Ishqbaaz 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh gets a clean-chit

Ishqbaaz 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees Daksh with Payal. She says once Shivaye sees him, he will know his truth, why didn’t Shivaye come till now, I will call him but I don’t have his number. She goes to Shivaye and says Daksh is in Payal’s room, come fast, he is inside, but how to check. Shivaye knocks on door. Daksh opens the door. He gets shocked seeing them. Payal asks who is it…. Shivaye asks what are you doing in Lonavla with Payal. Daksh says Payal, we can’t hide the truth, we have to tell them, guys come out. Shivaye asks what’s going on. Daksh says secret planning is going on, you have caught us. He laughs and says do you know, we all are planning to give a surprise to Priyanka, so we have met here, there is nothing else. Anika says this planning could have been done in Mumbai too. Daksh says that’s a very

good question, call this our luck or coincidence, Payal has won a contest, you got a free stay here as a prize, so she said everyone here for the planning. Shivaye asks why did you refuse when I asked you to go to Lonavla.

Daksh says because we hadn’t even made the plan to come to Lonavla, I was taking Priyanka for shopping, I got Payal’s message, and I m here. Shivaye says you lied to Priyanka that your friend has met with an accident. Daksh says I didn’t want her to know about the surprise, I know I did a mistake, I promise I will make it up for this. Shivaye looks at Anika. Daksh asks how come you both are here. Shivaye says you didn’t come, so I thought to come and meet the chef. Daksh says Anika is with you, don’t get me wrong, you are getting married to my sister, I just want to know casually. Shivaye says there is nothing as such, Anika is a wedding planner, she had to meet chef for catering purpose, so she came along. Daksh says lovely, its good, you got to know our plan, you should join us, please come in. Daksh sees Anika and thinks this girl turned out to be smart, thank God Tia warned me.

FB shows Tia hearing Khanna. She says Shivaye went to Lonavla, why did he lie to me, he told he is in a meeting. She calls Daksh and asks do you know Shivaye is in Lonavla, I think he has a doubt, be careful, don’t do any stupidity, leave from there. He says I m not the one to run away, I know what I should do now. He ends call. FB ends. Anika asks Shivaye to listen. Shivaye says I knew your plan will flop, this proved Daksh isn’t wrong, your opinion is wrong. She says someone would have informed Daksh, so he changed the game. He asks why are you after Daksh, Priyanka hired you as a wedding planner, not a wedding crashed. She says its better that marriage breaks than being heartbroken. He asks won’t she be heartbroken if her marriage gets cancelled. She says yes, but at least that will give her less pain. He says I m Priyanka’s brother, its only me who has the right to think about her safety, happiness and future, I know Daksh is right guy for her, you failed, you shouldn’t tell this to Priyanka or anyone else. He goes. She says you aren’t understanding, as Daksh cheated you, I will make you realize the truth, I will expose Daksh, none can stop me, not even you.

Anika checks puja arrangements. Rudra says Om you know, as a kid, I used to steal laddoos from prasad, you think Lord is upset with me for this reason. Om asks why. Rudra says I m failing to grow my hair, you have long hair, being a businessman, I m a model and have short hair. Om smiles. Dadi says Guru ji is going to come, who will see arrangements. Rudra jokes. Dadi says Guru ji goes abroad to meet his followers. Rudra asks how did he get time to meet local devotees. She says Shivaye spoke to him, so he agreed, he will find Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage mahurat, Shivaye went to get him. Shivaye gets Guru ji home. They greet him. Shivaye sees Anika. Guru ji says according to both kundlis, the suitable mahurat is after 7 days. Dadi says we can’t make arrangements in 7 days. Guru ji says if marriage doesn’t happen in 7 days, you have to wait for 3 years. Rudra says we don’t have to make so much arrangements.

Dadi says relatives can’t come on short notice. Rudra says even mom and dad can’t come. Guru ji says there is no other option. Anika thinks its good, Daksh’s truth will be exposed. Shivaye says Priyanka and Daksh will get married in seven days from now. Dadi asks just one week. He says I know Priyanka doesn’t want to wait for three years, marriage will happen in 7 days, I will see arrangements. She thanks and hugs him. Anika thinks I have to do anything and stop this marriage. Guru ji says we will start rituals, you keep engagement tomorrow, bride and groom have to be present in puja today, we will start the wedding rituals by seeking blessings from Lord, else the bride may face tough problems in her life, all the items that bind the couple should be there, like engagement ring, shagun chunri and ghatbandhan chunri. Shivaye says you prepare for puja, I will manage the rest.

