Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 14

Hey guys I am sorry for late updates it’s due my exams hope you understand.for those who are reading this for the first time here is the link of my earlier episodes
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So here is the next part of the story:
Episode starts with shivaye, anika and soumya in captivityshi and Ani are shocked hearing soumya’s words..
Ani: what are you trying to say soumya tell us everything clearly we know none of this is your fault.
Soumya:this is di you know Roop she is my teacher I trusted her a lot she was my guide and my mentor she met me in my radio studio for the love angel show I did then we got very close she told me that she knew oberoi family and they were very bad and all but I didn’t believe her then I came to know about tej and Shakti uncle’s deeds then I went to her and cried alot I thought she was telling the truth I thought this family was just cheating me all through..
Shi:how can you even imagine that after what Om did for you..
Ani:shi keep quiet let her say..Go on soumya
Soumya: I am sorry Bhaiya and I swear I trusted om Bhaiya a lot and didn’t think any bad of him but me and ma’am we met daily and talked for hours. Then you came back and om Bhaiya decided to get back I was not ready and was vulnerable and she took advantage of it she manipulated me and told me you will take him from me and I should keep an eye on you I got angry with her but that day I came to hospital and I heard that you were lying and wanted everyone om Bhaiya to get back with his family and would release tej and Shakti uncle I was shocked and went to her crying and shattered.
Shi:but that day I told Ani everything about Roop, Svetlana and Gayatri’s plot still you went to her.
Ani:shi sh……
Soumya: Bhaiya I only heard what I told you and I was shattered and didn’t want to lose om Bhaiya afterall he was the only one I had. I went to ma’am and she told me to keep an eye on you and tell her everything so that she can think of some way around and like a fool I believed every word she said I told her everything and when today when I was telling her I sensed something I don’t know what so I followed you I am telling you Bhaiya I swear Bhaiya I didn’t know she would hurt you and I didn’t know any of her pasting just came to know when I came there tonight I am sorry..(she starts crying hysterically).
Ani and shi exchange a glance

Ani: soumya …. Soumya just listen to me stop crying OK it’s OK everyone makes mistake it’s OK
Soumya:you are so good and I was such a fool that I doubted you and I believed my father’s murderer and see it landed everyone in trouble I am sorry Bhaiya no I am not even worthy to call you Bhaiya anymore how can I .,.I ..
Shi:shut up soumya just shut up I don’t want to hear anymore of this nonsense understood? And SSO never repeats himself.
Soumya stops crying and shockingly look at him Ani tries to speak but she stops after he glared at her…
On the other hand Omru strive hard to locate shivaye, Ani and soumya but fail and return home to plan some strategies
Om: I don’t understand how to find them everyone’s phone is unreachable
Rudy:and shi Bhaiya is not well
Ishu: don’t worry guys they will be okay we will find them somehow
Dadi:om I know who has done this
Om:dadi what are you talking about?
Dadi tells them everything about shivaye’s plan and tej and Shakti’s innocence
Om : dadi you knew about all this and didn’t tell us?
Dadi: I wouldn’t have told it to you even today if it was not necessary shi told me he found something and I think they might be in some danger go help them I don’t want to see this family scattered again
Om: don’t worry dadi we will
Rudy:but how??
Sahil:I can take you where they are

At the godown:
Shi: listen whatever happened is over for time being can we think of how to get out?? OK?
They both nod shi:OK now think
Soumya:I have plan Ani bhabi can you come to me and turn around?
Ani:what are you saying if I could move in would have escaped
Shi: but I do understand what you are trying to say good plan I am coming wait
Shi drags himself to Soumya they turn back to back and free each others hands and then free anika they move towards the door but see goons outside and retreat to search for a window.
There is no Window but
Ani: we can still get out of here see that?
They turn around and see the exhaust
Shi some how removes the exhaust while the girls hold his chairs (which they stack one above the other)(these are the the chairs which they were tied to)
Shi:and now come ani…You go first
Shi:Ani we don’t have time I told you both no more nonsense shut up and go..

Obros and girls fight the goons…

Guys please tell me if this FF is going too boring or something as I did not get enough response from you all in last episode. So please tell me your reviews through your comments.

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