Ishqbaaz 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Piya is admired

Ishqbaaz 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says we will find out Piya’s agenda. Rudra says I will find it and make her out of the house. They all get mesmerized seeing Piya. Some time before, Piya says I know them well. Gauri asks what did you say, how. Piya says who doesn’t know famous Oberois. ShivOmRu laugh. Anika says Piya is dance master. Pinky says she is choreographer. Rudra says I know her fav step. Bhavya asks how do you know. ShivOm cover up. Rudra says I guessed it. Dinky asks them about their trip, how did they come early, did they go Goa to touch. Om laughs and says no, actually… Shivaye says we missed home. Dinky asks did you do anything that you had to run away. They recall and laugh, saying nothing such happened. Anika says no need to explain, I know why you guys came back, truth is truth, it can’t be hidden.

Shivaye asks what are you saying. Om holds him. Anika says you guys came back as its Dadi’s happy birthday tomorrow. Shivaye says no, its birthday, not happy birthday. They all sing happy birthday song. Dadi says they take care of me so much, did you see Dinky, they are my pride, they can’t do anything that puts family respect at stake. They see Piya. She smiles.

Shivaye says that girl came till our house, it can’t be a coincidence. Om says we don’t remember what happened, it can’t be a coincidence. Rudra says it can’t be a coincidence. Shivaye asks him to learn from mistakes. Om says exactly, its his mistake. Rudra says its because of Shivaye’s imagination, he was saying such story. Om says maybe, that doesn’t mean its not your mistake. Rudra says I m single, you guys are married, you guys are gone. Om says he is right, they trust us. Shivaye says if they know this, trust will break and heart too. Rudra says I know problem is big, but I have a solution, Piya. Om says she is problem, not solution. Shivaye says Rudra is right, we have to find who is she and what does she want.

Piya goes to someone and says its happening as you planned, Oberoi brothers are trapped, they don’t know its our planning. Dinky smiles and says well done, they have much trust on their princes, I will show them my experience about men is not wrong, men can’t be expected to be loyal, its just a start, they have no idea what will happen. Shivaye says I m sure Piya will blackmail us, we won’t let this happen, we will know her agenda. Rudra says I will do this. Shivaye says not you. Rudra says don’t underestimate the power of a common bachelor, I will find out what she wants in two mins. Shivaye says its not instant noodles. Om says she is very clever. Rudra says you guys are married, its better if you stay away. Om says yes we should put him in risk. They ask Rudra to go. Rudra asks them to watch him, he will find out in 2 mins. He goes to Piya and asks her to get out. She says I need your help, will you help me in recording a video, please shoot. She goes and dances. Rudra gets shocked and gets staring at her. Shivaye says Rudy didn’t come till now. Om says let him take time. Shivaye says I will go and see.

He goes out and sees Rudra. He asks what are you doing, we have sent you to talk to Piya, what….. He sees Piya and gets staring with a smile on face. Om comes and sees them. He asks what are you guys seeing. He sees Piya and gets staring too. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri come. They see the guys standing as statues. They see Piya’s moves and get charmed. Pinky and Jhanvi come and see them. Pinky asks what’s happening. Jhanvi asks why are they standing as statue. Pinky says even girls…. They shout to ask what’s happening. Gauri says we are seeing Piya’s dancing. Bhavya says she has amazing style. Jhanvi asks what’s wrong with you all. Piya asks did you record. Rudra says I saved it in heart. She says co cute and goes. Shivaye sends Rudra. Shivaye and Om go. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya also leave. Tej and Shakti come. Pinky says this is not right. Tej asks what.