He asks Om to call Daksh home. Dadi says Daksh can’t sit in puja without having shagun sweets. Shivaye says I will send sweets for Daksh. Dadi says ask Daksh to come within time, nothing should go wrong, else marriage will be delayed for 3 years. Shivaye goes. Anika thinks if Daksh doesn’t come in puja, marriage will be postponed, I just have to stop him from coming here. She sees Khanna and goes to see. Khanna says Shivaye asked me to pack his well, I will get the tape. He goes. Anika says this is the only way to stop Daksh. Shivaye says Khanna didn’t come yet. He goes to see. Anika adds something and says when Daksh eats this sweets, he won’t be able to leave from the toilet. She hears Shivaye. Shivaye says packing isn’t imp, mahurat is imp. Anika hides.

Shivaye asks what did you do, what’s this mess. He gets the powder packet and dumps it. He asks Khanna to take the sweets. He stops and turns to see. He leaves. He sees Anika and calls her out. She turns and slips. He holds her hand. She slips again. He pulls her close and holds her in arms. Tu jaane na….plays…. She feels hurt and loses balance again. He holds her hand and stops her. He lifts her in arms. Tu jaane na….plays…. He makes Anika sit. Anika says I m fine. Priyanka asks what happened to Anika. He says nothing, she has a sprain, get the pain relief sprain. She goes. Anika says try to understand, I m fine. He says you aren’t fine, you are clumsy. She says what’s clumsy. He says you keep falling and can’t control yourself, you hurt your head, toe and today you got an ankle sprain. She asks how do you know that I hurt my toe that day. He says Priyanka told me that. Priyanka gets the spray. Shivaye cares for Anika. Priyanka sees his wound and says you are bleeding. He says its good. She says how did this not heal till now, you didn’t say how you got hurt, I will get haldi for you. She goes. They recall the hospital moment and see each other.

Guru ji asks will they make it on time. Shivaye asks Tia where are they. Tia says we are still outside the house. Guru ji says just ten mins more, just five mins left, this puja won’t happen if groom and bride don’t sit in puja in time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello dear lovely PKJ family, how are all of you?

    @Arpu your analysis of IB2 years was really nice.
    @Shiny and Ishita dear thanks for missing my comments. I was actually away on a convention to Malaysia so didn’t get a chance to come to telly updates and just watched all the missed episodes on hotstar.

    Oh I must say I enjoyed last week’s episode with shivika very much. So beautiful. Today’s episode was another eye catcher. I loved the part where she tripped and almost fell and Shivaay held onto her twice and then carried her. She keeps slipping all the time. What was so strange is that when they were in Lonvala she had no problem with her toe and suddenly when they are back in the mansion she has problem in her toe. Ha ha ha

    Tia another mastermind game plan together with Dhaksh. Actually I prefer Dhaksh to be around because if he is not the bad guy then Shivika will not have a chance to be together, Anika has to try to stop the wedding and Shivaay has to stop Anika’s stopping the wedding. When that happens both will definitely quarrel and have some nok jhok.

    I can’t wait for more scenes of Shivika and also wondering when Rikara will see each other.

    Hello my dear Banita Arpu Luthfa Kadhambari Shiny Jeevi dear Ishita Sneha Tania Aayush Zara Omaira Pushpa and many many more lovely people

    1. Go Sindhi di Go
      Congrats di for being the first one to comment. Love you di. Take care.

      1. Oh thank you shivya. I didn’t even realise I was the first one. Thanks so much dear

    2. Hiiii Sindhu di………..GSG..congrats di..
      Ye I missed you too….
      Thnx di..
      Yeh episode are going good….lets see when rikara will meet…..upcoming is looking good..

      1. Hey Arpu dear thanks so much for missing me. I also missed you guys but read the comments when there was Wifi

    3. Luthfa

      Go Sindhu di Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love….?
      How are you di?Missed you soooooo…very much.I thought you were unwell as you never take leave from PKJ without informing,that’s it.Hope your trip have gone good.Very glad to have you here again?

      1. Luthfa

        About episode,di,you were right about Tia and her intentions.She too is using Shivaay for her own purposes.Caring Shivaay is too good.The husband instincts are clearly visible.They need each other so very much.Let’s see what happens next.Take care di.Love you?

