Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says come with me, apologize to Tia. She says I won’t apologize, do anything. He gets her close and says you and your rigidity. He throws her in the pool and holds her close. Sometime before, Priyanka asks Dadi the meaning of rasam. Dadi says there is nothing same in life, its more and less always, so husband and wife feed food to each other, so that if its less, they can share food, it increases love. Rudra says it means Shivaye and Anika will feed each other by one plate. Shakti welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Thakur. The couple congratulates Shivaye. Mr. Thakur says we could not come in marriage. Jhanvi says if they see Anika, the news will spread in society, Pinky we can’t do this rasam infront of them. Mrs. Thakur says we came on right time, we will see post marriage rituals, Shivaye will you

not introduce your wife. Shivaye says Anika…… They all look on. Shivaye says I mean, Anika is my wedding planner…. my wife is….

Tia says I m here. She holds Shivaye’s hand and says so nice of you, you came to wish us. Mrs. Thakur says since you spoke to me, we ….. Tia says where is your son, did you not get him, we did not meet since long time, we should catch up for dinner. Anika thinks Tia is not letting her say, she is hiding something. Tia recalls inviting Thakurs. She thinks I invited them to do the ritual with me, I knew Dadi will support Anika. She asks Dadi shall I start ritual. Mrs. Thakur says wait Tia, how can you start ritual like this. She asks Pinky about Tia, she does not have mangalsutra and sindoor. Pinky says today’s bahu are modern, she did not like mangalsutra design so I gave it to change. Mrs. Thakur says even she would not like sindoor color, this is problem of today’s girls. Jhanvi says these things do not matter. Mrs. Thakur says its not like that, see this wedding planner, its clear she is newly wed, girl wears suhaag signs for suhaag’s long life, she would love her husband a lot. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Mrs. Thakur asks what does your husband do. Anika says he is businessman. Shivaye looks at her. Mrs. Thakur says I m sure its love marriage, your husband is lucky to get good valued wife. Tia says we should start ritual. Mrs. Thakur asks her to atleast apply sindoor, don’t you think so Shivaye. Tia’s mum comes and says she should apply sindoor, I got it, Shivaye take this and fill Tia’s maang. Om asks Rudra where are you going, no Rudra. Rudra says leave me Om. Om sees Tia’s mum. He leaves Rudra’s hand. Rudra smiles and goes to Tia’s mum. He forwards his leg and makes her stumble. The sindoor falls over Tia’s face. They get shocked. Anika sees sindoor fallen on her hairline. She recalls her marriage. Shivaye sees her. Khoya khoya…..plays……….

Rudra says I think universe does not want Shivaye to apply sindoor to Tia, sindoor reached where it should. Dadi asks Anika to take Tia to room. Anika takes Tia. Om and Rudra laugh. Rudra says I did not understand, Tia was red with anger or sindoor. Tia’s mum sees them laughing. She stops them. She says whatever you both did was very bad, don’t be happy, I guarantee you, Tia will do this rasam, not that poor cheap wedding planner, did you feel bad when I insulted her, who is she. Om says she is Shivaye’s wife, this house’s bahu and…. Rudra says and our Bhabhi. They do shayari. She says shut up, you do good drama, I challenge you, Tia will do this rasam. Om says we also challenge you, just this house’s bahu will do this rasam. They go.

Anika says Tia, it won’t get cleaned like this, shall I get water. Tia says don’t teach me. Anika gets water and says give me cloth. Tia says I need rose water, take it, it will be in my bag, get it. Anika gets her purse. Tia asks are you illiterate, can’t you read. Anika says there are many bottles, wait Tia. Tia says show me and takes a bottle to spray on her eyes. Tia screams and says you have put pepper in my eyes, it was pepper spray. Anika says let me see, what did I do, you used it. Tia says get out, you are arguing now, I will help myself. Anika says let me see once. Tia shouts. Anika leaves.

Shakti says its good they left. Dadi asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye says to get ready for office. Dadi says go after rasams, its done by happiness. He says right, whats the point if I m not happy, I can’t do this drama, sorry. He goes. Rudra says you heard it Om, now we have to do something. Om says will he listen to us. Rudra says we have to make him do rasam, we took challenge by Anika’s sautan’s mummy. Om asks whats the plan. Rudra says just wait and watch.

