Ishqbaaz by akshaya episode 10


Hey guys thanks for the comments. I know guys I’m late as always . But I have my own reasons . Guys for the last two weeks I was busy with my model practicals and exams. and moreover my semester is gonna start within this month end. So buddies , I hope you guys understood my situation and please pray for me to get marks in the semester . ߘᅧGuys here after I will give you short episodes so that I can post my ff daily. I can’t post the episode during my semester.

Let start our episode…..

It’s morning, grasses and trees covered themselves with the dew blankets. There were sounds of chipping birds, gossiping students and crowd of students and teachers moving to their respective classes. Two young and dashing young men waved bye to their younger brother and stepped out of their car. yeah it’s our Om and Shivaay.
Shivaay: Rudra all the best. write well and come home.
Rudra: bhaiyya are you kidding? I gonna have my physics paper . You know what either I’m gonna bunk the test or sleep in hall. I think most probably I will bunk it.
Om: Shivaay how many times should I say you don’t waste your time with this duffer. ( Rudra makes faces).
Shivaay: Mr. Khanna , you remember what i told you right ?

Mr.Khanna: ji sir. I have to be with rudra sir till he finishes his paper and should not allow him to bunk it or sleep in the class.
Rudra: bhaiyya!!! You can’t do this to me. shivkara gives an hi-fi.
Shivaay: ok Rudra what you will do if you had bunked the class?
Rudra : I would have been with chubby and in evening I will come to your college to watch your program.
Om : what program??
Rudra: the world’s famous panibaaz and tadibaaz program. Shivaay frowns and Om giggles. Rudra thinks how to pull Om’s leg. Then an idea flashed him.
Rudra continued: And in evening I’m gonna date with ishana. ( Om stares at him) oh I’m sorry , I mean Ishana ji.
Om is at the peak of bursting and he shouted Rudra and was about catch him.
Rudra: Mr Khanna hurry up . We are late for my exam. Bye bhaiyya and O.
Rudra and Khanna went in a jiffy. Shivaay now giggles looking at Om’s condition. shivkara hurried up to their respective classes.
Shivaay went and sat on his place . He saw sid sitting in the next row opposite to him.

Shivaay pov
Sid why did you came back ? I am afraid that you will ruin my talent once again. I don’t know why are you here . But I won’t let you snatch my happiness again . I’m angry on but I’m not. I’m confused with this feeling. even now I care for you . Because none can replace your place as my best friend. I hate you . You are haunting me.

Siddharth pov

Billu listen to me once . I didn’t do anything . I know you won’t listen . One or other you will come back to me and give me tight hug . I will wait for it . Till then I will protect you against all odds and I will continue.
Om’s class room.
Om was sitting on his bench and glancing the previous topics of his subject. A guy came and sat near him. Om gasped “aaryan” . They couldn’t face each other . Their backs faced each other . They couldn’t bear it anymore . They feel the silence making them to suffocate. They went out for walk in the college ground as it is a break. A girl came running towards them . Om felt a relief seeing the girl. she smiled at Om and hugged aaryan. Om was shocked to see ishana and aaryan like that.

Om pov

Why it’s happening only to us? Why ranas always snatch our happiness? Or snatching is the key to happiness? I can’t understand life’s theory.
Screen shifts to Shivaay .

Shivaay walked without his sense or you can say it as aimlessly.
He was lost in his thoughts about anika and sid’s meet yesterday. He unknowingly prays that Anika should not leave him . He was thinking about anika . When he came to sense, what the wack ? Why am l thinking about her? She is nothing to me. He places his foot without a grip while climbing down the stairs, which made him to trip down.
Shivaay moaned in pain. a pair of hands held him and made him sit on the stairs. His eyes met with the person whom he longed to see. Anika gave him water and started massage his ankle. He was staring at her . Anika was about ask shivaay whether he is fine or not but he silenced her and pulled her for bear hug and let out his sorrow , fear and frustration in tears. Anika had no option . She reciprocated the hug and tried to soothe him. An unknown grief started to occupy her heart. their hug and silence spoke a lot , an unknown story with incomplete ending . They feel like they knew each other for years. But their meet was before a week.

Precap: shivika conversation. Om’s relief moment. Two new entries

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