Ishqbaaz – I Am Afraid Of Relationship/Marriage (Rikara FF) -Episode 6(A)

In Hindu mythology there are three famous couples- Radha-Krishna, Ram-Sita and Shiv-Parvati.I have seen many parents and priests of temples give blessings to couples mentioning any of these couples name saying have jodi like them.
His name is Omkara and mine Gauri.When our marriage talks has just started and both our families were trying their best to convince us for marriage, Di gave a silly reason saying that we are made for eachother as our names also match to the famous couple of Shiv-Parvati. I know that reason has no practical logic.She even mentioned that like she married Shivay jiju and her younger brother-in-law Rudra married Bhavya same way me and Omkaraji are destined to be together. Sitting here today while writing all these I don’t know why but I am feeling like that her that silly illogical logic maybe has something.
My Di Anika ,she is a crazy girl. She is full of life and always a happy go lucky type of girl. She doesn’t think much before doing something. The day she gave her last day of her graduation exam the very same day she run away with Shivay jiju and married him in temple. Running away was her idea only.
They were in relationship of two years.Shivay jiju had gone to her college to drop his sister Priyanka and there they meet for first time.Priyanka and me were from same semester but different Department….Anika Di and her Department was same.Di was one year senior to Priyanka….but still they were best friends. So this way after meeting couple of times Di and jiju fall in love and confessed to eachother.In college days I used to spend my all times in lectures and free time in library so I wasn’t aware of my sister’s love life.
During that time only our brother Ranveer had opened the small restaurant near our college.He was not good in study so left study after his 12th.He is my twin brother, we are one year younger than Anika Di.When Di was in her last year and Shivay jiju was 27 years old his mother started to look for girls to marry him.At that time jiju said to his family that he loves a girl named Anika. After knowing that we are from middle class family Jiju’s mother was not ready to make Anika di her daughter-in-law.Here in our family when everyone came to know this maa scolded di saying “We send u to college to study not to have affair”.Buaji taunted saying “Today’s generation only knows how to give pain to parents. I told Gaurav bhai to marry you one year back only as u have reached ur marriage age but he didn’t listen to me.If people come to know about your affair do u know how much people will talk bad about us! U have a younger brother and a sister….what will they learn from u.Have some shame….”. And papa said with a disappointed look “Pinky ji questioned what lessons we teach our children….Shivay’s family and we have a great difference in status. For a girl feeling attraction toward a boy at this age maybe normal but we should know how to control ourselves and focus on our future….right? If u want to marry now we will find a boy of our status….No one should get another chance to question us something like this again…. do u understand?”
That whole night di cried. We used to share the same room but had separate single beds.Love means to me family, sibling and parents other than these I actually don’t understand this concept of love and all that.Di used to share everything with me but she never said about Shivay jiju….maybe she never trusted me in this particular matter.That night I didn’t said anything to Di….I even didn’t tried to console her for once. Was I judging her? I don’t know but I had already resolved with myself that I will never marry.But from my young age being a reserve person and after that day when I argued about Madvi masi’s daughter’s marriage I stopped sharing my views.So I didn’t ask or said anything to Di that day.
After three months of this incident when Pinky auntie with her emotional blackmail almost was forcing jiju to marry a rich business man’s daughter… Di said juju to run away with her as both family will never agree.Finally seeing the situation and failing in front of Di’s blabbering jiju agreed to run away. Somehow jiju managed with Pinky auntie two more weeks as Di’s exams were going on that time.The day exam ended same day they run away and married in temple.
I don’t know about Oberoi family but our family broke down totally. People bad mouth, gossip about our family….questioned culture and teaching of family….questioned about Di’s and even mine character….they called us gold digger.Maa and Dad had not eaten or speak to anyone properly for weeks.Buaji cried loudly for days and cursed di for weeks.Maa’s situation came to that point where we had to admit her to hospital. After seeing maa’s condition Buaji took determination to make me marry as soon as possible as she thought what if I also run away with someone. I felt hurt hearing her but didn’t said anything. Dad only made her understand that I will never do something like that.But after that whenever Buaji got a chance she used to bring the topic of my marriage.
Dad,Buaji, Maa strictly warned me and my brother not to have any contact with Di ever again.They even said she is dead for our family.
It was not like that Oberoi family accepted this marriage openly. Janvi auntie did Di’s grihapravesh ritual but didn’t speak with her.No one in the family speak with the newly wedded couple. Pinky Auntie cursed di and our family, called us with names…she almost kicked her out of the house but as Dadi believes in marriage’s sacred relation so she didn’t let her do so but that doesn’t meant she accepted di.
During that time only I met Omkaraji for the first time.After the marriage fiasco seeing the suffering of our family me and my brother wanted to solve this problem…at that time only Omkaraji himself came to us. He wanted peace back in his family ,he wanted his brother’s happy face back again so he contacted with me and my brother to solve this problem together. Shivay jiju’s brother Rudra was also involved in this mission. Though at that time I used to dislike or somewhat used hate Rudra with all my heart still I accepted to work together with him in this mission as for me my family’s happiness was most important.From Rudra only I came to know what all happened in Raizada family after the marriage.
After that I talked with Di and came to know how the family members behaved with her after the marriage. It was only the three brothers who talked with her normally.Even Priyanka wasn’t talking with her.
We tried every trick to make our family accept this marriage and be normal with the children of the respective house.Four months run away like blink during this mission but nothing worked….except Priyanka no one melted.Finally Rudra gave an insane idea that if jiju and Di have a child then family will accept them.I was really angry on him for that stupid idea . Jiju also was angry with this idea as he didn’t wanted his child to use like that.
I felt hurt…really hurt when Omkaraji agreed to that idea. I felt more angry on him than Rudra…I don’t know why….maybe during that family union mission his eyes….his innocent looking eyes made a place in my life….maybe I wasn’t expecting to those eye’s owner something like that….maybe I…I just….that day something changed between us…it felt as if all those four months that we spent together he erased that just agreeing to that stupid idea.I left that team…I started to work individualy to made my family accept di again.But Ranveer was still with them as a team member.
Now when I know about his past properly because of his confession….I can understand why he and Rudra used to behave like that.For them their family’s togetherness and happiness was more important.They were not having any respect or value for marriage relation.But it’s true I have seen respect in their eyes for my sister as their Bhabi(Sister-in-law).
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