Pinky says everyone is after Piya, like she did any magic. Jhanvi says everyone is appreciating her dance art. Pinky says they were staring at her, not her dance. Shakti asks what are you saying. She says ShivOmRu are after her, we should explain Piya to stay in manners. Tej says we will talk to her. Tej and Shakti go to Piya. Teg says Piya, we need to talk something imp to you. Piya turns….. and spreads her charm. They too get entranced. She winks to them. Tej records the video and smiles. Pinky and Shakti come and see them lost. Pinky says them as well? Piya says thanks uncle and takes the phone. She goes. Tej says I have an urgent meeting and goes. Shakti says I have a meeting too, with Lord, I mean I have to worship. He goes. Pinky asks did you see, this Piya is a witch.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya move their hair and talk of Piya’s graceful moves. Gauri says we are girls and got flat on her, what would happen of boys. Bhavya says don’t know about ShivOm, Rudra is ready to become her love. Anika says its not Piya’s mistake. Gauri says yes, they can see her but we are in their hearts. Anika says you know what I m thinking. Gauri says yes. They laugh.

ShivOmRu sit talking. They argue. Rudra jokes on Om’s long hair and shows a step. Om asks him not to be after his hair. Shivaye asks can we be serious. Rudra asks them to see Piya. Shivaye says we should follow her, come on. They follow Piya. She stops and turns. OmRu hide. She sees Shivaye. He acts to be on call and goes. They see Piya. Om says she is going to your room Shivaye. Rudra says you didn’t say us and called her to your room. Shivaye asks why will I call her, are you mad. OmRu say Anika is in room. Shivaye worries. They see Anika, Gauri and Bhavya with Piya. Rudra says why did Piya go to them. Shivaye asks did she go to tell truth. Om asks him to go and get Piya out. Shivaye asks how will I go there. OmRu push him inside the room. Anika holds him and asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I slipped. Anika asks why do you wear such slipper. He says its a shoe. Piya says who knows where and how someone trips. He says you are called at pool side. She asks who. He says Dinky. She says okay and goes. He asks Anika what’s going on in life. Anika asks all okay? He says I will come. Bhavya says he looks out of character. Anika says he is tired, he behaves strange when he is tired, everything is fine.

Anika and Gauri say we couldn’t talk to Piya, but ShivOmRu were there. Bhavya says but we have to talk. Anika says yes, tonight. Gauri says we should be careful that guys are not around when we talk to Piya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Another laughter episode…but still i m8ss oh jana….shivika…everything ??. .But this pia is not hot at all..and they all were lattu on pia’s so called adayein. ???that was funny?????…just one question came to my mind..about what thing Aniri were talking about…???? They did hi fi on that topic..what wss going on their mind….???

    Ok leave it now i am too sleepy..byy.

    S.P.Sanskari somu akka sahar sonu said that something interesting is coming don’t miss next episode

    Precap.i can’t understand anything..

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Congo arpu on frst comment??…nd abt precap i also cant undrstand anythng

      1. Arpita6

        Thank you Aayishi kul..trp is good.hope soon ishqbaaz will be in top 10….

    2. Go ARPITA GO. Congratulation on being first……

      1. Arpita6

        Thank you Luthfa..dear,☺.

    3. Pinku

      Urs is the first comment arpita go arpita go…. Hey do come on weekend and all the best for us studies

      1. Arpita6

        Thank you prinku dear ….??.yaa i will try..

    4. Banita

      GAG!!!!!!! Congo dr….
      Yeh Aniri nd Precap both r confusing for me also… Just hope cvs store something interesting 4 us….

      1. Arpita6

        Bani …..thank you yarr.?? i also hope..sso interesting thing will come..

      2. Pinku

        Banita hru it’s not been 24hrs u left hangy n v r already missing u

    5. Fatmi

      Hii Arpita…I’m fine…..Congratulations! Arpita dear…1st comment! aree bah…

      I think Aniri understood that ShivOmRu were hiding they are planning to interrogate Piya….

      Happy weekend dear…enjoy the weekend….

      1. Arpita6

        Thnx dear, yaa so many things are coimg to my mind about precap

    6. Aayushi_kul

      U can call me aayushi or aayu…kul is the short form of my surname kulshrestha???

