Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 8


Episode starts at Oberoi mansion
Pinki:oh my mata finally god listened to me prayers and sent my sweet son back to me.
Dadi:ok let him go and take rest now.
Shivaye goes..
Dadi:now remember everyone no one will do anything that troubles shivaye especially Omru we know that you have your issues and differences but shivaye knows you as his brothers who are 3 parts of one story..
Om: don’t worry dadi we will be careful
Sahil: what happened anika Didi SSO is back and there is no smile on your face?
Jahnvi holds anika and comforts her: don’t worry anika shivaye will remember everything soon you both will be back together.
Anika wipes her tears and smiles and secretly passes a naughty glance at dadi who smiles.
Pinki:come on everyone let us show your new bhabi (ishana)her room.
Prinku and Sahil go with ishkara.
Anika goes to soumya standing dejected:I know how you feel.
Soumya:Di I am happy that Bade Bhaiya is back but I just can’t make my mind I mean I lost my everything and…
Anika:I understand but you trust me Na.?
Soumya nods
Anika: I know how helpless you feel but after your mother’s death didn’t Om made you feel at home and safe did you not become comfortable with him??
Yes Na then trust me this house and people will soon be your family you will soon be as comfortable here as before listen Soumya timend love heal all wounds and here you also have a familyand friends (looks at Rudy)you call me as your sister Na then trust me wipe your tears and come.

Om’s room:
ishu: I knew some day I will be here in my sasural.
Om: hmm
Ishana keeps on talking and om is lost deep in thoughts so does not respond she notices this
Ishana:you know you are such a fool
Ishana throws a pillow at him
Om:yes…what…you are right
Ishu:yes I am right you are a fool.
Om:ishu..baba..look I am so sorry I know you are very excited about being with the family and everything but… Ok look I am holding my ears should I do sit-ups?
Ishu:nods no Om smiles and hugs her
Ishu:tell me what’s that you are so worried about?
Om:I am thinking about Soumya it’s so hard for her to stay with the family of the people who killed her family.
Ishu:Om she is a sensible girl and will understand trust me she will be all right now go and talk to her or else I will have to keep talking to this statue.
Rudy goes to shivaye’s room but sees he is sleeping then he goes to soumya’s room he looks through windows
Soumya is talking to her parents picture :you know when ever I see anyone or anything here I get reminded of you I miss you so much I am so lost..
Om: how can you be lost when I am here. He calls her down. See Soumya you know you don’t have to do this you know I can arrange a hostel for you till everything here is sorted then we can go back to our house like before.
Rudy leaves hearing this
Soumya: don’t worry Bhaiya you were there when I needed and I want to be here for you I know everyone here is upset with you as you came with me now be here they need you more I am ok.

Shivaye’s room
Anika sneaks in through the window and goes to shi.
As she sits close to him he sits up frightened and shouting: no I will not give it to you do whatever you….
Anika: shivaye,shivaye it’s me calm down calm down I am here.
Shi : oh.. it was a nightmare my past year was total nightmare but what are you doing here if anyone sees the will come to know about my fake drama and then .
Ani:shhhhh.. you talk a lot I sneaked here no one knows I am here.
Shivaye: Oki was just thinking cautiously And don’t shush me.
Anika: everything changed but your attitude is same I made a mistake coming here and turns to leave.
Shivaye: anika….(holds her hand) I lived without this fight for so long so missed it. He pulls her to himself.
They smile and have an eye lock.
They hear shouting and go to see.
Om: Rudy I don’t understand what do you want why are you acting like this?
Rudy:so typical of Om it was my mistake to expect from you I thought you would be satisfied after breaking my family first time you and my father took everything from me my brother, my support system,my happiness,my best friend everything and now when I thought we will be happy again you are ready to go back again…
Om: Rudy stop blaming me for everything it’s..
Shi: guys..
Rudy and om are surprised.

Precap: family goes to the picnic. Shi on call;Mishra I need that by tomorrow..

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