Ishqbaaz 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shwetlana says this will be Anika’s first and last coffee of her life, this poisonous chemical will show its color today. Shivaye asks Anika to have coffee. Anika takes the coffee mug in hand. Some time before, Shwetlana shows the acid. Tia asks what’s this. Shwetlana says Anika’s death and smiles. Om makes some sketch angrily and recalls Tej’s words. He throws the canvas. Anika comes with food. She says canvas is same, pencil is same, hands are same too, but if maker’s mood is not good, then everything gets spoiled, and mood has straight connection with stomach, Om have food.

Om says I m not hungry. Anika says when Sahil and I fight, we get much hunger, we eat 6 parathas, Sahil looks lean, but he eats a lot, you also try. Om says every person is different Anika. She says yes right, every

person is different, someone has some weakness and others have something else, we can show other’s mistakes, not ours. He asks did you come to defend Tej. She says no, I came to see elders’ fight affect younger ones a lot, I m talking about Rudra, there is nothing imp than family, you are lucky to have family, some people don’t even have that, if you have family, then don’t let it break, what about the situation, its bad today and will be good tomorrow. She cries and wipes tears.

She asks him not to sit on hunger strike, health can get bad, and hair don’t stay silky, anyways Aloo puri is really tasty. Om smiles and takes food tray. He says I did not know you explain so well, thank you Anika bhabhi. She stops. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi….plays…….. She looks at him and smiles. He says you did bhabhi type work, so I have to call you Bhabhi. She signs him to have food and goes.

Anika says Soumya, I find difficulty in understanding english, I just see hindi movies, not english. Soumya says its dubbed in hindi, you can see. Anika says there are such scenes, I can’t see such movies, I feel shy. Soumya smiles. Anika says Shivaye’s english is hi fi, I don’t understand the words, when he says such words, I will ask you. Soumya says you can ask any time. Anika says fine, tell me what’s blush, when anyone sees your face and say blush. Soumya says wait. She gets blush makeup and gives her. Anika asks is this blush. Soumya says its applied on cheeks. Anika thinks Shivaye knows about makeup also. She says I was worried for this little thing. She smiles. She calls Shivaye and asks where are you.

He says I m going to my room, any problem. She says I solved the problem, I found out the meaning of blush, you tell me what’s my prize. He asks what’s this prize, I think its your day, you had aloo puri made by me, I will make espresso for you, this will be your prize. She says you are making Americano for me, I will also see what’s this black coffee, I will come. Anika goes. Shwetlana and Tia hear her. Shwetlana says this will be Anika’s first and last coffee of her life, this poisonous chemical will show its color today. They go and stop seeing Rudra. Shwetlana hides. Rudra asks who is there. Tia asks what happened, there is no one. Rudra says I will check and come. Tia mocks sprain. Rudra says universe does not want you to walk much, take rest. He does not see anyone and turns. He sees Tia gone and says was I dreaming…

Shwetlana and Tia enter Shivaye’s room. Shwetlana asks her to put it in coffee machine fast. Rudra enters the room and does not see them. He takes something and leaves. Shwetlana shuts door and asks Tia to do it fast. Tia says its not easy, you are making me more nervous. Tia’s hands shake. She puts acid in coffee pot. Shwetlana says hurry up. The acid falls on floor and Shwetlana’s shoe. Shwetlana says be careful, see its so strong, what will happen of Anika when she drinks this, hurry up. Shivaye comes that way talking to Khanna on call about security. Tia pours the acid. Tia and Shwetlana hide. Shivaye moves the curtains and does not see them. He talks to servant. They leave.

Shivaye gets inside the room and pours some coffee in the mug. He is about to drink. Anika gets blush makeup and says its that which you keep saying. He asks what’s this. She says blush. He starts laughing and says this is blush? She asks why are you laughing. He says nothing, you have coffee. She takes the cup from him. He asks her to first smell the coffee and then have it. He says not like this and moves her hand. Coffee falls on magazine and burns the paper. Anika asks what did this happen. He smells. She says its something like chemical.

She puts it on a small plant and it burns. She says it means there is something in this coffee, do you believe this now, I told you that your life has risk. He says you were going to drink coffee. She says but its your coffee machine, someone wants to kill you, you drink coffee every day, someone wants to make you away from me, I told you, you don’t agree, this is your problem, say something. He says its okay. She asks okay, the person will try again and if he succeeds then… He says Anika, I will find him. She says promise me you will always fine. He says yes, nothing will happen to me, Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s life will not go so easily. She cries. He says I m fine.

