Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shwetlana and Anika dance in Naagin song. Shivaye and everyone feel awkward seeing them. Shivaye covers up Rudra’s eyes. They all turn away. Some time before, Shivaye says where did she go, did you get her. Priyanka says no. Anika comes. Shivaye asks where are you going. She says home. He says this is your home. She says no, I don’t remember. He says its because you lost memory. She says leave me, I have to go my home. He says shut up and come with me to our room. She says leave me, I don’t want to go anywhere.

He gets her to room and says you stay here, did you remember anything. She asks is this room mine…. there is nothing nice, green carpet, what’s this curtain color combination, and this orange sofa… He says you can’t say anything about my room, its perfect. She says

you just said its my room, now you are saying this. He says I meant its our room. She asks how, I don’t know you. He says look Anika. She says wait, who is Anika. He says you are Anika. She says I m Kalavati Thakur. He asks what.

She says you thought I won’t know, I know everything, I came here for some work and you all caught me up. He says you are not Kalavati, who said that, listen to me. She says no, I don’t trust anything you say. He looks at her. She says don’t stare at me, you can’t scare me by your kanju eyes, I m going. He says Michmichi…. She stops.

He says Tadi, khidhki tod, helicopter…… you remember, did any bell ring. She says you are totally mad. He says this is my… why don’t you understand, you are Anika, you spoiled the things. She says what’s this language, what strange words are you saying. He says its your language. She says you are saying it, I have no time to waste, I m going. He asks where. She says anywhere, I will not stay here. He says no, you won’t go. She asks why. He says its Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s rule here, I don’t like to hear no. She asks him not to come ahead. He walks to her.

She turns and gets a water jug. She throws water on his face. He pauses and recalls Anika throwing water on him before. He says you have thrown water on me. She says you maybe Shivaye Singh Oberoi, but I m Kumari Kalavati Thakur, I don’t like taking orders. She hands over the jug to him. Rudra comes and looks on. Anika leaves. Anika sees Tia outside and says its good I got you here, its just you here whom I can completely trust. Tia reacts really…. Shivaye and Rudra also react the same. Anika nods and says really, see this man got me to his room forcibly and not letting me go, you are nice, just save me. Tia says don’t worry, I m with you. Shivaye says Tia…. Tia says forget it Shivaye, she needs me right now. Tia and Anika leave. Rudra says Sautan bani saheli, Anika’s best friend is Tia. Shivaye says really things got spoiled.

Anika says just you can help me in leaving from here, but I m scared. Shwetlana comes there and holds Anika. Anika worries and says you…. Tia says she is Shwetlana, she also stays here. Shwetlana says you think you will let you go easily, do something that they make you leave from here. Anika asks what. Shwetlana says come with me, I will explain. Tia says its okay, you can trust her, she is a really nice person. Anika asks what do I have to do. Shwetlana says come with me.

Shivaye says we have to make Anika restore her memory. Rudra says its not a problem that she thinks of us as her enemy, problem is she thinks Tia is her friend. Dadi calls out Shivaye. Shivaye and Rudra go and see Anika and Shwetlana dancing on Naagin song. Rudra covers his eyes. Shivaye too covers Rudra’s eyes. Shwetlana and Anika show sizzling moves. Everyone feel awkward. Anika dances with Shivaye and shoves him.

Dadi asks what happened to my Anika. Shivaye says she got mad, she does not understand, now I have to become SSO. He lifts Anika and takes her to room. She scolds him. He asks her to shut up else…. Anika asks what else, will you beat me. He gets a fruit knife and shows her. She gets shocked.

She says I will shout. He keeps knife near her chin and asks what will you do. She says I… He says you will do what I say, open your eyes and listen, your name is Anika, you stay in this house because you are my….. we both are married, you agree to me always, you don’t jump over table and dance, you never throw water on me, you agree to everything I say, you behave with me well, did you get that well Anika. She says but my name is Kalavati. He says your name is Anika, and my name is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, what is it…. say it. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

He says now you argument, you will do what I say, if I ask you to come in this room, you will come, if I say sit, you will sit, if I say be quiet and talk, you will do that, understood? She says yes. He says if you try to run away then…. see this knife…. if this hurts, it bleeds, will you run away from this house. She says no. He says promise. She says promises. He throws the knife back side and it gets stuck in apple so perfectly. She looks on surprises. He recalls her and says Pinky promise. She asks what’s that. He shows the pinky finger. She asks what shall I do. He says give me your finger. She tensely promises. He says this is pinky promise. She pushes him and runs. He calls her out. He says this girl will make me mad.

Anika takes a breath. Dadi holds Anika. Dadi asks what happened, I know when memories get erased, person does not know who is dear and who’s stranger, person should follow heart, memories get erased, not feelings, everyone is yours here, none wants to hurt you, none wants to kill you, Billu can never do that. Anika asks Billu. Dadi says Kanji eyed one, he is your husband, and husband is Lord, trust the sindoor and suhaag, he will not do anything wrong with you, he will not let wrong happen with you. She recalls Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Anika. Anika says he is calling me. Dadi says don’t worry, he is your husband and husband is…. Anika says he is Parmeshwar/Lord. Dadi asks her to listen.

