Ishqbaaz – I Am Afraid Of Relationship/Marriage (Rikara FF) -Episode 3

When I was in class nine my classmates Shila and Nuri run away with their respective boy friends. We used to read in same class but Shila was not my friend. They were having their own group of friends and I had my own with my close friends. Shila and Nuri were from same group. As a classmate Shila and I just used to do hi-hellos ifwe come across, nothing more. But Nuri was quite talkative so she used to talk with everyone, so was a friend of mine but not so close as whenever they used to get time mostly they used spend it with their group. Shila did run away in March and Nuri in September.

After that with lots of problem Nuri’s family accepted her but because of Nuri’s this act her father felt so hurt that he lost his smile and had gone to Tablighi Jammat to get some peace. We heard that even Nuri’s in laws also finally accepted her. Where as Shila’s family never accepted her, but we heard that her in laws did. But in December we came to know that Nuri is back in her father’s house and she don’t want to go back there. She said that after two months of her marriage her husband has left her to her in-laws saying that now he need to earn as he is married now and to get a good job he left to Mumbai where is one of the friends of his has promised to give him a job. Here in her in-laws house she needs to do house hold works but in her maika (maternal home) she had never done any of these. Meanwhile Nuri’s father came back from tabligh. At that time her husband demands for a car as dowry. But Nuri’s father denied givingany. While all these going on finally fad up with her irresponsibility in house hold work her motherin law in rage cut her hair and she couldn’t take this insult so she came back to her maternal home. After some days of this incident she came to know her husband has a new girlfriend in Mumbai. After that she takes Talak (divorce).

Other side after Shila run away we never knows much about her life. One day it is in the local news paper that she died because of gas cylinderblast and her family is having doubt that it was not accident but a planed murder. They said that her in-laws used to torture her for dowry. When she died she was pregnant. Some day there was police investigation but after that the file got closed.

What these marriages means? Didn’t they have love marriage? Then where have their love run away? I am afraid of this kind of fake love, this kind of betrayal, this kind of marriages….I look at the pictures which are lying in my table…..these are my engagement pics.As marriage preparation is going on and everyone is busy so my sister left these on table only, in rush.There I was standing beside him after the ring ceremony. How will be our marriage?I am trying my best but I feel again and again my fear is dominating me.I am just not able to forget the things that I have seen and have experienced.I am not able to come out of this……I am afraid of marriage……

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  1. Aafiya

    Awesome and superb.. Impatiently waiting for your next update… ?

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much…. I will try to give next update soon….

  2. Sagithya



    Dear Parichay
    It’s Interesting Episode??

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much…..
      You too take and stay safe ?.

      1. ParichayHin

        *Take care and stay safe.

  4. Aashi9

    One of the best stories here. A major like to the fear one faces due to past. Beautiful chapter. Do update soon.

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much.

  5. Logesh.M

    Awesome update sister?????????????So there are many incidents like this which increased her fear..waiting eagerly for next update ?????

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much…..Yes there are more incidents….
      Thank you….

  6. Niriha


  7. Supper

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely dear… Touching the reality…

  9. Negisanyukta

    This episode is damn nice.I just loved it to the core.????
    It is a interesting plot .The way u r describing Gauri’s feelings that why she is that much afraid from marriage is really appreciatable.????
    And ur writings don’t need an introduction like ur name.
    Keep writing dear.

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much for such a lovely and encouraging comment…..
      Keep reading and take care.

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