Ishqbaaz 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh asks Anika her name. He says I m asking you. Shivaye says her name is Anika. Daksh says I m sure she knows her name too, its a beautiful name, if she takes it, it will look more beautiful. Shivaye says its just Anika. Daksh forwards hand and says hi, I m Daksh. Anika shakes hands. Shivaye looks on.

Some time before, Daksh is at the train station. He asks a man about car parking, and says strange, no one is hearing, shall I wait here for driver or go to find him. Anika comes there. Daksh collides with a man and his clothes spoil. He shouts. He thinks to take a rickshaw than to stand in heat. He calls a rickshaw. Anika says carpenter has attitude, someone should pick him from station, I don’t know how he looks. Daksh asks rickshaw driver will he take him to Oberoi mansion. Anika hears him

and calls him out. He turns. She goes to him and says Oberoi Mansion… He says yes. She says what yes I m find you since long, where were you, come. He asks where. She says moon, come, you have to go Oberoi mansion right. He says yes but… She says what but, you mean, someone from Oberoi family will come and say carpenter ji come.

She says fine, but where is the driver. She asks what did you say, why driver, I will call pilot, helicopter. He says that’s a nice idea, you mean chopper right. She says it means Billu ji’s carpenter is of his level, and calls helicopter as chopper. He says hey, do you also call Shivaye as Billu. She says wait a min, hey, what did you call me, please call me Aap with respect, say it. He smiles and says Aap… She says what did you say, Shivaye? Say Shivaye Sir. He says wait, I don’t know who you are, but I spoke to Shivaye. She says call him Shivaye Sir, else I will get your return ticket, I don’t have time, come. He smiles.

Rudra comes to Soumya’s room and says why do people keep room so clean that it seems no one stays here. Soumya says if you don’t know staying as civilized people, that’s not my problem. He gets he mangalsutra and asks what is it doing here, if anyone saw it. She says sorry, I forgot to hide it. He says we decided we will not tell anyone, if you stay careless, everyone will know about our marriage. She says we decided we will forget about marriage, its impossible, everyone is reminding me, you are biggest reminder, when I see you, I recall we got married. He says you are right, if we stay away, we can forget this, so please stay away from me. She looks at him. He goes.

Anika asks Daksh to come. She asks since when are you working. He says since college. She says oh, you are educated, even then you don’t have manners to take rich people’s name, you were calling Billu ji by name, come or will you just talk. He asks how to go. She says sit on my head, come sit on Champa. He asks Champa? She says this red scooty. He says you mean I will sit on this. She says you talk a lot, sit. He sits.

Rudra, Om and Shivaye walk thinking. Rudra thinks of his marriage. Om thinks of Tej’s words. Shivaye thinks of Anika. They all come to same point and stop. Rudra says we should talk. They sit in room. Shivaye asks Rudra to say something, since you came from all night out with Soumya, your behavior looks strange, everything okay? Om asks did anything happen in party. Shivaye asks did that Devi come in party, then party would be called aarti. Rudra says its not good to do comedy on someone’s tragedy. Shivaye asks him to relax, life has ups and downs. Om says yes, life is not in our control. Rudra says yes, but moments are in our control, I want to make this moment Dil bole oberoi moment. Om says fine, what do you want.

Rudra says something that can make us forget our problems for some time. Shivaye and Om say ya and open arms for a hug. Rudra says not a hug, I want something more than a hug. They look at him. Shivaye says Rudra, we are brothers, remember that. Om says yes, did Devi’s ghost got on him. Rudra says I want to dance with two to you. Shivaye and Om say no way. Rudra says we have to…. He plays music. Chikni Chameli……plays………. Rudra starts dancing. Shivaye laughs and dances asking Om to come. They all dance bindaas. They laugh, dance, jump and hug. Hum saath ek duje ke…….plays…………

Om says where is Priyanka, she is not answering. Jhanvi asks why are you worried. He asks did you see Priyanka. She says she went with her Nani to Guru ji ashram for meditation. He asks why suddenly. She says she said she wants to stay there for some days, I have sent her clothes. He says why is she not answering my call. She says phone is not allowed there, I spoke to mom, she is fine come with me, I need to talk.

