Ishqbaaz 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Piya arrives home

Ishqbaaz 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

ShivOmRu see the shocking video. They get shocked seeing Piya home. Some time before, Rudra answers call and asks Shivaye to wipe kiss mark. Shivaye says don’t say that word. Anika asks kiss mark? Rudra says when we were coming Goa, going Goa, we gave lift to a cute puppy wearing red dress. ShivOm sign him. Rudra says red collar. Gauri asks in whose lap did he sit, who loved him the most, Om. Om says no. Anika says we were calling since long, why did you all not answer. Rudra says we spoke all night and woke up late. She asks where is Shivaye. Shivaye shouts I m here. Anika asks why is he sounding too far. Om says he is in washroom. Shivaye says I m having a bath, la la la la… Bhavya says we are asking one and other is answering. Gauri asks did they have breakfast, what did they eat. They say

different things. Bhavya asks did they eat different things. Rudra asks in which law is it written that three brothers should eat same thing. He acts wise. Anika asks Shivaye is he feeling good. He shouts yes. She says you stay tied up in work here. Om says we all are tied here. They hear some sound. Rudra quickly disconnects the call by his toe. Gauri asks Anika to call again.

Dinky comes and says my dear bahus, call is disconnected, the boys are upto some mischief, some hanky panky is going on. Anika says I picked hanky and S is written on it. Dinky says innocent, it doesn’t mean kerchief. Anika asks do you mean lampu jhampu, our husbands are not such. Gauri says yes, Om is very innocent, he won’t do this. Dinky asks why did he not call at night, I m sure he was drinking and … hanky panky. Anika says our husbands don’t do this, we trust them. Piya comes and greets Dinky. Dinky says she is my friend’s daughter, she is a choreographer. Pinky asks her to stay at home, it will be good.

Shivaye says inspector you came on right time. Inspector says we came at right place. Rudra defends and asks him to arrest ShivOm. Shivaye says I m glad that you have come to help us. Inspector says police helps one who is in problem, not one who creates problem, where is that girl. Rudra asks what does a girl mean uncle. Inspector says we got info that you got her to this hotel room, where is she. Shivaye says we don’t know, we are very decent. Inspector says we can see decency marks on your cheeks, tell me where is she. Om says we didn’t do anything wrong. Shivaye says we can’t do wrong, our hands are tied. Inspector says you will know in station, arrest them. Shivaye says don’t you dare arrest Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Inspector says I just know I m arresting a suspect. Om says we deserve to make a phone call. Inspector says absolutely not. Rudra says just one call. Shivaye calls commissioner. Inspector talks to commissioner and frees them from handcuffs. Police leaves. Om asks Shivaye does he remember what happened at night. Shivaye says I m afraid if we did something that breaks our wives’ trust.

The bus stops at dhaba. Abhay goes to washroom. Shwetlana pays the conductor and says this bus will stop at other dhaba now. The bus leaves. Abhay comes and asks did the bus leave. She asks how did it go, conductor said bus will wait for 10mins. He says I had to reach Unnao urgently. She says I have to go there too, I will book a cab, we will go together. He says no thanks. She says you are helpless to go with me. He says I work my my wish. She says even I work by my wish, but its my wish to go with you. Abhay asks the man about next bus. The man says it will come in morning now, Unnao is far. Shwetlana asks Abhay to think, her offer is still there. He refuses and goes. She says you will go with me, even if I have to do anything.

ShivOmRu are on the way. Rudra says I will never go Goa now, I fell from plane and this time I fell in my eyes. Shivaye says you wanted to go Goa. Om says you took Jal samadhi, now we three have to take Jal Samadhi. Shivaye says you were acting Sata Savatra in front of inspector, you were going Haridwar and we made Goa plan, what was that. Rudra says I was scared, I didn’t wish to get beaten up. Shivaye says we gave lift and fell in this mess because of you. Om says I don’t know what happened. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says he is angering us, what was her name. Rudra says chia. Shivaye says thats seeds. Rudra says Piya, she got us cold drinks. Om asks did she come to hotel with us. Shivaye stops the car, and says no, she went. They recall Piya thanking them for lift and leaving. Rudra asks how did kiss mark come on cheek, I m single, you both are married, what will you tell Bhabhis. Om says we can’t tell them anything till we find out. Rudra says we have to say why we came back early. Om says we will think something. Rudra asks them to think.

At home, Shivaye says we missed you a lot. Om says we didn’t reach Goa and came back. Rudra says they got me too, I realized I m missing you both a lot, they were not coming, I told them to come. He sees Shivaye and signs to cheek. Shivaye says yes. Anika and Gauri ask about puppy. Shivaye holds cheek. They ask how can we forget puppy. Rudra says puppy loved Shivaye the most. Om says aw… Bhavya looks on and thinks the case is not so simple as it looks. Gauri asks them to go, they have to make food, Dinky’s guest has come. Shivaye asks them to make dinner. Anika and Gauri go. Shivaye hugs OmRu and says thank God they didn’t doubt on us. Om says we are safe as of now. They get a shocking video. They find themselves dancing with Piya and drinking. Rudra says you both dance so bad. Shivaye says shut up, this is because of you. They argue. Om asks them did they not have fun, they took Sanyaas right. Shivaye says we have to find out who has made this video. Om says Anika and Gauri shouldn’t know this. They go for dinner. Piya walks in corridor. She turns away and leaves. They don’t see her.

