Ishqbaaz 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Chabbra says we are going to LA day after tomorrow, shall we keep Roka before leaving. Tej asks Priyanka. He says if Priyanka is happy with it, we don’t have any objection. Shivaye gets Gayatri’s call. She says you did not forget me, its time to settle scores. He asks how dare you call me. She says you did not see my courage, I got to know you are finding me madly, so thought to call you and ask your welfare. He says your courage will be proved costly Gayatri, I will find you from wherever you are hiding.

Some time before, Shivaye asks Anika what was she thinking, you don’t even think, I got embarrassed. She says Soumya told and I felt. He says I should have not listened to you, what would be Dev thinking. Anika says I know, but I was not wrong, it was half true. He asks her to stop it.

She asks him why is he worried, he did not spoil anything. He says but there could have been some problem, don’t talk from now on. He goes. She says he always blasts, Jwala mukhi Oberoi.

Priyanka tells Soumya that you are thinking like Soumya. Soumya asks what, how will I think then. Priyanka says think like a love angel, go and talk to him, I will go and see Anika. Soumya sees Reyaan and leaves. She bumps into Rudra. Rudra says I was finding you and smiles. She hides behind Rudra. He gets puzzled and asks what are you doing, Sumo, come out, what happened, listen to me, what are you seeing there. Soumya sees Reyaan gone and goes ahead. Rudra holds her hand and music plays….. She looks at him. He asks what happened, anyways, I need to talk imp to you, listen…. Sumo…. She says yes…

Dev says its big house….. where to go… Priyanka comes in the way and they smile seeing each other. Dev says I m sorry, I think I forgot the way. She says hall way, go straight and take a right. He says thanks, I m Dev. They shake hands. Priyanka says her name and gets shy. Rudra says I decided I will listen to love angel, we will not fight and our friendship starts, but there is a condition, you won’t clean my room, you won’t call me cry baby, but now we are friends and there should be no secrets, I know you know something about Rumi, tell me come on. She says actually Rumi…. Reyaan comes to them and says Soumya….. She gets tensed. Reyaan asks what are you doing here. Rudra asks you know each other. Reyaan says yes. Soumya says we were dating each other six months before, he is my ex BF. Rudra gets shocked.

Tej asks Shivaye where is Dev. Dev says I m here and walks downstairs along with Priyanka. Everyone smile seeing them. Tej says you met Priyanka, now I understand this was Shivaye’s plan to make you both meet away from family. Anika asks Shivaye why is he afraid that things spoiled, they are praising you. He asks her to keep quiet. Mr. Chabbra asks Dev what to do next when you met Priyanka. Dev says I want to meet her again, I want that we know each other well. Anika asks Shivaye to see…. Shivaye looks at her. He gets a call and goes.

Gayatri says Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He says Gayatri… She says so you did not forget, I have to settle scores, its time. He asks how dare you call me. She says you did not see my courage, I got to know you are finding me madly, so thought to call you and ask your welfare. He says this courage will be proved costly for you, I will find you wherever you are hiding. He ends call and goes back. Tej asks Shivaye all well. Shivaye says ya. Jhanvi says children liked each other, but I feel we should give them more time.

Mr. Chabbra says we are going back to LA day after tomorrow, if you all don’t have objection, shall we keep Roka before leaving. Tej asks Priyanka. She smiles. Tej says if Priyanka is happy, we don’t have any objection, we will talk on phone. Mr. Chabbra says we will leave. Mrs. Chabbra asks for Reyaan. Reyaan comes. She asks where were you. He says I had to make a call and sees Soumya. Dev says see you late Shivaye and forwards hand. Shivaye is lost. Om says Shivaye… Shivaye says you are leaving, and shakes hands. Chabbras leave. Anika says Billu ji I told you…. Shivaye walks off. Anika looks on. Om asks Anika what happened to Shivaye. She says there should be lights like traffic lights to know Shivaye’s mood, alteast we can know his mood. Om says I can see his mood is off, whats the problem, he looks worried since that phone call came.

Shivaye talks to police and says you gave bail to Gayatri and now she called me and threatened me indirectly, don’t trap me in technicalities, I have to do something. He calls Khanna and asks him to trace calls that came in last one hour and track my phone. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks Shivaye is everything okay. Shivaye says ya I m fine. Om says please don’t lie, there is something, you took Dev inside room and then when he was leaving, your focus was somewhere else. Rudra says Priyanka and everyone like the guy, even then you are worried.

