Ishqbaaz 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gauri returns to her mother’s place

Ishqbaaz 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says everyone were in hospital at the time of fire. Anika says how can this happen, that they were at two places. He says we have to find if these reports are true, that video is false, and if this video is true….. Shivaye tells everyone about some caller who told him about the fire incident in Kalyani mills. He says I have organized a memorial for the victims, that person will also come, I want you all to be present at that time. Some time before, Shivaye shows Kalyani mills fire incident FIR report to Anika. Pinky comes looking for him. Shivaye and Anika hide behind sofa.

Shivaye stops Anika and frees her hair from his watch. Music plays….. Pinky cleans the room. Anika thanks her. Pinky stops and says this was Anika’s voice, she would be outside. She goes. Anika says I can’t

do this hiding. He asks do you plan to do openly. She asks is romance something to do openly. He says I was saying about discussing secret, someone said fruit of patience is sweet. He says this has everyone’s statement, everyone were in hospital at the time of fire, as Dadi was admitted for jaundice. Anika says how can this happen, that they were at two places. He says we have to find if these reports are true, that video is false, and if this video is true…. She says we will ask Dadi. He says I can’t ask her. She says don’t worry, I will ask her. She goes to Dadi and says my heart got bitter by fighting with Shivaye, I will have sugarcane juice.

Dadi says its good for health. Anika says I heard this is good for jaundice cure. Dadi says don’t care for Billu’s words, maybe he is helpless. Anika asks is Shivaye like this, or is this affect of any illness, did he get jaundice or typhoid. Dadi says no. Anika asks did you had it. Dadi says no, why will I, I never went to hospital. Shivaye hears them. He sees Tanya and asks where were you. She says I have to keep an eye on you, you don’t have to keep an eye on me. He asks her to come, he has something to talk. He thinks if Dadi didn’t had jaundice, it means my family gave wrong statement to police, I have to make them say truth, but how.

Bhavya meets Abhay and says I m meeting you for the first time, but you would be knowing me. Abhay says I m also meeting you for first time. She introduces herself and says you have framed me in fake bribe case, you kidnapped Kaka’s family and sent money by Kaka, don’t act now, I have traced that number, its yours. He says show me that number. He says its not my number, this number is on company name, maybe someone else called using this number, if anyone blamed you wrong, you can’t blame anyone for wrong. She says sorry. He says please have a seat. She says no thanks. He says I will be glad to help. She goes. He says its just a start, I have to make you pay for Rudra’s every tear. Om tries calling Gauri. Shivaye comes there and asks all fine.

Om says yes, all is well. Shivaye says why don’t you look fine. Om says your life has many problems, but thank God you are with Anika, I was afraid your relation may break. Shivaye says when love is true, nothing can break relation, in fact it makes relation stronger. Om recalls Gauri. He says I have doubted on her, she used to go out and I thought she has an affair. Shivaye says you want to say that she used to go for English classes. Om says you know this. Shivaye says of course, I got her admission in coaching classes, she went in art exhibition on my saying, she was upset and thought she is not deserving of you. Om says why, I don’t care she knows english or not. Shivaye says we know this, not her, you didn’t give her wife’s status, how will she feel, you failed as a husband, did you make her feel special, no.

Om says you are right, I did many mistakes. Shivaye says mistakes can be rectified. Om asks how, she is not answering. Shivaye says go and find her, Oberois never quit, we are oberois, go and get your wife now. Om agrees. Shivaye hugs him. Om asks how to leave you alone, Rudra is not here. Shivaye says you would have heard of great wall of SSO. Om says I agree. Shivaye says Anika is with me, you are not going away, you will come back with your wife, you can do it. Om says I will get Gauri back.

Bhavya is on the way and thinks who can it be, who has so much enmity with me. People look at her. She reaches home. They throw her bags out of the house. Lady says you can’t stay here, society people said you have no right to stay here, see what’s written about you, thief, cheat, I have to listen all this nonsense. Bhavya says you can’t make me leave without notice. The man says you got suspended now, we will call police. They all ask Bhavya to leave. Bhavya cries and takes her bags. Her scooty doesn’t start. People laugh. She drags her bike and leaves. Abhay looks on and calls Rudra. He says Bhavya lost her job, house and ego, she will have no option than to stay with you, don’t thank me, you know I can do anything for my brothers. Om reads Gauri’s lovely words. He thinks of her. Om gets dressed up. He says I m coming to take you Gauri.

Tej says Shivaye called me here, what happened today that he called us together. Shivaye says not today, it happened 25 years ago, I got an anonymous call and that person told there is some secret related to Fire incident in Kalyani mills, so I called you all here to know the secret. He asks Tej what’s the secret. Tej says everyone knows about the fire. Shakti says there is no secret. Shivaye says no, that man said there is some secret, tell me if there is anything. Jhanvi says I think someone fooled you. Shivaye says I have organized a memorial for the victims, that person will also come, I want you all to be present at that time. He goes. Pinky asks what did he say. Shakti says it means the blackmailer reached Shivaye. Jhanvi says he will tell everything to Shivaye. Tej says if this happens, everything will be finished.

Pinky says you made me get up at 4am. Dadi says its Karwachauth today. Pinky says I remember. Dadi jokes and asks her to become a good wife. She gives sargi to Pinky and Jhanvi. She says every suhaagan will keep fast. Tej asks for his sargi. Dadi gives sargi to Tej and Shakti. Anika likes the tradition that men also keep fast in their house. Dadi says your Dada ji made this tradition, even SRK kept fast in DDLJ seeing your Dada ji, its your first Karwachauth, it would be good if Gauri was here. Anika says I also miss her, she will come back when her mum gets fine. Tanya comes and asks where is my sargi. Dadi gives her sargi. Tanya goes. Anika asks for her sargi. Dadi says I don’t know what’s going on in between Shivaye and Tanya, but nothing wrong should happen here. Anika asks her to trust Shivaye, he won’t let wrong happen, she will keep fast. She takes her sargi and hugs Dadi.

Anika comes to bathroom, while Shivaye is dressing up. He covers up himself and asks how can she come without knocking. She asks are you shy. He says no, I m complaining, how can anyone like this. She says its my bathroom. He says but I m here. She says you are also mine. Music plays…. She says there was no signal light. Shivaye says I will fix light to sign I m in, wait outside. She holds his cheeks and asks why did your cheeks turn red. He says its anger.

