Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 2


episode 2:
Thank you everyone for such a good response I will definitely think something about four suggestions. And please continue giving me your feedbacks. last time many of you thought it was too short hope this one is OK..

Episode begins with dadi narrating the flow of events to ishana
Dadi: I remember that day very well everyone was so happy I had never seen my grand sons so happy that day both billu and ani were gonna confess their love to each other both were planning surprise for each other and neither of them were aware of other’s planning and we were just enjoying it and wondered what will be the climax.
But before any of that could happen police came to our house to arrest Tej and Shakti we were all so tensed they were charged for fraud and murder.

At the initial stage after my husband’s death company was going through very bad state it was nearly bankrupt. Tej and Shakti decided to set fire on factory and claim insurance as well as sympathy but they were careless and our business partner who was Soumya’s father and their elder son got caught in the fire and died. Tej and Shakti burried the truth and thought it would never come out again but they forgot lie don’t have legs they are bound to come out one day or the other.

When it came out it destroyed everything Soumya was shattered and you know om he hates lie and such a big thing besides he always considered Soumya as his sister.
So he decided he could not live here any more and left the house along with Soumya.
Billu was only only one who could have stopped them but he wasn’t at home
When he came he was broken and went out to search for them and sought everything out.
He was out all night and even next day then I received a call he sounded happy and told me not to worry he will bring everything back to normal he had some way. That was the last we heard from him.

We searched all over but could never find him.
That night both night both Pinki and Rudy lost themselves too. Pinki dedicated her life to god entirely and spend most of the time in ashram. While Rudy he had lost everything his dad , his brother,and his best friend Soumya.
Somehow ani and jahnvi stood strong and managed house and business and then Rudy transformed himself into shivaye looking forward only to business, Sahil and prinku.
Dadi started crying and so does ishana…
Ishu: dadi I think O’s here I’ll talk to you later and don’t worry everything will be fine I feel it in my bones.
Om comes inside the house: Ishu were you crying?
Ishu: no I..I miss my dad and mom so much so just tears came to eyes.
Before om could say anything else his phone rings.
Om: hello who’s this? You after so many months ? But…. OK… but where… OK I’ll be there on time.
Ishu looks on confused.

Precap: om and Rudy come face to face…

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  1. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…..

  2. Nansshivika

    Waiting for shivaye

  3. Shivika

    I became speechless…can’t express it was wow…..??

  4. Super update….now only I searched and read episode 1 and intro ….this story is different. Waiting for omru face off.

  5. Akansha

    nyc episode… but who called om??? eagerly waiting .. post ur nxt updat soon

  6. ShubhangiRokxx

    awesome plz bring shivay soumya nd om back

  7. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee update asap i am desperarely waiting for the next update

  8. Plllllleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee update asap i am desperarely waiting for the next update

  9. Ayath

    awesome bring them back plzzz

  10. Puvi

    its awesome aditi u nailed it but its my humble request pls dont seprate our obros plsssssss post asap sooon

  11. Nice episode

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