Rudra says it means Anika was saying right. Shivaye says I did not trust her, I thought she is assuming things, car brakes, glass breaking can be accident, but chemical in coffee machine can’t be any accident. Om says your car, your window, now coffee machine, it means you are the target, whoever is doing this is in this house, he is very clever, he is attacking us and we don’t know him/her. Shivaye says he does not want the result of attacking Oberoi family. Om says absolutely, we don’t know about that man today, but we will find out. Rudra says we will find out.

Anika asks servant where is he doing. Servant says doctor has sent medicines for Shwetlana. She says give it to me, I will give it to her. She takes medicines. Shwetlana says Anika will be out by taking one sip of coffee. Tia says you are truly a genius, whatever happened at breaking table, you have come between Tej and Jhanvi, Anika’s chapter will end today, what next. Shwetlana says our next target is….. Anika knocks door. Shwetlana hides. Tia calls her out and gets inside the blanket. Anika enters the room and keeps medicines. Anika propers the blanket while Tia gets tensed. Anika sees Shwetlana’s sandal and thinks why is this slipper burnt.

Anika says why was Shwetlana’s slipper as if someone has put chemical on it, it means Shwetlana is Shivaye’s enemy. Tia stops Jhanvi and says someone is calling you in kitchen. Shwetlana speeds up the wheelchair and falls downstairs. Jhanvi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super…… Dhamakedhar and dinchak wala episode…… Loved anikas innocence and shivika romance

    1. Svetlana will now blame jhanvi for pushing her from stairs……. Uff dese villians

  2. Aarti32

    Don’t these stupid villains care abt their own life!! Kitte aram se gir gyi stairs se..N agar Svetlana ki sandal jal gyi, to uska pair nhi jala?!

  3. Thank you for the fast updates

  4. Blush scene is so hilarious!

  5. Mouni

    good ep today , thanks for the written ep
    anika was right about almost everything but she does not know that she is their target now , l read in spoiler that she will hurt her hand maybe by saving sso and tilana will send goons after her to kill her but she gets saved and tell the obros that its swetlana and tia who are responsable , its good that sso and omru are convinced now that there is a criminal in the OM , they will doubt everyone now including tia and her sis so am hoping this track will end soon but it seems that rumi will be back blackmailing rudra and priveer forced wedding too is something interesting too
    the real puzzle is how things will end for the tilana team ?? when they get exposed what will happend ?? sso and OF will not let them go eazly and the real anonymous villain will want them dead like gayatri so this is a real mystery and am guessing there will be other villains sent by this guy to ruin the OF and maybe roop will be back too

  6. .Like Shivay said, it was Annika’s day or rather episode. Annika ruled everything from devar bhabhi moments to devrani jethani moments to Shivika moments to Precap. And I love her even more.?

    Felt like hitting Shivays head when he said ‘Maine hi usse trust nahi Kiya’. Finally U ve got some sense. Btw Team bros look so cool ?

    Abt Precap, Annika take my advice, plz don’t try exposing Svetlana without any proper proof. Phir se apna pappu math banaana. Please.

    Special Mention- Annika’s expressions after she found out what blush was.

    P.S.- Star Plus, please go for a promo of desi power rangers vs. RoTiLana


    Anika Bhabhi- Best dialogue of today….?aand rest episode was good..


      And on 7 jan the best dialogue award goes to-
      Om said that Rudra was in tension that after marriage Shivaye will change but Rudra says that Universe changed the Bhabhi… ?????

      I am mentioning this here as i did not commentd on 7 jan or might be i forgot that day…

  8. I won’t get surprised if Kunal & Lee quit the show , only Shivika , even if they start Om’s or Rudra’s track , i’ll not watch it bc they make viewers love only Shivika so if audience don’t see this jodddi , they get upset , Bref , i’ll come back when they five equal space for the leads.

  9. Aqua

    Shivay’s expression was soooooooo funny. hehe
    I would love to see Shivay blush one day lolz.

    Btw guys, those of you who were following my Her Rise and His Fall SS, I have uploaded Ch4 Dancing Peacock over the weekend…. just in case you have missed it, check it out and let me know 🙂



  10. Yvonne Codner

    Great episode..I am glad about Anika and her investigations..She will reveal the real culprits soon. Thanks Amena!! Always thumbs up!!

  11. I totally enjoyed the blush scene….cute. I love Om and Rudra’s characters, when will we see their love story……please writers, do something, anything…fast. I totally adore Anika and her hot mouth, other wives on serials should take a page out of her book, stand up for your rights and protect your husbands from lecherous women like Tia, but that’s the reasons for the drama in these serials….right?? The only problem I have with these serials are the rate of evil conquering good….not good.