Tia says Mr. And Mrs. Thakur left and work did not happen for which we called them. Tia’s mum says if Omkara and Rudra did not come in between. Shivaye would have filled your maan, no worries, you will do this rasam. Tia asks how, our plan failed, my eyes have pain. Tia’s mum twists her hand and asks her to bear some pain, its for your own good, plan A failed, no problem, we have plan B.

Rudra calls out Bhabhi and goes to Anika. Everyone look on. Anika asks bhabhi. Rudra says India won match, come we will celebrate. He takes her and plays round and round. Dadi sings. Anika says what are you doing, I m feeling like fainting, listen Rudra. Shivaye comes and asks whats this Bhabhi Bhabhi. Dadi says Rudra you say it, I will see who stops you. Rudra leaves Anika. Anika falls in Shivaye’s arms. Rudra says I think she fainted. Om says maybe her bp got low, she did not eat food in morning. Om gets food. Om and Rudra ask Shivaye to feed her food fast. Anika says I…. Shivaye feeds her. Rudra asks Anika to feed food to Shivaye. He holds Anika’s hand and makes her feed Shivaye. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Om says Dadi, rasam is over. Dadi claps. They all clap.

Tia’s mum comes there and says Shivaye, my daughter is in pain, you all are enjoying here. Shivaye asks what happened. She asks did this wedding planner not tell you anything. He goes. Rudra jokes on Tia’s mum. Shivaye asks Tia are you okay. Tia says your so called wife did this. He asks did Anika do anything. She says great, you believe her as your wife now, Anika has put pepper spray in my eyes. He says it does not make sense, why will she do this. She says she did not wish me to do ritual with you, I did not do say anything before, now she is physically harming me, she can even kill me, I feel so unsafe now. She hugs him and says I did not know she will fall to this level, my eyes are safe, else I could get blind by it, that’s why I wanted to leave, I know Anika does not like my presence. He gets angry. Tia smiles.

Anika sits near the pool. Shivaye comes and says come with me to apologize to Tia. She asks why. He says like you don’t know. She says I did not do anything. He asks is it joke to put pepper spray in anyone’s eyes. She says Tia has done that herself. He asks why will she do it. She says ask her. He says she told me you did this, if its about both of you, I will believe her. She asks do you think i can do such cheap thing. He says after the cheap things you did, I don’t know what to believe and what not. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to waste time. He says you are still doing that. He says I said apologize. She asks him to say straight. He says you have to apologize. She says I won’t, you do anything. He says you have to… don’t force me, you forgot what I can do. She says I can never forget. He says I m saying last time, apologize. She says I will never apologize, my slipper will apologize. He pulls her close, and says you and your rigidity. He lifts her and throws her in the swimming pool. She comes out and sees him. Shivaye walks to her in pool. He holds her close and twists her hand. She looks at him.

Shivaye says Anika came to apologize to you. Anika puts pepper spray on Tia’s eyes. Shivaye goes to Tia. Anika says sorry Tia. He asks whats this. She says sorry is said when a mistake is done, why would I say sorry if I did not do any mistake, so I had to do mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Catherine

    Superb precap anika awesome and I like rudra and I’m always supporting anika in actual tia got nosecut today everything is good today accept shivaaye Rudy character is some ghost there in shivaaye!!!!!!

  2. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    After looooooong time good episode!!! Omg omru soooo lovely n naughty!!! Two male leads (omru) with greatness n kindness! Perfect for lead!!!!anika is back !! Precap anika n savage mode!!!rocking!! The way saumya smiled happily n proudly when her bae shouted babhi s cute!! Overall m happy with this episode!!👍But badly waiting for tia n daksh to get exposed!!!

  3. Bhagya Patil

    dhaaaasu episode tha…normally i read only updated…today i saw on tv……sweet & smart rudy…..bas shivaay bina soche smze tia pe bharosa kia dats nt gud…wese precap zabardast ta ….mare jale wo kamini tia

  4. suganya

    super episode…omru anika and dadi awesome. ..cant express my words…luv u omru and anika..wat a courage and confidence

  5. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Uff….anika is so lucky to have such a hot and supportive Devars…..just loved today’s episode….omru nailed it today…..😊😊😊precap was superb…our anika is back….

