Ishqbaaz 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika confronts Mahi. He shouts Pinky is not Shivaye’s mum. She gets shocked. Naintara says I m Anika’s mum, I dance in lovely dance bar. Shivaye gets shocked. Some time before, Anika says you are Shivaye are twin brothers, so you saved his life, I have proof, DNA test result, I came here for Shivaye. He says its Shivaye every time, everyone takes his name, he is rich man, I m this poor guy, he is a king, I m a drainage insect, he is legitimate and I m illegitimate, my life starts and ends on him, Shivaye does not know I exist, I became Shivaye and met his family, everyone loves him, you also came here for Shivaye, what do I have to give you. She says I know you are Shivaye’s brother. He says I have relation but could not keep it. She cries seeing him, and says I can understand when you are alone, you

have to fight with life every day, if you heard illegitimate, I have heard orphan, I went through this pain.

Shivaye says you have old interviews, why did you come here. Reporter says you don’t want to tell about your wife. Shivaye says its none of your business, you have no right to interfere, my wife is not from well known family, but she is from decent and respectable family. Naintara walks in.

Anika asks Mahi to come with her, his family does not know about him, when they know… Mahi says they should not know, else it will be Shivaye’s gangaram. She asks why, its not just about Shivaye, its about you too, that’s your real place, you are a Oberoi and have right to live there. Mahi says I will decide that, just go. She asks him to think of his mum, who does not know she has other son, does she not have right to know about you, one son got mum’s love, other son did not get chance to call her mum, its injustice with you and her, don’t you wish to call her mum, she is your mum, if you say her once, she will just hug you, Shivaye is like world for her, she will be mad knowing she has other son. He asks her to go. She says I know you have anger, annoyance and questions. Give her a chance to talk. Mahi says no, I won’t give a chance. Naintara smiles.

Anika says I know you are angry, but a mum has full right to meet her son. Mahi asks what mum, she is not my mum. She says Shivaye’s mum will be your mum if you are his twin. Mahi says she is not Shivaye’s mum. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye asks who are you, why did you come here. Naintara says I came to meet Shivaye. He says its me. She says it means you are my son in law. Pinky reacts. Reporter asks who are you. Naintara introduces herself as Anika’s mum. She says I spread happiness in boring and sad people’s life, I have seen you at lovely dance bar, I dance there. Shivaye gets shocked. Reporter asks are you bar dancer. Naintara laughs and does shayari. She says anyone can name me anything. Pinky smiles. Naintara asks for Anika, call her, she should know her mum came to meet her. Anika thinks of Mahi and Shivaye.

Shivaye says she is Anika’s mum, what will she go through knowing this. Anika says if Shivaye knows Pinky is not his mum, what will he go through. Anika leaves from Mahi’s house. He thinks of Pinky and Shivaye. She thinks how can I hide such a big thing, if I don’t say, things will spoil, I will talk to Om, he will advice me. She calls Om and says I have to talk something imp. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, I will meet you at home. He asks what’s the matter, is Shivaye fine. She says yes, he is at home, his press conference is there. He asks what are you hiding, tell me where are you, I will come to take you. She tells him she is at goodluck chawl. He asks her to stay there. Reporter says this woman is claiming she is your mum in law, how true is this. Shivaye walks down to Naintara and says I have to talk to you, come. Pinky smiles.

Shivaye and Anika see each other. He sees Naintara. Naintara asks Anika for Pinky’s room. Anika says its that way, did you come to meet Pinky. Naintara says no, I came to meet my daughter, who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What will happen next???
    Does anyone know the upcoming story….pls post it
    Are there malayalees here

  2. hi can i join u ppl
    gud analysis shekar

  3. Sejsmiles

    Thanks to all those who left comments on my wall.. Silent reader since months but registered recently.
    I loved anika mahi heart to heart talk. I hope they don’t drag Pinky’s crap too long. Shivaye shld know really soon who’s playing games wt him n anika. Want him to dislike pinky.

    1. Ranilya

      Anika is the best bhabhi any devar can get…
      As for Pinky…yrs enough of her crap….

  4. LAX

    Oye Oye …!!
    New spoiler video, NainTara does an item dance in the mansion. Everybody is furious esp. Shivay. Annika is der but donno if she knows it’s her fake Mom. Pinky as usual has an evil smirk on her face.

    1. Ranilya

      Is it out on you tube??

      1. LAX

        Donno dear..!! I saw it on TV.

  5. Akriti

    heyy what happened ishiquies…..
    aaj itne kam comments….?
    lagata hai kal ke episode ke baad sabko shock lag gaya hai ki shivaay pinky donkey ka beta nhi hai ye kaam kar?????

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      How r u dear??
      hats off to you for listing all of us.
      Btw my roll no. is changed from 27 to 70..?? My name is repeated twice at 66 n 70. It’s ok..!! Just thot of telling you, that’s all.

      1. Renimarenju

        Next time naa i will take care…and roll no…dude am typing it….so what all names comes in my mind according 2 them i use 2 list out…..not roll no and all….am a simple girl…baaba..not teacher…lol

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      64 present ma’m…and of course I remember you…
      But you know what Renima… should put your name as first in the list of ishquies…..

      1. Renimarenju

        Arrey..tum log mujhe lecturer bana do gi kyaa ? Arrey this is my family….and senior hun naa…sab kaa naam yaad rakhna padta hai…..that’s all….not rollno …woh toh am checking myself….ki mujhe kitne naam yaad hein….. isliye number laga di…ishqie…

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      Finally listing all 200 ishqies name… OMG… What a memory…. Plz give some to me as well I need it coz My exam are going to come….???

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      our dearlo Renima di please try to comment yaar all the ishqiess present in your list missess you like hell and i miss you the most
      hope to read your comment soon… love you loads di

    6. Riddhima

      Renima …..
      You are un imaginable …
      My head rotating … Round and round and round and round and round … How you remember this much names ….

      Surprising again and again ?????

      Love you renima ????

  7. love u shivika

  8. Mouni

    ughhhhh someone put pinky in coma for 2 years or more , there is new spoilers and now the dancer is performing in front of the OF , how humiliating for shivika , when this drama will be over ?? they really need to concentrate on the real past of anika , hate you pinky and l hope kamini will come back just to ruin your life , l even didn’t hate tia like this

    1. Mouni

      update ; there is a new promo about mahi and anika telling her that pinky is not their mom and that now everyone will question sso’s NKK , wow big one coming to sso , hope he will handle it smooth with anika by his side

    2. Shekhar

      I think this truth of SSO will come up through any one else, but not through!

      1. Shekhar


  9. guys..really there is no difference between kamini and taht old age aunty

    one is burning her son happiness for money and other is burning for selfishness
    cant she understand that annika is perfect for shivaay what to do old age aunties are like that.
    but theCVs are planning now .I know they will not keep nakul for maahi role long….so a love triangle ..nonono shanu don’t think of these things.

  10. Deepu

    Thank u for ur warm welcome @astha @vishaka @ bela @ahsana @ranilya

  11. Chavi

    Hi r u dear…keep loving ah..we too love u…take care dear…

  12. Hai guys ,it’s my first comment.
    I have a very good news to share with you guys.
    Priveer love story is going to start (I think so)
    I saw a pic of priveer in subha’ s Insta.
    She has written that there will be more of priveer.?????

    Interesting right

  13. Shanaya143

    thank u vishu di

  14. Shanaya143

    guys main aapiki shanaya hi hoon par yeh tu page wala bole ki” your username is taken” so i’ve change my name

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