      1. Arpita6

        Ok i will call aayushi..??

  2. Pushpa

    Today epi was so funny….
    Sure rudy ….dun underestimate the power of bachelors….true thts why i think u were drolling at piya…..hea na.
    Tht 2rps cheapde hv shaken up Oberoi mansion today!!!!

    So thy showed the goa dance 2day..
    Seriously that dance was totally vulgar i would say……ShivOm never never never kabhi aisa nahi karte…aftr showing ShivOm as a ideal husband & now dancing wt this 2rps cheapde …rudy is a flirt tht i get …but no a BIG NOOOOOOOOOO!

    ok boys being boys thy get mesmerized but the bhahus tooooo….i dun get it & was shock when OF seniors tooo…and gauri thts not dancing thts seducing …OMM hope cvs will end thus track soon.

    Pinky u said corrects todays….pls gets out karte this dinky piyaky…
    Mmm dinky piyaky hv their ownm plan….. everyone life r not same so dinky u cant say all men r the same……our ShivOmRu r not this type..

    Best line in 2days episode….
    Dun under estimate the power of common bachelor..rudy ????
    Rudy said he’ll find out what she wants in two mins.& shivaye says its not instant noodles…..ha ha ha ha

    Another blackmailer…..dinky

    Precap….wht the gals wants2know frm 2rps cheapde piya??? And 2moro dadi birthday….

    Full of funnybaaz…entertainmentbazz….
    Gd nite pkjs…

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Pushpa that dance was doing my dimag ka dahi?? hopr they’ll end this track soon

    2. Pinku

      Hahha nice comment pushpa… I am yet to watch the episode

    3. Banita

      Pus di
      Dont under estimate d power of a common batchler…. Hahaha…. Yeh this is line of d day….

    4. Arpita6

      Pusi dear, looking like you get fida on rudy’s dialogue. ..?? i liked that line….yaa the way they were dancing..i was only thinking about sanskari starplus……????…shivika romantic scene ki chop and they are showing this balti bhar bhar ke…very bad..

    5. Fatmi

      Hii Pushpa I’m fine dear…ya I also like Rudy’s dialogue…
      Happy Weekend dear……

  3. Go arpita go
    Funny episode obros situation is really funny
    Waiting for birthday celebration ‘s

    1. Arpita6

      Chaithu….dear, thank you.. me also..waiting for birth day celebrations

  4. Pui

    Hi PKJ FAMILY, ?
    This Piya actually acts like a witch…?
    I am not at all flattered by her looks or her dress…even Anika looks better than Piya in her worst wardrobe..??
    Boys tak theek tha…but girls also charmed ? A bit ridiculous! ??
    I knew it from the beginning itself, that this is that Dinky Donkey’s work. She has planted Piya to break ShiOm and Aniri’s relations…Pinky couldnt do this, so she called Dinky. Doesnt she have any work in the whole wide world ? ?
    Uff! I ain’t liking this Piya track so much but Loyalty doesnt let me skip Ishqbaaz….??

    Waise toh Anika acts like a chantomind, Gauri is clever enough to ‘ ek jhaap se satadenge ‘ people and Bhavya is a COP, a COP, but still these three haven’t got suspicious. ??Strange…Their minds are very moody then!
    Precap looks interesting, lets wait and watch

  5. Hey guys what’s cvs

    1. Arpita6

      Dear, Cvs means creative team .we call cvs

  6. Aayushi_kul

    Trp – 1.9???? increased with 0.1 than last week…its gud…
    Now talking abt the epi
    What was that????????????
    I mean why every1 was so mesmerized by that pia….i mean swetlana nd tia luks 10 times better than her ( no offence to that girl) first boys then girls nd aftr that senior oberois too….nd why was she doing her modelling infrnt of tej nd shakti???
    Omru hi-fied each othr n than pushed shivaay into the room…poor shivay??????
    Precap- whats going on btwn these girls??