Anika gets Daksh home and says this is Oberoi mansion, start your work, get your equipments. He asks what equipments? She asks what happened, oh hello, you are thinking to higher the charges seeing the house, I m weak in maths, but bargain well, you will get what was decided, I know everything, you see people and fix price, not seeing the work. greedy tattu. He asks what tattoo? She says so much english, you don’t know tattu. She explains him the word. He says I don’t get you seriously. She says english again. Dadi comes. Anika says Dadi, I got carpenter, tell him the work. Dadi asks carpenter? Anika says yes, he is the one. Shivaye comes. Daksh says hey Shivaye…..

Anika says can’t you say Shivaye Sir, Dadi you tell me, I will beat him. Shivaye says Daksh, so good to see you, welcome home and hugs him. Anika asks Om and Rudra did Shivaye get mad, he is hugging carpenter as if he is his childhood friend. Rudra says nice guess, he is Daksh, Shivaye’s childhood friend. Om and Rudra hug Daksh. Anika asks Dadi is he not carpenter. Shivaye asks carpenter who? Daksh says actually she thought I m carpenter. Shivaye asks Anika. She worries.

Pinky and Jhanvi come and hug Daksh. Daksh compliments Pinky. Jhanvi asks him about his architectural firm. He says its going great. Dadi asks will he not hug him. Daksh says I will have tight hug with you. He hugs Dadi. Pinky says we will go for marketing. Daksh asks marketing? Jhanvi says Pinky means shopping. They leave. Om asks Daksh how is everything else. Daksh says good. Om says I will see you, I have to complete a sculpture. Om and Rudra hug him and go. Dadi says I will get a room ready for you. Daksh thanks and kisses Dadi. Shivaye says you did not change. Daksh says childhood habit. Anika walks away. Daksh stops her and asks her name.

Shivaye says her name is Anika. Daksh says I m sure she will also know her name, right, its beautiful name, if she tells it, it will be more beautiful. Shivaye says its just Anika. Daksh forwards hand and says hi, I m Daksh. Anika shakes hands and says Anika. Daksh says it is a beautiful name. Shivaye looks on. Daksh says thanks for lift, chopper and car would be not such fun. She says sorry, I felt……

Shivaye pats on Anika’s hand and makes her hand away. He shakes hand with Daksh, and says you should be sorry, how did you think he is carpenter, nice jacket. Anika asks why, can’t carpenter wear good clothes, my lane carpenter wears costly clothes, 800, with double zeroes. Shivaye says fine, I understood, this is your mistake, you don’t accept mistakes, you just fight. She says fine, I did mistake, I had misunderstanding. He says it always happens, whats new. She says fine, but Daksh could have told me who is he. He asks could you not ask, you assumed it, he is a big architect. She asks are you mad, no right? is it written on his face that he is architect, he is standing outside railway station, would I know this in dream. Daksh smiles seeing her. Music plays…………

Anika and Shivaye argue. Daksh smiles. Shivaye says you should ask if you don’t understand. Daksh says chill, carpenter or architect, both have same work, one makes house and other decorates house. Anika says but even then sorry. Daksh says I m good in decorations, I can help you for Diwali. Anika says no thanks, this is not architect’s work, I will manage. Daksh says alright. Anika stares at Shivaye and leaves. Daksh smiles seeing her. Shivaye sees him smiling. Daksh says I like her. Shivaye looks on.

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. priya

    SSO is now jealousy singh oberai,Anika acting super nd Daksh is also good.i really enjoyed their bromance,nice dance by shivomru.

    • Aarya


      |Registered Member

      Exactly priya… name jealousy singh oberoi …😇😈😂……nyc epi…..loved it…..i am waiting for shivika confession….. Don’t drag …..and moreover waiting for acp ‘s sister story… she alive or not…..who is that small kid?