She laughs. He asks are you time passing here. She says I didn’t know I affect such, see…. He asks what. She shows the wrong buttoning and rectifies it. O jaana….plays…… He looks at her. She says I was talking, did you not hear me. He says I heard, you said we didn’t fix AC here. She says it means you didn’t listen, you wasted my energy today, its Karwachauth. He says sorry, happy Karwachauth. She asks what. He says Merry Karwachauth. She says you know its our first karwachauth, women keep fast for husband. He says I know, mum and Jhanvi use to keep. She says you would know Tej and Shakti also keep fast. He says yes, but you can’t keep hungry. She says you feel so, I came to say I m not keeping fast, you also won’t keep right. He says yes, if Tej and Shakti keeps, it doesn’t mean I will also keep. Anika says fine then. Tanya knocks and calls him out.

Tanya says I have some work. Anika says I have to hide. Tanya asks who’s inside with you. Shivaye comes out. She asks who’s inside. He says I was talking on call, can’t I talk to any girl on phone, I don’t owe you an explanation. He stops her and asks are you going to check. She says my things…. She goes in. Shivaye says there is no one. She asks what’s this sound. He says I heard nothing. She says I think this sound came from bathtub. Anika is inside the bathtub. Tanya gets a call and goes.

Anika gets up. Shivaye gets her out. He asks are you fine. He covers her and worries. She says I m fine, you got mad. He asks was it necessary to risk life. He says I was not in a sea, I did what I thought. He asks her not to risk her life, as his life is in her. She smiles and says aw…. He says we will leave, if Tanya comes again, it will be a problem.

Tanya asks why did you not answer. The guy asks her not to call. She says if you don’t meet me tonight, I will really forget we are on some mission. Shakti asks how will I know who is calling Shivaye. Pinky asks him to find out. Tej asks her not to say bad. Pinky blames him. Tej says everyone knows it. Jhanvi says they are coming, be quiet. Dadi asks what’s the talk. Tej says nothing. Shivaye asks any problem. Shakti says we didn’t had food, so we look tired. Shivaye says that person will come in memorial and everything will clear. Dadi asks what. Shivaye says business talk. Dadi says leave business today, its Karwachauth today, puja is there, right Anika. He asks Dadi why are you telling her, she won’t keep fast. Anika asks Dadi to leave it.

Tanya says I got this food, I have a fast, we all suhaagans kept fast, why should Anika stay hungry. Shivaye says Anika have food. Anika asks him not to worry for her. Dadi asks what’s happening. He says nothing. Anika says there is no fasting. Tanya asks her to have something. Anika asks does anyone eat plain paratha, I will get pickle. She goes. Dadi asks Shivaye will he have anything. He says I didn’t keep fast. He takes food and says I will have this in my room, I have an imp call. Anika hides the food. Shivaye gives servant to eat and feeds paratha.

Gauri comes home. Her mum hugs her and asks how did she come soon. Gauri recalls Om’s words and says I had to come, Om scolded me that I left ill mum and sent me here. Her mum says you will be needed in Sasural, I m afraid they can get angry. Gauri says no, they are good people, Om understands me well. Her mum says don’t know what diamonds I donated that I got a good son in law. Gauri says yes, its last birth’s deeds that I got a husband like Om. Her mum says your friend Richa’s marriage is fixed, help her, get ready now.

Anika says what’s Shivaye talking to Khanna. Shivaye asks him to go and get it fast. He writes on a card. Anika checks and reads To my dear……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nila

    ???Hai pkj family???

    Shivika awwww cuties ??????? so lovely expressions looking different style of romance????.

    Bathroom scene ithna cute reactions & their dialogues ?????????Shivaay looks very slim ????.
    traffic light ?? spider man??? Nowdays both r doing khidkithod job in comic scenes??????

    Tanya kutty pisazu seriously yaar I am afraid of her look today totally karab makeover ????

    Annika omm inside bath tub???????.bechara Shivaay ithna parishan hogaya?

    OM & Shivaay????? Jaldi Jana OM ?
    OM ????

    Karvachawth ?????? waiting to Shivika & Rikara’s ????
    Tanya ki bachi??? giving troubles to Shivika bechara servant ??????
    so we going to know who is behind Tanya?

    Rudyyyyyyyyyy jaldi aana I want to see the New Rudy????

    Abhayyyyyyy nala panura pa ni????????? superb acting (alati kama nadikuran pa????)very natural….

    Bechari bhavya but I can’t able to see her ??& her dialogues???(sorry bhavya likers just my opinion)?


    1. Aniru

      1st comment of the week. …Wowwwww

      1. Nila

        ???haan aniru

    2. Manuu

      Go nila go..?..for u

      1. Nila

        Tq mannu ??
        ?????? for u?…

    3. Pushpa

      nilu…shivika was on hot i must say anika is so bold….i dun know this tanya just stand there like a waitign fro the charvachauth celebration…looks liek another romantic moment by shivika..

      1. Nila

        Haan puspha
        ??& puppet girl lol???
        Today’s kiss scene I too waiting for that??

    4. Riddhima

      Nethu first comment pannitinga…inniki pakalam ….

      1. Nila

        Ha ha ??? Riddhi
        Pakalam inaiku nethu na martean (competition) late na athan nabagam vanthuchu??
        Athaan cmt paniten athum late thaan (2minutes)?

    5. Piyuu

      bath room scene was awesome….shivaay’s expression n dialogue is really awww….
      waiting for karvachawth celebration.

      1. Nila

        Hi piyuu

  2. Riddhima

    Hai iishqieess …????
    Vanakam ishqiiess????

    Om …???????
    ?????… handsome …cutiee pieeee…????

    Shivay was hot today …????
    Pushpa can’t control but shivay making me crazy ….????
    Shirt buttons oopened scene ..????

    Abbay what he is doing …but I am happy he shouted at bhavya haha ..????( bhavya bhavya vayasama piece lam rudy Ku pair potu romba torture pannuranga pa ????). ..

    Sundeli vera romba kadupedhura … Avalum Ava moojiyum …?????

    Tanya iiriitating ?????

    Shivika on mission …????

    Shivika romance … ?????


    Good night ishqiiess ????
    Iravu vanakam ishqiiess????