  12. Superb episode….anika rocked in todays episode…..ohhhh omkara called anika as bhabi…that was the moment of the day….rudy always used to call her bhabhi….but its first time omkara called her has bhabhi….
    Abd blush scene….anika….hahaha…it was superb scene…shivika scenes are nc….i like shivaye and anikas expressions a lotz….love ishqbaaz
    Ohhh plsss bring omkaras lead to…i dnt want to talk about that swet and tia
    Precape….its horriable….ohhh plsss save jhanvi from this swets plans

  13. Richu

    Guyzzz just loving the track…..
    The attempts of swetlana tia rumi are being fruitful towards shivika…

    Dear abiha nice to see u back…n I’m fit n fine…
    Priya diii….howzz u?long time
    And in family members…
    Mukta sat yazhu priya Shana kiki nithu Veda saahana saku samyukta shaza Luna shahbana Reno sumi razna sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya Manik Mary haya piyuuumishri reni di aqua shraddha…I think u too are loving this present track…right??by the way how r u all?????

    And kushagra dear..could not reply u on the previous page. …..yaaa I’m damn excited for param’s new one….I’ll surely comment….
    Anyone there who has seen SADDA HAQ??

    Dhruv Bhai muktiii Shivani…. Missing u..

    1. I m fine di..
      Nd yeah..i use to watch SADDA HAQ…
      But I liked season 1 more than season 2!!!…
      Nd just now watched promo of ghulam..i will also try to watch it..nd param he is looking thrilling!!???

    2. Helloooo richu….
      Im fine dr….i used to watch saddahaq1….its superb showed….but i dudnt liked saddahaq2

    3. Hi Richu, I’m good…. how are you???? honestly, I’m not much happy with the current track of IB… I also stopped watching the show for sometime and now also I’m not watching it regularly….. that’s why I was not commenting here……The show somewhat got ruined after Shivika marriage according to me …though I was still not away from TU because I am writing an ff here so I had to update it…Though now I think the show is getting back on track but the crap CVs showed in between, I can write essay on it, lol but leave it….. Happy New Year to u dear and take care

    4. Renimarenju

      Am ok….richu……back 2 work today…..and please,…..its really hard…..and the difficult thing was 2 update ff…..also…..but i updated it and i said gudbye…also…which means this ff will be the last ff from renima……..but from this ishqbaaz family i won’t go…..but i asked some time only………and… new year holidays are ended also… again work….hectic schedule…..and…..u know…..why am saying….thuis………so just give me some more time…..dear…..i will come back…..the plus and minus is that…….when i will comment it will come from heart…..hope u got it……

    5. Hey richu n kushagra,
      yeah….I used to watch sadda haq . But season 1 was more gud, better , best than season 2 . Sandhir to waah kya kehna ..:-)…. Don’t knw about ghulam ki dekhna chahungi ya nhi …

  14. I still dont get all these Kunal and Leenesh warriors. Are they privy to the contracts? All fingers are not equal please. The lead actors are Nakul and Surbhi. Others are supporting actors! Yes i said it….cry me a river.

    1. Just a small piece of advice to u…plz don’t do personal attack to anyone on this forum….As for the SS issue, Kunal and Leenesh were promoted as leads in the show but now they don’t have any individual storyline, so their fans have all the right to complain…..No offence to Shivika, but it’s high time Om and Rumya should also get some proper SS.

      1. Im agree with u Luna….shivika is ny favret too..that doesnt mean omkara and rudra are side charecters….its high time to show rumya story and bring omkaras lead….Naija gal….just dnt forgot that its gk mams promise that “ek kahaniki theen kissahe” so she have to keep her promise…thats what fans are asking….i love shivika but i want to see rumya and omkaras story too

      2. Aarti32

        I too agree wid u.. d obros r my favorite. Moreover, I like jahnvi also. But not showing Om n Rudra’s track is upsetting d viewers. N after Ishana’s exit, I’m not datuch crazy for Ishqbaaaz as I used to be earlier. No blame on shivika. Calm down folks!!

      3. Aarti32

        *dat much crazy

        N it’s d story of d obros. Not jst shivika. Ishqbaaz is one of those few shows in which heroes r more important than d heroines. N I luv dis fact abt it. So Naija gal shud stop considering omru as supporting characters.

