Ishqbaaz – I Am Afraid Of Relationship/Marriage (Rikara FF) -Episode 6(B)

After more four months when I had almost left the hope of reunion of our family I came to know di was pregnant .After that her in-laws accepted her and gave the respect of daughter-in-law.I don’t know how jiju agreed….I don’t know why di did that….
After that two months later one day Di was going to fall from temple steps and maa was there in same temple ….she saw her and saved her from falling and there happened mother-daughter reunion. I know it was Rudra, Priyanka and my brother’s plan. It was not like that we had not tried this trick before….we did…before Rudra put that pregnancy idea we tried this accident drama once but that time that idea didn’t worked.

Then what changed this time?Maybe that time wound was fresh …. everyone was hurt because of marriage….or is it true that the news of pregnancy melted maa’s heart?I don’t know…. When di was in her 9th month finally Buaji and Dad also accepted her…..and the DEAL was successful….a good investment and a great fruit…. the baby brought family together….!

I saw my family member’s hurtful faces after hearing di’s affair and I saw their miserable sate after di eloped.I don’t understand why some bunch of people who are called society is so bothered about others life???….I saw society people’s disgusting reaction towards our family after that marriage incident…. I heard from di and Rudra how hurt Oberoi family was because of that marriage….I saw di’s suffering first wanting to be with her love and then wanting to be with family and wanting to have the love of her in-law family. I saw both family members reaction after hearing di’s pregnancy news….

Love-Family-Society-Togetherness-Hurt-Deal and all that…WHERE A RELATION CALLED MARRIAGE STANDS BETWEEN ALL OF THESE?

Hi all ….How are you everyone?Sorry for this much late update…. classes, exams, assignments and ill health everything are doing their part of job very well making me late in updating….so forgive this poor girl (puppy face).
6th part is a long one so whole part wasn’t coming together and bcz of that I have divided it into two parts.Plz give ur fdbks saying how is it….

From Dewali night IB is giving us back to back awesome episodes… like last week this week also IB is going to give us some amazing episodes and I am very excited for this.Though I don’t like leaps in any show but this time I wanna keep my faith in IB creative team just because of these amazing episodes that they are giving these weeks… I am taking back all the chamelies and michmichiwali tomatoes that I had once thrown toward IB and now I am showering them with tofi, chocolates and rose petals….. I am loving every episodes these days….IB rocks….
Waiting for today’s Shivika romance….

And I am really sorry if I have hurt any Shivika fan because of this story part. I just wanna show Gauri’s thinking that’s why I bring this part. I am not gonna say about Shivika that why and what happen because of which they agreed for baby and what value that baby has in their life. I am leaving it to your imagination.As it’s Gauri’s diary so I will just describe Gauri’s point of view.Sometimes a lot of things happen around us but we don’t know all of those things, likewise Gauri also don’t know what happened in Shivika’s personal life. I am so sorry if I have hurt anyone….
In previous update Charitha and Dinu both sis gave some really good suggestions and I will try to implement those in my further update….Thank you so much sisters…..
If anyone has any other suggestions please do say me like this…. I will try to improve my further story with your suggestions ……
Thank you all thank you soooooo much for reading and commenting in my story….

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  1. Aafiya


  2. Your Comment update quickly I am eagerly waiting

    1. ParichayHin

      hahaha…..sure…. I will try to give next update as soon as possible….. thank you for commenting

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  4. Niriha


  5. Dinu

    Hiiii dr! I loved both A n B prts of 6th episode.haha! I can’t even imagine dat d great SSO agreed 2 elope n marry ???? tnk u dr 4 considering about my suggestion ?? i’m also so happy vth d current track of IB.they proved dat IB is d best ?????? eagerly waiting 4 nxt episode dr.byee tc???

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you…. I am glad that you liked it….
      yeah … you see who can deny our Khidkitod Anika….kisiki majal hai jo uske baton k samne tik jai…haha…
      No need to thank me dear…my reader’s suggestions are always precious to me….pls help me like this so that I can improve myself…Thank you…
      Yeah these days IB is giving us awesome episodes every day… I am also so happy with the ongoing track…..
      U 2 take care….bye

  6. Shreya nikung

    Thnx yaar awesome update but please also update mfeo ff rikara plzzz i can’t wait now and you are best author I like your update

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you
      I will try to update MFE next Sunday…. actually I kind of a has lost interest in this story as real IB is giving Awesome episodes these days and I am enjoying it a lot….but I will surely complete it….so next Sunday pakka MFE
      Aww that is a really big compliment for me…. I can’t explain my happiness what I am feeling after reading this compliment….Thank you thank you soooooo much

  7. Logesh.M

    This is an fantastic update sister…i loved both parts (A and B)?????????????i too was surprised..Shivu agreed to elope???????Anyways Khidkithod ani and Tadi SSO??????Plsssss update soon..And also the other story.made for each other…About todays episode, Gauri was ready to escape , but om misunderstood?????After Dil boley Oberoi now only gauri calling him jatadhaari hippie???????????????do u know how much i missed “Jatadhaari hippie” from the mouth of gauri…Atlast cv’s completed my wish…Shrenal nailed today…And i cant control laughing when gauri hit the wall?????And om’s reaction????It is visible how much he care for her….Enough of my bak bak..I am a chatterbox?????Byeeeeeeee..Take care..

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you bro… I am glad that you liked it.
      Yeah u see in front of Khidkitod Anika bechara Shivay is a bhigi billi… I will try to give next update as soon as possible…. and I will update MFE next Sunday.Yes today’s episode was funny and lovely….and we can see Om’s concern and love toward his biwi….
      bye… take care

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