    1. Labiba

      Hiii my dear ridhiiii hw r u?? Today love my chumui Singh oberoi????? he was looking?????? n cuuute hai na… n ur Om was hotness ki dukan?? did u see Rudy’s new look… feeling like uska cuteness khatam ho gaya..

      1. Riddhima

        Labiba …..
        I am fine ..
        Yep … ????
        I didn’t see Rrudy’s new look …
        How is he looking ..?..
        Successfully CVS killed rudry’s character to ..hey …let’s party …..???????…

        Got o hell CVS …??????????????????…

    2. Pushpa

      hey riddhi…hw r u..
      damn iriitating this tanya..
      what riddhi…awww this scn he hv nailed it toegther it when anika unbutton & button he was lost…..thst expresssion so so s*xy…

      1. Riddhima

        Pushpa ..I though you will keep that pics in your dp ..
        .shivay in bathroom ..feeling shy …

    3. Nila

      Shivaay hotttt??? yep
      Vayasana piece ah lol sari thaan abhay avan yenna panuranu therila but namaluku nethu nalathu panitan .
      Shivika on Mission haan Om also in mission bhul na math?
      Maalai vannakam?

  3. Fenil

    Superb bathroom moments of Shivika.
    All ladies were looking beautiful in yellow.Jhanvi and Pinky looking aflatoon jethani devrani superb ?????.Tej and Shakti also not less????.

    @Miss.Reddy aapka Shivaay bhaiyaa bahut Sharmila Hain Anika ke samne bilkul fikka …. unromantic….romance sikhao USS duffer Sai???????????? sochna thoda.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Excuse me Fenil bhaiyyo sweet guard…Mere bhaiyya hai toh this all is normal for him… Sanskar hai bhai.
      sanskar….sanskari couple hain mere Bhaiyya and Bhabhi. Not a word against bhaiyya..samjhe. Aap log chippda ho iss liye luch zyada expect kar rahe ho…Take care Bitter guard.

      1. Fenil

        Hwwew u just called me cheapda….so rude….

  4. Pushpa

    Happy karvacahuth gals…hv a wonderful celebration..
    Sorry gals didnt reply most of yr comments due to tight schedule..
    Will try replying today…no hard feelings na..
    And @nakuulmehta get well soon&burn our screen wt yr superb performance…

    Started wt our shivika scn owsm choori choori chupka chupka romance hiding bhnd coach….and bathroom scn…Thumhare anthar mera jaan hai…hai hai hai shivaye u r so loving&the bathroom scn was so beautiful shivaye ws so shy and i must say hats off go anika’s boldness..mee too felt like pulling shivaye’s cheeek… he looked so cute…?????

    2day’s epi ShivOm scn touched my heart the most..i loved their brotherhood relatinship so beautiful v didnt c sometime now bt tht was great2c thm 2gether… love shivaye advised2Om om..yes om oberoi nvr go & get yr wife mistakes can b rectifued nd u dun worry om anika is wt shivaye all will b sorted..missing rudy here..whn is he bck??

    Mm so v know dadi ws not admitted in hospital …maybe dadi is not telling the truth.. nd there is some mystery buried wt OF seniors members….whts tht??? Is this mystery which dadi said will bring disaster 2shivika…I hv a feeling the senior members hv connection wt the mill fire..u know v do hv this type of industrial desaster 2get insurance claims.. many businessmsn does this and till2day v still hv & i heard insurance company really pays well for fire disaster…i think thts wht happen…OF hv swindle the money…pakka…

    This abhay killing me wt his goddy goddy nice boy look….is he the villain or someone he really talking 2rudy??? OMG he looks like a physco….and bhavya choor…. i felt sorry 4her today all accusing her as a thief…..stupid society..

    Charvachath….anika & shivaye too fasting….owsm..this 2rps cheapde always cms inbtwn…stupid nut…and i dun undersatnd why dadi hv2give anikas cloth to tht women….

    Precap….lets enjoy each n every episode frm now
    gd nite all pkjs..

    1. akka totaly agree with you.. i loved the background music of shivom. it is soo heart touching.

    2. Manuu

      Hi pushpa..bathroom scene ??..I’m shivaay ka convo bhi vry nice..
      Waiting for karvachauth of shivika and rikara..finally om ko akhal toh aya..he’ll get back gauri..

      1. Pushpa

        bathroom scn was owsm manuu..shivyae expression and all..sure om now will b bck wt gauri…he’ll celebrate charvacauth in gauri’s place…

      2. Pinku

        Hey manu… hiii yes super it was

      3. Manuu

        Hii pinku

    3. Fatmi

      Wow nice review Pushpa….

  5. Oberois are always very much in love with secrecy and privacy.
    Be it marriage,romantic proposal, committing crime, creating problems, planning and plotting or God knows what else!
    The latest one added to the list is karva chauth fasting!
    How strangely strange na?
    P.S. Shivaay was looking younger today by age in the bathroom scene! Don’t know why I felt like that!
    Dialogue of the day :Tumhari andar meri jaan hain!

    1. Zaveesha

      Seriously every thing is done privacy…nd so many mysteries in Oberoi family…

  6. Misha_Mikul

    Hi dearss… How are u all?? ??
    This week is started with a Lovely Episode???
    Today’s episode was just ruled by ShivIka, ShivIka and ShivIka ❤❤❤
    They are such Cute couple??This is no new! But they proved again that They are so Different from other television couples!!??
    They are Khidkitod couple??Proud of being their crazier??

    Shivaay was looking Super Hot????? in blue or white, He just slayed!!??Couldn’t take off my eyes!!??
    Just loved the way Shivaay got shy when Annika entered in bathroom!!?? only I got to know that Shivaay’s room has bathroom!!??
    When Shivaay said to Annika “tumari andhar meri jaan hai” Awww, my poor heart!!????

    ShivKara moment was Tooo Goodd!!??
    Just loved the way Shivaay encouraged Om!!??

    Karva Cauth…
    could see that he has flu from his face!! His eyes looked red!!??
    Koi nahi..He is getting better!! Happy for that!!??
    Babies are fasting chupke chupke haan!!!?? So cute!!??
    Let’s see how romanticly Shivika celebrate this Karva Cauth????

    Precap- I think Shivaay tries to make pappu of Annika??