Dadi introduces her grandsons to Dinky. She says they are innocent, they love their wives a lot, you said they will break their trust. Piya comes and greets them. ShivOmRu get shocked and shout you. She says yes, its me. Anika asks do you know her. Rudra says yes. ShivOm say no, we don’t know her. Rudra asks Om did he have breakup with truth that he is lying. Om says for saving love, its not a lie, there is no truth bigger than love. Shivaye says say loud if you are hungry. Rudra says we don’t know her, what’s your name Piya. Shivaye says he is joking. Anika asks how do you know her name. Shivaye says you said it, that’s how…. Tej asks why did you get up seeing her. Shivaye says out of respect, guest is.. Om says Dadi taught us guest is like Lord, so greetings. Rudra takes the plate and does aarti. Om pats him and stops. Pinky says their Sanskar is so good. Shakti says I didn’t see them so Sanskari till now. Anika asks them to sit. Dadi says she is Dinky’s family friend’s daughter. Piya says I know them well. Gauri asks what, how…. Piya smiles.

Piya dances….. ShivOmRu get mesmerized seeing her dancing. Even Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get entranced seeing Piya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arpita6

    Hiii my khidkitod pagals. ..once again so low comments ?????. Kyun?????and a big sry for not replying to you bcoz of busy schedule. But i read all of your comments and spec2thnx to uf for giving reply almost all comments. .that is really so sweet of you..and some pagals joined after sooo many days…welcome back with a khidkitod jhappi. ..??..
    And now i am soo sleepy so koi long thing nahi bolna..bass mere ko ek accha Shivika scene de do..and OM ko dharamsala mat banao..khas karke vilians ko…ye log hame bass irritate karte he.Sutlu…aap toh mahan ho .
    Loved shivomru’s expression. I just want to know the reaction of aniri…???.

    Pia and dinky are irritating me somuch.but still i am saying ..i like it cum se cum pinky ponky ki tano se rahat mil rahi he.

    PPrecap-Cracked me up..???..isse khatarnak kuch aur ho hi nahi sakta…..?????. .boys toh boys now girls also… but seriously that girl is not hot and not good looking too.Sutlu kafi hot lag rahi he.???.

    Ok byy a khidkitod good night to all of you..and Good luck for tomorrow TRP day..?????????????????

    1. GO ARPITA GO.Many many congratulations….

      1. Arpita6

        Lutfa dear, thank you soo much…and i can’t believe it.after 10 month of my life in TU..first time no 1 comments chalo mera sapna pura hogaya. .???????….

    2. Hi arpita… how are you yaar why don’t u come on hangy… come at least once a week noe…. Yea super episode n fingers crossed for trp tomo

      1. Arpita6

        Pinku dear,hlw i am totally fine. But what can i do bcoz of my study….i can’t able to come on hangy..i miss you all in hangy…..i am trying but hota hi nahi he…but still i will try to come on hangy on this weekend

      2. Hello Pinku,how are you and how was the wedding? I hope you enjoyed….

    3. Pushpa

      gd mornign arpi…low cmmment because not so good track….
      hating this dinky piyaking track….tell me arpi that gal&s*xy so far…agree arpi i too think svetlana looked s*xier…precap another funny track i suppose

    4. Fatmi

      Hii Arpita..hw r u dear? Congratulations for ur 1st comment…
      As usual nice review….

      1. Arpita6

        I am fine dear,thank you..and how are you???dear,??

  2. Riana

    ShiOmRu even AniRiVya…??????????????????????????????????


    Awesome Episode…
    Though guyz i never thought that svetlana is so cheap that she will follow Abhay on road…????…What happens if they gets attracted to each other #Tabahi #Thunder ????

    ShiOmRu state was like Papad today…Anytime they will break into pieces ??????

    Precap: ANIRIVYA toooo ????????

    1. Hi riana how are you… super episode is it??

      1. Riana

        Fine pinks ???

      2. Riana

        Fine pinks ???
        Superb means damm superb !!! ??

  3. hey everyone.
    today’s epiosde was full of comedy.
    really enjoyed today’s episode.
    love IB…

  4. Pushpa

    I think cvs edited back the goa scn in today? …..
    Cant believe ShivOmRu drool behind this 2rps cheapde who is not s*xy only masculine body …cmon shivomru ..wu dudes can do better thn this gal!!!!! Cheeeeeee……yeah kya hae…
    Phohe xall ageya and rudy ask shivaye to wipe off kiss mark??? I really enjoyed this scn…yes Shivaye definately am afraid this will breaks our wives’ trust.

    Ok episode ..i think we shld put aside all our thoughts and just enjoy the episodes.. funny& entertainning tho…..wht else can v do??? nothing gona change whn cvs r adamant to give this tracks…..v join the club…tired of getting pissed off….