Om says Shivaye you are not alone, you have both of us, you don’t need to face everything alone, one faces things alone when he has no brothers. Shivaye says you know younger brothers bear burden when they don’t have elder brother, but you both have me, there is nothing I can’t handle, so relax. Om asks sure. Shivaye says yes, how to say now, anyways I also liked the guy.

Anika says I also liked Dev, see how Priyanka is smiling. She jokes on Dev and Priyanka. Jhanvi calls Priyanka and she goes. Anika says Soumya, Priyanka is so happy. Soumya says yes, I m glad that Dev is not like his brother. Anika asks did you ask Reyaan why he did this. Soumya says no, I lost much in life, and it does not matter why I lost it, he dumped me and matter ended there. Anika asks her to see in her eyes, new story does not end till first one ends, you have to kick him out and move on. Soumya says I will try, Aai taught me not to touch wound, it hurts more, we should focus on Priyanka’s future, not my past.

Tej says family and guy is good, they want to do Roka before they go, tell me Priyanka, we will do what you say, shall we say yes for Roka. Priyanka nods and hugs him. Shakti says I think Pinky reached Siddhivinayak, we went there to pray that Priyanka says yes for this alliance.

Dadi says thank God, that such good proposal came home. Shakti says Pinky asked you to get Dev’s kundli before doing anything. Dadi says yes, we will get it. Shakti says its strange, last year we did not know Mrs. Chabbra has a son named Dev, and now he is becoming our son in law. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Shakti reminds Pinky went LA last year and met Mrs. Chabbra in jagrata, then she had just Reyaan with her, and she did not say anything about Dev, infact Pinky felt Mrs. Chabbra had just one son Reyaan. Jhanvi says maybe she mentioned, we all know Pinky’s memory, she would have forgot.

Rudra says it means Roka is tomorrow. Om says you are here, talk is happening infront of you. Rudra says its big problem. Shivaye asks what problem. Rudra says I have to eat sweets tomorrow, and to compensate that, I have to do diet today, Bhaiya make Tofu. Shivaye agrees. Dev and Priyanka talk over phone and he asks her can we go out for dinner. She says yes. He says I can talk to your mum if you say. She says no, I will talk to mom and ends call. She goes to Shivaye. Rudra sings Meri Pyari beheniya… Om says I m surprised you remember old song lyrics. Rudra says I prepared it for Shivaye’s marriage.

Om asks Rudra did he prepare this sister son for brother’s marriage. Rudra says leave it, focus, Priyanka is so brave, she told Papa that she likes Dev, its surprise and another thing, Reyaan is Sumo’s ex BF. Om says that’s okay, whats there to be surprised. Rudra says I did not like him, I felt he did not treat her well. Om asks why did you get worried, he was Soumya’s ex BF, not yours, what do you have to do with this, you don’t like Soumya. Rudra says you don’t know, Soumya and I have become friends. Om says that’s great, but there is personal space even in friendship, she would have told you if she wants, why are you doing guess work.

Shivaye says some people’s speciality is to do guess work and taunts Anika. Anika says why are you still saying about it, there were two guys, mistake happened, Soumya told about Reyaan, I felt she is saying about Dev, things spoiled, but I made it right. Rudra says it was not your mistake, it was Soumya’s mistake. Shivaye recalls Gayatri’s mistake. Rudra says Soumya would have said tall or short, they both did not look brothers. Shivaye recalls Shakti’s words. Rudra tells Priyanka about Dev becoming joru Ka ghulam and then he would be called Devdas. Anika smiles and sees Shivaye worried. She says your china paneer is made Billu ji… He says yes…. She asks is everything fine. He says ya and leaves. Anika worries.

Priyanka says Shivaye did not do right, Anika Dev had no other way, he was saying truth, Shivaye should have heard him, he did not listen to Dev. Anika says calm down, wash your face, then we will sit and talk. Priyanka cries and goes. Anika gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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      @aahana wat did u wanted 2 ask????i mean did u ask it??sumthng???

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  8. Hi all! I really liked this episode, but I missed it….

