Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 6

Sorry for the delay guys. I hope you guys remember last episode of my fanfiction. If I say you guys don’t remember my fanfiction , shama dear will give me a virtual kick . Joking guys missed all of your comments guys . Thank you silent readers and special thanks to Tiara, Abiha, Shaza, Maryam, Jara, Ayath 😀 , Vismaya, Nithu, Jazz1.

The episode starts with Anika and Rudra teasing Omkara and giggling Mallika and Riddhima. On the other hand Ishana went to the parking lot. She realizes that she left her keys in practicing area and thought to go back. She again entered the college. At the entrance Dadi was standing with the guards and wondered where her grandchildren are?

Dadi: where are the children? Why don’t they pick up my calls. Where is Om . Ishana who passed Dadi hears Om’s name and turned to see Dadi. She went near Dadi.
Ishana: did you said about om right now dadi?
Dadi: haan beta . do you know where he is?
Isha: haan dadi I will take you there.
The screen shifts to the gang walking towards the park near the college.
Shivaay couldn’t control his irritation or disgust and shouted will guys stop it.
Rudy: stop what bhaiya? This is the right chance to make fun of om . if you not interested then we will continue your topic bhaiya.

Om : haan shivaay by the way how was anika’s dance ? (with a sense of relief) .
Shivaay : phew not bad . eventhough she is not looking smart and stylish she have some good skills.
Anika : what do you mean SSO ? am I looking like ugly betty or buddhu or gobar ganesh?
Shivaay : finally you understood.

Ani : shivaay… while shouting she pounced on him. Dadi and isha saw that and joined the gang to watch them . anika was sitting on shivaay and he was laid on ground. She made his head move towards her by pulling his hair.
Shi : haaa anika leave my hair.

Ani : how dare you to say that I won’t leave . wait I will pull your tadi like this.
Shi : what the wack? You are the one who started first. Om stares at rudy and rudy hides behind dadi seeing om . the gang started giggling seeing shivika’s fight.
Ani : you know what you are badtameez , gamandi before she could complete shivaay rolled over anika . now shivaay is on top of anika.
Shi : wait and watch . now I gonna smear your with this muddy water. This is the punishment for pulling my hair.

Ani : no no please shivaay. Saying this she closed her eyes tightly. Shivaay just moved his fair hands on anika’s ears , face , nose , hands neck and he was about to continue but left her . anika then realized that nothing happened her eyes , she tries to get up but fails. All credits goes to the great wall of shivaay. Dadi , malrid, ishkara and rudy were looking shocked due to shivaay’s actions.
Ani : get off from me mr. kadoos.
Shi : never miss. Panika. Again they started fighting.
Dadi : when will they stop fighting ?

Isha : I have an idea dadi . wait . saying this she went and hid behind omru and at the same time a girl enters the scene and stands opposite to the gang and shivika.
Isha started shouting behind omru : hey everyone listen Mr. shivaay singh oberoi is trying to misbehave with a girl rape.. rape.. it’s going on live . the college’s sensational news. The gang was shocked and shivaay was hell shocked and gave his what the wack look.
Ani : haan save me from SSO . Help! Help! Help! Shivaay keeps his hands on anika’s mouth to shut and lifted her to stand properly. They had an eyelock until the new character broke their eyelock.

Precap : the new character got snapped back by anika . mallika got hurt . entry of other new characters.

Guys please do comment and suggestions are accepted. Soumya will enter in the 8th episode. Should I continue ISHKARA or RIDKARA ? sorry for typos and grammatical errors.

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    It was awesome. Shivika’s fight ????. Waiting for the next episode

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    It was awesome..was missing ur ff…..shivika’s fight ???..waiting for the next episode..pls post it ASAP…

  5. Tany

    ishkara…. not riddkara plssss

  6. Akshaya, I was literally laughing seeing Shivikas fight and Ishana’so idea wow loved it.

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    Wow, it is very nice alekhya dear, actually shivika fight made m burst out of laughter and dadi seeing them, waiting for dadi’s reaction. Loved it Yar, you are a great writer.????
    And also please check out my ff

  8. good pls continu come back soon pls ur ff super

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    Its really too gud i had a big smile on my face through out…while reading shivika scences…

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