  6. Lalli

    Omru was too good and Bhabhi kya Baath hii and poor Tia haha 😆 and swimming pool seen were so funny 😁 and the prrecap OMG am waiting for Anika just rocked it and she puts pepper spray on Tia haha 😆 poor Tia

  7. |Registered Member

    HehehHehehe😂.well done rudy u r so clever in this situations…
    Episode was fabulous for me…after lot of time I enjoyed it…finally!!! OmRu accepted anika as their bhabi awww so sweet devars😍😍…
    Nd precap it’s amazing yaar anika tu toh cha gayi..loved ur act back in form….

    Nd this shivaye uff…again did same thing she is my wedding planer😡😡..anyways I don’t want to spoil my mood talking about him…

    Good night guys…take care😘

  8. Chandini


    |Registered Member

    Who said that only a girl and a boy can make a perfect couple…..see our OMRU for me they are the super Jodi in television..they both are awesome and I am very happy that they are on anika’s side….SSO you are down accept it your heart has accepted anika as your wife but poor fellow…he only believes his mind…..lady baba is itself annoying now we have to bear her mother….

    • |Registered Member

      Hehe chandini to u r ryt OmRu is the best tv Jodi for me…i like them more than ishkara😂…
      Nd yaa hoti universe ko sambhalna mushkil that they sended Bari universe also😂😂..
      Nd I m jealous of u😏😏😏..
      It dp is again awesome😏😏..just loved it😍😍😍

  9. Saira

    Anika ne thoo kamal kar diya…I’m soo happy…and tia desrves that…waiting for tomorrow’s episode….

  10. Nishi33


    |Registered Member

    OMRU rocked…MRS kapoor shocked….I loved that moment…shivika scenes were on fire today
    I can’t even imagine nakuul so hot

  11. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    i enjoyed today’s episode.. after a long time i want to watch the episode again..
    Rudy u totally rock man, the way om an rudra were laughing after playing the prank reminded me of my clg days.. where v used to play pranks n njoyyy
    loved the way rudy called anika bhabhi, and om shayari was bang on which rudy completed.They r perfect devars which any bhabhi wld want
    An shivay so bad u threw anika in pool, the scene is same as the one before and so is the shivay same,he does nt trust her, an nor he is ready to tell her mistake.Anyways i dont want to comment anythin anymore on their marriage, lets just njoyy the rituals
    Precap is superb, Anika is back with the same attitude.. put lots of pepper spray on Tia(i do feel bad for Tia though,her mom treats her so badly)

  12. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    om and rudra you were the best today
    anika the strong girl is back in the house and l love it , the pool scene was great , she was stubborn and determend to face him and that made sso go insane , he desperatly wants her to bow to him and fear him like the others but she was strong enaugh and the precap was the best scene you go guuurl
    tia is as cheap as usual and her mom is like her and l truly wish she will be exposed soooon , she is starting to irritate me , go away srcly
    sso , whats wrong with you man ?? you will regret this very much in the future , you will live hell due to your words and action and l believe that his biggest problem is not the truth about tia but the innocence of anika and he is digging himself deep in the moving sands and he made it worse with that last video where he gifts her the divorce papers oh man you will regret this painfully

    • DaSha

      Mouni, i love your idea that innocence of Anika is the biggest problem. Shivay is going to have a personal nightmare when he will find out the truth!

      He used to be very fast in his reactions, he got information about problems in Om studio, so he went there to fix it all, when he found out Dev was not invited to OM by Anika he went to apologize immediately, it took him 10 minutes to find a girl to replace his bride… and so on, so on… What I want to say, when he will find out about Anika’s innocence and her importance in his life he will be fast and decisive 😜

  13. Trisha

    I can’t watch today but after reading these ff i can imagine omru fun nd what i miss omrufun but tomrrow im not gona miss today episode …
    OMru i think u rocked😎yarr
    Hlo guys how r u ???sorry atlast pucha rahihun
    Thodi si apne language mai
    Hlo satthi ma bhake yaha ko ko hunuhunxa mero language bujna jasla la ni mero language bujna harulai mero pyaro maya xa

  14. pari sharma

    Awesome episode. Heads off to Anika. Angry Shivaay will apologize to Anika for his behavior. Can’t wait for the nxt episode.