    4. Go Sindhu di Go
      congo on being first .

      I am fine di and hope the same for u .
      oh …….so u were in Malaysia.

      me too want to see our Shivika’s nok jhok.

      ok bye di .
      love u .
      take care.

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    CHAPTER 16…
    @Lu..even you have also very good memory regarding PKJ…
    @Shiny.ab kya kare?? Hamare Shivika khud ajjeb he aur unke harkate usse bhi jyada ajeeb.thank you dear
    @ Ishu..thnx yarr …how can i forget UA name..chalo yaad aagaya..haan aab hasti h rahe….khush you.
    @Bunny..stop saying sorry yar.even My typo always goes wrong…that was actually hell funny sweet of you…….and ye i wil carry on sure.???
    ???????Ye Kamina….Daksh..and Tia ki bacchi daal daal kacchi…..Sab oberois ke money ke peeche.???So i also don’t think this andha kanoon ( oops not andha kanoon..but double face Tia) Sso…whole family is cheat…paise khorbaaz..?????…

    Tumtoh haath dhike uske puche pad gayi ho …..Sso aapke peeche padne ke liye deri he.. ??????…

    Sso thoda kam sunaya karo Annika ko….it is difficult to handle….
    You are priyanka’s brother..whole world knows….????.

    Hai Allah..Takar…jahan tum wahan main…SHIVIKA..awwwww
    Btw Anika’s hiding place is always in kitchen….last time when her ghanti was ringing in her ears …and this time..???So Sso has senso meter..
    Sso don’t hug anyone but can lift any girl..oops sry mean only HIS ANNIKA…i loved the whole sequence. …he always there to save her from falling…and with so much Right he carried her in his arms..Annika was just silent and watching him ….MIHIR JI…YOU ARE LOSS

    Sso directly touched Annika’s ankle. .for a sec i really felt he is Real Sso…and his face was looking so adorable. ….new BG music is love….

    Precap countdown…???Chalo Daksh is going to arrive….i knew it..he is dhit….

    Upcoming is good Sso knows about Annika’s engagement. .but what ever is going to hapoen only under 7 days…lets see…i amexcited.
    Plz guys watch IB on tv………plz

    @Daisy..your work is going good…

    I am hell sleepy.byyyyyyyy.

    1. Hello Arpita di .
      mein khush to rahungi aur dua karungi ki aap aur baaki sab bhi khush rahe .
      pr mujhe na , ek baat samajh nhi aayi , ye UA kya hai , aap bata do please .

      and yes di hum sab ko pata hai ye daksh kitna cheapda hai kisi na kisi tarah pahuch hi jayega .

      love u di

      1. Hiii Ishu..
        Actually i tried to write BUA..but this B type hi nahi hui.??…..
        Awww soo sweet of you…….
        But stil want to see end of Daksh chapter..
        But this tia is going to be annoying….
        Lets see.

    2. Super analysis di. I just loved it.
      Stay safe and take care. Love you.

    3. Yes arpu I am so excited with the new IB. It is really looking good. Loved it. We will see Shivaay’s jealousy when Nikhil arrives.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      I have so much to write but don’t know whether I will be able to finish those or not.Let’s see.Waiting for your part of PKJ?
      Hehehe……Tia and Daksh Tish are behind Shivaay and Prinku.I laughed like anything when Daksh called Tia as di.Shivika are too adorable and they were so comfortable with each other being strangers in AU.Upcoming is exciting.Take care.Lots of love?

  3. Riana


    1. Hiiiii Raina

      Nice ans different way of analysis.
      Good .
      Love iu dear

      take care

    2. You reflected my emotions. Me too yaar. Loved this new way of analysis. Love you and take care.

    3. ???? …..last line emojis are it..

    4. Luthfa


  4. Luthfa

    “You are such a person to me,if I love you a life time,it won’t be sufice.
    Because the love,closeness,togetherness of one life time won’t be enough.
    It would be like a wink of eyes.
    You are an Ocean of love.
    Still my eyes are thristy.
    If I see you,I feel I am breathing but the distance from you takes away my life.
    You are shinning like the lamp of my life.
    Don’t know in which way I will repay your debt on me
    Only I have my love to offer you,to worship you or else,I have nothing”

    1. Nice Luthfa di
      how r u?

      1. Luthfa

        I am fine dear.How are you?Thank you so much.God bless you?