    Couldn’t write more…I’m so tire of shopping..God!!! Diwali??
    sleepy..1.30 am rdy???

    Nitezz dears..?? tc ?

    1. Labiba

      Hiii mish hw r u?? today I couldn’t breath properly bcz of ur hot Singh oberoi?????? ufff he was just?????????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Labiba..I’m good ..How are u dear??
        Yeah…his hotness was overloaded?? and today our Shivika will celebrate the Karva Cauth…Omg I can’t wait!! It will be so romantic!!

    2. Pushpa

      thts so owsm misha…both shivaye & anika scn was superb….did yr heart stop misha…mine was beating very fast……happy goign this weekend…..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Aww Yes dear!! and undoubtedly our babies will kill our heart by celebrating the Karva Cauth in a heart melting way…
        Happy shopping to u tooo…

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    Who is eating sargi or romancing in bathroom is audience gripping but not important but an indivisible part of this episode…
    The main problem is the Kalyani mills problem with fire, the fire burn everything then and there except for truth and fear… which still is gripping heart of elder Oberoi family members and the truth hitting present hardly. The fear and plan of elders and so far Shivika reached investigating is showing Oberoi family as culprit as four of them are hiding truth from all and particularly from ShivOmRu. They don’t want their children’s life to be effected is right but in a wrong way is totally out of humanity…the behaviour and greedy problem of elder Oberoi like they behaved during initial episodes..
    In all this out of place is Abhay-The fearless psycho self declared brother of Shivomru who is doing all heroic villainaceous work saying-” Anything and everything for my brothers…”.(Huh!! Bada aaya..Yahan hai na Aastha-Amayaa-Anika-Banita..for their brothers). Who is Abhay? whom shall all point finger at thus product readymade deliver? Why so sudden love for ShivOmRu.Hope Abhay is the antibody for the problem antigen afterall hero party need a psycho in hero side !! is a big question which cvs will not answer this easily and making Pappu of Oberoi family is at back seat for sure Cvs will make a Pappu of normal audience in all this drama..Hope this time truthful truth will be out even if its gonna shatter the family, break it, But Shivaay Singh Oberoi is still the great wall of SSO and can save his family from any trap, any problem, he have potential to save the family and maintain its unity with his brothers and family. Any way Dhania should meet her bf so that normal audience will be saved from Dimaag ki dahi problem at thought of the hooded man.
    Bhavya…This is not the type of behaviour anyone will tolerate with a girl..Let it be normal simple girl or macho police officer..Rudra was never this revenge seeking and Abhay is putting fire in dry leaves…OR cvs are trying to gather support for Bhavya by showing her as a Bichari!!!
    Gouri…Tongue tied at her problem in Ishqbaazi…Omkara really!!
    Still all this is just piling on table of mysteries to increase curiosity as we all know Ishqbaaz has always been Mysterybaaz right from the beginning.

    1. Zaveesha

      So glad after reading ur analysis after so many days….totally agree with all ur points…
      So many mysteries…. but don’t worry Our bhaiyya will solve this problem too…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        This is right…I am still glued to it because bhaiyya is SSO and SSO can do anything. I am glad the initial episode mystery is perhaps opening finally..but Dadi and Shakti werr also trying to hide truth means Shivaay bhaiyya have to fight for truth against Family members and outside enemies too…here came the dialogue-” Anything for Dadaji ke sapna..his Oberoi family” promise to Dadi crashing down infront of truth which SSO only have to rebuilt. So many confusions…

    2. Aniru

      Nicely written Aastha Singh Oberoi. Oops Reddy…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I don’t mind Oberoi surname either…

    3. Banita

      Finally…… Finally….. u comment here….
      Nycc to see my sis’s comment after a long time…..
      Agree with ur points….
      That psycho brother , who just told I can do anything for my brother but just destroyed their life nothing else…. nd try to act like Shivaay Singh Oberoi *Jo ki kabhi nahi ban sakta*
      Yeh SSO sb thik kar denge…. have capable of solving every problems of the Family and his brothers…. Their is not needed of any psycho brother (Nahi toh hum Sis s hain na)….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Hope I have managed to spray ice on your anger for me…. Hum hain na sach kaha..with arrival of Abhay..hazaar unglian phirse Tej aur Shakti par uthi hai..

    4. Manuu

      ????..aastha..happy to see your comment..kyunki I was missing ur analysis in ipkknd..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I am also glad till now you have remembered our deal and visiting pkj…

    5. Manuu

      ????..aastha..happy to see your comment..kyunki I was missing ur analysis in ipkknd..
      Mysterybaaz..kalyani mills ka sach dadi bolegi ab

    6. Aayushi_kul

      Gud mrng Aastha di…finally u r back wid ur analysis…as usual loved it?? that abhay is still a confusing personality…donno whether he is positive or koi to motive hoga na???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Trust me Abhay have every quality to become Son of Shwetlana but I don’t want to point finger at Tej bade papa with any other women…

    7. Pushpa

      hi astha..yeah OF senior team burn the mill and swindle the money..and left their the employee suffer…great tht shivaye is organizing something to rememebr the victims….i just loved him totally yesteray he was cute and charming..please tell yr bhaiya..
      abhay..i also think he is a physco..talking to himself thts scary…
      agree as u said SSO will sure safe his family in anyways it takes…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…Chalo batao bhaiyya keliye Karwachouth kiya ki nehi??!! Hope you fasted for bhaiyya…
        Talking to one self is not psycho..I too talks to myself but see I am all fit and fine. He is doing crack dangerous things and destroyed the Ishqbaazi of Ruvya and Trying to dominate ShivOmRu which cvs are empowering him with…
        About dadi to Shakti and the Oberoi elder…agar unn logon ne gunah kiya hai so far the story revelation they should be punished by law…No Shivika or ShivOmruNika should save them. Being parents of hero is a bliss not a coupon to get free from punishments of crimes. That is all..

      2. Pushpa

        Totally agree astha….im sure mny lifes was burned to dead…..punishment must b given…hey im fasting ok….tell bhaiya ok..praying now waiting4the moon but raining yaar….how??????

    8. Pinku

      Super review pilla

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Thank you Mrs. Reddy.