  2. Pravi

    Shivika’s funny tashan
    I think this daksh is tia is bf tat mysterious D wala
    As soon daksh landed lady baba strd giving her opinion on Anika’s marriage
    Really something is fishy yaar..
    Anyways old anika is back aftr a long tym

  3. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Oo my goddd……what an episode…..the first meeting of anika and dhaksh was very nice…..really anika roczzzz and shivayy!!!!!!i like shivays face when anika and dhaksh make shake hand.h ow jealous…and seriously….anika looks very beautiful today…..and thank goddd…lady baba was not seened today……but from the precap i felt that this dhaksh will become a big stone in shivikas lovestory…..and iam sure he is that D & tias boyfrnd…his eye has something like evil……any way these are just my thoughts…….

    And how are u my ishquieeeers…….

  4. aahana

    Frm d precap i feel daksh has some plan n is wd tia….just a guess though.
    It was fun watching d trio n billu will hv a tough time now..just hope dy dont create misunderstandings btwn shivika.

    • Mukta


      |Registered Member

      Same pinch…. I’m thinking that Tia n Daksh planned his entry in Oberoi Mansion to divert Anika’s mind and to keep Shivika away from each other!!!!

  5. FPV

    its good thing dat some one entered in anika s life so dat shivaye feel jelous.i am sure,now he must undrstand what he feels for anika

  6. Vaishali BBZ

    Episode was as usual very nice..
    Im soo happy to see Shivaye getting jealous..❤
    And Guys Daksh is the one with whom Tia is having an affair with..
    Remember T and D locket which Anika saw.. D stands for Daksh only..

  7. Tarini

    Nice episode… poor jelous shiva6 baby.. and i think dakah is d of t&d… all the three danced well… karan khaana is a nice actor and anika best as always… woried for prinku… waiting for next episode..

  8. nayana

    Jealousy track so nice 2 see interesting very interesting nice going i heard om will breakup with riddhima so any new entry 4 om ? eagerly waiting 2 see nxt

  9. Faizaf

    I Like today’s episode and the entry of Daksh.
    Now Shivaaye is getting jealous .which make him realise his love towards Anika. I hope Shivika will unite soooon

  10. Archiya

    One of my fav episodes so far, was so waitin for the jealousy track tat it was a blis watching it.Anika your just superb, ur dialogues n expression r bang on.

    Bromance after a long time, the dance was totally cool, nakul steps were so clean n nice. I m waiting fr a kitchen scene of theirs

    The way shivay patted anika hand so tat she removes her hand frm daksh, wen daksh was lookin wen anika was gng an wen he said I like her…uff Shivay so totally jealous

    Rudy behaved like shivay today, trying to ignore his feelings fr soumya, n askin her to stay away frm him,wen in reality he does nt want tat.Liked rudy dialogue today ” life is nt in r control bt r moments r” v shld make the best out of them.

    Pinku achanak se gayab hogayi,looks lik tis track wil b on a break fr smetime

    Precap looks lik Tia knows daksh was wit anika at tat time,pls let daksh not b tia bf, it is the most hurting wen ur best fren cheates you wit ur gf/fiancee

    • Fama


      |Registered Member

      I absolutely agree with you
      Today’s episode was the best till date I mean the Obro’s bromance and the track they dance on chikni chameli reminded me of iykknd.

      I can’t just stop laughing looking at shivaay’s facial expressions today
      Anika and Daksh carpenter moment were awesome.
      Everything was just perfect today

      At the same time I am feeling that this Daksh is the Mr D (Tia ki bf) and he is in Oberoi mansion because of Tia, in the precap Shitia conversation suggests that maybe Tia knows about the guy (Daksh) in Oberoi mansion and hence creating confusion in shivaay’s mind.

      What do you guys think about the precap.

  11. Isha

    Omg!! Wat an episode…loved every single detail right from daksh’s entry, anika’s acting , chikni chameli redefined to shivaay’s jealous glances…..easily one of d finest episodes till date❤❤

  12. Hope

    Is Daksh Tia’s boyfriend?? How can Tia predict about someone entering Anika’s life and What about Tia having a locket with initials “TD”?? Too many coincidences

  13. Tarini

    I think that yesterday om asked ridhima to read the paper as 8n oms eyes rydhima is a social worker and she would be running any ngo so he asked her this could be the reason for sure..