  15. Ruchu

    Frnds ishqbaaz m ek new n hottest twist aane wala h…shiyav anikha ka ghr…. I know u understand what I said…..I have n idea…is scene ki ending bohot jyada phadu honi chahiye….
    Writer koi jadu chlao….anika ko gussa dilao….ki last m vo kh hi de jis din Mr. SSO Aapko sachi ka pta chlega n….us din aap naak rgadte hue mere pass aaoge….mujhe dhoondoge…PR m khi nhi milungi….that’s like twist…plz writers anika self esteem ki limit ka baandh todo…then make anika ruder than SSO….richer than SSO….shivay khoon or khandan ki bate krta h n…rutbe ki bate krta h n…to use much tod jwab dena chahiye….writers plz anika ko India k nhi blki Asia k sbse amiiiir baap ki beti bna do…Jo shajisho k chlte unse door ho gyi thi….phir dekho show ki trp kaha jati h….ishqbaaz Rocks….
    @nika rocks….
    $huvay shocks….

  16. S

    Wow wow …niz epi.rudra,ohm ,dadi rocked .and precap is awsm..thats anika. I love her back.she is back with her attitude.

  17. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    I feel ki pur old anika will be back….n awsm precap loved it….omru..nailed it….rudy is jus awsm…loved the way omru did ritual….tia’s mom is soo cruel…i feel that..she makes tia to do all this…..

  18. Aarosh

    Guys be ready definitely divorce and kidnapping drama will be there next week we will witness the caring side of shivaay

  19. Ruchu

    Writers plz make anika daughter of Asia’s wealthiest person…more richer than shivay…whom they lost in kidnapping…that’s the quick slap without doing on face of shivay….khoon khandan rutba…bs yhi Maine rkhta h n uske liye….haa bilkul tbhi to tia jaisy characterless ldki me use savitri dikhti h…or hmari pyari anika m ek characterless ldki….but koosoor to uska bhi nhi h n…insaan uspr hi bhrosa krte h jisko WO apni aankho se dekhte h….

  20. jk

    super precap…. anika totally rocking..
    and omru did a good job , keep going like this..
    after some boring episodes here comes some beautiful episodes…


    HA HA HA…….

    It is really the seen to enjoy !!!

    The moment she sprayed that pepper perfume over her face in precap, and then the way she said sorry is not answer to TIA, its a virtual SLAP AFTER slap over SSO CHEEKS!

    Do not bother about TIAm , she would be vanished sooner or latter, but before her eloping from OM and screen too she should have to feed more and more hate for ANNIKA for her those deeds which she never committed, then and then only his intense love will be bounce back , and even after getting neglected and avoided by ANNIKA, he will run after her for apolizing for all his deeds. I don’t know, in which way TIA’s will be exposed, but certainly her exposure will be proved a life time blow over whole OF, which will destroy their image not only in business , but in society too.

    SSO’s ego is based on his share prices of his company he recently overtake, and I think as soon as TIA get exposed, it a matter of few hours to shattered his all ego for money and power. My speculation says , makers are wishing TIA’s exposure in a blasting way and as in MALLIKA case happen, same to same may happen in TIA case too.


    This is just the out of story line going on in the way.


      What he feeled when ANNIKA was with DAKSH during DAKSH visit to OM, he just wanted ANNIKA to feel that his feeling while himself being with TIA, but unfortunately he keep continue with failure in each and every occassion. He wanted to create anger, jealousy in ANNIKA for him being with TIA, but he just could not successed in his aim. At far end, me is feeling, there ls lying his TASHAN with ANNIKA in his wish to marry with TIA. He failed to see any harsh feeling in her for his being with TIA.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      hi shekhar , the diffrence btw malika and tia is huge , malika loves her fiance but got small issues with his mom but tia is literally a scandal to OF and her own family , me too l have this idea about the exposure will be public in front of all the OF and the guests maybe , but if thats the case l dont think it will be anika who will do it because she cares a lot for the OF and will not humiliate them with the press , if she finds proof she may tell dadi or omru or even sso but not publicly , am thinking that the public exposure ( the big scandal ) may be done by only 1 man ; ROBIN D himself as revenge from the kapoors for ruining his marriage and from shivaye for taking his wife , if its the case they are all done so lets hope for the sake of the innocent ppl in the OF that its gonna be anika or someone close to her who finds the truth , at least it will be contained even if they will be devastated esp sso but anything is better than public exposure

      • SHEKHAR

        Yaa, agreed, MALLIKA and TIA are opposite pole, but do not forget TEJ was that person who was happy on run away of MALLIKA from wedding place and wished their stock price will crash now.