    9. Manuu

      Kaise nahi ati aastha pkj mein…aana toh hai hi..kya bolte ho..
      Ab toh omkara ka stry progress bhi ho rahi hai which I hav been waiting from so long..aur tum jo ho yaha..toh zaroor avungi

    10. Banita

      How can I angry with my elder sister for long…. But hain abhibhi gussa puri tarah se nahi gayi……
      And not only Tej and Shakti , Janhavi and Pinky also dragged in it…. I don’t think elder Oberois r involved in Kalyani mill fire incident… But if they r involved in this matter then no one can save them…. Don’t know What will happen next , just hope CVS clear this matter fully…..


    Shivika .. Between cuteness and hotness “didn’t know I affect you so much” I don’t think she’s really talking about buttons ????????
    Om… Hum gauri’s friend marriage is a good accasion to patch up with lot of drama and romance?????????
    Rudra… Kya hua… Can’t imagine him being happy knowing about abhay’s deeds… Why are they ruining his lovely silly character!?????????
    Eagerly waiting for the memorial function of victims ??????
    Eagerly waiting for the ddlj version shivika ??????????

  9. Hii all pkj family out there happy karwachuth to all grlsss ??????????tdy epi kidikitod couch behind romance im dead plsa shivaay dont kill me??????????????ani rocked shivaay shocked bathroom hahaha lol???????hot unbutton scence om my mata thaan enakku???????????????i didnt think tht ani will become itni cheapdi ???????????baby ur slaying grl surbhi and sso noxsss nd nakuul get well soon baby??????????????rudy no come back soon da bhavya nee romba paavam yaa ?????no offence nd liking ur track after rudy gone i want soumya sumo va ma plsss oberioss ku appu conform thaan all about tdy eyes on shivika no one dominated and i want too mention on hot boy abhay ??????????????awww avan mela craz athigam aguthu nox or shivaay save me from him omkar u r too late neenga late pickup gauri is nice chara from dbo itself nw u realised ada pongaya tracksss gauri kumari sharma rockzzzzzz bt also want too see her with omkar tooo ???????taniya side roll?????????ethuku vanthona theriyama functionlam kondaduthu hahaha
    Poor bechari anika?????????????blush lovable sso rockzzzzz
    Ishqbaaaaaaaz forever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??❤

  10. Zaveesha

    Good episode….
    So many mysteries in Oberoi Family…
    Waiting for Karwachauth of Shivika…
    Love ishqbaaz…

  11. Forgot to mention that today the bathroom of the great SSO got revealed! I was complaining few episodes back!
    hehehehe…naughty me!
    At least one thing got cleared and not like the other unending mysteries those with serious issue
    “Main apne bhaio ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon “dialogue is giving me sheer michmichi…

  12. Banita

    Hii pkj????

    Shivika ,
    Shivika’s nok jhok wala Cute Romance ?????
    Today Anika turned to more Romantic….
    Behind d couch???
    In bathroom….
    Anika turn Shivaay Singh Oberoi to Shy Singh Oberoi…..
    Shivaay ” Tumhare ander mere jaan hain” Aaawwwwww……..
    Both keep fast for each other but chupke chupke…..

    Shivom talk…. Heart touching ….Feel Natural…. NOx and KJ hats of u both….
    Om ” Main apne Gouri ko lane jaunga”….. Good realisation….

    Mystery ,
    Dadi never admitted in hospital , so it’s clear that senior Oberois lied in FIR… BT still I doubt about the fire incident… I think they r not behind this incident becz Tej clearly said that he just told about fire d mill in anger….. and if any of them involved in that incident then why he/ she was present in mill at that time to risk his /her own life…

    Bhavya,feel bad for her… Rudy know everything that Abhay did all these things to Bhavya… He MU Bhavya just like his brothers MU their partner…. BT Why d hell all of 3 question about their character only….

    Psycho brother Abhay, Why d hell he always told I can do anything for my brothers…. It just irked me…

    All ladies looks beautiful…
    Taniya kanha se tappak padi….
    Shivaay give paratha to d servant????

    Precap- Interesting????

    P. S-
    Msg from @Arpita to all pkj,
    She can’t be present on 10 , 11 and 12 becz of her busy schdule…. BT will be come back on 13!n surely *pinky promise* so till then enjoy ib and remember her….

    Good Night pkj?????

    1. Pushpa

      bani….shivaye nailed it with his cutetest expession is the bathroom scn….
      lets enjoy todays charvacauth too…i saw somepix in tweet shivika looks hot….
      i felt bad fro bhavya today….and abhay is a another mystery..

      1. Banita

        Yeh Shivika ki karwachouth…. I m waiting 4 this…..
        I think Abhay is behind all mystery only…..

  13. emotion is lacking between shivika. shivaay who cannot stay away from anika for a millionth of a sec did not show any emotion on his return after 15 days. this show always forgets the fact that this is a love story and not a crime story where the lead pair are always wearing the CID caps. shivika’s romance should be more realistic and serious. Just eye locks and background music is not romance. shivaay will have to show his manly side which will be more endearing to watch.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I was also saying the same…Its a story of Ishqbaazi not mysteries which cvs piled among homework and escaping from solving them. Anyway this time its unfolding slowly..leading towards truth…Serial hai bhai movie nehi ..still we need patience.

    2. Aniru

      Hi 123, not only Shivaay, Anita also did not discuss. It seems CVs forgot that 15 days leap. Shivika did not even discuss what happend in 15 days. When Sso was shot, Cvs made so much drama. Here he fell down from so much height. They did not even show the bandage. SSO is definitely an alien/Terminator.

  14. Aniru

    I loved Tej & Dadi today.

    Tej – “Tum Kabhi Acha nahi bol sakti. Kamse kam bura to mat bolo.”. I think in OM, only Tej can do OMM of Pinky well..

    Dadi – “Tum bahu kaisi hai saas ko pata hai. Tum Saas kaisi hai tumari bahu ko pata hai. Kamse kam acha patni to bano.” The way she smiled and said… I fell in love with Dadi. It is more than a slap..

    Shivakalicious Monday!!! A variety bathroom scene. Different from clichéd bathroom scenes. That’s why IB is different…

    CVs did what I was afraid a few days before. Rudi Boy became revengebaaz. Whay Rudi?????Abhay told everything to Rudi. I think, Rudi is aware of Abhay’s plan…

    Shivkara combo was nice. The role reversal. OM used to advise Shivaay. This time Shivaay’s turn. OMs expressions were very nice.

