Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om and Rudra tell Shivaye about party. Shivaye asks who all are coming, Om says Soumya, Anika…. Rudra says don’t worry, Anika is coming. Shivaye says it does not matter she comes or not. Rudra asks him to come. Shivaye agrees. Some time before, Mallika asks who will write letter. Soumya says I will write, I got first prize in school’s essay competition. Rudra asks her to sit slowly on the chair, its favorite one. Soumya asks what to write. Rudra tells few lines.

Mallika says Shivaye does not talk like this and asks Om to try. Om gets philosophical, and asks what happened, is it tough to understand. They say a lot. Mallika asks Om to come back, nothing is working. Anika says we all will say one line each. Mallika asks Om to say shayari which everyone understands. They all give their inputs

and prepare the letter. Mallika says this sounds……. Om says cheesy….. Anika does not understand the word. Soumya explains her cheesy. They all think to throw letter. Soumya says no, handwriting is good. Anika says it has feelings, it will work. Om says it will be thrown. Mallika takes letter to tear it.

Soumya asks Rudra to catch it. They all see the letter falling down the window. Rudra says now Tia won’t get this letter. Rudra and Soumya argue. Mallika says guys focus, we have to plan a get together to unite Shivaye and Tia. Anika asks Rudra to invite Tia. Om says I will inform elders. Mallika asks Om to invite Shivaye. Rudra says no need, he will come if I m there. Mallika says I know him, he will ask many questions, just invite him and don’t say Tia is coming. They all nod.

Pinky is sending gifts for Tia and tells Dadi. The letter fell in the gifts tray and goes along the gifts. Pinky tells Jhanvi that Tej said there is nothing between him and Shwetlana, its good. Jhanvi asks are you sure, he meant this. Pinky says yes, he was seeing me but telling you. Jhanvi says he did not know I m there. Pinky says he is not so stupid, he knew you were there, why are you blushing, Tej loves you, call him and ask him. Jhanvi asks now? Pinky asks will you need permission to call personal husband, fine talk to him when he is back. Jhanvi agrees. Pinky says face to face talk is good, faces get close, talk in room, I mean getting romantic infront of children would look odd. Jhanvi says Pinky… Pinky says sorry. Jhanvi asks do you think things will get fine. Pinky says yes, Tej has sense, you did not leave him after what all he did, you won’t leave him, its true love, prepare for a new life.

Tia asks her mom how can she take this lightly, I have seen Shviaye with his ex on his bed, when I asked for explanation, he did not say anything, universe does not want this marriage to happen. Her mom asks her to talk to Shivaye and patch up. Tia asks why, its Shivaye’s mistake. Her mum says whoever’s mistake it is, but we won’t get such alliance again, go and patch up with him.

Shivaye asks party? Rudra says its birthday party. Shivaye asks whose birthday is it. Rudra says anyone. Om says relax, its small get together party. Shivaye asks who all are coming. Om says Soumya, Anika…. T…. Rudra changes words and says don’t worry, Anika is coming. Shivaye says I don’t care she comes or not. Rudra says party is for youngsters and you. Shivaye says I don’t have time, I won’t come. Rudra says Mallika is crying, come for her. Shivaye asks crying again. Rudra says come for her sake. Shivaye says fine, I will come but just for some time. He goes. Rudra says work is done. Om says this work is risky, you have to invite Tia.

Roop asks Gayatri to take risk if she wants the keys. Gayatri says news is certain, Tej is going to reach in some time. Tia gets the gifts and the letter. She says so he has sent letter to justify what happened. She reads it and says it does not look Shivaye’s language.

Tej talk to workers at the site and says I spoke to home minister, we will get clearance. He calls Shwetlana and talks about land papers, we have to start work after getting govt clearance. He sees Roop coming there. He says Roop, what are you doing here. Roop says I should ask this to you, what are you doing on my land. He asks your land. She reminds him he gave her this land to make Oberoi charity centre.

He says you did not make the centre, this is my land legally, I don’t need your permission to make anything here. She says you got annoyed, if land was in my name, I would have given it back to you. He says I have much work. She hugs him and makes his phone fall. He asks what are you doing. She asks can’t I sister hug her brother. She picks the phone and returns it to him. She says sorry, and leaves. She recalls swapping the phones. She smiles seeing Tej’s phone. She sits in the car and shows Tej’s phone to Gayatri.

Pinky asks is this a party where we are not invited. Om says its not party, but a small get together. Anika says we will book a DJ, he plays Dhinchak songs. Mallika says Dhinchak, you like these cheap things, we are trying to bring Tia and Billu, I mean Shivaye close, you are planning to make Shivaye feel awkward. Anika says we will make him dance. Mallika says why are you dancing now, you don’t know Shivaye is a great dancer. Anika gets surprised.

Pinky asks whats this, they want to have dinner without us. Om smiles and asks Jhanvi to say. Jhanvi says Pinky, youngsters want space. Pinky says our house has much space. Jhanvi says Tej has gone out, and Dadi sleeps early, Shakti will come late, I will be busy reading novel, you can hear Guru ji’s pravachan. Om thanks Jhanvi and hugs Pinky thanking and calling her cute.

Anika asks does Shivaye look cute when he dances. She recalls his horrible singing and says he can’t sing, we will see how he dances. Mallika says you will see. Anika says I m great dancer. The DJ comes. Anika asks him did he add all Dhinchak songs. He asks whats Dhinchak. She asks Chammiya songs, item songs, it will set party mood. Mallika says I hope Rudra invited Tia. Anika says party is for Tia and Shivaye, she will come. Pinky says I trust Shivaye, but don’t trust Mallika, some wrong things happen in parties. Jhanvi asks her not to worry, Rudra and Om will also be there. She apologizes to Pinky for being rude earlier.

Pinky asks why, you did not organize party. Jhanvi says I m not saying about party, I have shouted on you when I was upset, that’s why I m saying sorry. Pinky says you make me feel like strangers, I m feeling much bad now than that time, keep sorry with you. Jhanvi hugs her. Pinky asks will anything wrong happen in party. Mallika says wrong happened and we have to make it right. Anika says its tough to make things right.

Riddhima comes and greets them. Om says you here, I did not know you are coming. Riddhima says Anika invited me, I have work and have to leave soon, I got something for you. He asks pink sheets. She asks what, and gives him pink jacket to wear in get together party. Anika says its Dhinchak. Om says I don’t wear such clothes. Riddhima says you should wear it, just try it. She makes him wear it. She says I saw this jacket in charity event and liked it for Om, I think he needs wardrobe change, he needs colors in his life. He goes. Riddhima says sorry I will see him, send me pics of get together, I will feel part of it. She goes. Mallika asks did she notice something. Anika says Om did not like the jacket. Mallika says its not just the jacket, its something bigger than that.