  15. Archiya

    Loved Om n anika convo, it was such a cute devar bhabhi bond.They have shown always rudy talking freely to anika, i always waited to see hw convo of anika n om will b,an it was really beautiful
    But i did nt get it,neither shivay n nor rudy was worried or cared tat om had nt eaten, they cld have atleast shown tat bth were standing outside his room takin food for him,an bfre them anika made om eat, that wld b realistic as the story is abt 3 bros bonding.Please dont make tat lose.
    The blush thing was really cute.
    How can shivay give prize as expresso though,wen anika always spits it on him,i knw they wnted to come to tat scene.. they shld hve tried smthin else
    The scene between shivay an anika was so nice, anika’s worry for shivay always touches my heart.
    Rudy dialogue was classic as usual “universe does not want you to walk much, take rest”
    Aren’t acid always strong enough to burn the skin,if shoe burnt how come her feet is fine.

  16. Jaya

    Blush part was hilarious…shivay’s smile is so cute yar. Om said ‘bhabi’ for the frst time loved it. ‘bhuka rehne se baalo me shine ni rehte’ ha ha ha. Anika is amazing…only she can convince in hatke andaaz. Precap: Arghhh…! Again drama…blame will be on jhanvi’s head.

  17. best dialogue n moment is om saying ..thank u anika baby..shivika rocked as usual..i feel anika shd concentratelittle on her own life like learning eng n business knowledge n setting up her own businnes n moving ahead in her life it wli be good if she handle her work n family both parallely..waiting for u surbhi..expressions queen

  18. Both vamps are naughty enough to be child! It is maker’s BLESS over them that they did not catch or seen by any one oberoy roaming here and their in OM like in their fore father’s garden!

    Atlast now OBROs have find ANNIKA right, some one is there itself in OM who is attacking to the death extent on SSO and OF , but steel far away to the truth , WHO & FOR WHOM? CVS minds has been splitted out, one Mind is making plan illussive enough to missguide victims, second Mind employing childish villain to make OH MY MATA of a high profile plans!

    ANNIKA scared and she shown her obssession for SHIVAAY openly, no matter what may happen now! She has reached to the point of no return in her obsession now.

    A DEVER-BHABHI relation has been nicely embossed by both ANIOM ! Few may find it odd, but in my POV, OM after witnessing the SSO making breakfast for ANNIKA of her choice, and nicely judging what is going on in SSO Mind, timely adressed her as “ANNIKA BHABHI”!, no matter how long that relation still stand!

    1. I know in yesterday episode they showed anika omkara dever bhabi relation very beautifullyy….but u are akso not less shekhar…u also analised anikara dever bhabi relation in pretty way… doubt u are a best analiser SHEKHAR….just keep it up

    2. Very true Shekhar…..the vamps are behaving very childish…..and the makers are being very kind towards them….otherwise how come Swetlana’s foot didn’t suffer any injury when her shoes has burnt so much!!

    3. Here you go ! Once again you hv proved that you are the best analyser. Timely addressed her as bhabhi ….waoww
      But what do u mean by no matter how long this relation still stand ? ?

      1. He is commited to marry TIA, and KAPOORS has the so called OM secret for illegitimate son of TEJ, over more for out side world, TIA is his wife, he is the father of TIA’s to be born child! These all reason may force SSO divorce ANNIA , against his all the wishes! That’s why wrote, no matter , who long it may still stand!

  19. Amazing Episode!!….
    Anika part was hilarious…
    Finally….omkara accepted anika as his bhabhi….swethlana is so cheap planner…poor janvi now everyone will blame janvi.. …
    ANOTHER JOKE OF THE DAY….ACID FELT ON SWETHLANA’S SANDAL…HER SANDAL BURNT BUT NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER LEG????…stop showing such stupid thing…must pay attention towards such small thing…doesnt hv any sense at all…

    P.S: this is my last comment…this time I m very much sure now I will comment only after they will start OMKARA love story!!…enough is enough now…so much of waiting..bye guys..i will miss u all..hope they will start his story soon..nd moreover some of fans r telling them (om nd rudra) as supporting actors….but still I like omkara more than shivika…sorry if anyone gets hurt..

    1. No need to say sorry saku….u just shared ur view….everyone has a different likes….yaaa i tooo like all of the leads from ishqbaaz….for me shiomru and shivika are special….but if i have to choose one charecter from the show which i like most thats shivaye….sometimes i just touched by charecter shivaye….i just love the charecter shivaye a lotz….
      Yaaa i too hope they will bring omkaras lead soon

  20. Plz written updates k sath pics be dya kro

  21. Now coz of Swetlana, Tej will drift away from Jhanvi.
    But one good thing is she is unknowinly exposing herself as Om,Rudra,shivay and Anika can never believe Jhanvi stooping so low. Even dadi and Pinky wont believe it.
    Now they will start doubting on Swet too along with Tia.