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  10. hii guyzz, i heard frm spoilers dt shivay stop d roka as dev is illegmt son of chhabra…

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    1. Ofcourse from now onwards we r friwnds aur haa aap pucho nji bas order do welcome to ishqbaaz family….hey can I know ur age so that I can know, I should call u di or not plz do tell me if u don’t mind because vo kehete hai na ladko/admiyo se unki income aur ladkiyon/aurto se unki age kabhi nhi puchye sooooo if u don’t mind and keep commenting

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  13. Hi guys, how r u all my friends??? I’m good. Well, I liked Rumya scenes. It’s great that their story has progressed. Sadly, Ishkara will never happen. Ishkara fans, plz don’t get hurt but we all know that Vrushika will not come back to the show. Ishkara was also my favourite couple in the show but lets be practical. Plz don’t expect Vrushika to come back as Gul is no Ekta. So guys, tell me which actress do u want to see opposite Omkara????? I think Adaa Khan will make a very good chemistry with Kunal but I want to see her a new character and not as Ishana bcoz I think only Vrushika can play Ishana.

    1. I m to vrushy fan but now if she is not coming…..then I would like Palak Jain (panchi of buddy project) opposite kunal bcoz I liked their chemistry in Buddy Project….and ya luna di Ada Khan is also gud choice….I would like any of this two?

      1. Ada khan nahi aiygaa— adaa khan ekta kapoor nagin 2 kar raha hain. jiska Trp high vi hain – & also serial super hit.

    2. But why Luna dear — why Ishaana character the end ? & also Vrushy ko introduce karok new girl 4 omkara love.bcz serial hain kuch vi hoo sakhta hain ..If Rashmi mam Ahem ka duplicate jaggi ko lai aasakhta hain, Ekta mam plastic surgery kar kar kritika lai aasakhta hain. why not Vrushy ? & i have a ques, GUl ko haat kitna power hain– why can’t she do anything ? She knew that Fan loves Ishkara so much..few scene they r so popular.. why Gul say, Ishaana character the end . I m new fan Vrushy- Kunal. but i lyk their chemistry afterall fewer scene. Gul say itz not personal but what actual prblm. Fan k demand hain— Instagram, twetter -every1 just request. so, why can’t she so undesrtand ???

      1. Enasanjida dear, Gul ended Ishana’s character bcoz the character was completely messed. CVs were’nt knowing what to do with Ishana’s character and how to proceed Ishkara story. Also the TRP audience were not liking a con girl being paired with Om. As for Vrushika’s comeback, I don’t think it will happen. Ekta did’nt brought Kratika back bcoz of fans demand, she brought her back bcoz Kasam’s TRPs were dropping, same for Rashmi Sharma. Producers don’t care about fans, petitions or twitter trends, all they care about is TRP and Gul is no different. Vrushika never effected the TRP of Ishqbaaz positively or negatively bcoz she never got proper screenspace so no chance of her comeback. I know it’s really sad but we have accept it. And Naagin is a finite series so it will end soon. After that Adaa can do Ishqbaaz or she can even do both shows together as doing two shows is no big deal. Many actors have done that in past. That’s what I’m hoping.

  14. Well, Shivaye disapproving marriage of Dev and Priyanka bcoz of Dev being illigetimate is wrong but lets get real. Who does’nt thinks like that??? Everyone is obsessed with family background and lineage though no one says that!!!!!! Everyone preaches that they don’t care about these things but when it comes to applying that in real life they fail. Though, things are changing slowly. The current generation don’t see an illigitimate child in bad light but still they will not marry a person like that.

    1. Kiki

      I agree with ur opinion Luna

  15. Hello guys…I m back after a long time…do u guys remember me?…n guys…how may of u are around d age of 20-22yrs?

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    1. Hey sorry but how can uh say so..
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      I m SANAYA

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        Sorry Sanaya…i saw both the logos are same so i thought the same person is fooling around here with different names. I am really very sorry for hurting you…

      2. Yaa its oki it happens sometime…
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        Btw how much old r uh ?

  17. Mng ishqbaazians!!hw was d day without ishaqbaaz??
    Btw send me reiki n chant for me i have my exam in an hour n m in no mood for d exam???

    1. Disha

      My day was OK actually m enjoying with my cousins
      Best of luck for exam

    2. Bst of luck aahana…do well in exams..

    3. Piyaliii

      All the best aahana di…????

