Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 2

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—————————————————————————–The episode starts…
Anika to the boy are you okay ? How did you slipped? Did you got hurt in any other place? Shall I get any cab or auto for you? Do you wanna go home? Do you have any phone numbers of your friends to inform?
Boy : oh my mata your speaking so much miss. Now answer my question how did you got this mini hospital in your bag?
Anika : oh sir I’m cautious person. I love safety and aiding.
Boy : you can call me Rudy.
Anika: I’m anika. Hey do anyone have this type of name Rudy.
Rudy: my friends call me Rudy and my full name is rudra Singh oberoi.
Anika: so I’m your friend. Wow. Accidental friend.
Rudra nods his head .
Anika: I am leaving Rudy.
Rudy: no you have to come with me to meet my brothers and friends. He dragged anika to a group.

First he introduced her to his friends and to our long haired and good hearted and dashing Omkara Singh oberoi ( guys I really love him like anything 😍😊)
Om: seriously rudra you are a walking disaster . Anika why did you helped this dumbbell oberoi no no dumb oberoi.
Rudy: don’t spoil my name in front of my friend Om .
Om: so how was your first day anika?
Anika : it’s boring.
Rudy: what?
Anika: yeah Rudy . there is no ragging in the college.
Om: anika are you serious?
Anika: arrey have you seen in the movies . In ragging , they will ask the boys to swim on the floor and to act like a particular actor . OK let it be . My first hour teacher sang a lullaby for me.
Om: you are really funny.
Anika: OK I have to leave guys . Bye.
Rudy: wait my bade bhaiyya will come in a minute.
Om: Rudra did your school got over ?
Rudy : no Om I bunked it with my friends.
Anika: Rudy you are a school boy. I thought you are my senior.
Rudy : haan I knew it.
Anika : I will not leave you duffer oberoi. Saying this she pulled his ears.
Rudy in pain: I’m so sorry anika didi.
Anika: that’s better.
Om laughs seeing their cute fight and happy about their cute bonding.
Boy : Om , Rudra….
Rudy : bhaiyya …
Om: shivaay…

Anika wondered that he really came in a minute. The trio turned to see him . To their surprise , there were none. Suddenly, shivaay jumped down from the nearby tree to scare the trio.
Shivaay: boo you guys are scared.
Anika: oh my god while jumping your pant got undone and it slided from your hip.
Shivaay: what the f**k? And started to wrap his hands around his thighs. And then realized his pant is on his hip as normal. And realized that the trios are laughing at him.
Rudra: anika didi . You are intelligent.
Saying this the trios had a group hug .
Shivaay coughs
The trios looked at him and controlled their laughter.
Om: shivaay she is anika and he said the whole things happened.
Shivaay to her : I’m shivaay Singh oberoi. Thanks for your help for my brother.
Anika: it’s okay . I’m Anika
Shivaay: just anika only.
Anika: haan.
Shivaay: what is your surname?
Anika: you can call me anika.

Shivaay: see omru people like her will not say about their identity and they will become friends with rich guys and loot their riches . The reason for not mentioning the surname because they might get caught . These people will go for any extent may be as a girlfriend . Look at her the typical middle class girl . Her father must be proud of her.
Om: stop it shivaay!
Within a fraction of time shivaay felt a splash.
Anika emptied her whole bottle on shivaay and threw the bottle on shivaay’s head and turned to omru biding bye to them and walked past the oberoi brothers.
Rudy: sorry Anika didi
Shivaay turned back : f**k you anika!

Precap : Chameli’s talks to shivaay.

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  1. Goms

    |Registered Member

    Awesome akshaya.. Anika became panika again… πŸ˜‚ and precap chameli speaking to shivaay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. anu rawat

    Oh that was very nice but you should make anika’s chacter like a high profile grl not same to as the original track

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