Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 7


episode 7
The episode starts at Roop’s house:
Swetlana: ok I agree that shivaye has suffered a memory loss and cannot remember about us but those goons if they tell police about our conspiracy then?
Gayatri: don’t worry only two of them knew about us one was shot and the other escapand is totally underground.
Roop:I am only worried about shivaye only he knows the whole truth.
At the hospital:
Shi:yes ani I know who kidnapped me and why?
Anika:then why don’t we go and tell everyone and police about it ??
Shi: where is the proof Bua and her friends took the only proof i had to support my words.
Ani: Bua??
Shi:yes, bua that day when I called dadi I found out that dad and tauji were not at fault they actually emptied the factory which was to be set on fire but that day bua also came to know about their plans..

Roop:and I thought what would be the better chance for me to take my revenge. He(Soumya’s father) was my old friend we loved each other so much and we planned to steal company’s money and elope but then don’t know what happened and his conscience was awoken and he suddenly remembered he had kids and he can’t leave them and he ditched me and I alone was caught and my mother forcefully married me.

Shi: that day swetlana told bua about dad and Bade Papa”s plans and they called Soumya’s father there that night knocked him and his son who came there following his dad and then locked them in the factory. And then set fire to it.

Gayatri:and you two fools didn’t know that one of your employees had recorded these activities of yours by mistake and somehow shivaye found that recording so we kidnapped him for that recording and after over one year of hard work we some how extracted that pendrive with recording from him and now he ran away.

Shi:ani if I get that pendrive once I can make everything alright but till then we have to hide secret of my memory from everyone so we have two missions first finding proof and other uniting my brothers and I cannot do this alone .so are you with me?
Ani: of course I am and don’t worry we will accomplish both(they hug)
Dadi:uh..uh(they break off and blush) billu now you rest you will be discharged Tomorrow and so see you at home bye.

Roop: whatever happens we have to find and destroy all the evidence I don’t trust that shivaye.

Next morning at Oberoi mansion:
Jahnvi:what happened mummy ji you called us all here today?
Pinki:yes mummy ji you also told me to cut short my trip?
Dadi: wait have patience are Sahil,prinku come sit
Jahnvi: everyone is here now
Dadi: I said Na wait
Door bell rings dadi…
Om ishana and Soumya enter the house everyone is shocked and look at each other and rudra
Dadi: wait there Om… Jahnvi beta first time you DIL has come home welcome them go
They do arti ansd some rituals then they all settle down
Pinki: after so much time this home feels lively if only shivaye was here….she looks down tearily.
Dadi:are Pinki…we are here because he is coming back
Everyone is shocked to hear this
Pinki:you know where he is? How is he ?
Dadi, Om and Rudy narrate the whole story and explain them about shivaye’s condition.
Dadi:anika will be here with him any time now.
Everyone at house are happy and hug each other and prepare for shivaye’s welcome.
Car stops by;
Prinku: I think they are here let’s go.
Shivaye enters the house everyone get emotional and hug him
Pinki: look how thin you have become
Jahnvi:you scared us Shivaye
Prinku:hugs shi love you Bhaiya i missed you so much…
Shi: hey guys calm down Doctor told me it was just an accident you all are reacting as if I was gone for years.
Rudy:it’s nothing like that Bhaiya you know ba how much we love you it’s just we missed you so much as you were in coma for a couple of weeks.
Shi: smiles and hugs Rudy. Om? Come
Om hesitantly move forward and hugs shi

Precap: ani sneaks into shivaye’s room at night.
Rudy and om have a fight.

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    Omg! I almost cried..
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    i can’t wait for all the villains to be kicked out of the real story, but your ff is doing a great job at that!! 😀 post asap 🙂

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