Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 15

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So here is the next part of the story:
Episode starts with shi,Ani and soumya (with some difficulty ??) climbing out through the exhaust hole. They just landed on the solid ground to realize they weren’t really safe they found goons standing there with the guns pointed towards them…
Goon 1: someone thinks too smart of themselves.
Shi: what do you want I will give all the money you want just let us leave.
Goon 2: Mr SSO what is this? You still think we will work for you for money come on you have known us for nearly past one and a half years.
Goon 1:but this time it will end we finally got orders to kill you.
Soumya:but why are you doing this please let us leave.
While others indulge in talking Ani takes her sandels and throw on each of the goons face. The goons fall down due to the shock of sudden attack.
Ani: see my Champa always does the job

Shi:Ani shut up and run.he pull her by her hand runs
They run but all the other goons come there hearing the commotion. Shi punches the first goon coming whi Ani and soumya handle the next . They fight their way when suddenly hear the gun shot everything stops everyone shockingly look towards the source one of goons (head who got hit by the Champa) had fired in the air.
Goon1: its enough if any of you moved I will fire instantly….Leave him(Ani and shi loosen their grip on the goons they were holding)… Now come here..Good
Goon 2: whom shall we start with?.. our old friend (pointing the gun towards shi)
Goon1: no first her (angrily pointing to Ani)
Shi:no listen I am here let them go please.
Goon : oh, is that fear I am seeing on sso’s face that’s new now she’s definitely first to go.

The next instant many things happen goons try to shoot ani but miss as they get hit on there head by Om and Rudy while shi jumps Infront of Ani to save her and they both topple on the ground.
Om:guys are you OK?
Soumya:goes over to help shivika while the boys fight the goons
Soumya:are you both OK?
Ani stands up but they realize shi got shot in his upper arm.
They help him up
Ani: shi this oh no shi
Shi:it’s OK Ani it’s only a flesh wound this is not the time Omru need help let’s go.
Obros and and girls fight their way back to the car.
In the car:
Ishana:come on guys fast (she was waiting there for them with the car ready to leave)
They all get on and Leave
After some time
Om:I think we have lost them.
Everyone heave a sigh of relief
Om:shi are you OK ? But he doesn’t get an answer so everyone turn to see towards shi and find Ani tying cloth on shivaye’s wound while they are having and eyelock everyone smile.

Ishana winks at om and apply sudden brake that brings shivika to their sense and everyone laughs.
Rudy: om seriously I think Ani bhabhi have talent to apply medicines only by seeing see Bhaiya don’t even feel a bullet wound if she looks at him
Shivika in unison:shut up Rudy
Om: he is actually right
Shi:leave all that tell me how did you reach there?
Rudy:due to Sahil.
Om tells how dadi told them about shivaye’s plan and fb is shown
Sahil:I can take you there
Everyone looks at him Rudy:how??

Sahil: are Rudy Bhaiya you forgot last year on my birthday you gifted me and Ani di identical watches that could track each other.
Rudy:yes I had these custom made as I was worried about you.
Sahil: so Ani di always have them on and so..
Fb ends
Ani:I always knew my brother is the genius.
Om:but shivaye we are very angry with you how come you never told us about your plans shivaay:wo guys….I..You both were so happy and I didn’t want you to put your lives in danger

Ani:(in between) whatever happened is over now atleast you know.
Shi:and I am happy I was feeling so Lost without my two main pillars behind me.
Rudy:yes but I still don’t understand how did Soumya get here
Soumya looks hesitantly towards shivika: Bhaiya actually it was because of me…
But shi interrupts her :it was just that she saw us leaving that night so she got worried about us and followed us
Soumya looks at shi surprised and filled with gratitude
And he blinks at her reassuringly
Ishu:OK all’s well that ends well
Shi: we still don’t have any proof to get Papa and Bade Papa out
Soumya: no we actually do. everyone look at her
Just then Ishu apply sudden brake and they see the trio(roop, swetlana and Gayatri) standing there with goons

Precap:Roop: it’s on you this time SSO you were the reason they all will get killed
Guys hope you like this episode please give me your feedbacks .☺️

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