Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode-7

Hey guys I’m back . I thought to post this episode yesterday on account of my birthday. Yes guys 14th October MY BIRTHDAY. Sorry guys if I’m late. Thanks to silent readers and KINZA , MIHRA,JAZZ, SHAZA, TANY, VISMAYA, SAT, ANUSHAP, NITHU, SHIA AND NIHARIKA.

Shivika were immersed in their eyelock. Dadi , ishkara , rudra and malrid didn’t take their eyes from them .
Dadi: is he doing everything doing with sense? The great wall of shivaay is getting weak and soft day by day by anika.
Rudy: dadi do you mean anika didi as boring machine? She is beautiful na and why are you saying this.
Ishkara and malrid : duffer oberoi!!!!
Rudy: dadi… and makes his puppy dog eyes with pout.
These were watched by other pair of eyes. the girl came and pushed anika from shivaay. Dadi and omru were shocked to see her and uttered “Parineeta”.
Shiv came to sense and : pari di you are here? When did you came from London? Why didn’t you go to home? Come on lets go . [as he wanted to divert her from anika] . the girl signs shivaay to stop .
Girl: how dare you push an oberoi to ground. Parineeta doesn’t like the one who grudges with shivaay.
Ani: haan it’s me the great who pushed shree shree shivaay singh oberoi to ground. Who is parineeta? Is she his mom? [shivomru , dadi and malrid hit their heads ] anika controls her laugh.
Pari: arrggh ! badtameez girl.
Ani: it’s enough for a badtameez spoiled brat.
Shiv: you’re saying me as badtameez and spoiled brat. What the .. pari pulls him back and she comes front.
Pari: you know what ms.?
Ani: anika.

Pari: anika it looks like you don’t have any surname. I always say shivaay that middle class or roadside people are identified by their dressing style. Eventhough some of their dress looks decent , their character is always same as this.[points out gobar on the road]
Dadi: pari puttar before she could complete pari asks dadi to stop. Omru were irked by her behavior.
Ani turns to omru and dadi : I think you guys were feeding them food along with surname and tadi until today and she turns to parishiv . yeah it’s my problem whether I use my surname or not and seriously why it is bothering you guys ? next my dress it bothers you right . wait a minute . anika whistles and call a guy who was about pass them . she signs him how was she looking. He signs her that she is looking good and he went. Now she turned back to parishiv again. Hmm look at your dress parineeta . I think your family is not able to afford you good dresses. Look at your dress. I think you bought this when you were in fourth grade see how small it is. what were you saying? Mmm.
Rudy: didi gobar.
Ani: haan gobar for your information it was you guys who are willing to get snapped back by gobar type people and now what a coincidence you are standing on it!
Parshiv realized where they stamped right now and said shit.
Ani: haan ji it’s shit. She turned back and left from the place leaving stunned parshiv and happy dadi and omru. Malrid and ishana followed anika to make her calm.
Rudy: I wonder why didi2 , riddhima and ishana ji went back of anika didi , the exploded volcano.
Om: rudra I think you have to call her didi.
Rudy: who riddhima?
Om: ishana .

Rudy: ok om when did ishana di became your sister.
Om : shut up rudra. Saying this he went to parishiv.
Rudadi: hey what is happening here? Saying this they smiled and gave a hifi.
Rudy: ok lets go oberois
They left from there to mansion except shivaay. He followed anika and went to park.
There anika try to calm herself and malrid and isha tried to help her. Mallika went to buy icecream for anika while returning to anika , a guy who was about to pass her stamped her foot accidently and harshly . mallika shouts in pain , the girls ran towards her . the guy tried to stop mallika and spoke harshly towards her that enough of your drama . mallika faces towards the guy , both were shocked to see each other. Anika comes and sees that mallika lost a nail from one of her toe .
Guy: ok enough of your drama . it’s not a big deal. Shivaay who was watching the whole scene got angry and marched towards the guy. The guy fell with a thud. It was anika who slapped him, all were super shocked.
Anika [with his tone] : it’s not a big deal.
Ishana: anika what have you done you slapped your siddharth.
Shiv murmured : what anika’s siddharth rana?
At oberoi mansion , dadi and rudra were saying all the incidents to everyone mainly rudra felt like advertising to every member of oberoi mansion . pari was in her angry mode.
Shakti, tej, jhanvi, pinky and prinku : oh my mata!
Pinky: this anika is an ant to go insides elephant’s head.
All saw pinky. Pinky: what I am saying corrects na?
Then all laughed together except parineeta.
Screen ends at shocked and confused faces of shivaay and malrid.

Precap : shivaay tries to act as if he is avoiding anika . but anika avoided shivaay while trying to apologise siddharth… randhawa entry with our soumya . confused oberoi youngsters and malrid…..

Take care buddies . kindly drop your valuable comments .

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  1. Belated birthday wishes dear.. nice episode.. Do post next one asap

    1. Akshaya

      Thank you sanchi dear . I will try to post it asap. Keep commenting

  2. Sat

    Di, actually I love the episode, I am enjoying the picturesque of youth and bachelor’s life in your ff. And Yar why to say thanks to your friends huh, and coming to the episode,
    I liked the part when annika confronts parishiv. Loved that scene and last annika slapping Sid and shivaay getting shocked with ishana’s statement, just waiting for shivaay to bother annika.
    Please update the next epi ASAP???

    1. Akshaya

      Thanks sat dear . Keep commenting and rock your ff

  3. Hey belated happy birthday dear .. when did ishan Di became ur sister lol.. superb one yaar

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  4. Ayath

    Belated b’day to u….today epi was superb now eagerly waiting for next part plz upadate soon…..Anika and siddharth??

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  6. Happy birthday akshaya! God bless u!
    I have been reading ur epi from quite a while n i must say, they r fab

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    awesome di ?????..
    but please update it regularly or asap …….. anyway keep going ??

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  8. Another rocking ..epi..i loved it and the part when anika confronted shivpari was really gud and pls post the next soooon….waiting eagerly..

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  9. Tulasi

    Belated happieee bday dear……intrestng…n anikas charac is rockng…..waitng for d next…. do read it

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  10. Belated happy Birthday… N episode was gud

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    Super dear…n belated happy bday…sry for late comment

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    awesome dear waiting for next one and happy birthday guzri hui

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