANA patha nahi main Kya Kya LIKHA Hai but main bahuth upset hu.IB aur DBO se.RuMya ki end ki baath main bandh kiya hai dekhne ka.iss liye bahuth kuch comment kiya.ab main different and negativity Kam wala show dekhunga.agar aise show ka trp high hoga tho baaki serial makers unse inspire hokar apna show pe negativity kam karega.

    Sabse request Hai aise deferent show dekho aur unko support karo.ab ye log IPKKND 3 pe focus hai iss liye IB aur DBO ka ye haal kar raha hai.aur ye Gul khan zyada show sambhathe nahi.dekha jaaye tho usko patha nahi kaise handle karthe hai. shows and leads.baaki show main two lead couple ki imp dethe Hai but ye apni favorite aur apni manmani kartha hai.agar Gul khan ki jagah ektha Kapoor hotha is show ka producer tho wo RuMya ka story end nahi kartha.kuch log boltha Hai ektha ka show aisa Hai waisa Hai boring Hai but main bolunga wo Gul khan se bhi best hai(sorry GK fans).fans ka value fans ka dimand tho accept kartha hai.i think sirf GK hoga Jo fans ka value aur demand accept na karne waali producer.wo jab SARUN fans and ISHKARA fans ka request accept nahi kartha tho RUMYA fans ka Kya karega.but main surprise hu wo log PRIVEER ka story start kar sakthe hai aur unko ek chance Dr bhi sakthe hai but RUMYA ko nahi.aisa Kya hai PRIVEER pe Jo RUMYA PE nahi.aur RUMYA lead couple bhi tha.PRIVEER se zyada fans bhi RuMya ko Hai.PLEASE MERI TARAFSE USS HARNEET SINGH SE POOCHNA.JAB PRIVEER STORY START KAR SAKTHA HAI THO RUMYA STORY KYU NAHI.



  6. I totally agree with you u r Absolutely correct…..

  7. Ananyagour

    I totally agree with you i think this all should happen in the show sahil ‘s question was very cute and i also like during marriagr ceremony anika comes to know that gauri is her sister

  8. Nikita_jai29

    I am also agree with you dear.. I also wanted rumya….

  9. Akshaya_13

    yaar i totally agree with u on what u wrote…and u know i still don’t get it ki is she the same producer who made ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON? I Mean ek show itnaa hit aur accha hai…aur dusre ko normal shows mein mix karna chahte hain? i think woh ye soch rahe hain ki normal shows ko unki story se kaise wahwaayi mil rahi hai waise hii inko bhi milega..but trying something different and nice is i tell u 1001 times better….aur rahi baat buamaa ki toh unka toh spin off show launch mein hi bataaya tha naa ki she’s gonna be negative?…..and i feel pity for oberois…pehle ShivOmrUPri ki bua buri nikli aur abb ShEj (shakti+tej ) kii bua…lagta hai buaaon ka kaam hi aisa hai Oberois ke liye…��?��

  10. Akshaya_13

    ok…so now i read the whole of ur pov but I’m not convinced with the last para….that face-off wala thing…kyunki yaar i agree ki track is boring par if u expect everything soo quick it would be like they are runnung….i mean just within a couple of tiffs agar everything is gonna be normal naa it would lose its charm in future….ab dekho ek na ek din to IB ko khatam hi hona hai…toh when u wanna revisit the past aur jab episodes ko swipe karke dekhogi toh aapko lagega ki yaar yeh aisa ho gaya aisa hona chahiye tha naa…I’m telling this cz i myself have experienced this with IPKKND…ki isko aisa hona chahiye tha Anjali ke saath aisa hona chahiye tha…Arnav ko aisa karna chahiye tha and all…so fast forward ko hope karna chodo warna I’m telling u baad me aise sochne par majboor ho jaayengi dii…just hope for the track to be intresting…separation track hoga toh aansu bahaane pe majboor karde….judega toh guilt se guilty hone par majboor kar de…track aisa hona chahiye and i think cvs also want that par wo samajh nahi rahe ki the path towards it is wrong…and thanks for whpoever patiently read my bakwaas….

  11. Its nice dear…..and I agree with you….and if you could write an OS based on your POV

  12. yaar! you have read my mind!and the 4th option is too good,hope that happens. I think they(4 lions productions) should make you their CV. And as you are saying about the mallika track,which i agree are good and i too enjoyed the tracks but gul khan herself said that the mallika and the other tracks which we youngsters love did not work out for trp.and there also came a time where the channel asked them to improve,if the trp is still low they will shut down the serial.

  13. Neha_Pheonix

    Nice analysis

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