    4. Thank u guys…n i hv holidays frm now n ishaqbaaz epi today!!!looking forward to it?

  18. Hello everyone!! I like to watch ishqbaaz and read updates as well as your comments. I am writing for the first time. Can i join all of you here?? Please

    1. Disha

      Most Welcome
      Feel free for comment

    2. Welcome…n keep commenting…

  19. Iwaniya

    good afternoon everyo ne. how r u all

  20. Piyaliii

    Guys if you want that questions answer then you can search on net. ….There are some about 4 answers for that….???

  21. I think Omkaras track also starts soon after Gayatris murder. Am assuming The lawyer who will fight Shivaays case will be Omkaras new female lead (This is just my wild guess). As she will together with Om, Rudra and Anika fight Shivaays case to prove him wrong and this way she will get close to Omkara and the Oberoi family while unfolding the mystery of Gayatris murder.
    I think Gul is doing an excellent job we just need to show patience. Right now the track looks a little slow but it will pick up and I think it’s gonna get amazing in the next couple of weeks. Everything will fall in place.
    I know we all are waiting for Omkaras love track to begin. We all have a lot of questions in mind who is this new girl. But am sure it’s gonna get amazing.
    Was wondering what will Omkaras new lead name be. Am hoping they keep the couple name as “Ishkara” only and they could name this new girl Ishika, Ishani or Isha.
    Am quit happy Gul ended the Ishana track. Omkara as a character has gained so much popularity because of the way he is portrayed. Such a beautiful, pure and honest sole who hates lies to the core. How will he fall in love with a con girl or for that matter a thief. I personally use to think doesn’t Omkara deserve a better girl.
    So I think we as Fans should stop this “Bring Back Ishana” thing and stop blaming Gul Khan, the Channel or its creative team for all this. Am sure they tried their best to get the Ishana track back but I think this track was beyond repair and hence they decided to end it rather then drag it for no reason and mess it further more. Practically it was the right thing to end the Ishana track.
    We should now move forward and look forward to this new girl in Omkaras life.
    ( *hi guys am “Maya” have changed my user name to “Tarika” to avoid confusion as someone else had started using my earlier user name).

    1. Tarika, whichever girl will be paired with Om will definitely have grey shades in her character. As Dadi said that a girl will come in Omkara’s life who will teach him that saying lies sometimes is’nt bad. So Om’s love interest will be a lieing an manipulating girl.

  22. I think They should consider Preetika Rao (Amrita rao sister) of Beintehaan to be paired opposite Omkara.
    Preetika is pretty, delicate, tall and very smart.
    Kunal and Preetika will make a good pair.
    Hope they bring someone whose pretty, delicate and young girl for Omkara.
    Vrushika was only 22yrs old.

    1. Hey tharika even im agree with u i knw ishkara wont happen now so im waiting to see omkaras love story and i really want his lead will be strong like independent career oriented grl like something practical thinking grl. And u told about preethika rao no offence dr but personally i dnt like her bcz i feels she is expressionless or same expression for every moments anyways i respect ur choice and we will wait and see who will be omkaras lead

  23. Monique_D

    Hey y’all hope you all are good and looking forward to Rudra/Soumaya/Rehan love triangle
    And for those who follow my FF here is the link below:

  24. Gd evng guyz anyways yesterday no ishqbaaz im waiting for today’s episode. Im eagarly waiting to see rumya and reyan triangle love story and there is a spoiler that rudra will feel insecure seeing saumya with reyan thats really amazing. And love my favret ishqbaaz with shivika omkara rumya and all cast they are superb

    1. Ya same here….I m to very excited for rumya story….eager to watch their story…and I think rudra soumya and reyaan’s love triangle will b intresting…

  25. Mayank Agrawal

    Please listen guyz if i am not wrong i think MRS kapoor to Tia ki mom ka naam hai and shivay mr chhabra ko bolta hai ki aapka mrs kapoor ke sath affair tha and dev aapka beta nhi hai …to kahi ye tia ki sachai bhi judi hui hai kya isse what do you guys think >

    1. Yeah u r right.. mrs kapoor is tia’s mom kz in 1 epi dadi said her full name is tia kapoor.. n i think dy will unveil tia’s truth n dt maniquine man within this track…(its only a guess though)

