Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi – episode 1


Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi
Sorry guys for late update pls give your review.
Scene 1:Oberoi mansion
Dadi comes to shivika’s room :anika beta where is rudra isn’t he back from the office.
He comes from behind Rudy :I am here dadi
Dadi: there you are I knew I would find you here like always remember tomorrow there is Pooja in the house so you have to be I have to go many preparations are left.
Ani:I will come with you.
Dadi:no you have been working all day I will take care of it. No I don’t want to hear anything just take rest. OK . Rudy don’t forget be there.
Rudy: yes I will be there don’t worry(dadi leaves) Rudy turns to ani : where is my cry baby.

A boy comes there running I am not cry baby how many times I have said that Rudy Bhaiya(yes it’s Sahil he can walk as shi got him proper treatment after his marriage with ani).
Rudy :hey there you are. How was your day ?
(They sit and start chatting ani sees them and gets reminded of shivomru dadi also oversees them and goes to her room and gets out her video camera)
Dadi:billu where have you been?? this house has never been same without you….(her phone rings)see it’s ishana O’s wife no one knows I and ishana are in contact with each other so shhh..she winks and pick up the call hi Ishu how are you and how is om??
Ishu:he pretends to be fine but misses everyone too much. Dadi tell me what exactly happened no one here tell me in detail.

Precap:dadi revealing everything on phone
Om gets a call om: you after so much time

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  1. Puvi

    It’s nice aditi but pls don’t make Rudy hate on because it don’t look nice to see our obros to get and it does not look good also

  2. ShubhangiRokxx

    ys exactly dont make rudy hate om its nice but short nd update soon

  3. Ayath

    hi aditi…nice epi but dear its too short plz make it little lengthy ………if I hurt u by my comment am really sry :'(

  4. Waiting desperately for the next update asap

  5. nice starting aditi..
    concept is really different nd i m enjoying it..
    bt plz make it little lengthy..

  6. Wow… Nice episode dear..Waiting for Shivaay ….plz add children characters…if u r OK with it

  7. Alekhika20

    Nyc start,cont soon

  8. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…. Waiting for next episode….

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