        No it turn by turn, it was RANA family, and now OBEROY FAMILY!! And when it gets fire, WET WOOD LOG along with DRAY has to suffer!

        But, this drama is essential to dive down the EGO and OVER POWER of money to the ground zero. But , I am sure, only due to ANNIKA, atleast TIA will not be able to loot OF , and thats will be major outcome for both PINKY and SSO!


      There was an another discrepancy !
      Why did sso make his face when it comes to fill SINDOOR in TIA’s hair line even after declaring her as OBEROY’s DIL in media?

    • Shiv


      |Registered Member

      Shivaay is guilty for not marrying tia n also guilty for marrying anika forcefully which he expresses both at delicate times!! I guess!!

  22. Lax

    I loved today’s episode. Totally enjoyed. Want more of such stress buster episodes. They may not contribute to the story, still loved it.

    Bhabhi’s devars are so adorable. Show stealers esp Rudr. Leenesh is true find of IB. Comic timing is lajawaab. I ve seen few episodes of Suhani Si Ek Ladki, where Leenesh was playing the protagonist’s brother, but honestly I felt, it was not very catchy. IB has really explored his caliber.

    Liked a lot of chotu scenes in the episode today like Annika unsure of how to hold Tia, Rudrs round n round thing with Annika, Shivay holding Annika in that rangoli background.

    And the best – the pool scene.. was killing. Wanna watch it again n again. Shivikas chemistry beyond words.

    Finally precap dekhke jee khush hua. Annika mwah..!! go girl…!! From Annikas gesture and confidence, Shivay should know that she has not done anything wrong. At least that.

    P.S- Loved Annika n Shivay’s outfit. Both were looking so good.

    P.P.S – Esp loved Annikas earrings n the button play on Shivay’s kurta.. he he..!!

  23. Mishri


    |Registered Member

    Heyyyy…m sooo happy anika is comn back…😘😘😘shez OMRU rocked!!!god i love them!!!!!thy r sooo evil!!😂😂😂😂😂😂…”rudra contol”aftr a long tym funny epi…to be frank dz week is better…evrythng got cleared ryt…bt shivaay is still dumb!!he worships tia!!nd i heard dat sahil nd shivaay will meet????z it confirmed???i waaant anika to be ok

  24. akann

    Today’s episode was real fun. I enjoyed Omru’s fun antics and Shivika scenes. Hate Tia and her mom is even worse. i found it ironic that they were talking about Mangalsutra and I feel like I have never seen neither Jhanvi or Pinky wear their Love the precap. I wish Anika would spray Shivay also and tell him sorry . that would be funny. I also loved Shivika’s outfits today. They both looked awesome. I always enjoy the costumes and sets of IB.

  25. navz

    Really awesome episode after many days of rhona .itz full of fun we got back our takkar dene wali of day are omru. Loved them.a lot .shivays expressions are lill funny wen he walked up to anika near swimming pool.lived today’s episode a lot.

  26. Richu

    Hey friends!!!!commenting after a long duration of time…… the way
    How r u all??????????
    Saku mishri chandini shiv…….and where r
    Mukta abiha Luna shahbana samyukta shaza reni diii sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya kiki nithu Veda saahana yazhu priya Shana

    Plzzzzz comment here yaar missing ur comments badly…..
    This is the reason I comment here rarely

    • |Registered Member

      Hello di…i m fine…but now after reading ur reason for not commenting I m really very disappointed.. .u r not commenting bcz they not here…but wht about us???..u can comment for us too😔😔😔

      @abiha do was commenting till yesterday don’t know what happened to her now…
      @sahana so left TU forever bcz of her new job….
      @mukta I guess she is having same reason as urs…
      @aahana so took a break…as she was bored of this mu track amid shivika…

      Don’t now about rest..
      But still I m upset…

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      @Richu…hectic work load for me..dear…..and i already mentioned here many times that i got transferred to kalburgi and now including sundays i have to work …and my schedule of work time has changed 8am to 9 pm….and i also said i will comment @ weekends when i will get time…and i shared my life’s big happiness on 1st december here ….hope u have gone through it…..and abiha commented yesterday only….shaza and priya are busy with studies and disha is busy with her exama..luna also is busy with her work…..sunehri has stopped watching ib….as she is on 10th std and she is focussing on her studies only….

