Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 5


Sorry guys for late uploads.
The episode starts from dadi talking to anika
Dadi:I told you only shivaye can bring them together his name only was enough to bring them on the same page the other day I know when he will be back he will unite them.
Anika:but their anger is still not gone. I just hope billu ji come back I just hope he is fine(starts crying)
Dadi:I know how you feel beta but why are you crying now your crying days are over he will be back soon(hugs anika).accha now all the preparations are done?
Anika:yes everything is sorted.we will bring him back but we have to keep this from everyone till everything is successful.

Shwetlana’s place:
Gayatri:have sweets we will have it by today and tomorrow’s dawn will be last dawn for SSO.
Roop: wait till we get it then celebrate.
After few hours,:
Shwetlana:got it …we got it great shot Gayatri master stroke.
All three:cheers
Roop(calls someone):job is over tomorrow is the day finish him and no more mistakes.

Next morning:
Ridima:hello Doctor thank-you for permission to set up this camp these are my volunteers ani, ishana,om,rudy,acp and other 10 people enter.
Everyone greets
Ridima: doctor may I request you something? These people are students and want to do research on the top hospitals so can they have a full tour to the hospital.
Doctor:but… OK but only under official supervisor
Doctor: it will be in an hour my staff member will collect you.
After an hourthey all leave for the tour after a while
Ridima: guys that place is that ways towards the left .
Ishana: sir what is down that corridor over there are we not going there?
Official eyes them suspiciously:it’s nothing just an old wing it’s completely abandoned now .

Ridima signals and acp and Rudy smartly slip from the group and head towards the corridor.they take the dress and change their get up to the hospital staff and go for further search.
Anika om and ishana switch on their headsets
Om: everything all right?
Rudy: yes everything is going as per plan till now guys it’s time spread out .
Rudy and acp reach the place but hear some noise and hide:om here lot of security is there we might need you here.
Om spills the medicine and goes for cleaning it up and slips.
Om Rudy and acp reach the place where the noise was coming but fond no one.
They search every where and fond the room where Ridima saw shivaye they forcefully enter and are shocked to find it empty

Rudy:there is no one here
Everyone: what?
Ridima: but he ought to be there
Om:he was here Rudy looks at om om points out see it’s his watch which I had gifted.
Acp:guys they must have taken him somewhere that’s why there was some noise when I and Rudy reached there
Rudy:I knew we should not have waited for om
ACP: Rudy this is not the time they must be nearby spread out and search. Till then I will call in for my team for back up
Everyone look for shivaye through entire hospital till Ridima covers for everyone in the camp.

Anika suddenly feels something she turns around to find the goons taking shivaye.s he calls for help and run towards them
Anika fights goons but they push her and turn to leave when they see flat tyre of car
Om and Rudy reach their and fight the goons
“Stop!!!” They turn and see a goon holding shivaye on gunpoint: stop or I will kill him..step back and hands up
Then there is a gun shot .

Precap: every one are in the hospital and crying.
Roop shouts how did this happen…

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    As awesome dude.. Loved it…. Post d next one soon

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    Awesome aditi post asap

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    Thanks guys for response, my next episode is already in review and will be out soon

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