Shivaye asks what’s your phone doing here, you should have it. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand.

Anika asks Tia are you fine. Tia says yes. Anika sees T&D locket and asks about D…. Tia says Dushyant….. Anika gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If Anika’s plan to expose swetlana and tia by acting like she lost her memory that’s good. Let’s hope that doesn’t get backfire on her otherwise she will lose trust of shivomru, dadi, and priyanka. Right now she only trusts swetlana and tia. I mean if she try to expose them by herself. Hope that shivomru are involved in her plan too.

  2. Guys I think it Aniru plan
    Then Rudy exposed to shivom by mistake
    Shivaay keeping this confidential as he knows the truth about swetlana(om&shiv planning against swet)
    He have a doubt on Tia after watching camera
    He also knows someone closely watching Anika (he reads that letter &behaving unknowingly)&we getting cute shivika moments

  3. Samm

    who else whistled when he did that knife-flip? 😀

  4. Today’s episode is jhakass…. Ab sso uttayega Anika ke nakere norjaha ke……

  5. Awesome episode i…. Enjoying ani memory loss drama

  6. Nagin dance… it???

  7. Awesome episode
    Anika’s dance is superbb.The expression of rudy while seeing anika’s dance…. Shivika romatic was superbb

  8. What an amazing episode Anika you are jst a full on entertainment package and I loved the naagin dance to the core.surbhi luv u ?

  9. Sweetuishkara

    today’s episode was full package of entertainment love anika and shivay ,hats off to cvs for this episode

  10. What happened to my fellow Shivikan?? ISHQ, where r u??

    1. Even i tooo thinking same….where is ishq…….ishq wapas aaoona…naraz ho kya…

  11. Hi guyz iam chicku iam here in this page and only commented less iam from Kerala thrissur I love all ur comments and thought to get very active in this page
    I really love the episode sooo much as i cant control my laugh sering naagin dance iam sure that this ML track is to expose tilana and it is shivaniru may also om ka plan cvs are trying to make us confuse by showing anikas new avatar with shivays gangstermode with full tashan shivay was continuously staring at anikas fall till she touches the floor he didn’t even take of his eyes from her so how it can be only anirus plan to expose tia and also shivika is full tashan and even also acting in their bedroom to reduce the possibility of getting caught how can we say that like daksh tilana also kept a spy camera in their roomm and overall i hope no i trust that it is shivomruanis plan to expose tilana and after exposing only the real planning of oberois against kapoors will be showing
    Iam sry for the grammermistakes as iam poor in English subject

  12. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    How did anika remember the words to the song?? She can’t remember her name..

    1. Smartie…..Anika’s is a special gifted girl and her memory loss is also a specific kind of its own!! She can remember anything once she hears it!! 😀 😀 😀

  13. Guys if shivay is unaware of ML drama he will surely introduce anika as his wife so that there is chance for her to recover her memory and also one thing anika is continuosly inquiring him about their relationship but shivay is struggling to say the relation as wife to kumari kalavathi takkur he is talking to kalavathi like anika beforebut thak god he is not saying that she is his zimmedari I hope that shivay knows this ML dramaa

  14. In every serial memory loss track i feel boring but in IB it’s so funny ????
    Anika goes to tia tell her that “Main sirf aap pay bharosa karti hoon “Tia really ?shivaya really ?Rudy really ?so funny Rudy dialouge “sautan bani sahaliyaan”so funny???

  15. Naagin dance???wow……….I just loved the dance and shivru expressions…..I don’t know how many times I watched it in insta…..superb…..superb…..I thought this memory loss track would be boring…..but its really interesting…..

  16. Archiya

    Hello everyone,
    Finally i have completed my sequel to my last SHivika OS : WE MET,ONLY TO BE SEPARATED
    The link for first part
    Link for second part
    Do read an leave ur precious comments

  17. So guys the real masti is yet to come . Last day saw a pic of a cow in OM and all were commenting it might be kalavathi’ s doings but now only get to know that it was done by shivaay in order to bring her memory back. like really cow……that too in OM…… don’t know what more our shivu will do to get his lady love back. u all remember that gobar vali ladai right. …..anyways its gonna be fun fun & fun . for a short time bye bye to drama and hi hi to masti & madness.

  18. Surbhi u r really a rock star… I luv this kalavathi to the core especially her dance but I don’t know if she is acting as memory loss how could Anika dance like this in front of her sasural that too infront of dadi, afterall she respect her very much.. Anyway whatever it is or whoever is a part of this drama, i like this track, it gives so much fun.. And our Taadibaaz SSO is so cute while explaining his wife yet he didn’t say directly that she is his wife or he is her husband..