    Tanya is no less. She is blackmailing the blackmailer to meet her… CVs kab darshan milega Hoody man ki????

    1. Krish6868

      ANIRU, IB really seems different from other serials. The bathroom scene was
      so dumb! Once Kalvathi Thakur’s role ended, and Anika cut off SSO’s kurta
      buttons,SSO’s shyness was understandable as their relationship was beginning
      to take some shape. But after showing SSO amorous and desperate to carry off
      his Anika ,now the CVS showing SSO as a shy virgin who wants to cover his chest
      from Anika is so silly! The situation seemed so artificial and forced. SSO was so
      unemotiona! Atleast the concern he showed Anika near the bathtub seemed

      Tanya seemed so assertive.She is not going to take any nonsense from the black-
      mailer! Do you feel that she may turn positive for SHIVIKA like Romi did?

      Aniru,Bhavya was quite pretty yesterday. Rudi’s revengebaaz may be worse than
      OM’s because the CVS showed OM worse than SSO and now Rudi worst of all!

      1. Aniru

        Agree regarding CVs showing SSO differently. They have already ruined Anika. If she was Anika, she would not have pleaded to Shivaay to know the truth. She would have found out with her own talent. My point was only on the bathroom scene which was different in normal romantic scenes. Story is already deviated from the original path when they started to ruin the characterizations. Now only 3 characters are still the same Janvi, Dadi and Sahil. I had a little hope on Rudi. Now that’s also gone.

        3 brothres story became individual’s story. When Tia’s case came (after Shivaay was shot), Shivaay atleast appointed a private agency to do the background check, But for Tanya, nothing is happening. If they want to show the romance in Shivika, CVs did not have to separate them.

        Abhay’s story looks promising. Hope they will not disappoint us.

      2. Aniru

        Tanya does not look like a vamp. I think Abhay and Tanya is here for a genuine valid reason. That may be misunderstanding also. Usually CVs does not allow to destroy OM even if they are wrong. They may show SSO emerge as superhero to keep the family united.

  15. Hello everyone, bathroom scene was so adorable looking. Shivaay is feeling so shy all of a sudden. During the haldi Anika was so shy but now Shivaay gets shy and Anika is so bold in her romance. What a reverse….. it is true Shivaay looks fabulous in that bathroom scene. Did they do some camera trick? He looks more handsome in that scene. Perhaps his shirt that he is wearing.

    Can’t wait for Karwachaut. Must be exciting.

    I think the Oberois were responsible of the fire. Maybe the grandfather accidentally made a mistake and fire caught in the mills and that is why he mayave called Tej and Shakti to help. I don’t think they did intentionally. It may have been really an accident a mistake made.

  16. Lids

    Ok, here is my two cents on the whole factory fire. Many of the worker must had lost their lives in the fire. So, I believe that the family members of those that die are finally getting revenge. We can’t forget about Tia’s father and Mrs. Kappor husband dying in the fire, Saumya also mention that the Oberoi are responsible for her brother’s death (maybe he was a worker) and how can we forget Svetlana (is she really Tia’s sister?) still confusion on that one, because she does have a fake face, She is the Oberoi number one enemy. Abhay must be another worker’s family member getting pay back from the Oberoi Or is Abhay actually an Oberoi, sister Roop must know all the family secrets and wants her way back to the mansion. And no matter what, I still think Pinky is involved. Because the they are just so concern to keep Anika away from SSO at any cost. We know that Anika is his strength, so else know it if its not Pinky.

  17. Fatmi

    Yesterday’s epi was superb! Especially the bathroom scene ??? Shivay’s blushing face was too cute ??? and was looking so pretty in yollow ??? ekdom khidkitod!

    But is this true that Rudra asked Psycho Abhay to do all this??

    Plz cvs bring Rikara soon ??

  18. Fatmi

    Yesterday’s epi was superb! Especially the bathroom scene ??? Shivay’s blushing face was too cute ??? and ANIKA was looking so pretty in yollow ??? ekdom khidkitod!

    But is this true that Rudra asked Psycho Abhay to do all this??

    Plz cvs bring Rikara soon ??

  19. Gud mrng guuzz…khidkitod romantic episode????
    Bathroom romance was amazing…when shivay said- tmhare andar meri jaan hai awwww???? luved it

    Nd daadi’s words to pinky…fell in more luv wid her?? nd how tej did omm of pinky
    Rudra…cant say anythng abt him…donno what is going on wid his character

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Thank god now i m showing logged in?…donno what was happening before

  20. The mysterious mastermind wants Shivika to stay apart. Pinky also wants the same.If these two come together then what will happen not difficult to imagine
    Now question is will Pinky ditch her family and switch side with the blackmailer?
    If this happens then a big ordeal is wating for Shivika…

  21. Awwww.. Shivika …. Cant get enough of them.. And shivaay you are killing me with your hot cuteness… Anika di app tho kabhi shy hothe hai aur kabhi bold.. Jo bhi hai har baar khidkithod lagthe hai ….. Abhay dont you dare use my shivaay’s dialogue…. And rudy boy whats happening dont be this revengeseeking guy you are not such…. And dont even think of taking help from that psycho cheapde… Om ab akal aya hai tho jaldi jaa aur apni gauri le aaaa… Shivakara scene is awesome… This mystery ….. Ulji jaa rahe hai.. Hope it gets solved soon.. Excited for shivika and rikara’s karwachauth…

  22. Pinku

    Hey arpita sab kahan hi?? Mujhe bhi hangout me add Karo na

    1. Banita

      Hii Prinku?????
      @Arpita 12th tak tu main present nahi ho sakti…. She told to convey her message to all pkj….

      1. Pinku

        O is it ? What happ to her… ty banita

  23. Dear Gauri,

    I know I break your heart countless time.You gave me your heart but I broke it without considering your feelings.Never understood you and kept you under the shade of immense hatred.Still you loved me without any condition
    I failed to give you that respect and love but you never failed.You know Gauri, humans tend to do mistakes and it’s universal truth.
    I am also human and I did mistakes and now want to rectify them.I promise you,our life will be colourful like seven colours of rainbow. Together we will make out life as beautiful as dream.
    I know I am not even fit for your forgiveness. All I want is a chance
    Will you give it to me?