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      yup…da “why” hd bn bothering me since dat episode ,so I watched dat scene fr twice on HOTSTAR again..Nd wat I realised is exactly da TEJ said da pprs r social wellfare Nd NGO related OM asked RIDHIMA to read it out…

  14. Persis Umrigar Khambata

    I think so Tia’s boyfriend Dakash… im sure… Dakash can marry with tia that they are good and stupid. Shivani wants to feel marry with anika soon.

  15. Sally_V


    |Registered Member

    Aww missed their bromance so much 😍😍 happy to see them having fun after a long time… i just love this jealousy side of Shivaye 😅🙈but after watching the precap i have the feeling that daksh is indeed the boyfriend of tia and their trying to separate Anika from Shivaye 🤔🙄

  16. Shivika22kapoor


    |Registered Member

    Hi 🙋 guys I am new to Ishqbaaz page but just for commenting but I have been reading it since long as finally I got registered few days back so I am commenting today and hope so that you all will accept me in your ishqbaaz family 👪.

    Coming to the episode I just loved seeing Shivaay in jealous avtaar and the epi. Was amazing but I hate Tia’s vamp look.

    Guys I have request to all the Ishqbaazians who read ff’s , I have recently posted my first ff pls do read it and put forward your views and it’s know as””O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S””



    Is jealousy is stronger than EGO, STATUS?
    So far as it is upto LOVE. it is JEALOUSY , stronger than every thing!!

    ANIKA’s innocency shaken DAKSH , let him be the BF of TIA or not, but he LIKE her only for her innocency! I doubted, if he is really TIA’s BF, he may murder TIA if he found TIA as hurdel to get ANIKA’s LOVE!, and will surely give a second thought for TIA, if he failed to get love of ANIKA even.

    JEALOUSY lying in SSO heartis now getting heat and started bubbling . It has revealed how much he is weak. Her talent and her will power had nailed his all shield like EGO, STATUS, MONEY POWER and riddled his whole being, and extracted everything from his whole being, and in that his vaccumed whole being, her innocency, frankness, her sacrifise everything is blowing . It pains him most, but he does like it. He just can not leave single chance to get that pain, and seeking opportunity to be around her.

    SSO is as on today is most vulnerable in OBEROY FAMILY. The STRONG WALL of OBEROY family is now having a infinite cavity, and about to crash down, and no one but only ANIKA can fill those cavity.

    His all SHIELD are now nailed down and his whole being is about to jump out of all these IRONIC SHIELDS. He want a ladder for final destination and , CLEVER CUM STUPID TIA is there to have it.
    Whether DAKSH is TIA’s BF or not, but he will be proved to be good catalyst for the complete transformation of SSO to a simple CHILDISH SHIVAAY!

    To be a childish never means to be little, it is a good quality to have inherent humanity power.

    I found one difference between TEJ and SSO, TEJ kept his LOVE at home , while SSO is wishing his LOVE out of his home, UNAVALABLE TO ANYONE ! This his MINDSET is most to be hated for me, atleast.
    Anyway, eventhough, GK mam , so far, mantained the creditibility of SSO by not adding more shades!!!

      • shekhar

        No, not at all, he seems to D, but wait how DAKSH act keeping pace with TIA’s evil effort . Personnally , as on today, DAKSH is there only to make us tangled between D and DAKSH.

      • SHEKHAR

        And don’t over look the point that DAKSH has a ponney tail, not comman, and ANIKA like chant girl atleast had seen that MYSTERY man side look with his hair style, though it was not clearly shown to viewers, and for ANIKA D+ ponney tail is enough to conclude who is this DAKSH.
        Its a different thing that GK mam may make her DUMB like TIA!!!!!!

      • SHEKHAR

        SHIVAAY took the remarks” You are not changed since long”
        If he had changed his hair style,SSO or some one from OF certainly might have taken remarks, atleast RUDY can not stop him!!!!