    2. Ohoooo Lu…
      You are an Ocean of love…..fev line…
      Keep it on…i am loving it..

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much darling.I am happy that you liked it.God bless you?

    3. Nice one Luthfa. Good going with your love poem

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much Sindhu di.God bless you?

  5. I am missing the old track very much, obro moments, brotherhood so many things missing will they go back to the reality or not. Can anyone tell me please.

    1. Ya… Getting very bore …old track is good how much it will take to end I thought it may take 2 weeks but this track is not ending ….

      1. Lucky…no dear…not ao soon..
        Abhi toh bahut kuch hoga…first time in indian television redux is happening….
        Lets give it a chance na….

    2. Even i wanna know that. Will they go back to that? Cause i miss the old Anika and billu. Also Why is there no Rikara scene? They are so cute <3 Om has always been my fav.

      1. Kfiti dear..even I am missing khidkitod Annika and bilu…..but this version of them is different and wuiet interesting too….
        Hope rikara will meet soon.

    3. Laxmi dear… much as I know they wil go back to Real world…but not so soon.
      Yeh i am missing Obro moment..but this redux is based on mainly.. sis bro bonding. …

      1. LakshmiSiva

        Thanks for your reply dear. I hope so but badly missing the brothers bonding and their theme song shut up rudra and water fight with anika and pinky promise.

    4. Lakshmi dear let’s have patience. They are developing all this slowly. I think there will be obros moment but not too soon. Shivaay is not hugging person and I think Anika will teach him what is love and how to display affection and then there will be obros moments and the bros are going to be surprised and thank Anika for it.

      1. LakshmiSiva

        Ya correct, we have to wait for those moments. Thanks for clarification. Take care.

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Lakshmi,
      Shivika’s returning is depending on many things like makers,cvs,channel and most importantly TRP.But they will go back definitely.Let’s see.Take care?

      1. LakshmiSiva

        Ya u r right dear, let wait for that and enjoy the current track.

  6. Good morning to all GPlj walas! How are you all?
    Such a sweet Shivikalicious part I enjoyed a lot. When I was watching it l felt …..
    Then- SSO couldn’t help Ani during her toe injured. His heart asked him to run out from car and help her but his mind controlled him.
    Now- He compensated that day by holding her from falling ever on all the times.I enjoyed it to the most.
    ****The progression of these two esp. SSO and the haq which they naturally have for each other is mesmerizing.
    Is Tia again an antagonist? Pls tell me if someone knows.
    *******And my hearty thanks to
    Banita dear
    Luthfa di
    Arpita di
    for your sweet reply on my last comment.

    1. Yes shivya Tia is antagonist and they are in cahoots to extort money from Oberois. How does Tia knows that dhaksh is in Lonavla unless Dhaksh would have informed his Sister Tia.

    2. Good morning Shiviya .
      Have a nice day dear .
      and I am fine .
      What about u?
      yes ,after watching yesterday’s episode i think Tia is antagonist.
      and both Tia and daksh are marrying Shivaye and Annika respectively, just for money .

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Shivya,
      How are you dear?
      Shivika are coming close to each other unknowingly.This Shivaay is really chantomai.Knows very well how to cover up.Let’s see what happens next.And you are most welcome dear.Love you?

  7. Wah! Such a splendid comment wala poem from you. Superbbbbb it is. Keep on writing di. Stay safe and take care.
    Love you di.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much for your appreciation dear.God bless you?

  8. yesterday’s episode was good especially how shivaay lifted anika i was like awww.. so cuuuutteeeee…
    I hope there’s no force marriage of shivika…..

    1. Ateeqa I also wish there is no forced marriage my dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ateeqa,
      Can’t tell as the track record of the Oberois regarding marriage is not good.Have to wait and watch.Let’s see?

  9. Good morning Shiviya .
    Have a nice day dear .
    and I am fine .
    What about u?
    yes ,after watching yesterday’s episode i think Tia is antagonist.
    and both Tia and daksh are marrying Shivaye and Annika respectively, just for money .

  10. Go Sindhu di Go
    congo on being first .

    I am fine di and hope the same for u .
    oh …….so u were in Malaysia.

    me too want to see our Shivika’s nok jhok.

    ok bye di .
    love u .
    take care.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode.. But i am tired of tia and daksh evilness

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