Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 3


Anika’s p.o.v:
How can someone be with this much attitude?
What made SSO to talk about me like this ? How can he talk about my dad like this ? I want to show him the hell. But my mom. She took promise from me that not to hurt to anyone or revenge anyone. Mom why you left our family all alone in this world. Dad forgot to smile and only business in his mind. Sahil became a responsible boy and he is studying 8th . I’m getting depressed day by day. First I’m stressed by our fights and now by your absence. No one whether am I eating , sleeping and studying in time ? Dad he didn’t come to y college admission. But when I got hospitalized for week due to poor health, he promised me and Sahil to spend his weekends and small vacations with us . Maa…

Flash back starts,
Anika: stay away from me Mrs Priya Ram kapoor.
Priya: beta I’m so sorry . I don’t have any other option . You have to put this injection otherwise your fever will increase still further. Doctor please .
Doctor comes towards anika.
Anika : hey you bald mad man. Don’t come near me.
Ram and Priya were holding anika’s arms.
Anika stamped her mom’s leg and pushed her dad down with great force and bit the baldie and ran away. Sahil was shooting all this as a video.
Later he blackmailed by asking her to do his homework, assignments and his favorite dishes.
Flash back ends..

Another flash back starts,
Priya was in a pool of blood. She was bleeding badly . There were none to help. Anika came running and made her mom laid on her lap.
Anika: mom don’t close your eyes see me . Anyone please help us.
Priya: beta don’t cry . Don’t show your attitude. Be a good girl . Live for your dad and Sahil. Don’t revenge. I love you and your dad and Sahil a lot. Don’t even think or try to come behind me .
Anika: mom don’t go ( while saying this her mom passed away with smile and teary eyed ).
Poor anika beat her mom like anything and asked her to come back to fulfill her promise that she will feed her ( anika) even if she grew old.
Flash back ends…

It has been 2 years you didn’t come to see me. Her p.o.v ends when shivaay came and dragged her to a corner.
Shivaay: how dare you? Anika . You have pay for this.
Anika: for what ? Don’t show your tadi .
Shivaay : what kind of language? You poured water on me .
Anika cuts him : do you wanna take a bath again??
Shivaay was about to hold her hand. She picked her chameli up and brings near his face .
Shivaay: what the f**k?
Mud particles from chameli went into shivaay’s eyes.
Shivaay: ouch . mud.

Anika gives chameli to shivaay to hold it. She cupped his face started blow gently inside his eyes. Omru and dadi got shocked and surprised by seeing them and took a pic .
Dadi: my shivaay will become ishqbaaz I knew it.
Shivika had an eye lock when anika stopped blowing.
Dadi: shivaay . Is everything okay?
Shivika came to sense and moved from each other . Shivaay goes near dadi and says I’m fine dadi and you are here. So you came here to pick us . Dadi come on take rest. Saying this he dragged her and omru to the car. Anika went behind them. Shivaay saw this and started move fast with them.
Anika couldn’t take it anymore and she shouted oye Mr . Tadibaaz. Shivaay stopped and was with his wtf look.
Anika : give my chameli back.

Then he realized and threw behind him without facing her.
Tia : shivaay baby why did you threw the slipper on me. I hate you the trios and turned back and shocked to see Tia with chameli.
Shivaay: I’m sorry Tia . Before he could complete she went from there.
Shivaay came near anika : you are messing with me.
Anika : oh really. You don’t deserve her.
Shivaay: so deserve you?
Anika: yep ( dadi and omru cupped their mouths) I will definitely break your head whenever you show your attitude. But I wish you to get married to a kicky person.
Shivaay and others went from there seeing her through a rear view mirror.
Rudra: Anika didi is sweet and innocent dadi . Right Om?
Shivaay: shut up Rudra!
They reached oberoi mansion.

Precap: shivaay is getting married. He was shocked to see the bride

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