Rudra adds wine in the drinks. Anika asks Shivaye to have something. Shivaye asks for water. Rudra gives everyone the drinks. They all drink.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    Jethani-Devrani bonding is nice!!!!! Hope Pinky doesn’t have any evil intentions behind supporting Jhanvi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mukta

    Dhinchak Songs!!!!!!!!!
    Anika……u r unique!!!!! One and only piece on this Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    epi is hilarious.I can’t stop my laughter when anika says chamia songs.riddhima is showing true colors day by she brought pink jacket how foolish she is

  4. Mukta

    No Shivika scenes!!!!!!!!!!! And no party scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have to wait till tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mukta

    The best thing about today’s episode was Pinky and Jhanvi’s bonding!!!!!!!! They r awesome today!!!!!!!!!!

    • Enasanjida

      Yes, i m also missing zalli ( Vrushy) means Ishaana dance 😄😀😀.
      But i think Om really don’t know, what is actual love? Itna love love bla bla kehta hain.. 3 year relationship, he really don’t what is Ridima lyk or dislyk? 😐😯

  6. Mukta

    It’s good that differences r coming amid Om and Riddhima!!!!!!!!! Sign of beginning of Ishkara story!!!!!!!! Start it soon yar!!!!!!!! Although I love Shivika the most but all the three pairs should be given equal space and time!!!!!!!!

  7. Shivika

    Guys today episode is very boring but waiting for future episodes as it would be interesting to watch shivika dance and I would be very happy if shivay knows that he has does all those things in nashe and I want to see his expression after knowing that he had danced with anika

  8. Goms

    |Registered Member

    Awww…shivaye is a great dancer..??
    I just want to see that..
    Day-by-day this serial making me addicted to it…

  9. Trisha

    Yah party ma hagama hoga that we never expect frm shivaya and anika they both come close nd dance on” kahika paan bana rasbala khuljai band akal ka tala “shivaya dance on that song ndeat pan this is all bcoz of rudra drink….aur shivaya spit drin in anika just like anika spit coffee in shivaya shirts these is lot’s of fuun guys want to ask u something do u agree or not shivaya i mean nakul voice is semiral to rhitik rohsan bcoz i feel it simiral what do u think plz reply me dont take me worng i feel so i have share my feeling nd one more thing i want to share why nakul nd anika are not seen togerter in any interview in any news channel they have done many interview but never seen togerter what do u think plz reply i will wait for ans both ans i want to know what u all think

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      Ikr..can’t wait for the party and their dance 😍..even I feel like his voice is Hrithik ..infact I even feel like his acting skills are a little like SRK …not comparing juz saying …….

  10. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Mukhta di missed u sooooooo much ..glad that ur back 😘…..Well..not so awesome episode ..but expect next episode to be awesome..I just can’t wait for shivika’s dance 😂😍…moving a lil forward to ridhima and OMs breakup..that’s good…I loved the bonding between pinky and Jhanvi 😘😘😘…and I think roop and Gayitri are planning something big ..something to worry about ..I hope whatever she does the bro’s should never separate 😊😍😘..missing Nadiya di and roz di ..

  11. pragya

    What about security and shivay s shadi…..and Anika is here with out a base stuff…..think guys how it will be if Tia gets married to Shivay…..they will leave love and shivay will start reki business as the universe wants it…..guys no offense with navina bole she acting well…😊😊😊

  12. vandana

    In real life Nakul (shivaye) is a fabulous and certified dancer. He is from Sandip Soparkar’s Academy. It would be nice to see him dancing. I think it will be western dance form.

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      I know he is a certified dancer ..but here the way is gonna dance and how ur expecting is totally different😂😂😂..he is gonna dance on the song ” paan banaras wala” and do u think on this song he is gonna dance with hip hop or jazz ? ..he will dance like hell…when ppl win iPhone 7im some lucky draw and dance like crazy that he is gonna dance 😁😂….u will be like 😳😳😳😳😳…..whattt the hell is he doing 😂😜

    • shahabana

      Nakul mehtha is trined dancer i think he is winner of ball room dancing i just read somewhere i dntknw what is that

  13. Ishika soni

    Yes likked jethani devrani moments bss aab pinky ka character bdalna mt n mallika ka bhi nhi to khrb ho jaega sara kuch

  14. saira

    How about if plot goes on like this that due to troop and gayatri’s plan oberois lose their house and property and then their friends don’t help them as they are not rich and then anika take them to her house reminding them that she has to pay their 30 lakhs and Tia mom being selfish should break shivay and Tia marriage revealing their true intentions. Also ridhima shows her selfish side leading to om ridhima breakup and so Shivay can also have bonding with anika family and then youngsters plan together and get back entire oberoi property and house. Just a thought. What say ishqies!!

  15. saira

    Today looked like malika irritated with anika. Didn’t like it. Also showing Malika and omkara smart and others bit dumb even anika. Didn’t like it again.

  16. Enasanjida

    I think Om itna love love bla bla bolta hain 😂 actually he is really don’t know what is love? 3 year relationship but he don’t know what is Ridima lyk or dislyk. Seriously 😐😯😕😮😱.
    Also Ridima don’t know.. Surprised its notice Malaika & say something fishy fishy. 😀 Yeh hoo kya raha hain.

  17. Tarini

    I love kunal(omkara) he is so cute.. anika luks gud in the black dress waiting for next episode.. love ishqbaaz😘

  18. Asmita...

    |Registered Member

    Nowadays Anika is seriously irritating me… She always pokes her nose everywhere unnecessarily… She acts oversmart… She thinks as if she is so smart bt in real she is not… Overacting ki dukaan…

  19. Luna

    I already knew that Tia will know that Shivaye has’nt wrote the letter, Shivaye will never write a poetry to Tia. They shud have written the letter using Shivaye’s language.

  20. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Why freinss,….today I felt like Malika is irritated by Anika ..when she WA talking about her DJ and all..or maybe she was tensed regarding siddharth or Tia and shivaye patch up ..but I just felt …cuz she usually find all Anika s words “cute” ..but its oligarchs I’d be instead of her also maybe I’d be irritated 😉

  21. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hii everyone….

    Abiha di, piyali, sat… Tq so much for ur wishes….

    Piyali.. All the best to u too dear… MUKTHA DI has mentioned that ur bday is this month when is ur bday dear???

