Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 13

episode 13:
Hey guys thanks for your reviews and for those who are reading this for the first time here is the link of my earlier episodes

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Now for today’s episode:
Episode starts near the bridge shivika are surrounded by the goons
Shi come in front of Ani for protecting her Ani sees him adoringly:you? What are you doing here bua .
Roop:oh it was just my little surprise for you dear what did you think you alone are a genius and we would not know what you are up to I already had my agents line behind you that day you ran away but I finally got you and her too as a bonus
Shi:no,no I am here do whatever you like with me let her go
Ani:no shivaye I am going nowhere.

Bua:oh young love, don’t worry dear I am not letting you go anywhere I will ensure you both together go to heaven.You both know too much.
Shi:how can you do this? How can you do this to your brothers to your family?
Roop: family? That family left me long time ago they only cared for sons not for daughter.
Shi: that’s not true everyone loved you so much.
Roop:love? This was their love they never cared for me they didn’t even let me complete my college and married me to some random guy they liked even though they knew I liked someone else.
Shi: but the man you liked was married and was father of two children and your love was one sided why don’t you get that and so you started taking drugs due to which college rusticated you so dadaji and Bade Papa decided to get you married to their friend who accepted you even after knowing everything he loved you even then.and you?You deceived him as well.
Roop: but I didn’t love him I have loved only one man in my life (soumya’s father) and even he didn’t care for me

Shi: what love? You loved him?If you had loved soumya’s father you would never had murdered him and you didn’t even leave his innocent son.and then you framed my family for it you tried to destroy everything.
Roop:yes yes I did everything you said but I had to take revenge from everyone who had hurt me. I killed him and framed my brothers and thought they would go to jail but they successfully covered everything for years but now they are in jail now no one can ruin my plan not even you.she takes out a gun and is about to shoot when’s stone strikes her hand gun falls everyone is shocked and turn to see who was it.
Shi: soumya??

Soumya:run Bhaiya..
The trio tries to elope but get caught.
Roop:you stupid girl.
Soumya:you were my teacher and you deceived me? You used me ?
Shivaye and Ani are shocked.
Roop:kill them all.
Just then her phone rings: what!!?OK. There’s no time do one thing fill them in the van and go rest I will tell you on phone Om and Rudy are coming here.shivaye tries to retaliate but they hit him on his head. The goons give Ani and soumya cloroform and take them.they leave…
Om and Rudy reach there

Om: shivaye’s car is here where but where are they?
Rudy:but why will they come here at this time ? I mean if it were only Bhaiya and bhabhi I would have understood but we saw soumya too leaving behind them.
Om:duffer, first of all shi don’t remember Ani and even if he does why would they come here near the jungle?? There’s something fishy going on here let’s search for them.
Rudy:OK (after some time) O look this is Bhaiya’s phone
Om:it has blood on it.they are in some trouble
Rudy:oh god please keep them safe I only got my family just now. Please god.
Om:Rudy shut up let me think.

Somewhere in a godown:
Soumya gains consciousness and try to wake shivaye and Ani all three are tied
Shi:are you both OK?? They both nod. We have to get out of here.He tries but no success.
How on earth did they come to know what I was planning.
Soumya: because of me . Everything here is going on because of me.i am sorry Bhaiya sorry bhabi.
Both shivika are shocked.

Precap: shivaye, anika and soumya almost escape. While Rudy and om reach there.

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