    1. Pinku

      Hey aayushi yea trp is increging I am glad…. those girls must be trying to get trained for a dance for dadi bday I think

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Hey prinku.. Yeah i alsp think that they will ask fr her help

    2. Banita

      Heyy Aayushi…..
      Yeh Tia nd Pasinalana is much more better then this Piya….

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Hey banita…how r u???

  7. First of all-
    @ARPITA darling,
    Awwww…..My comment made you smile?I am so happy. Stay always happy darling.
    @FATMI dear,I am good and I hope you are also doing good.
    “Oberoi Special Trouble Making Subject” ki jai ho…..
    Om, you have fallen in love and you are telling lies to save your love from jhatka,really? When you have done nothing why are you fearing? Don’t you trust your love?
    Rudra the Cat,You are going to watch over Piya Fish?Do it properly ok?
    Shivaay,I didn’t expect that from you at least. You are SSO and you can’t give vow(attention) to any random girl.Here we are worrying for Ansh and you are ogling that Piya?Go use that skill on Anika.By the way,you were looking cute while ogling(can’t help!)
    I can understand for Tej but Shakti,you too Brutus?Kitna ghanta will you spend on the puja now?
    O MY God!Pinky you are so right. Only you can understand the danger of second women and their scheme in the life of the Oberoi male.Like Shivaay has Anika sensing power you have the power of perceiving the plots and schemes of all outside woman.
    Precap:I think the TRUST test is going to happen now.Be careful Obros.ShivOmRu,make a solid reverse plan to teach a tight lesson that Dinky and her Piya puppet……….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Luftha dr….
      Pinky told that Shakti spend 4h in puja when he just smiled to a girl nd now he was oogling to Piya…. So i think now he will do full one day puja…. Hahaha…

      1. Correct Bani,
        I was going to write-Ganga main dubki lagalena.Aaccha hoga.Hehehehehe……

    2. Arpita6

      ???????????.Luthfa… if you write like this..i will laughing like mad..Oberoi special trouble making subject ki jai ho.. ???????this is epic yarr…like bani said shakti will do puja for one day. ???. .Nice comment. .i really love it.. keep commenting like this…and yaa yiu are totally right..Sso should use that skill on annika..Ansh ki baat toh bhul log toh ek kiss bhi nahi kar paye.. ????????????.. (sry for this line..).yesterday i said na Shivika ki hormones sidha ghatko par nikal gayi he. So ansh ki umeed chod do…?????

      1. Oh thank you Arpita darling.I can’t leave the hope of seeing Ansh in the arms of Shivaay.Don’t worry hormones will be back.If not,we all will compel it to come(wink,wink)!

    3. Fatmi

      Hiii dear Luthfa….I’m fine…Happy weekend dear….
      And my doubt was r8 that, all this was Dinky donky’s set up…..

  8. First of all-
    @ARPITA darling,
    Awwww…..My comment made you smile?I am so happy. Stay always happy darling.
    @FATMI dear,I am good and I hope you are also doing good.
    “Oberoi Special Trouble Making Subject” ki jai ho…..
    Om, you have fallen in love and you are telling lies to save your love from jhatka,really? When you have done nothing why are you fearing? Don’t you trust your love?
    Rudra the Cat,You are going to watch over Piya Fish?Do it properly ok?
    Shivaay,I didn’t expect that from you at least. You are SSO and you can’t give vow(attention) to any random girl.Here we are worrying for Ansh and you are ogling that Piya?Go use that skill on Anika.By the way,you were looking cute while ogling(can’t help!)
    I can understand for Tej but Shakti,you too Brutus?Kitna ghanta will you spend on the puja now?
    O MY God!Pinky you are so right. Only you can understand the danger of second women and their scheme in the life of the Oberoi male.Like Shivaay has Anika sensing power you have the power of perceiving the plots and schemes of all outside woman.
    Precap:I think the TRUST test is going to happen now.Be careful Obros.ShivOmRu,make a solid reverse plan to teach a tight lesson that Dinky and her Piya puppet…………….

