Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode-8

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I’m writing this episode for the 2nd time . The current track of IB is nice. stupid Singh oberoi doing a stupid mistake. anyways he will realize it , I hope. l wanna see what was the secret of ompri and rumya ‘s marriage. ok enough of my nonsense and thank you silent readers.

The episode starts with Shivaay murmuring anika’s sid.
Ishana: Anika what have you done ? He is your sid.
Anika: but it doesn’t matter that he can hurt Sid will not hurt anyone.
Shiv and malrid was shocked. Tears rolled down from malrid ‘s eyes and anger was clearly visible in shivaay’s kanji eyes.
A guy came running near to sid and made him stand properly .
Guy: are you fine bhaiyya?
Sid: yeah I am fine Aaryan. I asked you to wait in the car right? Why did you came back? Aaryan: bhaiyya I saw you getting slapped by Anika didi. It’s wrong to show frustration others. Say sorry to the girl.
Sid turns to Mallika avoiding her eye contact and said sorry.
Aaryan: anika Di but you also did mistake by slapping bhaiyya infront of all.

Anika was about to say sorry to sid. But he went away in a jiffy. She was staring at the way he went till he disappeared from her sight. Shivaay watched everything silently but somewhere in his heart , he was startled by ishana’s words.
Anika turned back to malrid. she don’t know why they had tears in their eyes. she saw shivaay standing behind them. (oh jaana sad version played in BG) she was confused to see him there. he comes there and picks malrid to car . Riddhima and Shivaay made Mallika to walk her properly and held to her to support. through all the way to the car Shivaay have a painful look to anika. Anika couldn’t understand his gaze. She had an eye lock with Shivaay. She didn’t listened to ishana’s confrontation.when ishana shook anika, she came to sense and ishana. Shivaay who was watching this felt that it’s all because of Rana and drove the car to malrid’s places to drop them.
Shivaay at last came back to oberoi mansion.
He didn’t hear his brother and sister making fun of him . Parineeta noticed his behavior and thought to ask about it when he is normal.

Om’s room,
He reminiscenced all his moments with ishana and started to jump on his bed and played with his pillow. the way he held her , their introduction, when she stood beside him during shivika’s fight, how she stopped their fight and her closeness were rewinding in his mind. Tejvi , dadi and rupri came to his room hearing the jumping sound and were shocked to see the room ‘s condition. On a single jump, he was on tej’s hip and he kissed tej. Om made his mom to dance with him. At the entrance dadi and rupri were standing shocked. Om gave a blushing look to rupri and a smile to dadi. after passing them he went out doing cham cham dance step.

In Shivaay’s room,
He started to remove his shirt . He saw the mud stains on his shirt and remembered Anika. an unknown smile creeped on his face. he Reminiscenced their their first meeting cum clash, dance competition, their street fight and Rana . His smile which made him to look cute was vanished. only anger was reflected in his eyes after seeing sid with anika. he changed his clothes and kept the shirt inside the cupboard safely. his anger was increasing whenever he thinks about anika and sid. he went near the dressing table to comb his hair. through mirror he noticed only tears in his eyes not anger. he was confused with the feeling. he asked himself why is he worried for a girl who came to his life a day before.

Precap: prinku ‘s day out. anika pins Sid against the wall , ishana hugs aaryan and heart broken obros.

Sorry for typos and grammatical errors guys. please do comment and suggestions if you are not happy with it. take care and have a nice day. ADVANCE HAPPY HALLOWEEN.ߑﹰᅧ

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  1. Nithu

    Lovely…in a single word….waiting for ua nxt epi

    1. Akshaya

      Thank you nithu dear. keep smiling and supporting

  2. Goms

    Akshaya precap was good.. Heart broken oberoi’s ???

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      Thank you goms dear. I have an idea for your jiju’s bro , play it cool and be panibaaz. Keep smiling and supporting

      1. Goms

        ????sure I’ll do it.. Thank you akshaya..

  3. Super duper.. waiting for next

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  4. Tulasi

    Epi was very nyc akshaya…..oms dance being overwhelmed n kissng tej…awww thts sooo swweeeet…..

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  5. Vincy

    Nice…. First time read ur ff Bt still I understood

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  6. nice u make us wait for long

    1. Akshaya

      Thank you sso. What to do I had so much work . And even now. Btw what is the full form of sso ? Keep smiling and supporting

  7. nice ff and precap was shocked pls come back soon plz plzplz……….

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      Thank you anisha. Keep smiling and supporting

      1. Akshaya

        Sorry . Thank you anushap

  8. Sat

    Akshaya sorry for the late comment yar. You know why right

    And I lived this episode
    Mu bhagat billa will look so cute when he is jealous
    And heart broken infos just waiting for the next episode
    Lease update ASAP

    1. Akshaya

      It’s ok yaar . Take care of your health and academics. Thank you for commenting sat dear . All the best. Jeep smiling and supporting

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