Ishqbaaz – I Am Afraid Of Relationship/Marriage (Rikara FF) -Episode 4

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Here is the 4th part…..hope u all will like it.If there is any question or doubt about this story regarding anything pls do ask me…..
I look at the pictures…..there my would be husband was posing looking at camera. I tried to read his face…..but I am bad at reading faces. I look at his eyes……he has something in his eyes which can pull any person toward him and I am not an exception.In spite of my fear for relationship and marriage I can’t deny the fact that I feel attraction toward him because of his eyes. I have never felt like this before for anyone.
I have read in many books that more than a person his/her eyes speaks volume.But from life I have also learned that ‘There are somethings that which look good only in the books but in reality they have another faces.’
When I was in class ten our home maid Madvi maasi’s daughter’s marriage was fixed. Next day of Shagun maasi narrated what all happened that day in their house happily when Buaji asked for that…..In this narration I discover, I show how they were talking about the girl, it was looking like she is an object and if they can marry her off then they will be relieved from a very big burden. Girl’s family and would be in-laws were bargaining about the dowry and maasi said all these so casually that I was not able to decide how to react at that moment….in these barging talk I again felt that for them the girl is nothing but an object. After some time when I came out from my shocked state I tried to make her understand that dowry is illegal but she said me that without dowry no one will be ready to merry their daughter……I was so frustrated with her that I told her “Then don’t marry your daughter”….she looked at me and laughed a meaningless laugh and said “Without marriage and husband there is no meaning in a girl’s life. If she don’t get marry who will feed her? No one can spend their life alone. Also she is not good at study, she has already failed three times in tenth and she doesn’t look much beautiful too” saying this she again laughed that meaningless laugh. I replied to her “ I know you maasi its more then six months,you are working in our house from six months and it’s been two months since your husband died so does that mean you have no meaning in life now ? Aren’t you the one who smiles more then before after the death of your drunkard husband? I know even you didn’t realize that before I said about this. About feeding, are not you the one who earn for your family? Infect your husband used to waste YOUR money in his drink and …..” I was going to say more but that time my Buaji stopped me and scolded me to go from there.
At that moment I saw maasi’s face it was pale and her eyes were having tears so I felt may be in rage I talked much so saying a sorry and saying to think about what I said, I left from there.
While going I thought she would think about my words but next day she left the job of our house. She married her daughter to the same person with whom it was fixed earlier at same date it was fixed with the same amount of dowry it was said. I remember each and everything about that day when I argued with her about dowry.For a moment seeing her face I thought she realized what I was trying to say but…..
I don’t know is her daughter happy now or what she is doing now? After the argument my mom and Buaji scolded me for saying all these to her. They said I am not big enough to understand all these, the world is bigger then I think. I thought at least my father will support me but instead of that he said that some things there are which looks good only in the books but in reality they have another face.
That day my mother said in her clear words that ‘If a girl isn’t studying then its good to marry her off before she run away with anyone.’
That day I decided I will never marry in my life and will prove to everyone that girls are not burden. I will study enough, will get a well settled job, will build my own house and I will not be dependent on anyone. I will be independent…….
I have achieved all these ……. I write articles in news paper about girl-women’s development. 5% of my salary and whole money from my articles which I write in a well known magazine and 70% from my book sale goes to women’s development. I have a well settled job, I am a college professor. I have purchased a land with my own money. I was even going to build a house for me but things got changed with the emotional blackmail of my family.

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