Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 12

episode 12:
Hey guys I am back with my next episode.
Episode starts with most awaited Omru reunion and shivika watching them from the distance.
Shi wipes his tears.ani smiles seeing him
Ani: finally you got what you wanted.

Shi:no we still don’t have Papa and Bade Papa home.
Ani:but atleast you can tell your brothers about it.
Shi:no Ani I have already dragged you with me in this dangerous mess I am not doing it with them.
Ani:OK but atleast go.. savour this moment with your brothers and its just a matter of 2 days then we will all be together.
Shi:yes.. thank you this would not have been possible without you.
Ani: obviously I am a genius (they both laugh)
Shi: you are so cute I love you.he hugs her

Ani:OK now go..
In the kitchen:
Shi:wo.. What’s up guys?I think our kitchen is about to be flooded.
Omru see shi and go to him
Shi:I am so happy you two back my Om and Rudy have once again become Omru
Rudy: only because of you otherwise we would act like stupids for entire life.
Om: seriously shi you are the only link that bonds us together so well.
Shi: shut up now or my dish will get burnt now come let’s prepare the lunch everyone would be hungry.

The brothers cook and dance (zindagi mil ke bitaenge plays) while dadi and her two daughter in laws smile seeing them.
Dadi:I knew it billu will mend everything.
They leave
In the evening:

Shi is getting ready
Ani enters the room:billuji wo..You are going?
Shi:yes ani today is the day
Ani: but we agreed we are going together.
Shi:no it’s not possible I am going alone it may be dangerous.
Ani:yes that’s why I have to come.
Shi:no Ani once I have decided you are not coming it’s decided and I don’t want any argument.
Ani:I am coming and its decided and remember if you are SSO I am Mrs SSO I am more stubborn than you if don’t let me come with you I will follow you afterall I know the place.
Shi:no…. That’s even worse … OK but promise you will do as I say.
Ani:but ..OK done.

Shi:come on let’s go and be careful that no one see us.
They leave.
Roop gets a call :oh so they are coming thanks Soumya you are the only one whom I can trust and don’t worry dear you will hat what you want.
Shi and Ani reach the place
Shi: Kishore ji ….. Mishra…Where are they it’s already late.?
Ani:call them Na
Roop: what’s the hurry my dear nephew?
They look around as the goons surround them.

Precap:Roop tells goons to kill them

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  6. Interesting twist… Waiting for the next episode…

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    Hey Soumya involved…how…she might be blackmailed by roop….anyways its amazing……and plz post the next soon….and a bit long if u can…

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    Anazing episode…I read it for the first time….that too with a twist…Great job Aditi?????

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