    Renima di.. I have sent u a mail check to it..

    MUKTHA DI… My bday is on this month… Sep 15….

    I wanted to see om getting irritated by ridhima…I think it happened strdy.. Am I ryt??? But I couldn’t see bcoz of my studies.. I m having xmz today also guys.. Pls pray for me…

  22. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Shut man missed today’s epii…..but what a fun…bechara om…awwwwww…
    How stupid ridhima is….

    Hello gm ishquians….
    Mukta renima dii haya shaza luna abiha nivedita disha priya aaliya and everyone….😁😁😃
    My sweeties muku shivu dhruv Bhai…how r u all…missing sh

  23. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Good morning everyone😄 …can’t wait for today’s episode…I hope their dance is there in today’s episode..😊

  24. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    gud mrng mukta disha misri renima di di shaza haya shahbana priya sat pragya pradishma ishika tharu stuti yazhu saira piyali nikki abiha anusha kat rose rosu nikki nadiya di luna enasanjida shivika riddhima richu maya sheena mukti diya monique nivedha pritha dhruv mahiswat .have a nice day

  25. Yazhu

    Feeling really sad for Om… Ridhima can’t understand him and don’t even know him well in 3 yrs of relationship she don’t even know his likes and dislikes…poor Om…. Anika is amazing her language and expressions are really cute….

  26. Diya

    I think they are doing Om Riddhima break up wrong. Om should find out about her superficiality when it comes to social work and that she only hangs on to him cos his Oberoi name gives her status. What they are showing pink stuff and all is so forced and stupid. God knows what Roop will do with Tej’s phone. Whatever she does, I just hope she won’t create misunderstanding between Tej and Jhanvi. When will Anika go home? And whose lovely dresses is she wearing? Priyanka’s who is always in salwar kameez ? Oh well, I guess I am in a complaining mood. Sorry for being a spoil-sport. Looking forward to party scenes.

  27. mishri

    Ppl mallika and om?????dd url notice?????her reaction 4 ridhimas entry..nd thr fyts???being stupid i knw…bt thrz sumthn…nd no mallika lyks anika..i dnt thnk shez irritated actually…i hope so…

  28. Diya

    No matter how disappointed I am Rudy never fails to cheer me up. He is the baby brother everyone will want 😀 And I did like Anika’s version of ” Shivaay Baby” that was funny. Also her description of her love for dance ” jal bin machli nritya bin bijli” 😂
    Shivika dance on YouTube is awesome. Nakul Mehta is pretty good! How close do you think they will come?

  29. Sunanda

    Gud mrg guys. nice episode
    I saw some romantic pics of shivika in twitter in same dresses which was shown in precap
    I am egarly waiting for that episode

  30. Maya

    Hi all Om and Riddhima really good scene. I think Mallika will make Om realise he doesn’t love her.
    But when will he start thinking of Ishana just waiting for there love story to start.
    I think there love story will have a lot of good emotional moments and lots of Rona Dhona 😃

  31. Mukta

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida,Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt


    • Enasanjida

      Hi dear. I m f9 .. How r u?
      I m sharing all of u…some info.
      2um logo nai Ishqbaaz “vanbaas promo ” dekha thaa.. I think – Rudra jaigaa vanvaas i know sounds 😱 bad. But u guys notice – Shivay – Omkara beech main jagra hota hain oor jabhi dono k beech main serias type kuch hota hain – Rudra will come back & sort out. Think “MahaArti tym, Ridima-Omkara relationship tym, then Shivay – Anika ka nok jok tym ” …

    • Piyali

      No today I am not fine today!
      Tommorow is my paper
      And our school….They are taking paper on Sunday. .😂😂
      I have to do revision so…today I will not comment…😁😁😁

      • Mukta

        Exam on Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Anyways All the Best!!!!!!! Concentrate on ur studies and don’t take tension!!!!!!!!! I’ll pray for u!!!!!! Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liya

      |Registered Member

      Good day dear😊😊 I don’t like this mallika track ,she is getting all the space and really missing ishkara and shivika scenes … I can’t wait 4 anikhas dhinkchink😉😉

      • Mukta

        Ya di even I’m eagerly waiting for Dhinchak Dance of Shivika!!!!!!!!!! And this Mallika track……CVs r just stretching the show!!!!!!! Please end this track soon and show some Shivika and Ishkara scenes!!!!!!!! U know what they haven’t shown any Shivika scene after the entry of Mallika!!!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        I’m really very SORRY dear!!!!!!!! But actually I was missing from TU for 3-4 days so I didn’t know about u!!!!!!!! I never saw ur comments!!!!!!! I’m sorry!!!!!!! Welcome dear!!!!!!! How r u???? Hope u r fine!!!!!!! Anyways u know what even my Maasi’s name is Anita!!!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        I’m absolutely fine di!!!!!!!!!
        Di please don’t mind but it’s Mukta not Muktha!!!!! Actually many here add h to my name!!!!!! But no problem!!!!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        Good evening Shivani di and Tharu di!!!!!!! How r u???
        @Tharu di missed u too!!!!!!! How were ur exams!!!!!!!!!

  32. Luna

    Mallika was irritated with Anika and its not the fault of Mallika. Anika has become really irritating. She shud stop acting dumb when there is a serious issue. And she really thought of adding all the b-grade songs to play which SSO will definitely hate.

  33. Haya123

    |Registered Member

    gd mrngzzz ishqiesss…
    epi was …. hmmmm..
    Aftr mallika’s entry, story entirely changd ,anika’z character made a silly one !!!.. nd right now she really dnt understand a little bit of englishhh… wat the w**k..!@$##And in serious situation’z she really gone maddd 3$%$####..
    i DNT KNW.. i’M saddd.. .
    waiting 4 todyazz epi and shivika’z danceeeee…

  34. Luna

    I think Mallika will be the reason of Shivaye-Tia and Om-Riddhima breakup. CVs shud show Anika and Ishana to be reason of their breakups and not Mallika.

  35. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone…actually yesterday I was recommending ishqbaaz to my one of the freind I was even watching it with her ( again ) and many things we have not noticed..infact I also din notice ..but we were watching all ep continuously and she noticed

    * remember Anika hired a lawyer for sahils custody but shivaye …but b4 filing any case it will be submitted in the court and there will be records so ..even if he ran away ..she could file a camplaint against him

    *and remember there was a sorry dream sequence …where shivaye compliments her with English words like elegant,Gorgeous and all…but she don’t understand and don’t know those words…if she don’t know those words how come she imagine those words ..for example ..idk French and so I can’t dream a person talking with me in French …and I’m telling him that idk French …cuz we can only imagine the things we know Ryt?