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        opsss…yes..I ovrlookd dat… ur eagle eye doesn’t miss a singl clue…ok…bt Let me be clear abt ur view 1st..u said if Daksh is Tia’s bf he may murdr her… nd lately u said Daksh cnt b her bf….actually evrbody is in same dilemma…likely GK hrslf wants dat…yes I do agree dat may b DAKSH is hr to make us tangled bet2in D nd
        him..actually I cnt forgt da hesitation on ROBIN’s face wen he was asked abt his SISTER..othrwise undoubtedly I cn say dat D for DAKSH keeping eye on these points like..TIA’s predictn abt ANIKA’s love life nd DAKSH’s entry @same time cnt b jst a coincidnt…

        y DAKSH is in super hurry to fall in love wid ANIKA…??

        being rich enough y he travls on train..??.does it mean he came from nowhere, he was in Mumbai…????…

        bt if nyhow DAKSH is TIA’s bf he cant fall in love wid ANIKA(as u said)…he who nurtures sin in his mind ,cant b influenced by innocence soo easily…

    • Lijince

      Good observation Shekhar…..I comment very rarely…but I always read your comments first!! And you put up your thoughts in a very neat way…very impressive!!

    • Shekhar

      VEDA MAM, It is not like that what you did get, let me explain in HINGLISH!


      Its just what i praised ANIKA in my way only!

      • SHEKHAR

        DAKSH is coming from outside of MUMBAI, and as he is not well aware of MUMBAI, he asked for CAR PARKING. If he would have been from bombay, SSO never did offer for car to receive, he might have reached OM on his own

  18. SenuThilini

    Nothing to say. just 😘😘😘. Lots of love for anika and shivomru.
    I saw some spoiler vedio there rudy dressed like a girl and dancing for cheering the om. And i am happy that ridi-Ma will go away from om’s life soon.

  19. Deeps

    Loved the episode to the core. Anika and dakshs first meeting superb.I have to go to school. So bye. Gm ishqies. Love u all for ur comments

  20. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god….. Dis jelousy wala track is super awsum… Love d way how shivaay removed anika’s hand from daksh’s hand…… Looking fwd for more moments like these and eagerly waiting for shivika’s marriage to happen

  21. attu

    i dont think so daksh is tia bf coz do u remember in video calling tia was with her bf but now daksh came from railway station so hw is it possible n tia bf came as courier boy to mansion but in this episode he was asking d automan whether he knows oberois mansion……. bt i dont know exactly i think he is not tia bf

  22. akann

    Anika was back to her crazy self today. lol.. loved that no care attitude of hers. Shivay is really affected by her. I kind of agree with people who said the he is more in love with her than Annika loves him, at least at this point. Cant wait for their marriage track!! Gotta say after seeing all these spoilers, Om’s character gets crazier by the minute.

  23. Veda


    |Registered Member

    yup…da “why” hd bn bothering me since dat episode ,so I watched dat scene fr twice on HOTSTAR again..Nd wat I realised is exactly da TEJ said da pprs r social wellfare Nd NGO related OM asked RIDHIMA to read it out…

  24. Rosu 25

    Loved d epi very much……jealous shivay looks so cute….Loved his expression when Daksh hold anika’s hand….Daksh entry, anika-daksh first meeting, their convo, everything was good…..after so many days we could see the old charming anika and shivika nok-jhok….This jealous track is really good and very interesting….
    Hey Mr.Sso, on the first meeting he said he likes her….so before he say “Love u anika” go & overtake him😂😂😂
    Shivomru dance was really really funny……
    Loved it very much😘

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      😀😀😀😀i like ur suggetion towards sso
      Yss shivayy its your turn….go and takeover him. Otherwise he will took your place

  25. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Hi guyzzz…were are u alll….why less comments today….kya sab lg buzy haiii…
    Shama,abiha,richu,saku,shahabana,yazhu,samyukta,disha,mukta…….hw r u alllll

  26. shekhar

    Coming over to DAKSH……
    I felt both TIA and her BF are worrying and bothering of exposure of truth before wedding, and after that what ever the conseqiencies take place,they are ready to face it. TIA does not seems having any guilty now atlesst, bothers have no fear for any outcomes, and that’s why I felt, they must have some strong reason to do so other than monetary. Reason may be lying in someone’s dark past. Her BF seems to me is some how known to OF, and in back ground of this DAKSH gets fit, may be it has been introduced to confused, but if D is not DAKSH, then also who ever may be that D is well known to OF.