    • shahabana

      Hellooo richu
      Im fine dr how r u?
      Im here only..u are missing dr…not only u many ishqees are missing..plssss keep commenting dr…missing all of u guyz badly…
      And saku dnt feel bad dr…we all are ishqess…love all the ishqees equally…how r u saku dr?

  27. Rohikiru

    wow yesterday superrrrrr super anika. finally the old anika came.tia ithuku melayum nee OM iruka poria manam kettavale.shivika pool scene was superrrrrrrrr.precap semma….

  28. Firdose

    It was a fantastic episode enjoyed to the core,I just loved the way rudy and om did this ritual when suddenly Rudra said Bhabhi it was so good to see the expressions of Shivay and Anika was kike “Bhabhi”.After a long time got to see the old Anika in her Bold Avtar, Waiting for todays episode to see Thashan wali Anika. Looooveeeeee you Ishqbaaz.

  29. Firdose

    Thank you Dasha,Archiya,Shahabana,Shive for your welcome, yes shiv you are right because everyday i read the comments on this page here everyone is open minded and cool thats why yesterday i commented again so that i can make new friends actually i have very less friends.I really feel good to comment here.Thank you once again

    • |Registered Member

      Hello dear..
      Belated welcome to family…sorry I could not reply I on previous page…but don’t mind haan…frndz from today…

  30. shahabana

    Hellooo ishquees how r u all
    And episode its a kidki thod episode…..ohhhh my omru u are the jaan of the show…im so happyy old omru back…missed them a lotz…omru are the best brother inlaws of the tv ever…superb guz….rudyyyy rockstar….and precape amazing…once again kidki thod…
    Im so happyyyy bcz we got our old omru and anika back….love anika and omru…rudyyy keep calling anika as baabhi….dnt care about that baagad billa

  31. Lijince


    |Registered Member

    Hi Ishqbaazians….awesome precap….ANIKA IS BACK!! Wow…..being an Anika fan I am excited to see Anika’s performance in today’s episode…..I was literally jumping after seeing the precap….for the last many episodes, Anika was either crying or sad and desperate…..I think the last time where Anika was full of Tashan was when she went to pick up Daksh from the railway station….isn’t it??

    I don’t think Tia’s truth will be exposed soon…..because none except Anika knows the truth…..and unless Shivaye gets his misunderstandings cleared he will not believe Anika…..besides there is no evidence for Tia running away with Robin from the wedding venue…..none of the guests or family members have seen that……and I don’t think Robin will come to expose Tia’s truth as Tia’s mother might have done something for that…..
    So Tia is safe until Shivaye’s misunderstanding about Anika doesn’t get cleared…..

    I wonder where has Daksh gone?? He has been missing since the wedding episode…….I feel if Daksh reappears, Shivay will go crazy and will not divorce Anika just for the sake of revenge to Daksh and Anika……if that happens we will see more darker shades of Shivaye…..and then he will get to know the truth from Dadi and Soumya. Once he gets clarity on the fact that Daksh was manipulating his feelings and Anika hasn’t done anything wrong, then we will get to see 50 shades lighter of Shivaye…..

    But until then Shivaye will continue his arrogance….I just hope all this happens very soon….can’t see helpless Anika and rude Shivaye anymore…. 🙁 🙁 🙁


      Let SHARE PRICES to catch its peak,


      then TIA’s truth bomb is ready to make datum line!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. chithra

    Hello frnds 😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇…. After long tym
    😁😁😁😁😁😁…. Remember me na?? Or forgot me???? Anyways buzy bcz of exams theory yet to start… Lab I finished 😊😊😊😇😇…. How are you guys
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍….. Many new members 😊anyways welcome
    🎉🎉🎉🎉 to new isqees😇😇😇😇😇😇…..few old members are missing 😢😢
    Coming ib 😍🎉🎉🎉it always rocks😊😊…. except tia nd her universe 😈😈😈😈😈Nd SSO 😈😈😈😈he z mad only.. I heard in upcoming episodes there vl be divorce drama .. Iam not worried fr divorce but I really felt bad dat SSO saled Anika’s house 😈😈😈😈.. how dare he was??? 2nd time he ruined her house 😈😈.. very cheap.. I dnt knw I hate this SSO.. I wish tias truth should revolv in front of whole media nd this SSO nd his reputation shud fall on the floor.. I wish this to happen..