    *Once Anika mentioned that the house is on sahils name how come bua sell the house ..and for sahils permission also he should be above 18l.l

    And many more things are there but now I’m feeling lazy to type so much 😁

  36. Luna

    Its really funny that how Om is paired with every other girl in the show. First Swetlana, then Riddhima and now Mallika. Sorry guys, Mallika already has Siddharth Rana.

    • shahabana

      Hey luna omkara and malikas pair is good but ishana is lead so its ishkara im not liked ishanas charecter but after comforntation of ishkara i really liked to sea their intense track but cvs bring that mallika and sidelined all the lead pairs

  37. Luna

    I actually want to see Shivaye and Ishana dancing together bcoz both Nakul and Vrushika are great dancers in real life.

  38. Xuni

    Today’s episode was good…om and malika will definitely look good😊rudhr and soumya👌😂shivaye’s attitude😈anika’s acting is quite good…

  39. Piyali

    Hello…mukta, priya, renima di, haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di,Soniya, Chetana di, anusha, nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi, ridhima, maahiswt, mukti di, abiha di, nikki di, nadiya di…monique di,richu di,rosu di,saira….and everyone else……
    Tommorow is my exam and it is on Sunday. …so I am feeling very bad….but I just want to tell that I will not comment today…
    Sorry for that…
    But I will comment tommorow…😁😁😁😀😀😀

  40. Liya

    |Registered Member

    Hai ishquiees its been a week since I messged I was having examsss ….missed you al….after malikas entry today we will se a shivikha scene💓💓💓 Where is Ishana? Heard a news that CVS gonna finish ishanas role😭😭 don’t know whether its true…I want ishkara …..

  41. Mukta

    Please if anybody is having O Saathiya audio song link then post it here!!!!!! Only Audio please!!!!!! And O Jaana Male Version Audio Song link also, if possible!!!!!!!!

  42. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    Hii guys 1st of all a very very gud morning t to mukta luna haya abiha shivu richu piyali shahabana renima the poet nikki dhruv. Shaza and everyone sry I dnt know others:-(

    Hey nikki sweetie dnt say sry how are you??and what you std????

    So guys ishana is best yr I dnt like ridhima. And malika is good actres but here her rope is not upto the match….
    But the cvs give all attention to Anika shivay yr its nt fair….
    Rudra and omkar are also the leads na…
    N about ishana fans,the cvs must not get affected by it but should show ishana more cz her fans will watch for her n trps will risa again…let’s seee….

    Hey piyali can I call you piyu sosweet name you have all the best for exm…:-)

  43. Mukta

    Hii friends!!!!!!!! Have a look at this!!!!!!!!!

    The students of MBBS were attending their 1st Biochemistry Class. They all gathered around the laboratory table with a urine sample. The Professor dip his finger in urine & tasted it in his own mouth.
    Then he asked the students to do the same. The students hesitated for several minutes, but at last every one dipped their finger in urine sample & tasted it…….
    When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them & said:
    The most important Quality is ‘Observation’. I dipped my MIDDLE Finger but tasted the INDEX Finger. Today you just Learn, “How to Pay Attention”.
    All Students shouted……Saala…….!!!!!!!!

  44. pari miss

    hola Mukta!

    u forgot me again😭😭 anyways good morning!😃😌🤗😜😋☺ how r u all doing??????????

    i don’t think that shivika will get married this year, it will take a lot of time and drama for shivaay and tia’s break up, then it will also take months for shivika to fall in love and realise their love, shivaay will also have to stop discriminating between middle class people and high class people.

    all i want to say is that i think shivaay and anika’s marriage will take a lot of time!

    • Mukta

      I think u have mistaken dear!!!!!! I’ve included u in my list!!!!!!!!!! Check it once again!!!!!!! BTW how r u??? And where were u all these days????

  45. Riya

    Hey you all people can’t you find fb and other things to chat????we Silent readers are bored with this idiot comments..y cnt you just rit about show???this is nt frndshp place…

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      See ..I don’t wanna fight with you ppl cuz you don’t even deserve that any peaple should talk to you but ..ya I’d just tell u ..what the hell is wrong with you ..why r u simply trying to create problems ..I’m feeling like killing you but unfortunately I can’t do that ryt now ..if u ppl don’t want us to be friends tgen that’s not generally possibly so it’s better u get the hell out of here …or why r u reading our chats and all huh ? Just ignore it…and if u wanna just read the wu…in many pages there are least comment go there and read for wu on desitvbox u will find max 2-3 comments ..ok 😏

  46. Riya

    From last. 2 months you all are talking and commenting like you are frnds andthis is facebook…tellyupdates have told to register then make your groups and chat there don’t bore us wirh ur frndshp we come for show and we ha’ve to find show related cmnts in ur personal talks

    • Prathi

      Hello… though I am a silent reader, I like tis page very much…. First of all, y u didn’t register in TU, it’s not ur business to control someone like tis…. if u r a silent reader read the Wu and go off…. It’s like a family here… V can chat, share our happiness and views!!!! If u thought of like a nonsense… One kind advice don’t waste ur precious time by reading all our comments and giving out ur stupid replies k…. MIND UR BUSINESS!!! It’s like a lkg, ukg Kudos thing… Wait wait I ll complaint to our teacher…. Lollll better grow up, there r many more works r thr for everyone!!!

  47. Shivani

    I agree with riya…this ppl have created this site as a group of frnds…and no one is intrested in their exams and bfs and everything they share here….you al think this site is owned by you???there are many silent readers who come here everyday to read update and show related comments and not ur frndshp hi by….
    And you kno riya these ppl take each other’s names and lists of names and howru….
    Are register ur self and talk there as much as u want…,dnt bore this site with persnl tlks

    • Disha

      bore??? who get bore from our comments! we are care each other and share all things about us…what wrong in this ….about show we share our openions everyday …if you have any problem with it so no need to read our comments

  48. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys how are you all . Good afternoon . Hello
    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida,Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, dhruvv, Anita reddy. .
    I commented late because I am preparing for a quiz.
    The epi is ok. Jhanvi and pinky are good.
    Eagerly waiting for shivika dance. Love that couple.
    And a humble request to all those who don’t like our comments. We feel this as our family and we are free to comment or chat however we want.
    And Priya di , piyali di all the best for your exams. I always pray for you.
    Mukta di , piyali di, haya, I am fine
    And renima di enjoy your day.
    Where is Aliya di. I miss her.