    Yours ever

  24. Honourable TU page,why are not you posting my comments?

  25. Shekhar

    As usual, habituated to waste few Minuit, CVS banned PINKY to go a few feet ahead to find hided SHIVIKA behind sofa. After making a top enemy PINKY dumb, even after hearing the giggling of SHIVIKA twice, forced her to stop from revelation of this SHIVIKA DRAMA,

    I don’t know whether I am alone to believe SHIVIKA moments now a days rather forced one and dramatic than to realistic only to get back the distracted viewers.

    If we extract the outcome of all conversation among all four seniors oberoys, It can be concluded at large, if none of senior was involved then at least one senior could have take a stand, IF WE HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG THEN WHY SHOULD WE AFRAID AND KEEP OURSELF BLACKMAILED?, but it is not so, and it imply, particularly harsh reaction from TEJ to SSO, ” THEN WE WILL BE FINISHED” forced to conclude, THERE WAS A HAND OF ATLEAST ONE SENIORS ATLEAST AND. OTHERS ARE PARTNER IN HIDING ATLEAST.

    If CVS keep continue with illogical crap than only these seniors may come up as innocent. It is notable that all seniors were called on through message at FIRE VENUE while JUNIOR SHIVAAY was briefed through VC. PURPOSE of the mysterious man is yet not clearly come up either as rivalry, blackmailing or any other , till than wait is only the option .

    1. Krish6868

      SHEKHAR! Good Afternoon!
      You just echoed my thoughts! I had just given my views to Aniru .
      The CVS are using un-necessary drama to create SHIVIKA magic again!
      They seem desperate to get back their viewers ,but do not seem to
      understand the psychology of the viewers.When SHIVIKA are together,
      the care and tenderness between them is always felt and it gives us a
      warm feeling.By creating situations (like Pinky’s intrusion) where SHIVIKA
      is forced into intimate situations ,that thread of tenderness is broken.I felt
      so empty after Pinky leaving! The earlier depth of feeling was lost.

      Shekhar, even I feel that the senior Oberois are shielding each other.
      The CVS are slowly releasing clues,but please continue giving your
      views, Shekhar.I always look forward to them!

      Good Day SHEKHAR!

      1. Shekhar

        The emotional aura which we kept feeling in initial epis during Hate-love , love – hate phases even is totally missing in this last phase of LOVE ALL THE WHILE. It is felt, both SHIVIKA had deviated from their natural attribute and forced to perform all unnatural acts and expression. What they have lost in a stroke , now desperate to get back by hook or kook in a hurry!
        Over more what I felt is, the threads creating the SHIVIKA chemestry has been lost at mid of all evil and unnecessary contents in the story. In following AEKTA phenomena, our initially unique, outstanding and adorable CVS lost their individuality and we get our CVS enlisted in book of CRAP CVS!? ? ?

  26. Hi friends today episode hamesha ki tarah shivika stole the episode.shivika behind the couch scene and their chori chupke romance was so adorable and mind blowing ???????????????????.everyday they have make us mad by their tarwazatod romance…..shivika u r killing all of us by your cute romance and nokjhoks ?????? u r such a wonderful
    one like them …. Shivomru scene was so emotional and amazing brotherhood moments…I am really missing shivri and aniri aniomru bonds very much…om.go om give ur heart to her and getback ur gouri .she has been waiting for u .best of luck om ????????…..again shivika magical bathroom romance???????????.aajtak saare serial mein bathroom romance we have seen only the Jodi’s drenching the shower ,heroin slipped in hero arms and their steorotype eyelock but ishqbaaz mein kuch alag hona hi tha na ..shivika bathroom romance omg ….omg …..I have no words shivika nailed it’s their acts❤????????????… shivaay bhaiyya unbotton scenes??? anika teased shivaay bhaiyya chuimui Singh oberai ??? and his blushing omg …. I couldn’t take off my eyes..

    Shivika dialogues was lovely anika : aap toh mere hai na? ???????.
    Shivaay bhaiyya : tumhare andher meri jaan hai????????❤???? shivaay bhaiyya waist coat wow….Wow ….Amazing…beautiful ??❤????????❤?????????? waiting for today karwachouth episode shivaay bhaiyya roti scene with servant too funny….

  27. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. But CVS ruined the rudra character also….. By making him sso 3

  28. Piyuu

    yesterday episode was superb…..
    shivika bathroom scene was awesome….shivika rocked…..shivaay looking hot.
    when shivaay said to anika thumhare andar meri jaan hain awww….
    shivkara scene was nice
    waiting for karwachauth……………

  29. Dadi’s dialogue: “tu bhau kasi hai teri saas ko pata hai aur tu saas kasi hai teri bhau ko pata hai, kamsekam patni tooo achi ban ja” dadi ur tooo good maja aa gaya.i agree with jaanu ki har seial me bathroom romance ek jasa dikate hai, but ib ka bathroom roman ce to sabse different aur best tha, aur uper se nakul ki acting maja aa gaya

  30. Dear Friends

    Mujhe Ishqbaaz Ki Ek Imp Baath Yaad Aaya Jo I Think CVS Bhool Gayi.I Hope Aap Logo Ko Yaad Ho.SHIVAY CONFESSION VIDEO RECORDER.WO VIDEO JISS MAIN WO USKA AUR ANIKA KA STORY USKI POV SE BATHAYA JO WO ANIKA KE LIYE RECORD KIYA.Lagtha Hai Wo Baath CVS Bhool Gayi.Baaki Sab Bhool Jaaye Okay But That Imp Think Kaise Bhool Saktha Hu.Please? Kisi Ko Bhi Twitter Ya Insta Pe Account Hai Ye Baath Zaroor Bolna.Anika Ko Wo Video Dekha Chaahiye Na Friends… Please Don’t Forget To Tell This Imp Thing In Shivika Life.

    Main Insta Pe Ek Comments Dekha.ShivIka RiKara Hot Romance Kam Karo Bolkar.Ye Bhi Bola Aise Scenes Family Ki Saamne Dekha Mushkil Hai Aur USS Time Pe Channel Change Karna Padtha Hai Aur Wo TRP Ko Effect Hotha Hai.Iss Baath Se Main Agree Kartha Hu Ki Hot Romantic Scenes Family Ki Saamne Dekhna Mushkil Hai.Mujhe Bhi Aise Romantic Scenes Pe Channel Change Karna Padtha Hai.Kya Aap Logo Ko Bhi Meri Jaisa Situation Face Karna Padtha Hai?… Meri Family Ko Tho Hindi Serials Hi Problem Hai.Phir Bhi Main Hindi Serials Dekthi Hu Chup Ke??Agar Main Aise Romantic Scenes Enjoy Kartha Hua Pakad Liya So My Hindi Serials Watching Ka The End Ho Jaayega.

