Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 6

Hey guys hope you are enjoying the series. Please let me know the review I know story was missing some shivika rumya and ishkara scenes but now they will definitely be there.
The episode starts with everyone shocked by the the gun shot. As the goon falls down as acp ranveer shoots him from behind.
Everyone run towards shivaye as acp’s team arrest the goons.

Scene 2:
Roop:what how did this happen??how can he get away like that ??
If he tells any one anything we are all finished ok now shut up and stag under ground till we figure out what to do next.(she hangs up the phone).
I have to tell everyone that shivaye is free from our clutches.
Back At the hospital:

Ishana,anika,rudy and om reach shivaye and hold him as he faints.
Om: shivaye,shivay! Open your eyes see we are all here.
Anika:I am here with you please say something.
Rudy: let’s take him to the hospital fast.
They all take shivaye

At the hospital:
Om: thanks Ridima…if it were not you we would not have found shivaye… Don’t be modest thank you…..ok I know you had some important work but it would have been nice if you were here and I could thank you face to face… Ok we will catch up later… Yes I will let you know about shivaye’s condition bye.
Rudy: anika bhabi thank God you spotted Bhaiya at right time or they would have got away.
Anika:they would have got away even then if their car did not have flat tyre.
Ishana :you can thank me for that.
Om: you?

Ishana: shows her nail filer and tells how she punctured the tyre when she saw anika fighting with the goons.
Om: ah your wits as always that’s why I love you so much.
Anika:now just shivaye gets well.
Dadi comes there:is billu ok?
Rudy: dadi doctor has taken him for the check up when he comes out we will come to know. Relax, everything will be ok.achha you told anyone at house about him?
Dadi: I think it can wait till shivaye is ok and ready to go home.
Doctor comes om and Rudy together: Doctor how is my brother?
They look at each other and then back to doc.
Doc: actually Mr Oberoi has been been drugged and tortured continuously over the year this has caused serious trauma everyone is shocked he remembers nothing.
He may remember some of it as the effect of drugs wear off but how much no one can tell.
For now he needs rest and no stress at all.
Anika:can we meet him?
Doc: not now, may be tomorrow let him rest now. And only one or two of you can stay here for today. Nurse calls the doctor excuse me and he leaves.
Everyone is shocked and they start crying.
Rudy goes to anika who and comforts her and dadi and convince them to go home and have some rest.
Om also sends Ishana home and comes back.
They face each other .
Om: you too can go home and take rest I am here for shivaye.
Rudy: completely ignores him
Om turns sad.
A week passes by Shivaye remembers everything but of before Gayatri coming to their lives.
Doc:se guys till now everything is fine we have told him he met small accident so have a short coma. But remember don’t give him any detail which stress him in any way.
Om sure Doctor(doc leaves)
Rudy: problem is he does not remember anika bhabi is his wife.
Dadi: yes, but I am sure anika will win his heart all over again so I told him she is my friends daughter who lives with us. Btw om so when Shud we keep our daughter in law’s Graham pravesh.
Om and Rudy: what?
Dadi: see we cannot tell shivaye that you do not live at Oberoi mansion so will be moving in right. So I will see you tomorrow morning at the Oberoi mansion then only we will tell whole family about everything I have called everyone for breakfast tomorrow(she leaves smiling).
Om and Rudy are in shock.

Dadi goes to shivaye’s room
Shivaye what is this happening atleast close the door.
Shivaye and anika break the hug dadi smiles
Dadi: so you met her finally.
Shivaye:thanks to you or she would never had come
Earlier that morning dadi:ani just come with me I am telling you Na I will handle everything
Dadi introduce anika then gets a call and leaves the room.
Anika looks at shivaye tearily : get well soon shivaye ji .and turns to go.
Shivaye: thank God atleast you stopped calling me billu ji.
Anika turns shocked sees shivaye smiling.
Shivaye:yes I know who you are I remember what you mean to me I remember what happened between us and most importantly I remember how much I love you. Don’t look like that I learnt that whatever I have to say say it today there is no right moment I have waited so long so I willno longer wait for right moment so…. I LOVE YOU ANIKA..
anika totally astonished. Shivaye: gets up and tries to stand with much difficulty but falls and anika holds him and hugs him
Shivaye:I love you anika
Anika:I love you too shivaye.
Fb ends
Anika: dadi u knew everything? But why?
Shivaye: for my family to unite them when I woke up firstly I actually forgot everything but then I regained my memory I saw my brother could no longer stand each other dadi told me how whole family is shattered I have to unite them so I took the opportunity of my condition to do it but I can’t lie to you besides I had to tell you my feelings. So will you help me to continue this.
Anika:ofcourse but till when?? When Om will come to know he will leave right away as Tej and Shakti uncle…
Shivaye: till I have my proof back
Ani: proof??
Shivaye: proof that they are innocent the proof due to which I got kidnapped…

Precap: everyone is on the dining table and om, ishu and Soumya come at the doorstep.

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