Ishqbaaz – I Am Afraid Of Relationship/Marriage (Rikara FF) -Episode 5

Well, like me even he is blackmailed to accept this relation.After our marriage got fixed,at engagement day he confessed to me that he is also afraid of marriage type of relation. I was a little surprised but I knew about this before from Di.The way he confessed his fear I wish I could say the same.But I know Di must have said him about my unwillingness toward marriage.
After one year of Di’s marriage when I came to know his mother was depression patient and addicted to alcohol because of her unhappy married life as her husband is having extra marital affair, I never thought that because of this he is that much effected. That day when he confessed his hatred and fear towards marriage explaining the reasons I realized how deeply he is effected because of these. I saw incidents which make me afraid of marriage and relationships like these but he?…..He is living with such horrible experience.
He was eight years old when his Buamaa was kicked out of her in-law family as she can’t become mother, she was having infertility.He was just 16 years old when he came to know about his father’s illegitimate relationship with a 20 years old girl. All this incidents poisoned his heart very badly.
He don’t understand why don’t his mother give divorce to that man.Before two years ago when his so called father brought his mistress at their house and announced that she will stay with them now on ….his mother was not able to take it and tried to do suicide. Even I was there in their house at that time.

All these things made a fear in his heart toward marriage relationship. He confessed all these things before our engagement. While he was saying all these I saw how broken he is because of these incidents. But usually he doesn’t show his emotions exposing like this.I saw him crying for the first time that day.He tried to control his emotions, tried to hide his pain as usual but that day it seemed he was not able to do so. In spite of knowing him from more than seven years I still feel that I don’t know him …..not a bit.
That day I didn’t knew how to console him but seeing him like that I felt like my heart was tearing apart.It was looking like his years bounded dam of emotions finally broke and found a way to flow.Unknown to myself when and how I hugged him I didn’t knew. But that worked…. that made him calm.
His mother still haven’t given divorce to that man but after his mother tried to do suicide his Dadi and Buamaa kicked out his father from house along with his mistress.
Like him I also don’t understand….even after suffering so much why his mother doesn’t give divorce to her so called husband???His Buamaa and his mother both were married to such men who gave promise during marriage that they will stay with them for seven births but broke that promise.Loyalty is an essential element of marriage. But what do both their marriages means?
look at his picture again…. how will be our relation?Will we both be able to complete our relation? He said that he will try to give a chance to our relation.. Where will we land with this forced relation after marriage?He said he will try to forget his hatred and fear toward marriage and will try to give a chance to this relation whole heartedly but will I be able to give the same? Will I be able to come out of my fear?
I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited for this week.Om is gonna save Gauri from fire,Shivay is gonna confess his love to Anika in very unique and amaaaaaazing way,Om is going back to Bareilly in Dilpreet getup and also going to marry Gauri again…..his brothers are also with him this time.So finally ‘Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge’.At last IB team got some brain.I am super excited for these episodes…..
Thank you all for reading my story and giving the lovely response.
I have seen that there were less comments on my previous update…. even if u don’t like then also I request u all to leave a comment behind saying that u haven’t liked it and say the reason along with it then I will try to not repeat that mistake again.All kinds of feedbacks, criticisms are welcomed….I would love to hear from my readers. If possible please taking a little time leave a comment behind sharing your view about this chapter. Thank you all once again for the lovely response to my previous update.

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