    Tanya Ka Track And Uska WO Mystery Lover Mujhe Tia Track Ki Yaad Dila Raha Hai.IB Ki First Karvachauth Main Dikhayana Tia Ko Ek Lover Hai.Uss Time Pe Usko Dikhaya Nahi But Hum Sab Guess Kiya Wo Robin Hai.Phir T D Locket Se Confuse Kiya.Daksh Ki Entry Se Laga Wo Tia Ka Lover Hai.After That Dushyant Name Se Robin Tia Ka Husband Hai Proof Kiya.Tanya Ka Lover Ka Eyes Abhay Ki Jaisa Hai.Iam Sure Wo Hoga Uska Lover.I Hope Karvachauth Pe Uska Face Saamne Aaye.Not Only Tanya Track Infact Kalyani Mil Pe Fire Lagane Ki Incident Mujhe Qubool Hai Ka Yaad Dila Raha Hai.Uss Main Bhi Aisa Hi Track Thana.

    First Karvachauth Pe Shivika RuMya PriVeer Tha.Iss Baar Wo Dhono Nahi.Miss RuMya Soo Much?But Iam Excited For ShivIka RiKara Karvachauth???

    Rudy Ka RSO Transfer Is Little Interesting.But I Also Want Cool Funny Rudy.Hope Wo Bhi Mil Jaaye Kabhi Kabhi.

    Kabhi Main Sochthi Hu.Soumya Ko Rudy Ki Life Pe Wapas Kyu Nahi Laatha.Iam Not Tell Bhavya Ko Out Kare.I Tell Bhavya Ki Character Ko End Na Karke RuMya Story Dikhaye.Aisa Dikhaye Ki Bhavya Ko RuMya Ki Wedding Ki Baare Main Patha Chale,Phir Wo Unki Baare Main Aur Jaane Ke Liye Chubby Se Unki Baare Main Pooche Aur Usse Patha Chale Ki Rudy Ne Soumya Ko Plane Pe Insult Kiya Tha Aur Soumya Uski Life Save Kiya Tha.Phir Wo Rudy Ko Samjhaye Usse Confront Kare Soumya And Uski Marriage Ki Value.Aur Soumya Ko Wapas Laake Unhe Unite Kare. Phir Wo OM Pe ShiOmRu AniRiYa Ki Supporter And Good Friends Banke Rahe.Bahuth Show Pe Love Triangle Dikhake Negative Banake Dekha Hai Aise Love Story’s Ki Third Person Ko.Agar Bhavya Ka Character Ko Soumya Ko Rudy Ki Life Pe Wapas Laane Ki Baath Bhi Positively Dikhayengi Aur RuMya Jodi Maker Banayengi Na.Jo Log Bhavya Ko Dislike Kartha Hai Wo Log Uski Character Ko Like Karengi. And Mansi Ka Bhavya Character Ishqbaaz Ki One Special And Loving Character Banega.Phir Bhavya Ko Single Banana Is Not Good So One Handsome Character Ko Entry Karake Uska And Bhavya Ka Ishqbaazi Dikhaye.Aisa Hogaya Tho RuMYA Fans Ko Unki RuMya Milega.RuVya Fans Ko Romance Nahi But RuVya Friend Ship Milega.

    I Know Ye Sab Nahi Ho Saktha.But Aap Log Apna View Bathana Mera Is RuMya Bhavya Story Ki Baare Main

    Arpu Kaha Gayi.Usska Comment Miss Hai Issue Page Pe.

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Banita

      @UF dr Arpu 12th tak tu main present nahi ho sakti…. WO yeh baat sbko pkj me baatane ke liye boli hain… Isliye uski comment aj pkj main nahi hain….

    2. Aniru

      Hi UF, CVs bahut kuch bhool gaya hai. Shivaay ka ring kahan hai. Even Anika did not ask him.

  31. Riana

    OKAY ?????


    I was speechless…I thought alot about it…
    Aastha…Tumhare bhaiya bhabhi ko romance karna sikhao…lol ????

    Abhay is SUSPICIOUS…I think he is a PYSCHO ???

    He didnt CALLED rudra…i mean rudra cant do such a CHEADE act !!!…

    I have FAITH on my RUDYBOY..

    JAI RUDY !! ???

    Waiting to see OMKU’S NEW LOOK & ANDAZZZZ ???

    Precap: GOOOD…??

    Hi Pkjssss ???❤️❤️

    1. Pinku

      Wooow riana so so so happy to have u here… Super comments

      1. Riana

        @Pinks…Sorry i commented late ??

    2. Manuu

      Thank god..kahi toh tumhare emojis dekhne ko mila..nice to ur special emoji comments..???

      1. Riana

        @Manu…Hahaha ??

  32. Shivika? awesome n amazing, they add spice to each n every one of their scenes?
    They make the bestest jodi ever?
    AWESOME hiding behind couch n bathroom scene. They are so comfortable with each other which shows in their interactions…lol Shivay gently pats her on her head when she says thank you when hiding?
    Bathroom scene…loved the bold Anika,especially when she says to him that she didnt realise she had this effect on him and asks him to look at his shirt button and not lower ROFL??
    THE ONLY THING MISSING WAS A TIGHT HUG AFTER THE BATHTUB SCENE WHERE Shivay tells her she has his jaan in her.??⚘ just needed a hug there….cvs plz take notes.
    Loved ShivOm convo..a pleasure always to see their bonding.⚘
    Miss Rudy.?
    Really felt sorry for Bhavya today, felt like she needed Rudys support.?
    Loved dadi saying to Ponki about the type of DIL she is to her and also the type of Saas she is to Anika ??
    Awaiting Rikaras reunion?
    Awaiting impatiently for Shivikas karawahchaudh romance n masti⚘??



    Afterall Deepawali is festival for lights where darkness is eliminated with lights and goodness WINS over evilness n greed?

  33. Here we go again,my comment is missing!Taliya…

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