  27. Tara

    So many reasons –luved todays episode
    Shivay jealous- OMG how sweet and he appeared almost vulnerable in the precap when he saw Daksh holding Anikas hand…hope it is the catalyst to move him forward in his love for Anika
    Bromance n dance -the best..loved to see the bromance n bonding btw the bros
    Confused about who is Tias BF- Daksh or ACP..dont want either to be as dumb as her…ACP looks good with Priyanka and Daksh appears least being Shivays friend should count as being like his brother–hope both these guys image is not riuned cos of Tia
    PLZ get rid of Tia,, dont like to see her having power over Shivay or Anika.

    Isnt Anika wearing the blue top in spoiler where she throws the flowers given by Shivay through the kids..therefore the scene is coming where he offends her but then tries to apologise….I hope
    What about Tia hiring the shooter to shoot Anika n Shivay saves her….cant wait for these special Shivika moments
    BTW in KC episode where Tia hugs her BF, from the back the BF hairstyle looks very much like Robyn or even Daksh…..though hope its not Daksh otherwise the rishta of friendship is sullied.
    Also how does Tia know that Daksh has entered in Anikas life–either someone from inside is giving her info or someone spying on every move inside
    Hope Shivay proposes to Anika cos he loves her n not forced in any way…subconsciously he wants ANika as his wife thats why he holds her hand always like in pooja ?
    Im sorry but Tia did not look like nice in the pooja outfit whereas Anikas simple but elegant suit n makeup was Awesome…Shivika looked like a perfect couple when they sat in the pooja in previous epi..

    • Thestarkfromhogwarts


      |Registered Member

      Daksh is Tia’s boyfriend. he is an utter creep who’ll freak out Anika playing some Annabelle drama. ACP is against the Oberoi’s because the woman who died in that accident was his sister. ACP has nothing to do with Tia. I also love PriVeer pairing

  28. Lijince

    Is D for Daksh Tia’s boyfriend?? Don’t think so….it looks like he is coming to Oberoi house after a long time while Tia’s mystery man has been in Oberoi house recently…I hated the artist who played Daksh in Manmarziyan….but maybe because of Anika Daksh also is very sweet….:D

    Anika-Daksh angle should continue for a bit long… that Shivaaye fumes and fumes and bursts out revealing his feelings to Anika…..waiting for that!!

    And dear writer-director….please bring out this murder mystery soon….it has been lagging for a long time….who killed Gayatri?? Maybe Om killed Ranveer’s sis….but not Gayatri I think….please finish Gayatri’s murder first and then we will start with Ranveer’s sis….

    And when will Om and Prinku confess their secret to Shivaay??

  29. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    “Dil bole oberoi”
    Their bromance was awesome. The hug was magical. And –
    R- mujhe kuch jayda chaiye
    Shivkara- rudra hum tere vai hai, hum tujhe iss se jayda nehi de sakte, pagal ho gaya hai kya??
    And hum sath ek duje ke chaya ban ke rehengi. I totally enjoyed the brotherhood.
    Wowww jealous shivay. He was feeling uncomfortable when daksh touched anika’s hand.

  30. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi guyz..really nice epi..its very good to see shivomru’s lovely track after long tym.. rockng perfrmance..enjoyed a lot..

    Anika(amazing) and Daksh convrstn was vry excelnt..shivay jealousy track started..
    Very soon shivay may come out of his ego status,money,power for Anika..

    Already tia cheatng shivay to becme member of oberoi fmly for only money and status..its a very big betrayal for him.
    I wsh Daksh only shivay frnd and not tia’s bf..
    Aftr daksh entry expecting lovely track as same as done aftr malika entry..

  31. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    Aaj ka episode dekh kar to dil ekdum happy happy ho gaya…. kya zordaar episode tha…… marvelous!!!!!! Daksh- Anika conversation was awesome…… Anika nailed it again…… like seriously Carpenter…. wo carpenter ko lene station gyi thi…. waw!!!!! And then jealous SSO was a treat to watch….. just amazing scene that was!!!!!! And the rocking one….. the O bro dance….. Chikni Chameli….. seriously dhaansu tha ekdum!!!!! And ShivKara when Rudy said I want something bigger than hug…😂😂😂just awesome….. Rudra him tere bhai gain👌👌👍👍 overall awesome super duper episode!!!!!

