Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 4


Sorry guys I could not upload next episode for a long time.

Episode starts with dadi,ishi and anika joining om, Rudy and Ridima.
Dadi:(crying) Ridima did you really see my billu?
Ridima smiles and nods excitedly dadi: I knew he will be back I knew..
Anika: so what do you think we should do??
Ridima:I have a friend in crime branch he will be here any minute he has some plan.
Rudy:I thought we were not calling the police.
Ridima: Rudy he will be here as a friend not as police officer.there he is.
ACP rathore enters.

At shwetlana’s house.:
Gayatri: talking to someone on phone:did he tell anything… I am telling you to keep eye on him properly. if anything happens to him before we have it everything will be ruined…..OK look out and be alert…and keep trying..
Shwetlana: still nothing? What a bunch of fools have u hired. They could not get it out in a year! Till when we will have to baby sit him like this?
Roop: she is right longer we keep him more dangerous it will become buy I know him he is SSO stubborn as hell.we will have to think of something fast.
Gayatri:I have thought of something we will have it soon and then SSO will meet his end.

At cafe:
Ishika: I like the plan but are you sure this will work?
Om: there is one more possibility that he is not Shivaye and you have been mistaken.
Rudy: can’t you ever be positive can’t you see me happy?
Om : you are taking me wrong I am just being realistic.
Dadi : stop it you two first let’s find billu then we will think of your issues.
Ridima:OK so I will organise a camp in that hospital again as soon as possible and inform you the date tomorrow.
ACP rathore: and others also be prepared anyone having any doubt?

And call me if there is any problem. I will get back up but if we head first they will be alarmed and may harm shivaye so I will get a group of close officers there.
Ridima:OK I have a meeting so I have to leave.
ACP rathore:I will drop you.(they leave)
Dadi:oh god let everything be all right.
Rudy gets a call and he goes out.
Om : but what are you all doing here?
Anika: actually…
Ishu: it’s..
Dadi:me and anika were having party with friends nearby when I saw you both here together I came here and I met ishu here she came here looking for you as she was worried the way you left.
Om: ohh let’s go.
Rudy comes back
Dadi:we are all here after a year let us have a dinner atleast. Together.
Rudy:I have to leave.
Om:yes it’s late I too have to go come ishu.
They all leave.

At Oberoi mansion:
Dadi: billu’s name itself was enough to bring my boys together. When we find him everything will be fine.
Anika:stands by the window remembering shivaye and the day he left.
Next morning:
Ridima calls om:the camp is Tomorrow,be ready.
On the other hand
Gayatri:my plan worked we will have it tomorrow then we will end his life.

Precap: omru reach a room and are shocked.

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