Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi episode 10

episode 10:
Hey guys wish you all a very happy new year. I hope this year brings all the happiness, prosperity and health to you. Please let me know your opinion about this episode in the comments below and keep reading…
Episode starts with Roop telling swetlana and Gayatri about oberoi family’s outing.
Swetlana:this is the perfect time to understand what’s going on we have to grab hold of shi and get the truth out of him as this memory loss story is too hard to believe and even if it’s true he is a potential danger.
Gayatri:yes it’s time to take out our special truth serum out again and like last time SSO will tell us the whole story himself.
Roop:but be careful while using it. It was just a prototype which we stole from research laboratory and we won’t get it again.
Swetlana: don’t worry Roop this will be our final blow.
At Oberoi mansion:
Dadi:do it fast.
Shivaye:oho dadi calm down its our farmhouse it does not matter if we are a little late and we will take care of all the preparations.come let’s go inside have tea and relax.
Shivaye:no if no but Ani will do everything come.
Anika:yes dadi I will do everything with shivaye.
Shi:me?But I have never done any such preparations.
Ani:no probs there is always a first time. Come.
Shi:are ….but ….Ani…. listen… ani
Rudy:nice Bhaiya the great SSO get defeated by a girl.
Shi:hey that’s not any girl she’s…..
Rudy: she’s…?
Anika signs him
Shi:she is dadi’s guest how can I argue with her.
Dadi: billu come here
Shi:(thank God)dadi is calling I will leave.
Rudy:sorry bhabi I thought
Ani: don’t worry Rudy I know everything will return to normalcy now that he’s back come help me with this.

Om’s room:
Om is standing in front of mirror getting ready very slowly as he is stressed. Ishana sees this and goes and stand in between Om and mirror and starts doing her hair.
Om: what is this ishu?
Ishu:I have to get ready fast Ani Di is doing everything alone.
Om: but I was here first.
Ishana: ya but now I am here Na.
Om goes and stands in front of Ishu .
They start to push each other and ishana steps over his foot and they both fall over.They look at each other and start laughing.
Ishu: sorry I thought if we got ready with your speed we will reach farmhouse by next year only.
Om: so this all was for distracting me. Seriously,you are so cute. He pulls her cheeks
Shi and Rudy enter the room looking for om:oh sorry wrong timing
They both get up and ishana leaves blushing.
Om:come na shivaye
Shi: we just came here to look if you are ready but I think you were planning to celebrate your picnic here only.
They laugh
Om:stop it guys. come let’s go.
Everyone reach the farm house.
Soumya: yes
Rudy:I was just thinking if you would like to go on a stroll with me like old times.see ba it’s such a beautiful day and…. I mean only if you like.
Soumya:oh my god Rudy are you seriously blushing I don’t believe this rudra singh oberoi is blushing to ask a girl just for a walk.
Rudy: no it’s nothing like that.its just that..
Soumya: omg you have seriously changed now come on let’s go.
Shivaye:. Yes Mishra did you get it?
Mishra:sir he wants to meet you only
Shi:what the hell Mishra you know that is not possible I am here with my whole family.Ok just hand him over the phone. What’s his name? OK
Kishore: hello
Shi:hell Kishore hi it’s Shivaye Singh oberoi here what happened why are you not giving the proofs?
Kishore: see son I know how important these are I do not intend to hand it to any body but you.
Shi: but… OK how about tonight ? 9pm Mishra will pick you?
Mishra:yes sir
Shi: bring him tonight on that old bridge near my farm house at 9 on OK ?
Shi disconnects the call
Ani: I am coming with you
Shi: you.. no way
Ani: shivaye I am not asking I am telling. I am coming with you whether you like it or not.
At Kishore’s house
Mishra:OK baba I will pick you up at 9(he leaves)
Gayatri: good job baba now I am just waiting for tonight and finish the job.

Precap: shivika are waiting for baba but goons turn up.

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