Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 5

Hello ishqbaazians and isqbaazis. Sorry for the delay. I’m having my college cycle tests . So I couldn’t write my episode. Before the 1st test I tried to upload my episode but it got deleted and I’m typing this again. Guys I’m very sorry to upload small episode with typos. Because I’m in hostel and I’m typing and updating all my episodes through Mobile. I’m happy that ishqbaaz ff family is getting bigger. Loved all your loads and shot writers fatu, Kush, shama, maryam,etc. You guys are rocking. My friend goms I’m missing your ff and same goes to jara. Ayath’s ff is on fire. Guys rock it. New ishqbaaz ff writers are welcomed. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„ Now I will😷
Episode starts,

At college ground,
Anika , Mallika and Riddhima were giggling a lot.
Malrid stopped giggling after seeing some one behind Anika. Anika noticed this and turned back to see who was standing there. You guys guessed right that’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi .
Shivaay: you girls have no work except advertising the whole incidents that happened and gossiping.
Mallika: you’re saying this shivaay. Saying this she hugged Shivaay and Riddhima also did the same leaving the totally confused and shocked Anika behind.
Om: Riddhima you forgot me right don’t talk to me and don’t step inside my room.
Rudra: haan Om Mallika didi and Riddhima forgot us.
Malrid: oops sorry guys. Saying this all had a group hug .
Shivaay enjoyed to see the confused Anika.
Mallika notices Anika and says Anika we are childhood friends and our dads are business partners and childhood friends too. The next second all of them could hear songs from the dance practice area.
Shivaay: oh god this people are playing this type of songs loudly and not even a soothing one.
Aniru: those are dhinchak songs.
Rudra: Anika didi we have same type of wavelength. And Rudy and Anika did their signature step( tapping the forehead with index finger).

Shivaay: OK now stop your nonsense.
Om: I don’t know but I’m getting soothed whenever I am listening to songs at evenings and watching people dancing. It makes me feel that I’m surrounded by my dream world and I’m the happiest person in the world.
All applauded for his p.o.v.
Riddhima: bhaiyya you left dance nowadays.
Anika: what SSO used to dance?
Mallika: he will dance good and in childhood people used to say that he is dancing.
Anika: even donkey looks good when it’s young.
all stares at her. Finally , Shivaay : oh great. Then we can have a dance competition now.
(Anika thinks for few seconds) OK now accept your defeat Anika .
Anika: challenge accepted.

Rudy: bhaiyya dance for the upcoming song from the dancing area.
The song was played ( baby- Justin Biber).
Shivaay did some fast hip hop and some robotic moves . The passer by and his gang dropped their jaws. He didn’t failed to amaze Anika too. After the dance finished, Shivaay does his signature step . He waved his hand infront of Anika to bring her back to sense. All appreciated Shivaay’s dance .
Mallika: now your turn anika come on you can do it.
Shivaay: she doesn’t know to dance. And started annoying her. Angered Anika dragged Shivaay to the dance area along with others. She made them to stand in a side and started dancing for the song cham cham. All looked at her dance and got amazed. Om ‘s concentration shifted to another girl on her white salwar suite with orange chunni and big jhummkas .

Om’s p.o.v

Wow she is adorable. Her free style dance and the way she express her expression. So cute. The way her hair floats in the air. Oh! She is breaking my rules. I am a person who believe in truthfulness of a person and the way we know each other. But now I’m believing at love at first sight. Love at first sight no no not like that. She only attracted me and that too she’s the first one to attract me.

Shivaay’s p.o.v

Anika , she dances very well and coordinates with others well and not me. But I don’t know why even when you irritate me at every sight, I feel you are so cute. Shivaay then realized what he thought and said to himself what the wack? She is driving me crazy.
The dance was about to get over and anika and other girl are circled by the other dancers and all were dancing. Om couldn’t control his feelings and unaware about the surrounding and went near the girl breaking the wall of dancers. He went through her. Result is she got slipped and both were holding each other . Her chunni covered both the faces. Om could feel some drizzling on his face which broke the eye lock with the girl. The girl also came to sense and pulled her chunni away from him and stood normally. Om could feel the drizzles intermittently. He rubbed his cheeks and turned side and saw Rudra with sprayer. He gave his questionable look. Rudra understood this and said ” to add effect to your mood , I sprayed water.” Om turned towards the girl.
Om: hi my name is Om , Omkara Singh Oberoi. And yours?

Girl: why should l say ? Anyways we are not gonna meet each other every time. Saying this she smiled and started to leave. Just then a small kid came running near her calling out ishana Di. She sorted out the problem of the kid and when was about to leave , she could hear some one calling ishana. Ishana turned back and surprised to see Om got to know her name. She smiles and nods yes. Ishana started leaving and waved her hand to him. Om waves back and looks at the exit.
Anika: Om stop your flirting look otherwise we will be sinking .

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  1. Abiha

    Lv at first sight….😍😍😍n yeah shivaye impressed by anika’s dance…keep it up..soo next asap…

  2. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Loved it πŸ‘ŒπŸ»..awesome as 2 missing goms and jara’s ff …goms is gonna upload today she said πŸ˜„…

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