Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 21 (last part)

Episode 21:
Hey guys I thought I should give a proper finish to this FF so here is the last part:
And guys those who are reading this for the first time or missed any of the episodes here is the link of my earlier episodes
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The episode starts at OM:
A few days have passed and every body is busy with the marriage preparation which is to be held at the end of the month
In shivaye’s room all the youngsters (obros and their wives,priveer,Sahil) are sitting while shivaye and rv is on some work call others are discussing something for the wedding .
Rudy:(frustrated)are yaar why do we have to do all this?
Ishu:(teasing) dear devar it’s your wedding na.. After all you only wanted to marry somya and spend life with her remember the dramatic proposal…
Everyone starts laughing till then shivay and RV also joined the discussion
Rudy:ya but why again ? We are already married na.
Shi:ya but you ought to get married properly
Rudy:if so is the matter om also only had court marriage.
Om:ya but I can tell everyone atleast that I am married and thankfully no one in the family know about yours
Rudy:but we can tell na
Ishu:ya sure imagine Rudy going to tej uncle and saying” dad I don’t want all this dhoom dhadaka as I am already married sumo 2 years ago in inebriated state”
Om: ya and Mr oberoi will proudly say wow I am so proud of you my son
(Rudy imagines himself getting baddly lashed stand makes a crying face while sumo blushes)
They all laugh Ani:hey stop pulling by Rudy’s leg
Shi: yes and by the way why did no one told me that om had a court marriage?
Om: you didn’t know ? We thought dadi might have told you like all the other things actually you know Na what were the situation when we got married
Shi: that means no one attended your wedding?
Everyone nodded trying to understand what he was getting at
Shi:(smirked) anika so do you want to see your long haired devar’s wedding too
Ani: ofcourse
Ishana instantly grew red while om : shivaye… What are you planning?
Shi:I am thinking why not do three weddings at the end of the month instead of two what’s say anything
Anu: great plan shivaye (giving him hi-fi).While everyone joined them in excitement:yes, come on om/Bhaiya, soumya:yes base Bhaiya this is the perfect plan
Om blushed as his eyes met ishana:but..But aisa thodi hota h I mean if it were like this then you and anika too didn’t get married properly.
Anika saw the color draining out of shivaye’s face(remembering their marriage): but om our marriage happened with full rituals and Infront of everyone.
Shivaye sensed the tables turning on him and said quickly: I got some work
But before he could leave he heard a voice
Dadi:ye hui na baat, they are correct billu
Dadi:I don’t want to hear anything it is decided all my kids will get married on the same day.
Sahil:yes dadi I think your grandchildren has found out some kind of ritual that they cannot marry like normal people it’s high time we end it
Dadi chuckled at his words : you are absolutely correct
They share a laugh while all the couples look at each other

Wedding day:
All the grooms are ready waiting impatiently for their partners
Rudy:why are girls taking so much time?
RV:glad someone asked this
Shivkara:(teasing) some people are getting impatient
Rudy: haha you will laugh no afterall this is not your first time na ask RV how he is feeling? And please don’t say about my first experience I don’t remember it fully?
Shivkara laugh at their brother’s stupidity
Rudy:you say na RV
But RV is preoccupied with the prinku’s beauty shows coming down the stairs with others.
Seeing him all the boys turn to see the girls too mesmerized with their beauty their mouths fall open
The girls also see them and smile….
The scene shifts after the wedding all the couples are having dinner (feeding each other)
Shi:(holding her hand)so Mrs SSO ..
Ani: oho someone is in very romantic mood today that too in front of everyone
Shi:hey you know shivaye singh oberoi is not afraid of a anybody secondly no one’s looking here they are all busy look!and my sweetheart I am always romantic you only Don’t get time from arguing with me to notice it
Ani:oh so I argue alone?? And whatever that’s my style of showing my love Mr bagad billa
They laugh while putting their heads together
Ishu:o …
Om: hmm
Ishu: today no shayri for me ? Am I not looking good today?
Om: today I won’t say any shayri (he smiles seeing ishana looking down sadly) my love I meant today you are beyond my words I cannot even think someone can look so pretty.
Ishana:sacchi?Ishana blushes
Om:mucchi (Om smiles and pecks on her forehead)
Rumya: we have taken 14 pheras instead of 7 so does this mean I will have to bear your parathas for 7 more lives
Soumya punches him and huffs angrily
Rudy: aww i was just joking ( switching on his front camera) see my soumu looks so cute when she is angry just like a teddy bear
Soumya laughs :you won’t change na
Rudy:not possible promise I will fight with you and make you angry daily
They laugh

RV:why are you so quiet?
Prinku nods away without even looking at him
RV: see I know you since childhood your this shy girl drama won’t work on me
Prinku: hey I don’t do drama
RV: at least you spoke (hugging her)see I know you are sad to go away from your family but see we live here only just 15 mins away you can come here whenever you like and there also besides me you have my sister, your best friend as a company pakka you won’t get bored now please smile I can’t see you sad… Please
She smiles
RV: that’s like my girl…
Dadi opens her video diary: dekh rhe h ji, didn’t I tell you my kids also get their ishqbaazi soon and that too takkar wali…
Thank you all for patiently reading all the parts of my FF till now an for your great response. I planned to write a small one but because of you all I have reached till here thanks and don’t forget to send me your comments and silent readers too for this time??
PS: don’t worry I will be back with some other story soon

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