    1. I like you’re comment you made me smile?

      1. Thank you dear.Keep smiling……


    Hello everyone… I am back after a long break as I was busy…

    1. I was sure Piya was set up plan by dinky.. ????

    2. Ek problem khatam nhi hoti dusri suru ho jaati hai ????

    3. Rudra dialogue- main single hun band aap dono ki bajegi ????

    4. Their weired behaviour on dining table uffffffffff ??????

    5. I hope drama is not dragged much..

    6. I think problem ka solution Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hi nikalengi last me as their trust on Shivaye, Om and Rudra are not wrong.. its just jealousy of dinky..

    7. Best secne all watching piya dance as if she hypnotized them ???????? and even Shakti and Tej followed them ????? all girls and boys..

    8. I hope jhanvi and pinky don”t fall in trap ???

    1. Pinku

      Hey sharadha wassup remember me… Hey nice welcome back yaar acha do u come to hangout pkj hangout group


        Pkj group?? Whats that

    2. Arpita6

      After so many days you are here.. welcome back.yarr….keep commenting. ??

  10. hello everyone how Are u all?
    such a ROFL episode most funny is pia seriously I mean I have a question to all of u:do u guys find Pia stunning,pretty or admiring???plz do tell me ok…
    and about gauri and anika was talking about something I think they want to learn from pia about her style and all maybe I guess…
    and precap:kind of a serious faces of the three girls…
    Bhavya as always irritating to me…

    1. Actually she is not at alll pretty stuning bla bla ??????u r ryt i guess they want to learn dance or her style bla bla form her to impress shivomru

    2. Pinku

      Hey ayesha r u the one who I met in ipkknd 3 page Too? No ayesha I do not find pia beautiful or any such thing in any angle in fact I find her fat ugly n yaaaki…. u r guess must b right they r planning yo learn something from pia

    3. Arpita6

      Kiski ko bhi woh acchi jahi lag rahi he dear, sutlu( swetlana). is really hot.if we will compare sutlu and pia..sutlu 100 pia 0.

    4. Fatmi

      Hii Ayesha….No I don’t like this Piya…she is so fat and looks like a man…she is not pretty or admiring from any angle…

  11. First of all piya is not at all hot ? infact anika gauri n bhavya r more beautiful? and for the first tym i love pinkyy???she is right this tym??? yrr i know that dinky has plot that piya against shivomru ?? why is she distroying others lyf???? and guyss seriously missing shivika scene n rikara scene?????lets see what happen next bye guyss good nyt???

  12. How many of you feel that after 3 months leap Ib is bringing senseless track i feel it beacuse after leap 50% tracks were senesless ex( peter track, tej ghost rack, ragini track, don track, bansi kaka daughter track, sultan track, ruvya revenge track, dinky and pia track) i thinks all this tracks were senseless and useless tracks al this tracks didnt have any connection to the story but cvs brought it that was the reason for low trp cvs were back on track after shivika and rikara love confession track after barelly track we fans expected more beautifull tracks but dont know what happend to them once again after that tracks cvs are once again ruining Ib charm before 3 months Ib was great cvs didnt bring so much senseless track but dont what happend to them after 3 months leap

  13. Banita

    Junior Obros ke saath saath Senior Oberoi nd Obohus also….. Evryone lattu on that Piya…..
    For d first time i m agree with u Pinky….. Go just throw this Piya from OM….. She is hell irritating yr…
    Piya nd that Donky both r team up…
    Dinning table sence…. Funny…. Shivomru sang HAPPY B’DAY song for dadi…. Hillarious…
    Aniriya talk about Piya… They found her Attractive…. Common bhabhis Piya nd attractive…. Noooooo…. Not at al…
    Obros blame each other…
    SSO BG tune….
    Rudy’s comment about Om’s long hair…. Lol…
    Obros while following Piya…. Bichare Shivaay bhaiya….
    Precap –
    Interesting…. Aniriya… What’s going in Obohus mind?????
    Trp – 1.9 …. Increased compaired to last week…. Good going….Hope coming week it will increase more…
    Finger cross….
    Gd nt pkj….