  49. Revati Sydney

    Hey shivani riya I agree with you….this is not friendship site…but they will nt listen like this…..we will report to tu abt it….

  50. Aliya

    Hello ishqbaazians after long leave l am back gugs Is anyone remember me nice episode waiting for today Now a days l am very busy with seminar project assignments etc so l am no able to comment continously But whenever get time l will surely comment miss u all

  51. Disha

    Jo na keh sake tumJo na keh sake humJo na keh sake tumJo na keh sake humKehne lagiDono se woKhamoshiyaan… O SaathiyaKehne lagiDono se woKhamoshiyaan… O SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaBaadlon meinGhul na jaayeinHain jo naghme thehre thehreDo dilon meinJazb karleSare jazbe gehre gehreKal kya pata mile na mileNazdeekiyaan o saathiyaKal kya pata mile na mileNazdeekiyaan o saathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaMil ke tumseKhush hoon lekinDil hai phir bhiUljha uljhaDoor kar dePaas aa karKal hamein naKoi lamhaPad jaaye naDil pe kahinGham ka nishaan o saathiyaPad jaaye naDil pe kahinGham ka nishaan o saathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaJo na keh sake tumJo na keh sake humKehne lagiDono se woKhamoshiyaan… O SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… SaathiyaSaathiya… Saathiya

  52. sujina

    hlw ishqbaazians…n hi mukta…hw r u…
    i m excited 4 2days epi…
    n i don undrstnd abt mallika talking abt om…

  53. mishri

    Hey ppl who is creatng scenes…askn hw r u is nt personal is it??nd telln m fine is nt personal either…we DO discuss abt d show…u guyz r judgn us…v cmmnt regularly so telln abt y we cant rply is nt dat PERSONAL is it now???go ahead nd be rude if u want to…itz fyn with us…sorry offence..really

  54. nikki

    why u guys r making mess shivani riya rivati this is not fair this is really nou fair ofcourse is site is to dicuss abiut serial but we think that it is a family if u guys dont want this then quit we dont haveany prblem but plz dont make fight with us is it clear

  55. Maya

    Hi all hey as far as the Om and Riddhima track is going am really happy with it.
    They r not rushing into there breakup but doing it step by step.
    Om is getting irritated slowly slowly by Riddhima and soon he will realise that they both r not compatible at all.
    I actually like the way they have shown Om and Riddhimas relationship. Om has to have a girlfriend he’s so dashing and Intense. And ofcourse Becoz he’s not sure of her he’s still not given Riddhima any commitment. Neither have they shown them getting very physical or emotional as for Riddhima she is a selfish girl and using Om just for his Oberoi name.
    Om still does not know her as they till now have been in a long distance relationship it’s now that they r more together he will realise her true self.
    The track is going absolutely correct and I think finally they will show that Om comes to know of all this fake drama that she’s doing of Social work is when he will reach his peak of tolerance level and frustration & then breakup with her.
    That’s when he will remember Ishanas words ” tumaheri Jhooti girlfriend Riddhima that b…….,y social worker”
    But am also glad that they did not bring Riddhima in between Om and Ishanas fight they kept the confrontation scene between Om and Ishana private with Shivaay and rudy in the background that was necessary as later Ishana is gng to be a part of Oms life. Neither did they show Om discussing Ishanas confrontation with Riddhima.
    Now the track is going right just that they need to handle Ishanas reentry into Oms life correctly with some dignity.
    Hoping for a good Ishkara live story soon.
    Last of all they should not completely dissolve Riddhimas character in the series, they should show her trying for Om even after there breakup and he starts seeing Ishana there will be some spice in the story 😜

  56. Nivedha

    Good afternoon all ishqbaaazians💕💕
    Reni di aliya priya Mukta sat shaza shai shivani enassanjidha dhruvv piyali Richu mishri mukti nikki nelka abiha haya luna tharu roz disha
    ..happy week end

  57. Shakti

    Yess riya revati shivani….u know last time tellyupdates changed its rule so that such ppl will not make this social networking sites,..
    Miss nikki mishra dnt u know the meaning of comments is not chatting,….
    Revati yes I too was thinking that…on another show such things happened we contacted tellyupdates and they stoped comments
    ….and shivani everyone knows what u are talking….we all are silent readers and come here to see ishaqbaz related cmnts we need to scroll so much for this u all thnk you own it

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      See ..I don’t wanna fight with you ppl cuz you don’t even deserve that any peaple should talk to you but ..ya I’d just tell u ..what the hell is wrong with you ..why r u simply trying to create problems ..I’m feeling like killing you but unfortunately I can’t do that ryt now ..if u ppl don’t want us to be friends then that’s not generally possibly so it’s better u get the hell out of here …or why r u reading our chats and all huh ? Just ignore it…and if u wanna just read the wu…in many pages there are least comment go there and read for wu on desitvbox u will find max 2-3 comments ..ok 😏

  58. Shakti

    And now when we have spoken ur findfighting with us….ap ko lagta hai yeh apke chatting site hai kya and jo es nonsense ke against jayega uskobologe kya janeko

  59. Riya

    Thanx shivani revati for ur support.I knew it that many ppl dnt like this chatting at all….plz silent readers speak against this injustice and yrs shivani nikkI shabana we are talking correct
    …you proved it right by ur cmnt…..
    Revati tell me how to report I will report we all are bored with this frndshp drama…

    • Disha

      injustice???what injustice in this and you are wrong not friends we are family ..if you don’t like our comments so please only read comments about show ignore chatting comments …

    • nikki

      injusice where that come from we are not doing injustice with anyone and this is not so callef frend ok komal w are like a famiy and dontuknow we ralk about serial too first see it and then say

    • Mukta

      Which injustice r u talking about??? We r family and friends here and it’s our wish that what type of comments we post!!!!!!! And ya I agree with Disha that if u don’t like our friendly comments then only read comments about show!!!!!!!! I think u don’t know what friendship is!!!!!!!!! We love each other so share some things with each other!!!!!!!!! Who r u to stop us????? And I’m sorry if I hurt u but please understand our POV!!!!!!!!!

    • Liya

      |Registered Member

      Silent readers have problem with our comments but how?? Do silent readers have any problem in reading written update ….I respect them they are not ready to comment its up to them ….we comment here daily thus we became friends even though we only know are names or even fake names we all have one thing in common that’s not fake that’s we all are ishquiss and love this soap as you…if you guys have problem don’t read our comment we are not asking you to read our comments what injustice we do you can read the written update without any problem ….on what base are you going to complaint lol it seems silly and funny.

