Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 11

Hey guys I hope you like this episode.i am sorry I didn’t reach till last episode’s precap but it has lots going on so.. I hope you like it please let me know through comments.
The episode starts at the farmhouse
Shi goes to the kitchen
Chef:sir? Do you want anything?
Shi:no I just want you all to step aside I will cook for my family today.
Chef: sir?

Shi:any problem?? I said step aside.and I will need just need one of you to assist me others can take a leave.
Ani: oh wow you are cooking I will help
Shi:no don’t touch I remember your cooking very well.
Ani:I will just help
Shi:hey I got an idea
Shi: cooking was the thing we brothers enjoyed the most maybe thin can clear the rift between Omru
Ani:yes.. after all you have some brain left in you….
Shi: ofcourse… Wait what?? Anika wait I will see you….
Ani:OK so what’s the plan?

Shi:I don’t know if I ask them directly they will make some excuse
Ani:I have a plan come here
She tells him the plan
Ani: shivaye we have to atleast reduce Rudy’s anger as even if truth comes out Rudy will not accept Om and may even get more enraged.
Shi:I think you are right
Anika goes to the garden to search for Rudy
Rudy:yes bhabi
Ani:listen Rudy you know your Bhaiya is cooking today but he doesn’t know anything about where everything is kept so please go and help him you know I would have gone but he doesn’t remember anything about me so…

Rudy: Bhaiya is cooking wow after so long I missed our midnight cooking expeditions most and you don’t worry bhabi I am going to Bhaiya.
Ani:(in her mind): my work is done now let’s hope billu ji have convinced Om and all goes down well.
Rudy:goes to the kitchen:yo Bhaiya what are you making..(notices Om there) I forgot I had some work.
Shi: Rudy come here where are you going? What’s going on guys
Om: what?
Shi:oh really do you think I do not see I have known you for ages I can tell what’s going on in your minds without you telling me now can you open up
Rudy:it’s nothing serious Bhaiya just like that
Shi:shut up and you know you cannot lie to me see you both don’t wanna tell me it’s OK but act like mature yourselves and resolve it you have 1 hour till this dish is cooked I am going out and when I come here again I need everything sorted or I will have to interfere and no more lies you knowyou will get caught understand? Am I clear?

Shi:good(he leaves and shi and Ani hide near the window of kitchen and hear them)
Shi:Ani are you sure this will work?
Ani: don’t worry it’s tried and tested formula whenever Sahil fought with his best friend I would lock them both and they would resolve their matters.
Shi:but Ani they are not kids and this is not some petty fight
Ani:well they are actually like kids and this is petty fight over Rudy thinking his brother does not care for him and believe me shi talking is is the best solution
Shi: maybe you are right..Now shut up and listen to them you talk too much..
Ani:I am talking?Who started it?

Om:Rudy shi is right it’s high time now I think we should talk I know you are angry but just let it out. Talk to me.
Rudy: talk to you? About what?
Om: I don’t understand why are you so angry I just did what I thought was right
Rudy:oh you thought it was right? Leaving your family was right? Leaving your brother was right?
Om: I..
Rudy: what Om what do you want to say? You just did what was easy for you. You were selfish. Accept it now. You knew I had no one at that time you knew how how scared I was you knew how shattered I was still you left us you left me(he breaks down) how could you do it om how could you? One night I had everything and next day my dad went to jail both my brothers are gone can you even imagine what I had gone through? still.. still I got up and stood as my family needed me but you? You just left how many times I called you but you never answered them you never came back and now you are saying you did what was right?
Om:(comforts Rudy and hugs him) I am sorry, I am sorry Rudy come here… Listen. I know I left you when you needed me but have you ever thought why?I knew you were shattered I also knew you were strong and you had whole family behind you I left this house for Soumya she is also my sister and she lost everything that day she had already lost her family and she considered our family as her own and when she came to know about it imagine what she went through she lost everything too and unlike you she had no one so I did my duty as her brother and took her care now say did I do anything wrong?Yes I hated tej oberoi but I love you and this family and I knew if took any of your call I will not be able to stop myself and so… I too could never sleep for days and I only thought about you all but how I have left her alone?You know Soumya how soft she is now tell me what could I have done?
Rudy:you.. you could atleast explained me all this
Om:I tried many times but did you listen?(Rudy remembers all the time om came to him and he resented him and made him go).
Rudy:I am sorry Bhaiya I am so sorry you should have just slapped me and made me listen to you
Om:no..No come here (both brothers hug and cry)
Shi:wipes his tears hiding behind the window..

Precap: shivika are waiting for baba but goons turn up.

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