  19. Sumi.SS

    Searching words to praise yestrday epi..words r not enough..cntel+A all ur cmnts..ctrl+c and cntrl+v..
    Upcmng link check this.In OM shivaay helps anika to get back her memory by their old tashan buffalo and cow dunk track..
    Lookng actors and set DOB is diff from ishqbaaaz guys..
    Raguldev – kaali thakur
    Nidhi uttam (yrkkk)natik sis nandini-Jhanvi thakur..
    Here Anika name kumari kalavathi thakur
    What a coincidence !!!!!!!I

    1. Yaa same surnam i too though the same

  20. Archiya

    hello dearies.. i missed to mention… i am travelling today, so will be out of town for the next 4 days without any access to internet as want to spend quality time with family, hopefully will be back and able to comment for monday epiosde.. i cant afford to miss DBO first epi,, ,, i m gng at such a wrong time wen IB episodes are rocking .. going to miss it , but more than that i m gonna miss u all terribly..
    Bye .. c u all soon..

    1. Archu..!!
      Wrong timing. Today I think we ll get to see Shivika in white n much more. Aww.. You ll miss that ??? Kitna Mazaa aa Raha hain kisi ke Dard mein namak chedthe huye. Just kidding yaar, you ve full fun with your family, episodes u can see in hot star whenever u want or can read here later. Anyway ll miss your comments.

    2. Heyyy archu….happy journey dr….tc….enjoy the family time….im gonna miss ur comments
      And u thought me as tamilian….grrrrr….but anyways i can understand tamil too….abd csn talk little bit…
      And im malayali by mother toungh and kannadiga by state….and even i too like bangalore climate…..u know what mangalore climate complete opposite to bangalore…..

    3. Sumi.SS

      Enjoy wth ur fmly..hav dr..come back soon..grl

    4. Archi….it will be a big loss dearie! But a very eeny-tiny one when compared to the quality family time you are going to have!! So bindass raho and enjoy karo!! Take care and have a safe journey dear!! Will miss you so much!!

  21. Kiki

    Please somebody tell me from which movie is this naagin song? ???

    1. Kiki i like that song…..but i tooo dnt know which films song dr..sorryy

      1. Kiki

        That song has stucked in my mind.. that song was playing in my ears even at my classes. How much distraction ya? ?

    2. Movie name is Bajathe raho

    3. Kiki and Banu….movie name is Bajatey Raho….a Tushar Kapoor movie!!

      1. Liji and uf thanks for telling movies name….
        And liji njan paranja aa line mayalatthil parayatte…”baarya barthavindeum barthav baaryayudeum vasthrangalaan parasparam”
        Pinne liji enikkum dilkush ishtama….ningaludokke comment kandadin shesham icecream kajikkan kodi aaunnu ideal poitt….so pettann visit cheyyanam ideal…

    4. Kiki

      Thank you so much uf and lijince

  22. New spoiler is out as soumya is new villain who is helping rotilana she came to OM for revenge .And also soumya left OM after rudra scolding her and in one of their interview leenesh is saying that totally new soumya can be seen in dbo

    1. Chicku is the spoiler written or video….if it is written don’t believe them!! Most of them are false!!

  23. Hi lax mouni archiya n arpita…. such an amazing serial u were so right aisa memory loss ka track kahin nahin hota… so amazing

  24. Hi archiya happy journey enjoy…..

  25. Mouni

    new spoilers showing anika saying in fron of the OF that tia misses her dushyant and tia faints
    ( false fainting am sure ) so am hoping that sso will know about him and close tia’s chapter
    ps ; guys it seems that sso will find out about the fake memory loss soon after 2 ep , this is what someone in insta told me , surbi made an interview and said that so probably in monday or tuesday he will know

    1. Why so early 🙁 i was enjoying it so much yr……anyways there r some spoilers sayng tat soon tia will be xposed n also robin is alive…..i feel tat this is true by watching d spoiler in which tia faints as anika makng a call to dushyant n also in insta there r pics of robin n subha so d guy playing robin is back……lets jst hope this spoiler to be true n at least tia’s mrg shld get xposed to all

  26. I think Anika is playing a drama to get out secrets from Tia

  27. I think there is a plot by Anika and Rudra to extract information from Tia and others.
    A very nice episode.
    Anika was looking beautiful in dancing.

  28. episode was mind blowing.naagin dance was awesome surbhi you are amazing. bechara shivaay anika ko yaad dilane mei kya kya karna padega.really scene shivru expression was superb.shivika paaniwala scene every scene was fantastic. Waiting for today episode.

  29. @archu happy journey i really miss ur comments. @lax ,liji ishqbaaz malayalathil remake cheyana karyam orkan koodi vayya

  30. Hi am in hurry bas itna keh sakti hun agar billu ko nhi pata goga anika ke plan ke baare mein then am quite aure the show is going to be ….

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