      • Liya

        |Registered Member

        I am sorry for being rude becozz I felt very bad ,this place has always given me positivity and relief from my hectic study and now …so much negativity ….

  60. Komal

    I want to ask this so called frnds if u care somuch for others n bla bla then why dnt u take eachothers no and call them or make a group and talk as much you want….why are you Chating here…
    See our cmnts must be related to show n not frndshp….
    And if ur really frnds then send private msgs dnt show ur personal life publicly

      • Sat

        |Registered Member

        Excuse me, it is being bitter. And it is better if you don’t bother us. We don’t need your complements regarding our comments. We are a family and our root is ishqbaaz . And nobody can break our roots and nobody can break our friendship. And please read the update and enjoy . If you like, co!!sent about the show. And if you want, join the family. We really feel good. And I mention it again that there is no need to agitate against us. This is a serious request . Hope you understand my point of view

    • Mukta

      Please shut ur mouth!!!!!!! Who r u to teach us what should we do???? It’s our wish!!!!!!! And if u r having this much of problem then stop reading our comments!!!!!!!!!!

    • Piyali

      Hey…..excuse me…
      Who are you to say us what we have to comment or not….
      We are a family and we can do any thing…
      Don’t you read politics in school…We have all right to speak. …
      And if you have problem please don’t read our comments….and we are not forcing you….
      You are not in our family don’t take tension….ok….

    • Shaza

      |Registered Member

      What is ur problem ….if ur here to read the comments regarding the serial ..then it’s also there ..and u just read them ..if I don’t want to read our chats and’s imple as that ..why r u bothering us so much 😏

  61. Tharu

    |Registered Member

    Just watched the episode….now om is gradually understand about riddhima’s selfish behaviour…missing ishana…..I like ishkara so much….

  62. shahabana

    Who are not intrested in our comments just ignore it what is the need to tell dnt chat personal matters we all are commenting here every day so normally we all became frndz u ppl dnt have any issue if anyone bash the actors or charecters very badly but issue with our frndly talks i dnt knw what type of ppls you are, let me tell u if u want to complaint tu then go and complaint we dnt have any problem

  63. mishri

    Ohoooo…threat???r u guyz threatng us???4 dz small issue…i pity ur desperations!!!lol..itz sooo funny hw u guyz cn make a fuss outta diz. .😂😂😂😂

  64. Disha

    @silent readers agar aapko hamare comments se koi bhi problem hai to you all free for complaint
    @TU team agar everyday hame apne show ke baare me openions and views share karene ke baad ek dusre se how r u or kuch share karne ka hak bhi nahi hai to tellyupdates par kaun comment karega
    all over 0 comments no any site user phir sunte rahne silent readers ki complaint

  65. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    guys good news for ishkara fans .as perspoilers om is going to break relationship with riddhima as he felt that he got stuck in this relationship and he is not ready for any relationship

  66. Shivika fan

    Hello friends,
    I am really very much excited for Shivika’s dance.May be they will show their dance infront of all others . But I didn’t saw Omkara Mallika Rumya and Tia standing anywhere in the video.

  67. Mukta

    @RIYA u urself told that u r a silent reader then just read the update silently!!!!!! Why r u commenting and reading our comments??

  68. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Hlo ishqies….. So how is ishqbaaz going on…. Well i knw its awesome awesome ashirvad always…. AND wat is this some one is disturbing our site….

    @riya/revathi/shivani/shakti ….. First shall i tell u one biggest truth…. Only names Are many but u R ONLY ONE PERSON COMMENTING TO GAIN ATTENTION…. LOL …. GO FRND GO DO SOME PRODUCTIVE WORK AS U FIND THIS AS NONSENSE…



    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Ishqies luk at the previous comment page tht riya AND shivani coments are within 6 mins… Lol tu takes 5min to moderate each comment AND how come 2 different person can comment so soon abt same matter… Same person commenting wit different names…. SO IGNORE SUCH COMMENTS ISHQIES….

    • Dhruvv

      |Registered Member

      Devga dear u these may be same person commenting from different accounts…why waste time for such fake people foget them…..
      And one more thing whtever they are saying about tu and all if these comments were not related to the show they would nvr have moderated rit?
      So no need to explain somuch miss riyaa

  69. lisa singh

    hi riya, shivani n shakti first of all I’m a silent reader like u ppl too but that doesn’t mean that l’ll have a problem with everyone here. Everyone is sooo friendly here. N u guys r being so rude. Why do u guys go n update your self coz I think u guys r jelous of everyone here. By the way I will be friends with everyone here nw so if u have a problem deal with it yourself



  71. renima ishqie

    Riya, shivani, komal, shakti…..hai guys, how are you ?? i always felt this page as my family guys…..and you guys shared your views about not discussing personal life ,,,,,,right??? i really hurt when somebody used the term “bf” and …i just discussed about my life’s that part because the show’s name is ishqbaaz..and i became a fan of this show because i always felt that it portrays love on a different manner which reminds me my true love and also a good relief for me when i returns home after office….guys….i respect your opinion and assure you that i will not discuss my personal life and all….and about friends….as am commenting here for the past 2 months….i interracted with so many people here and just felt they are my friends….that’s why i always names them “ishqie”…..and nobody has expressed any dislike for this..and you guys are saying we are not expressing our views…in each episode telly updates i always expressed my views and opinions here….you can check it guys….and i always felt this as a creative space also and that’s why i make poems for ishqbaaz and members of this family…
    Guys…..if you really feel that am not a right person for commenting here you can say it frankly…..i never thought somebody will use the term” bf “and undergrade my love….i admit the mistake has happened from me,,,,,,just when each member of this family is very special 2 me i shared it …..and u guys give statement about those who mentions every members name like a long list….just because we love each other we are doing it….and….from my part if i have crossed limits am so sorry for it….guys…..and ……one thing i want to remind you …..about tellly updates…..they always review the comments and moderate it and then they will post it….
    If they have any trouble for posting my comment why they post it ???
    Am sorry if i hurt you guys……

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      Renima di . There is no need to feel bad. We all are friends and I call you all Di. Such a lovely word to express. You, me and all can express whatever they want and such open talk really make us even more close. Just we will all stop bothering their words
      And renima di , how was your day? Really missed your shayaris today. Finally you came in contact

    • Abiha

      Renima d don”t feel bad ..n dont say sorry..if anyone has prblm then there’s no need to see our comments..just ignore ..d ur r just like my own sister so plz don’t feel bad….plzzzzz d its request …
      N yeah i was also busy bcz many guests at my house n when i opened tu page i just saw all this mess…but no need to take worry just relax d..they r just jealous from us..