    Coming to om love… I dnt think sana is bad option… As I saw her in krishnnanadasi I really liked her over there.. She is good actress yar…. Dnt think negative… Initially ven ib launched nd i didnot liked surabhi as nakul opposite now I feel shivika best couple in tv.. I never liked other couples like shivika.. Believe me they are just awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍my favourite
    😍😍😍😍i hope same thing vl going to happen in Kunal nd sana.. I hope so

    Coming to roumya nothing to say much they are Always 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🎉🎉🎉cutie pretty couple…. Nd coming yesturday’s episodes I juss loved om nd rudras actions.. 😍😍😍😆😆🎉🎉🎉i feel Anika s soo lucky s.. Baby dever connections😍😆😆😆how cute 😘😘….
    Ib trp also increased
    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.. Party hard.. Very soon Ib vl be top of the trp list.. Juss wait nd see
    Iam sure sana going to do magic on ib.. I realy like her

      • chithra

        Dea bcz of exams iam not regular dea ..after Jan 8 I vl comment regularly😊😊😊…till der exams z der ..OK take care dea@ shahabana


    What might have lead shivaay lead to push ANIKA still stay in OM after selling SAHIL home?

    It is his dark side of SSO, who wished to harrass ANNIKA against he got harrassment during DAKSH stay in OM seeing intimacy f both and so called ONS MU.

    After DAKSH chapter, all his deeds reflects his revenge on ANNIKA, and he keep continue with his revenge on ANNIKA , and DARKEST mould SSO emerged out of the SHIVAAY BEING! He wished ANNIKA at the height of pain for SSO WITH TIA , but he find no that extreme pain he wished for! In reception, he kept her present and declared TIA as his wife going against whole family except PINKY, and expected reaction from ANNIKA was not there, she simply tried to leave reception with tears. But what reaction he got from OMRU and DADI were enough to shake him. He just couldn’t stand against peircing question from OMRU, answer of which could have placed at high of fence.

    Though he never admitted, but he is so obsessed with ANNIKA, he always want her around him. He never admitted his love feelings, but he LOVEs HER, but does not want to love her. He wanted her not as the part of life, but wanted her around his whole being from where he just want to see her as and when he wish.He just want to hurt her in anyway, but he just keep hurting her.

    What does mean all it?

    Let me explain in psyche way.

    What ever he think for ANNIKA, and wish to act accordingly consciously, his subconscious mind push him to perform those act which he consciouly blv are not right. HIs sbuconscious is still reacting the old belief, old equation of life, old end result. His beliefs never got changed with the times, and in modern mask of SHIVAAY there lies a CONSERVATIVE SSO which jump out when ever he founds something out of or against hie age old beliefs. Consciously he never made any effort to work on his basic beliefs which are now at its peak on action , and thats why he just want to remould ANNIKA which is according to his belief.

    INDEPENDENT WOMAN, SELF MADE WOMAN, BRAVE WOMAN, LONELY WOMAN these all are never in the circuimference of his old age beliefs, and thats why when he found ANNIKA showing these above ability, he just gets annoyed and reacting harshly. For him WOMAN EMPOWERMENT is nonsense, and does not even to think over even after suggesting by DADI during MALLIKA track. He just kept away himself from the subject matter of WOMAN EMPOWERMENT, and throw it in dustbin after MALLIKA left OM.

    He want ANNIKA in distres, which she never can be]

    He want ANNIKA helpless, that she never can be

    He want ANIKNIKA seeking his help, that she never can be

    He want ANNIKA to answer those question which he never want to ask, rathar do not dare
    to ask!!

    He want to PUNISH ANNIKA for that deed which she never performed!!

    He want ANNIKA to sense his presence, which is not possible.

    IN short he want to change her whole being without changing himself a little bit!!!


    SSO is nothing but a age OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE!!!

