Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 4


Thank you for the comments buddies and thanks for the silent readers who read my ff even it’s boring. Sorry for the typos in the last episode and for the further ones . Comment if you feel it good and I will accept your suggestions and rotten eggs and tomatoes. Even slippers too (imaginary).
Shivaay is sitting on the mandap and doing some rituals in his bridal attire. He was shocked when he saw pandit giving him mangalsutra and he was shocked to see the bride’s face while making her to wear. He immediately woke up from the dream holding his chest due to the double shocks.
Shivaay: what the wack? Why did I got that type of dream? No I can’t get married because I’m in college and that too not with that? Yuck phew .
Some time ago,

At oberoi mansion,
Shivaay entered first and dadi, omru entered after him. They were continuously gossiping about shivika. Shivaay could hear something and asked them that who is shivika. dadi said shivaay+ anika= shivika. Shivaay dropped his jaw.
Shivaay: I saw that girl just an hour before and you guys are gossiping me with her. And moreover she is …
Om: beautiful and shy.
Shivaay: don’t say that she is shy . She is adamant and daring .
Rudra: so you accept that she is beautiful. What is going on bhaiyya? Oye oye..
Shivaay: Rudra . I won’t leave you.
Rudra: catch me if you can Mr. Tadibaaz.

Shivaay: stop it right now.
Rudra: Mom, choti ma come fast . Bhaiyya got a girlfriend.
Shivaay: rudra…
Pinky: is she really beautiful?
Om : haan choti ma .
Prinku: she is beautiful . Then me. (Started her fake cry).
Shivaay: no baba. Anika is beautiful and you are adorable.
All of them cupped their mouths and said oh my mata in chorus. Shivaay realized what he said. And acted as if bade papa called him and escaped from there quickly to avoid further conversations.
Janvi : who is anika and for the first time shivaay is praising a girl’s beauty?
Om says what happened before am shows their pic.
Pinky: oh my mata jethani ji . She really looks beautifuls . But mistakes are there on both of them.
Tej: so we must patch them up.

Shakthi: Bhai saheb they are just studying in college.
Tej: you’re too fast shakthi.
Shakthi: but someone to tame shivaay’s rough behaviour is not an easy task.
Anika: I will do it. I’m gonna thrash your ego and rough attitude.( In her room).
Shivaay remembers anika while washing his face and says what an attitude? I will crush
your tadi. Oh what the wack? What did I said now?
Rudra: anika.
When shivaay turned back , he saw rudra chanting anika.
Prinku comes there and acts as if she is gonna pour water on him. And Om comes there to blow shivaay’s eyes by cupping his face. Shivaay was at the peak of bursting. Seeing this priomru left the room quietly. And shivaay got this dream when he slept. Rudra calls soumya
Soumya: haan baba I completed your homework. Now happy.
Rudra: thank you bye. And hanged the call. Phew.

Next day in college ground,
Anika narrates all this to Mallika and Riddhima They laughed hearing her story.
Anika: I wish shivaay should marry a donkey not girl which kicks him every time haha. And their marriage is against nature.
Mallika: I wish you to be the pandit.
Anika stares her. And the trio started laughing . Shivaay hears it and says do girls really have the power of saying what happened in dreams? Strange.

Precap: cham cham cham….

Thank you buddies . Sorry for boring and short episode because my head is paining like hell.

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  1. Akshara not at all boring you will not get rotten eggs or slippers what ever..
    You will only get praised… By IB fans..
    Actually I need to give you a suggestion Dr…
    First of all set your script in different layouts means scenes which will make it more organized and interesting move over its the first rule of writing..
    Second if your talking about their college time so you should describe their looks, signature step, or behavior.. Dressing sense..
    If you didn’t like my suggestions so sorry but what I felt I wrote.. Other than that episode was awesome..

    1. Akshaya

      Not like that dear. I’m in my hostel. And I’m typing everything in my phone so I couldn’t do much.

  2. Oh now I got it I can understand..

  3. AweSome .!! episode once again
    Gonna waiting for next update

  4. Really like it

  5. Goms

    Akshaya.. It’s really nice… Not at all boring.. Keep continuing

  6. I love ur ff keep going its not at all boring

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