    • Piyali

      Di there is no need to give them explanation yrr…
      We can comment whatever we want to….and this is not only the thing….The thing is they are saying that we are doing drama….
      Doesn’t they have any emotions…or they have no sense how to talk with others. ….see di I am very straightforward and I don’t like this type of behaviour…
      So….I am saying respectfully….to riya,shivani,komal and shakti please….If you have any problem don’t talk to us!
      And no need to read our comments

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima dr dnt feel bad for their words dr they are attention seekers just ignore them dr, we all love u dr and u can share anything with us becz we are frndz and ishqbaaz family, dnt ask sorry with them unnesesserilly dr they doesn’t deserves ur sorry dr, tc

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Di pls don’t take those people’s cmnt seriously. . They r like that.. They go to one page at a month and spread these type of cmnts abt those people’s bonding.. Fools.. Don’t worry abt their cmnts.. Pls.. Enjoy the day.. And recollect ur memories.. I know u would had a great day today.. So pls unlogon ki vajah se apna mood Karab mat Karo.. They r like that.. And di We r ishqies.. Together we fall, together we stand.. Pls don’t pay attention to those bashers uski baaton ke vajah se hame koi farak nahi padtha.. Bas yeh Samaj lo ki they don’t know the meaning of bonding, love and moreover emotions…

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Renu plz dnt worry u r not evn bit wrong…. And dnt feel sry….
      DNT U DARE SAY AGAIN THT U WIL STOP COMMENTING…. I SWEAR I WIL smash U….. Just ignore those comments…. It is a person jealous of us dear Just ignore…. Plz nvr talk like this AGAIN…
      I DINT feel so sad for evn those comments wat I am feeling aftr seeing ur comnt…. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Mukta

      Di please don’t feel bad!!!!!!! Let them speak what they want!!!!!!!! U please don’t be sad!!!!!!!! U r my elder sis and I don’t want my didi to feel bad just coz of such people who don’t understand the meaning of friendship and family!!!!!!!!

  72. Dhruvv

    |Registered Member

    Hey sat dear sry how can,I forget u…how are you dear?:-):-)
    And ur name izzz too unique;-)I know its nt real bt still cool one:-):-)

  73. renima ishqie

    friends….i always felt this as my family and that’s why i shared some personal things with you guys… know me as renima….i have always put my views and opinions of episodes and show when i comment here…..But somebody degraded my life and true love by using “bf” term really hurted me a lot….I admit my mistake that i expressed it as i forgot this is a public forum not a family……it came naturally from me as we all are interacting here for the past 3 months and i expressed free to say it and if it really affected some body am so sorry …..
    For me you guys are very special and thats why i names you as ishqies……But today i just feel bad when somebody used that term….i can’t tolerate somebody teasing my love… my love is true ……I felt my love and me both are hurted and its better to leave where you lose self respect and comfort level…..So i have decided to quit this TU page……..Sorry guys……
    And thanks for the support and care given by each and every ishqie for me…….
    You will always stay in my heart…..AS ISHQIES ARE FOREVER…….
    Love u ishqies …….Mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha,priya, dil, kat, sat, aliya, jazz, nelka, navi, shaza, luna,enasanjida, nivedha, piyali, pradishma, sriranjini, sreekutty, ooshi,rose,roz,rosu, fatarajo. devga, mukthi, mukti, abiha, anaaya,anusha,pari, kiki, maya,mary, monique, admin, nikki, haya
    asmita, shahabana, nazneen, adityakiran, samyukta, mishri, yashal, tharu, himagiri, richu, aliya, lijitha, diya, liya,dhruv, jarra, krits, ishika, shivika and all……sorry if i missed anybody’s name…
    I will miss u……ishqies…….

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Renu if U really tell al of us as family…. And if U mean It then comment as before…. If not i wil feel i am not evn a part of our ishqie family…. If U really quit then evn i wil quit frm tu… I wil delete my account…. I wil not also comment in krpkab or edkv or here….

      My nxt comnt wil b only aftr ur nxt comment…. 🙁 🙁 bye

    • Abiha

      D plz don’t do this…if u r quiting ..then they feel they were right so plz d don’t do this na..without this family is like heart without heartbeat ..d plz ..don’t give so much importance to those jealous ppl ..plzzz..

    • Liya

      |Registered Member

      Reinama dear plzz don’t quit??who the hell are other persons to judge you ,they don’t know you…some people don’t have any other work than hurting others.I know nothing is more important than self once decided to share your life with us its your decision and we totally respect that and you also respect that decision ……I was very much touched by your life story ..true love will blossom…if you start regretting then you will keep on regretting but instead try to make your decision right ….
      you give inspiration to me to believe in true love…go ON girl …No Regrets..these are ups and downs in your life ,you gotta face many persons like this …narrow minded,freeminded etc…if you starts quoting you will fail but show them how live be proud of what you are..

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      Just enough di, it is more than enough. I couldn’t bear that. People speak , that doesn’t mean that whatever they speak is true. Why should we bother about what they speak. Dogs bark, it is common. So don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt us . You are really hurting us by leaving. I have already told you that I call everyone di. How can you leave your sister and go away. 😥😥😤😤 We can’t leave you. We share a special bond with you. Please don’t leave us. If you don’t comment tomorrow, you will really hurt your sister very badly. Do you want your sister and friend and a whole ishqbaaz family to be hurt?????. Please just follow this🙈🙉🙊. And that’s all, we are together. Plz plz don’t leave us. Otherwise I will never ever forgive you. You are my sweet sister and a good friend. Plz, I beg you. Don’t leave us. Just think those comments are nightmares. And please will you promise me that you won’t leave us right. Di plz plz

    • shahabana

      Plssd renima dnt quite this page dr why u are bothering about that senceless ppls its ur right u can share anything they are doing this to get attention and spoiling someones mood plssss ishqui i really requesting by my heart dr dnt quit ishqui i really love ur comments dr they are jelousy witj u plssss ignore them

    • Piyali

      Di plzz…….plzzz….don’t do this…..😢😢😢😢😢😢😢…plzz di..
      You only said na…I am your small sister and your isqhie..
      Di plzz don’t do that….
      Please. …..I love your comments di…
      Give me my birthday gift. ..Please don’t go…I will take that as a gift di

  74. Abiha

    Gud evening to alll….
    @piyali dear all the best 4 need to be sad just write awsome..

