Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 9

Hi guys. You guys know that I’m late as always. but what to do . I am gonna have my model exams on 4th November. I don’t know when I will upload my next episode. I am planning to write an os please support me in that too.

Till now in ishqbaaz by akshaya:
Anika joins in xyz college in Mumbai where shivkara study. Anika’s friends Mallika and Riddhima. Anika’s pleasant meeting with omru and shivaay’s tit for tat meeting. Shivaay and Anika’s dance challenge. Ishkara meeting . Shivika’s sand fight. ishana’s plan to stop their fight. Parineeta, shivaay’s sister entry. parineeta and Anika confronted each other. siddharth and aaryan ranas entries. shocked Shivaay and malrid. Om’s self blushing and funny moment. Shivaay worried hearing anika’s siddharth.
So let’s start ….
Shivaay’s room.
Shivaay look at his tears through mirror. parineeta entered the room. She started to fill his ears against Anika. Shivaay clutches his fist tightly. parineeta notices this and went near him.when she was about to speak the next. Shivaay pushes everything in the dressing table to ground. he asks her to go. but she refused and starts again . Now shivaay pushed the dressing table on the ground. Parineeta gets scared and runs from his room. Except Om everyone watched this scene from the entrance of the room.
Pinky: oh my mata jethani ji. oberoi sons are becoming mad day by day. one is becoming angry bird and one is becoming dancer.
Rudra: choti maa . I’m fine. you can’t say anything about me.
Tej: yeah Rudra is right. pinky you know what he is born mad.
Rudra: mom , dadi, choti maa and paa. Lol. Mr amrish Puri is trying to make fun of me.
Janvi: ok guys let’s sleep . Good night. Go to your rooms.
All went to sleep.

Next day in college, anika comes to the gang. Omru were not aware of sid . Shivaay avoided to make eye contact with Anika. Anika notices this and was about ask shivaay. But she sees sid walking behind shivaay. So she walks past shivaay . Shivaay thought she is coming towards him and he felt his heart beating fast and he started to breathe lil bit heavily. but when he found anika going to sid , his nervousness changed to anger mode when he saw this and he started to move to his class. sid ignores her and started to move towards to his class. anika goes behind sid and when he was about to enter the class she pinned sid against the wall near the entrance. Shivaay who came out of the class to get his book from Om saw this and bangs the door to disturb them. He separates them and stands between them. when anika tries to leave he grabs her hand pull towards him and held Sid’s neck. Anika landed on Shivaay. her head was buried on shivaay’s chest. shivaay tights his grip on Sid’s neck. now all he could hear is aaaaaahhhhhh and Anika’s struggle.
“ Bhaiyya leave “ Shivaay woke up . And he realized that it was a dream. now he was shocked to see the scenario. Rudra was struggling to get rid of shivaay’s grip on his neck and Om was trying to get up from shivaay’s chest. Shivaay left omru. Rudra starts to cough and Om started to rotate his neck to get a relief.Shivaay gives them water. Omru started to take deep breathe and started to speak.
Om: I was trying to wake you up when you beat rudra’s thigh .
Rudra: you know what bhaiyya it was paining like hell.
Om: and we tried to wake you up again but you held Rudra’s neck and pulled me towards you.
Shivaay: ok guys . I’m sorry. it’s a nightmare. don’t say this to anyone.
Rudra: haan Om . Otherwise people will think you and bhaiyya as homo.. before he could complete.
Shivkara: what the f**k? And started to beat him with pillows. They had a pleasant obro moments and went to sleep. The screen freezes on the calm and glittering moon.

Happy Diwali guys.

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  1. Nithu

    Too gud akshu baby..upload the nxt part..soon…

  2. Nansshivika

    So funny ROFL post next soon make it lengthier akshaya dear

  3. Vincy

    Aww it was funny?? nxt episode asap

  4. awesome akshaya it was hilarious specially the dream part

  5. Funny update dear
    Happy diwali ☺

  6. Tulasi

    Hahaah nyc one akshaya……homo lol…….ssuprbbbb n jealousy shivaay is always d best

  7. Pri_24

    I read from the first and I.must say it is quite funny and amazing storyline is different too I loved it and Shivay’s nightmare is so much funny bechara OmRu… And ShivIka fighting like a kid OmG and IshKara is best as always I loved it plz update next part Asap…

  8. Nice one akshaya.. i cudnt comment on earlier epis.. i told u naa.. i read all 9 epis n commented on this.. waiting for nxt epi?

  9. hi y ur not post ur ff plz come back soon it nice super plz comesoon…….

    1. Akshaya

      Anisha dear I’m stuck with my exams. I will post the next on coming Tuesday. Sorry for making it late dear. I am glad that you liked it

  10. Nainaa

    Nice one Akki…?loved it….. upload next one soon…. waiting for it???

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