    Look, makers have much more option than we may guess, bcz when secrets does not reveal a single glimpse, more option they may have, beton and over our wild imagination! They may opt for SOUMYA even, past of her is still to come up !
    But, ANNIKA’s past will be proved centralised around which , we may find whole IB story is moving around, no matter what ever it may be.

    Some how it is obvious now that , looking at one after another epis in raw, TIA’s days in OM remain countable on fingertips. It is OM’s track which badly need some focus now, and any ML get distrscted without focus over him, no matter who is ML . Makers should project OM now to outburst his capability to stall the epis, and remove the burden from over the shoulders of SHIVIKA. He has tremendous talent waiting to exhibit and perform. Need not to waste his talent after setting him moving for and around SHIVIKA. Makers should not be biased , but must be willing to look beyond imaginaty horizon, where lies better than within horizon!

    1. Yaaa u are right shekhar…makers should not be biased…its now more than 6 months….i really think they should give equal screen space to all three couples….i think makers should not forgot that show runs bcz of all the leads….otherwise they have to pay for their fault….

    2. Mouni

      hi shekhar , me too l was thinking what if the main villain has some connection to anika , what if he is her father ??? or some close relative , it would be interesting if true , anika will be in the middle btw sso and that person and what if under some pressure or events she chose that other person ?? it would be the time for sso to suffer deeply

  23. Hi all…..the makers should have dedicated yesterday’s episode to Anika…..from the beginning to the end she was the star of yesterday’s epi…..and a khidkithod applause to the makers for that cute devar-bhabhi scene…..Anika and Om nailed it!! Om’s dialogue “Bhabhi wala kaam kiya hain tho bhabhi bulana padega….” and earlier Rudy’s dialogue “Universe ne bhabhi ko change kar diya….” – both has confirmed their acceptance and affection for Anika….so I think whatever may happen in future, these 2 wonderful devars will not leave their Anikabhabhi…..they are going to support her and help her in all her problems.

    And, don’t you guys think there is something wrong with Shivaye…..I mean he was this sweet person when he asked Anika to have the coffee and when they found that the coffee was to cause one’s death, he didn’t show any gesture to reciprocate his relief Anika fine….Anika was all the way showing her concern and then SSO asks “u r ok na”….that’s it??? I expected a hug yaar….very disappointing 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Precap……I think Tia will say that she saw Janvi pushed Swetlana……I suggest the makers should include Janvi in the group of Oberoi avengers…..what say?

    1. ” There is something wrong with SSO”

      When matter is for ANNIKA, he does always unexpected, no matter it is before or after marriage.
      He does feel himself inferior to what ANNIKA !
      He always find him loser against her talent, and never find her acknowledging his talent, and eventually he is being tend to give her abnormal beyond her expectation , only to realise her, he is not that man she is believing !
      So why we found, not something, bt everything wrong with SSO whenever the matter is related to ANNIKA!

  24. superb episode. first time om called as anika bhabhi that was very nice. anika is amazing.

  25. hi sakshi di..dt say so..aur toda sabar karo..i thnk omkara love track going to be like darwada tod ne wala..if gul mam is making viewers this much restless abt omkara love lady..that means we wl get blindblowing n surprising epi tak shivika love ki enjoy karo di

  26. Hindi serial villains are never exposed the bad keeps dragging until you get bored the heroes have only golden words in their cap but nothing proved.I hope ishqbaz does not disappoint.

  27. Aarosh
    shivaay gets best businessman of the year on location shoot the last scene in which in which rudra comes running and kissing shivom is nice to watch

  28. Honestly… is this the nayi soch….thinking of new ways to kill people and torture them??!!! What nonsense. Please don’t spoil this show like the other shows!

  29. Y so less comments? Was the episode that bad??

    1. Lax episode is good….but many are upset with track and many are busy i think… not understanding why makers are not understanding fans and not giving equal screen space to all leads….they where just wasting screen space on that stupid nafrathbaazs stupid plans…..they should end this nafrathbaaz track soon and shift to omkara rumya priveer scenes along with shivika

      1. Shahabana, I think this track ll continue till they find a girl for Om. And I think CVs are finding it difficult to cast somebody who ll look perfect opposite Om.

  30. Wow, Om called anika as Bhabhi from heart, their part was so nice…

  31. Guys…!! New promo link.. Annika realised she is in love. Promo is cute, esp. Mannequin challenge. Watch.

    1. Realize not realise n
      part not challenge. Sorry?

  32. Aarosh

    i think it is after solving kapoor sisters problem because pinky is also in normal mood and prinku returns and was in happy mood

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