    @mukta m fine dear…how r u..??

    @mukti d m r u..??

    @nikki d m r u..??

    @hey priya how’s ur exm..?how r u..??

    @sat n shaza m fine r u..??

    @richu d,nevidha d n shivani d ..m fine r u.??

    N all ishqbazians … gud evening…
    I was busy..due to the guest at my house cant able to see ur comments n not able to reply sorry …m hoping that it will not happen next..

  75. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    To all the bashers…

    Oh people don’t u have any other job other than posting these type of idiotic and stupid cmnts???? If u people don’t like these type of bonding then y the hell u people r interfering and reading it.. . Did we people come and beg u to do so???? I think that Komal is the one named KARISHMA cmntd in skr page.. R u people having job of Going to each page and cmnt badly abt there bonding…. I mean did u people want to seek attention.. And u said u r a silent reader.. If u didn’t like our bonding then y the hell u were a silent reader.. See its an series page.. We r behaving like sisters don’t poke ur nonsense cmnts into this amazing family and make a nusense over here… And ya if u don’t want to be one among us then just read the wu (because u have right to read it we can’t stop u).. But u don’t have any rights to qn our bonding.. And how dare u qn abt my renima di?? If u don’t have interest then just ignore.. Koi kaam nahi hai kya gar Mei isliye kabab Mei haddi ban gayi… If u speak about my sister then I l not be quite.. Even though we have not seen each other but we consider each other as sisters.. And ya these type of bonding can be understood by those people who gives respect to people not like u people who takes everything in a wrong way.. How dare u use the word bf?? Do u know how special day it was for her but u guys made her mood like this.. Hare yar koun Mar raha hai yahan pe aap ki cmnts ke Bina???? Stupid bashers…. Don’t u dare to say anything abt my sis…

    Tu page yeh ishqbaaz hai.. Yahan pe pls lovely cmnts post karvavo not these type of idiotic cmnts of some people…

    Har page Mei aisa chala jaate ho aap log aisa negativity badane.. Aap logon ki cmnts ke vajah se kuch farak nahi padne waala….

    • Abiha

      Totalllllly agreee with u yarrr..i started to commment …bcz i was much much much impressed by renima d …although there are by whom i was impresed .. today was special day fr her n those stupid ppl spoiled her mood..

    • Sat

      |Registered Member

      You are right Priya, how dare they hurt our sister. A humble request to all those people who commented to the peaks of worst today. Plz leave us and our family. Plz don’t dare to divide us.

    • shahabana

      Well said priya ishqui this bashers doesn’t had any other work so they are doing this such ppls are like that they dnt likes if someone is happy and jelousy ppl they are jelousy with our bonding and unit i dntknw what they ppl gets doing this mess in others life they are the real villians negetv thinking ppls just ignore them plssss dnt give any attention to them now and dnt reply to them guyz

  76. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    @silent readers just go infront of goverenment shout injustice and tell them to stop nonsense serials such as sns .don’t create disturbance.

  77. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    See – shakti / shivani /Riya …see let’s talk kindly …u seem to be peaple who are mentally ill cuz u don’t have friends and family and u don’t want others also do be freindz that’s why ur trying to break their freind ship ….now this is getting too much .. I want to ask you ..what u will get after reporting to Telly updates ..they may stop our commenting but you will not gain any profit mainly just ppl are gonna send u negetive reikis …..ok ..u are here for serial related comments .ltgen jaunt read them and ignore our chats and all ..and I assure you that u ppl can find many serial related comments her …Ok …I hope u ppl understood ..I don’t want to fight so i am saying it kindly ..and don’t u peaple dare to say anything about renima dii ..I’m not gonna spare you ppl ..sorry if I hurt ur feelings .,it’s better u apologize to all of us and start afresh …..especially apologies to renima dii ..u idiots have hurt her feelings 😡😡

  78. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    First of all renima dear dnt be sad…..
    See in life there are many people who are just jealous of others frndshp happiness but thy cant express it directly and so they target someone n make cheap remarks…..

    Renima dear it’s upto us to get affected or not….
    See dear guys u all also tell m what they want from this???
    That we all be hurt and angry….now if we get hurt they get satisfaction….
    Renima dear I m new here but still I loved ur family s bonding and joined u…..
    U know dear we too had a family like urs in another show but it got over and we got separated…..but here I found shivani richu n dhruv n came here running for them dear…..ours was same like u all are desr….and we too facrd such negative ppl…actually we faced a lot cz some bashers called us all fake and bla bla but with our strong bond of frndshp they left eventually.. ..
    Dear if u will left then they will remain here n tease us ur sisters dear…. u dnt want it na????
    See everyone is telling to stay my frnd…..

    But I will tell you to be strong bold dear ….
    Listen to your heart…you know u ha’ve not done anything wrong.. why bother????
    In life there are many ppl like this some are more ruthless but its upto to us to listen to such coments or no t…..
    Dear one more thing frndshp and love ate very strong bonds….these ppl are typical cheap ppl n call it bf n all but n me n our frnds know what it means right?so why bother…..
    We are not hear to please to cheapers bit to chat with our frnds. So dnt care wht they say and think……we all know how sweet you are my frnd our poet so forget and be strong forget this cheapers and their comments…..

    And abt self respect dear it’s not meant to get disheartened by cheap comments….be bold dear and tell them on their face to shut their mouth….be strong my frnd.
    …and plz dnt leave us….. We all miss you….

    Remember jiski jaise soch

  79. Mukti

    |Registered Member

    And bashers shame on you all. …no oword for cheap ppl like u and I m not even interested to waste my breath for ppl likeu…..
    One more negative comment n I swear I will report to tu abt spreading negativity n fighhting….

  80. Dhruvv

    |Registered Member

    Hii renima I know I m not ur frnd but bhai ke hak se bata raha hu plz don’t be upset for these ppl..inka kam hi hai kisina kisiko hurt karna….such ppl are on every site including YouTube… chil.
    N abt that bf word sry if I hurt u but as a bro bata raha hu yese words life mai cheap log hamesha leke pareshn karte hai…jabhi koi aisa bole samne ho to ek thapad laga dena n comment ho to ignore krna naeto aisa jawab dena ki firse they will nt evrn dare to look at ur name…..but dnt leavr cz that is wht they want ok……dnt be sad for such ppl….thry dnt hve any stupid right to comment on someones persnl life….so Just ignre them….
    N sory if any of my word hurted you but it was genuine and from my heart…
    Ok smile karo sadness suit nahi karti apko:-)

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..