    1. Arpita6

      Pinky ponky ki baat mat karo bani..uska dimag bhi…pal.main tola pal msin maasa..i hate her ( no offence to nikitaji ).but secimd ladki ki baare main isko kagi ideas he..i agree…but Sso ki bast aati he toh second ladki hi dhundti he.. stupid.pinky ponky.. ??

      1. Banita

        Yeh Arpu dr…. Pinky ponky ki koi bhorosha nahi hain…. Bs kal kese acchi soch dia…

  14. Is Piya that much of beautiful? I don’t like her. She is not at all beautiful or hot than Annika&Gauri.

  15. Today’s episode was a fun filler. It is nice to laugh at their expressions mesmerized by Piya and her s*xy looks. I laughed especially when Tej and Shakti were mesmerized. Instead of reprimanding Piya he ended up recording. Ha ha…. hilarious.. so Pinky thinks her husband is laxmanan but no he is not satya bhavan too.

    Anyway I hope perhaps they will show Anika and Gauri dressed up in short skirts or dress like Piya and I want to see what would the reaction of Om and Shivaay be. Will they be able to bear to see their wives in such clothes or have some men admiring their wives and I want to know how will their husbands react. They will then realize they can’t have 2 standards in their lives.

  16. Miss Shivika scenes, their Nok jhoks n romance. Lately there’s none…
    Plz CVS give us loving , passionate Shivika , not the platonic relationship they have. they have not had a proper husband wife RL yet…what’s going on.
    Miss naughty romantic shivay…

  17. Arpita6

    Arpita is upset…..????????you know why pkj..bcoz i am.missing whole pkj…so low comments. .cum se cum.hii toh bolke jao..wohi kafi he i know we may not like this track but still ..pkj ki koi galti nahi he..I request you come back..pagals..bahut log missing he kitno ki [email protected] yiu said that now we will be regular…pakka..but you also gayab.?????. Not fair……..
    Aajao sab….just hiii hi sahi ..but plz aajo ..plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    1. Arpita dear, don’t be sad that there are low comments. I suppose many have nothing to say about this Piya track as not many Shivika scenes. No Rikara scenes also. The only scene was when Shivaay was pushed into the room and Anika held on him. It is basically Obros moments with Piya. Maybe next week’s episodes should be better and you will have more comments dear. Keep commenting. Yours are good to read.

      1. Arpita6

        Thnx yarr… and yaa you are right…

    2. Don’t be sad Arpita darling. I know nowadays pkj is having low comments.The reason is I think more than half of the members are absent.Some are not liking the ongoing track,some are upset for logical imbalance.People and their preferences will always vary. The truth is we can’t force anyone.What we can do is to blackmail them emotionally or convince them doing drama!I myself is so busy that don’t get the time to go through the comments.Can’t ingore pkj also my personal affairs.Don’t worry,everyone will be back and we will get our old PKJ back eventually.Let’s hope and pray and keep believing that it will happen for sure…..

      1. Arpita6

        Yaa but kya karu..Ammu &Astha baby ki bhoot sar pe chad gayi he na..???

  18. What i don’t understand is the Obros danced so close with Piya in the video and even carrying her like a teddy bear. How is it that they have never danced that close with Anika or Gauri? This I don’t understand. Well let Shivaay and Om learn a good lesson from this episode. When their drinks were spiked I understand their behaviour but in yesterday’s episode they were sober yet they all were enthralled and admiring Piya. That I don’t get it. It is not like Om or Shivaay to do that. Rudra for sure. That is why I want Anika and Gauri to also admire some other good looking men to teach their husbands a lesson so they return to their senses. Sorry if you all don’t like my idea but this is the only way to teach a lesson.