  26. Renimarenju

    Hello my ishqies… This is renima and How r u all ?? Mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya, shaza, shahabana, richu, haya, piyali,pragya,pradishma,mary,tharu,himagiri,meena,abiha,aahana
    sujina,nazneen,srini,vinnu,pawan,dhruvv,maanik,maahiswit,yazhu,rubina,sanaya,shivika,mukti, ishika,naaginforever,liya,diya,lijitha,aliya……HOPE ALL ARE FINE….Happy Dushera and Advance wishes for Muharam……Just enjoy guys…..well….am glad that rumya track has boosted up….And ishana…..don’t know…..startv didn’t confirmed any news…..
    Guys….like my previous ff was on ishkara as ishqies really loved it am with another ff also….
    This time am writing it on tejvi and ishkara….So guys please read and comment on it….
    In a rush i wrote all parts and may be you will find mistakes on it….But guys i tried my level best to connect tejvi with ishkara-especially omkara….as tejvi track i really felt i should add it in my ff….And shivika and rumya fans…please forgive me….As i wrote again for ishkara….well to be honest ishkara track ended like without any clarification and personallly I felt i should stop watching ishqbaaz…But for shivika,dadi, sahil and Omkara am watching ishqbaaz…..and ishqies for ishkara…..ffs are not enough to fill the emptiness. But at least when u read u can regain the feel of unique love…..
    Sorry for the long comment and if any body is hurted here….please forgive me…as am ur didi so i expresed my view only…sorry
    And here are the links-

    1. I m fine renima di….hw r u.??…happy dushera to I too…

      1. I mean U

  27. Mishri

    Watever said or done…i still love ishqbaaz nd its ishqies nd obviously OUT telly updates!!!!????..i wish shivaay learns life nd love sooon..nd omkara shouldnt get a serious type..a bubbly,childish 1 will be cute..i love his shocked nd confused looks for rudras jokes…and amusement is his best expression???? a funny type will do…plzzz yaar sumthng awsum nd fun!!

    1. Renimarenju

      Mishri ishqie am sorry yaar….i expressed my view only dear…and in fact i still watch ishqbaaz and dear…..and ishqies..of course i comment here whenever i get break..because i love my ishqies so much…..
      And ishkara track…am much upset with the way it ended….without any clarification…while actually i expected a lot….thats all dear ishqie….sorry mishri …..and what u said about sso and om…..i mean om should be bubbly….well seems good……but not like childish which will not suit his character…..sso….will soon learn life and love…about life he is very practical and straight forward…..and dear love….he will realise when he will fall for anika..

  28. Tridha

    Spoiler:1. A girl is coming. Om’s past and his secrets is coming to get him.
    2. Ayush anand is gonna enter. He will play the role of acp ranveer singh. Shivay will go to meet gayatry. As he reaches there gayatry will kill herself. And shivay will be accused for her murder. Any then somehow ayush will be paired opposite subha rajput.
    Guys how r u all? I was very busy that’s why couldn’t comment. I missed u sooooooo much.

    1. One more New entry.!!… there r already 2 many characters in show…n they r unable 2 give them proper screen space ..I mean swetlana is not shown since from month, rumi,riddhima,roop,tia,r also not shown!!..

      1. Mayank Agrawal

        rumi bahar ho gayi hai show se for your kind information rumi ko serious injury ho gayi thi..

  29. Luna Omkaras girl doesn’t need to be grey in character. Ishanas character was not grey at all. She was a con girl and a thief. She came from a family who had a drunkard father and sister who supported in all the conning they where doing. Ishanas while track got negative over time.
    Omkara girl doesn’t need to necessarily be grey she can be like Shivaay arrogant but at the same time very soft by heart but use wrong methods to earn money. Her character should have self respect.
    In reality would Tej or Shivaay really accept Ishaana as Omkaras wife given the family background she came from. Would Ishana In the Oberoi house.
    Even lawyers lie & use tactful methods to save they clients. Some girl like that for Omkara. She doesn’t need to be negative in character.
    Hoping for a good love story for Omkara.

  30. @ I meant doesn’t use wrong methods to earn money like Ishana.
    @Correction of my earlier comment

  31. Hloo guysz… i m new

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