    It require a long treatment or INTENSE CONDENSIVE SHOCK TREATMENT!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…..mukta,abiha,aahana,disha,aqua,priya,trisha,tridha,nadiya,dil,sat,kat,jazz,nelka,
    aarya,aiswarya…..and other ishqies……

    HOW R U ALL???
    Finally ANIKA is on form….and now we will witness the bold diva….and now really am waiting 4
    that moment when anika will expose TIA infront of oberoi family…..and omru is all set for a mission to save their bhabhi…so am sure” OMRUAN” will expose Tia……can’t wait…pls make it fast cv’s….and i loved what rudy did today….hahaha……i just laughed a lot…when that sindur spread on TIa’s eyes and face….and i wonder it reached @ the exact point of Anika’s forehead… was bit fancy….but was lovely to watch as it was the part of the scene….i think cv’s accepted my request..because i always mentioned i want anika’s raita on reiki and today night…@ 10 pm it will happen…..and am eagerly waiting 4 that…..Shivaay….for a fraction of second just thought from his heart …that’s why when the guest asked to introduce Mrs.SSO….
    Anika’s name came on his tongue…..Mr.Shivaay…..aakhir dil ki baat zubaan pe aa gaya…..
    Oh!!! i forgot SSO will think from brain only…..and To make things worse without any shame lady baby just said “Shivaay baby mein yahan hun”…….well it was so fun to watch…..especially when rudy holded anika’s hand ….just shouting bhabi and the way he took rounds…..omg!!!
    that was so sweet to watch and his plan worked well…..SSO holded anika when she was about to fall……What a scene!!!!! Loved it ……Liked it….Enjoyed it…..
    Tia…..take care of yourself baby…because universe will not help you and your reikis are not working and anika’s raita have regained the strength and when dadi herself has blessed anika…..and omru took the stand 4 anika…..tia..your days are counted…..BE ALERT……

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima
      Im fn dr hope u also fine
      S now tias rekhi wont work bcz universe wont allow to work her recki
      And i tooo want anika should expose tia with the help of omru..i just love omru and anika bonding…omru they are cutipies…how cute devers they are..anika is really lucky to get them as her devers…i wish omru and anika should teach a lesson to sso tooo he really needs some omruanika treatement
      No doubt watching yesterday episode i tooo laughed a lotz….love my omru and bold anika…
      I just love all the bondings which is belongs to ishqbaaz like omru ,omruanika,shivkara,shiomru,anika sahil,shivika ,rumya…everything
      Love ishqbaaz and ishqbaaz cast and my sweet ishquees…now im waiting for oms lead..she will complete ishqbaaz

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Mmmmmm hope omkara’s new lead will do the best…still many i hardly miss ishkara….. and we tried our level best through mails to starplus and through petetions also…but nothing worked and we all are upset with ishana’s exit….its hard to see a new lead with omkara..but still i hope cv’s will do justice…..

    • chithra

      Fine sissy
      😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘… Exams.. sissy
      .. Nd how r u.. I hope u fine… Miss u

  35. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Ishqies…pls comment on my ff on ishkara…. i posted it as many ishqies…asked me to write another ff on ishakara and i have wrote the first two parts…i will post next one by tmrw when i will get time..pls ..comment on it guys…..and guys…two parts are short …due to time shortage…..pls forgive me….

  36. Uf

    Guys omru is the best devars.and i think star parivaar award main best devar ka nomination ho na chaahiye.aur wo award humaari omru ko milna chaahiye what say guys.ya phir omru ko ek special award milna chaahiye.i really want omru aur unki anika babhi mil kar tia ko expose kare.patha nahi kithni month wait karna padega.tia ko expose karthe hua dekh ne ko.

  37. |Registered Member

    ohhhh!!!what an epi!!!!after so many day!!!anika is superb in precap!!!!and omru rocks!
    i really dont this serial to become just a ‘pati patni and woh’type serial cause i love this serial…. plz reveal dakhs and tia’s truth…

  38. nithu

    Hello my dr ishquies.. Awesome precap… Wow rudy u r fantastic man, omru rocks, I totally enjoyed their performance..

  39. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member









  40. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    hello renima dear , hope you are fine
    lol tia and her family will be shaken soon l hope and the universe will sure expose her lies

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