    1. Hi Sindhu. You asked the question that I was afraid to ask. When these two husbands have not been this close with their wives how come the CVs brought in that red dress stranger and allowed this closeness. When Shivaye was holding her in his arms it at some stage looked that her dress was pulled up so far that it looked like even Nakuul did not know where to look. Maybe we should get Dadi to enforce the 2foot rule again. Maybe then they will become more interested in their own wife’s instead of ogling that red dress girl.

  19. If these men are trapped by piya its an hilarious twist but if it was other way round it would have been the most emotional track for audience I know it’s just a fiction but this is the bitter truth in their relationship wat is bhavya doing without fighting back for her job, anika was called independent and equal to sso but being independent means wat is she doing?? She can at least run a café on her own, coming to sso he might be handsome but he’s not so cheap to go behind girls. This is not the sso whom I started liking instead he can sort out his family problems. Wat was he and wat he is now

  20. Today episode was simply nice. Fun episode tha . I don’t understand why shivomru mesmerised by her ugly face even anirivya too.she was neither a beauty nor hot even a single bit.only CVS knows what mytestry behind in this.,pls CVS end this track soon.this tracks are little boring . we are terribly missing our shivika nokjhoks ,romantic scences.this starplus channel has shown the shivomru ugly dance but they couldn’t show shivika intense romantic scene.what non sense? .we fans are not want such scenes.we want only love, family, obro fun moments ….

  21. Heyyy guys
    I laughed throughout yesterday’s episode it was really very funny ??

    1. Hi Omaira,how are you?Yeah episode was funny to some extent except that staring session….

    2. hi omaira.. how are you..? yaa episode is funny but i just can’t stand that piya uncleji..

  22. Hey guys, just found out that Piya was planted by Anika, Gauri and Bhavya to test the Obros. Looks like the ladies want to find out whether their husbands will remain faithful to their wives. I just read the latest spoiler.

    1. Arpita6

      Sindhu don’t believe on any spoilers..they all are just doing our dimag ki dahi.. ??all are just false..only sahar sonu can give the right info….

  23. I am happy old pinky wapas aagayi anika- pinky conversation was cute.

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies….whole om is on behind of that barree piya except janvi pinky…I am waiting when truth is out what will do aniri with their men????

  25. Aniru

    Rudralicious episodes. If Rudra, his one liners, his reminder to his brothers being married men were not there, these episodes would have been no less than 3rd rated.

    The episodes were funny to watch. Just to watch one time. Piya’s baal, her adaayein etc. As beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder, I can’t write anything about Obros/Obahus/Sr. Oberois’ admiration. Whatever it may be, the expressions were a treat to watch.

    I know I cant expect intellecutal scenes from the TV shows like this, but sometimes, my conscious reminds me “Is this Ishbaaz you are fond of?”

    I wanted to shout “Annika I loved your adaa in intial episodes itself when you said “You could not buy me Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”. Gauri “I loved your adaa when you smashed Om’s car with bulldozer”. Now my girls are trying to imitate Piaa. Whose fault is that mine or makers? May be mine. I cant expect more from the characters as the characters are writers baby.

    I cant blame SSO as he only make big big promises and vows and just to do pacify the viewers and Annika and next moment does exactly opposite. “Mein na apni jaan se jyaada tujhe trust karta hoon”. Where is your trust Shivaay when you say your actions in drugs or drunk state with Pia will break your wife’s trust.

    Om, just two days before you were very upset that you lost your beloved wife. the next day you are dancing with a random girl. I think you remember, just 10 days ago how you treated your wife just on the basis that you saw her name with his teacher in hotel’s guest list. Now how should your wife treat you when you did this in reality? Satyavadi Omkara Singh Oberoi told lie so that he does not want to break his wife’s trust. Wah.