  32. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    It wl be intrstng if Daksh helps anika to expose tia’s truth..healthy frdshp bond bw Anika and like IPKKND kushi and nandkishore had nce frndshp bond and revealed the shyams truth..
    But no idea about the person who scaring Anika..
    Whatevr but Gul mam only knows who is D and all the stryline behind him..

  33. ArShi

    Guys…I dn’t know whtr it right or wrong…bt acdrng to serialxpress spoilar…Daksh will turn out as Tia’s lover..
    nd Shivay will slap him as he hold anika’s hand going aganst her will.

  34. shahabana

    Gd afternoon guyz.
    Coming to the episode no doubt its one of the best episode till date.
    After long time we got obros lovely moments loved shivomru dance on chikni chameli. Really when this trio are together its just awsome to see them jaan of the show.
    And daksh really charming charecter loved his entry .i really don’t want him to become tias boy friend i really like if his charecter become like NK charecter in isspyarkokyanaamdo.
    Its really nc to see sso like this jealousy singh oberoi loved nakuls acting.
    And rumya they really dont want to forgot their marriage.
    SHEKHAR i dnt think getting jealousy is weakness.sso loves anika so its not big thing if he gets jealousy seeing anika with daksh afterall its healthy jelousy

    • Archiya

      Thks fr sharin the link.. wow hug.. in one of the links I had seen anika getting scared n I wished tat sso lwd b thr.. n finally he is thr

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah..welcme..shivika frst hug..Amazing..I am dancing lyk Rudy style..eagerly waiting…fr that episode..but the person who scaring Anika look lyk Daksh only..fel very bad fr shivay..but whatevr Anika hey na..billu ji ki saath .it’s recent one shivika romance and Daksh look -

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      o my god!!!!! shivay aur anika ki pehla passionate hug……how romantic……
      thank u sumiiii for the happiest info..

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Wlcme razna..belated happy birthday..dear.
        Yeah we r not sure..I think Daksh role only fr shivika his intro he is wel known to Obr fmly..he is frnd of shivay how can he cheat his frnd..

  35. chithra

    Hello guys hw r you… Hope all are fine… This month nd next month full busy bcz of exams etc etc.. If I get free tym i vl comment here… Miss you all.. Keep watching ib.. Keep commenting 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊



    |Registered Member

    Episode was awsome…
    And best part was Jealously of Shivaye due to friendlyness of Daksh with Anika… 😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    And painful was rudra and soumya part of not accepting the marriage..😢😢😢😢

    I think T& D is of Tia & Daksh, but can’t be sure right now..

  37. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends…I loved the episode a lot. Oh god.. I really enjoyed the jealous side of SSO. His expressions are awesome. Obros dance….wow…. I was just smiling from the beginning of the episode. Yesterday I couldn’t takeoff the smile from my face. I really love ShivOmRu. They are always rocking the screen. Rumya part was little emotional. Shivika’s first hug is going to happen soon. Waiting for it ..

  38. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys if daksh if bf of tia…i feeb bad for daksh…cuz tia dnt looks like gf ….but like his mother….im sry if i had any1….i feel AniDh is gud than TiDha…

  39. aahana

    Gys i hv a doubt….y did sm f u ppl say dt om cant read or write Hindi??if hes a shayer he shd b gud in it……in d prev epi. Can any1 clear my doubt plzz.


    You ignore it, overlooked it and lastly kicked out it, and when you found it RARE to have it, you should throw your sense to dustbin!, not for the reason that you don’t use your sense, but your sense is using you!

    You are not capable to do few works with your sense, and then your sense get it done otherwise, and never let you know it has used you in weird way. Your sense never allow you to feel a BREEZY sweets lying behind the pain. Your sense can leave you at top, but leaving no ladder to feel the happiness lying down to you.

    You just can not achieve this sweetness of life even after spending all your resources, because you lost ability to feel anything, you let your whole being at the mercy of your sense .

    I feel DAKSH is here only to relieve SSO from the MERCY of his SENSE!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.