Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 9

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Episode starts with Omru getting surprised when when they see shivaye during their fight.
Om: shivaye.. Rudy: Bhaiya..Wo..
Shi: what is going on I have never seen you fight like this what’s the matter.
Omru heave a sigh realizing shivaye didn’t hear a thing.
Om: I was just explaining Rudy something but you know Na how stubborn he is
Rudy:I am not stubborn.. Bhaiya you know me no
Shivaye:OK OK calm down both of you see having disagreement of opinions is OK but it should never part you now patch up come on go on…. Good … Remember one for all and all for one. OK I am planning to go to office tomorrow and look at work.
Omru: no no no
Shi : what?
Om: you are not well till now
Shivaye: don’t fuss Om I am perfectly fine you know it and I am going to office only.
Rudy:no Bhaiya you can’t go because….. Because we are going for a family outing tomorrow.
Shi: outing
Rudy:yes I planned one please Bhaiya just for 2 days
Shi:OK (he leaves)

Om: outing??
Rudy: yes that’s the only idea that popped up in my mind
Om:but that’s not a permanent solution
Rudy:yes but it will atleast give me the time to think see 2 days outing then there is dadi’s birthday and you know on dadi’s birthday shi spend the day with her only. So we have 3 days .
Om: wow atleast our dumb Rudy has worked out his brain more than his muscles in past year
Rudy: very funny.

Shivaye’s room:
Shi:we are going for family outing tomorrow everyone…
Dadi: I knew it only you can bring my family together again
Shi: dadi don’t worry on this birthday I will unite this family your whole family will be there with you that will my gift to you
Dadi:it will be the best gift bless you (she leaves).
Shivaye locks the door behind her..Ani: you mihave promised her but how are you going to make it possible..
Shi:you are forgetting dear I am SSO and when I think of something I do it .
Ani: you have already done something isn’t it
Shi smiles: you know me so well I had put Mishra on trail since I got back my memory and as I thought there is more proof left of which no one knows about but we have to find this person who has that our old cleaner..
Anika:I just pray every thing goes as per plan it’s been awhile since I have seen smiles on the faces of this family.

Roop’s house:
Shwetlana: I don’t get it SSO losing the memory and all its all too hard to believe it is hell lot of coincidence.
Gayatri: don’t worry it’s true if it were not true do you think we would have been here free?
Roop:yes but we have to be alert I feel something is amiss. Did you find Any other proof
Gayatri:no but we are on it calm down
Sweet: this plan should not be ruined…
Roop gets a call: oh so they are going for outing tomorrow … OK dear thanks
Shivaye gets a call : sir Roop just received a call from Oberoi mansion
Shivaye:what?? But who?
Mishra: don’t know sir it was from land line and sir I found where we can find ramji that cleaner
Shi:I will find the caller here but I need that proof fast we just have 2 days to uncover everything.

Precap:family goes for outing and the three couples are seen bonding at the farm house


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