    More pathetic was 3 brothers were apparantly with one girl and 3 brothers were enjoying holding her. How many times viewers have seen Shivaay making the same mistake again and again. drink, dance with any random girl and she was found in his room next day (whether it is Rudy’s friend) or any random girl, forgets the same in the morning. When you does it, is considered as comedy. When you thought your now wife and your friend Daksh spent one night in the house, was breaking trust, the hatred, humiliation. The girl almost died due to your actions. You never learns. However, Nakull Mehta’s expressions are treat to watch.

    As the Obahus are non judgemental, understanding and cool, they will not make any drama out of it and more over they will use their jasoos mind and throw out Pia in their husbands’ life. Wives should be understanding and husbands are not. Shivaay and Om were worried about breaking their wives trust. But just a short span of time. You have not only broke their trust, you broke the trust of dadi, your mothers, your bhabi’s too. When one does mistake, the other bros used to advise. When they are doing group mistakes, blame games on each other. Because, Rudi wanted to give lift. No Bhaiya’s imagination. etc

    Maasi, means motherlike is doing everything just to prove her point that men can not be trusted. If mother Pinky can say her son is illegitimate, why can’t maasi? Yesterday, I could see a glimpse of Pinky in initial episodes. For the first time she said to get rid of wrong person from the house.

    Evenif, the girl is planted by Maasi or the AniRiVya themselves, the ShivOm actions were disgusting. If they were gentlemen, they could have checked the car first before giving lift to any random girl and kids knows not to take anything from strangers, being adults they could not understand, the girl who compained about injured leg got fine when she went to get drinks.

    Bhaya got suspicious due to Shivaay’s behaviour. What happend to Annika? I am sure, the non judgemental and cool Annika and Gauri will forgives their husbands as one is Annika’s Shivaay and other one is the blessing from Shankarji. and they are well aware that the boys will love them to moon and back evenif the situations like this keep on coming. Girls will come to their lifes as boys are Oberois and no one can resist Oberois.

    Sorry guys maine saara gussa nikaal diya. See you..

    1. Aniru

      Sorry for long long comments. I did not realise

  26. Heyy luthfa ?
    I’m okay and you ?
    I totally agree with you

  27. whatever and from wherever piya comes, as usual there is always a different track each time. but ishqbaazi has to win.
    but in this track – we are not seeing shivika together. even in tanya abhay track. they were together, the tia & ragani track – serial focused on them. but right now – the focus is out of shivika. shivay on his own track, anika in her own. 3 girls together & 3 boys together. WHERE IS THE ISHQBAAZI.
    shivika makes Ishqbaaz.
    we need to see shivika together. after shivay proposed his love to her. it feels their love story has come to an end. is this all in ishqbaazi.
    where is the shivika romance – gone for a slumber.
    why so scenes between the two. missing shivika.
    so no interest in this track.

    whatever be the track – we must see the shivika Ishqbaazi win. and they have to do it together.

  28. what to tell about today’s episode.. i am quite upset about this piya uncleji ki track se.. nevertheless loved shivomruaniri for their cute expressions,convo,and especially when piya caught shivaay when shivomru were following her and when omru pushed shivaay …. agar rudy boy aur uski one liners nahi hothe tho this episode is not that worth watching.. anyways i’m glad that got a glimpse of old pinky… precap tho confusing hai but saw the spoiler pics of today’s episode..there is rikara scene and maybe a small shivika scene..GOD please give us some shivika,rikara moments…

  29. Hiii prabha..?
    How you doing ?
    I think they brought the uncle piya part so that the audience can laugh otherwise idk what they thinking

  30. i’m good Omaira.. yaa maybe you are right..

  31. yes pinku am the same ayesha haha…
    actually u all are right she looks so fat and yuckee I was laughing only to see that o’bros and bahus are mad to admire pia?then that was not enough so come the great senior obros then I got it they r completely mad I mean really haha
    anyways hope they don’t drag this track and remember when vikram came to ragini for the first time she was sitting in dark same here when pia came…

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