    Dinky leave the bhahus please…..enough of pressing yr luck to poison thm….really boys….u guys missed yr wify???? Unbelievale scns…thy explain explain themsrlves 4returning home eatly…..hilarious epic scn……..

    Rudy u r so funny….’Im single i can mingle…And u u r one of a piece
    Svetlana u look s*xy thn tht 2rps chepde gal shivomru picked up…..
    And tht red dress makes her look manly….no offense gals
    Precsp,…..dudes who opened th can full of worm….rudyyyyy its u…

    Dil hua ishqbaaz
    Gd nite fals

    1. Hahaha Kya baat hai pushpa shivay se Rudy se mingle… tho shivay ab pura harika ka hi Hua wink wink

      1. Pushpa

        never pinku….i quoted wht rudy said….me always wit one&only shivaye…

    2. No one opened it Pushpa di,it got opened automatically to give us mental fatigue.

    3. Fatmi

      Hiii Pushpa Hw r u?? superb reviw as usual…ya u r r8 That Piya looks like a man :O Cvs could give her a long dress..In mini dress she is just yuck……….

      1. Pushpa

        hi gal..hw r u
        nice to hear frm u

    4. Fatmi

      Pushpa dear I forgot to ask that is there any other ID of PKJ ? I follow Insta Page “PKJlovesIB” and see also ur post regular….Recently u guys are posting 1st insta ff…I read some of ff and enjoyed a lot….But couldn’t read or comment regular bcoz of my study and personal issues….ok dear stay happy and take care…

    5. Fenil

      superb comment !!

  5. Heyyy guys ☄
    I’m new here , can i plz join you’ll ?
    My name is omaira , I’m from SA and I’m 16 years old
    I really like the way you’ll comment ?
    I actually commented on yesterdays page ( if thats what you’ll call it ) but idk if anyone saw so i just thought of commenting now itself
    And last but not least i hope you’ll accept me ??

    1. Pushpa

      hi omaira welcome to our family of pkjs …keep on commenting dear

    2. Arpita6

      Hii Omaira …no need to ask…welcome you with a big hug…keep commenting and enjoy the fun.

    3. Welcome to PKJ family Omaira.Off course you can join us.We all are friends here and you too are now one of us.Anyway,Keep commenting.See you later……

    4. Fatmi

      Hi Omaira, hw r u? and welcome to our PKJ family….keep commenting…

  6. Goa is the synonym of Golmaal!Congratulation(to my futi kismaat )!Rudra, you better take the vow of lifelong celibacy or get it in mind that “All that glitters is not Gold” on a serious note. This Piya is a lesson for you and I hope you will remember it lifelong. Don’t know what cvs are trying to churn out from Piya and co. track.Whatever it is I am not interested until they serve some specific reason……………….
    Savaay is attracting me more than anything else right now.Two masterminds are going to be untied. What a deadly combo! By the way,Savetlana is the name of a thin leech(metaphorically) who has not spared anyone and will not spare you too Abhaay. You will figure out it soon.Anyway, you two just return OM asap and start the mission -Destroy the Oberoi(s).I am waiting for the lightning to strike…………….
    Precap:Cvs will you plz stop highlighting this Oberoi special trouble making subject again and again?

    1. Arpita6

      Luthfa your whole comment cracke me up..i am.laughing..???….

    2. Fatmi

      ha ha ha Luthfa ur advice for Rydu boy :p :p :p
      Btw he r u?

  7. My suggesstion to cvs stop bringing stupid tracks because you guys have lot of tracks to finish so stop bringing new tracks which is senseless enough of comedy tracks now get back into serious tracks which are left like kalyani mills secret, the third party who was in the video ,anri past if you think this pia track will gain trp you guys are fools because pia track will may cause downfall in trp you guys get trp for obros bond, shivika and rikara romance not for pia track bond and i think pia is not so harmfull like the way cvs are showing even if she blackmails obros i think she will not harm shivika or rikara relationship i think she will torture obros for fun she might teach obros a lesson

    1. Pushpa

      yes abhishek…tired of this track do they think they want 2brign someting funny??? its irritating with this dinky and piyaking…ur feel like thowing these two out….yes pls cm back to our IB track guys….we have more to focus unfold mysteries and all….ho wmany villain thye want to bring la..

    2. Arpita6

      Abhisek.. i know we all are kinda not like the track..but pinky ponky ki se ye kafi accha he…and also i want some rmantic scene but kya kare…Shivika ki hormones sidha ghatko par nikal gaye he…jab tak wapas nahi aajate ye log ‘touch me not ‘ type ki couple ban ke rahenge..kuch nahi hosakta inka..

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Shiomru expression are nice… Episode is OK…. Waiting for some interesting stuff in ib…..

  9. Episode was hilarious. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. Episode was very enjoyable.but dinky& pia are very irritating.hope the trust b/w shivika&omri will not change

  11. I cannot enjoy this track .I am waiting for some meaningful good track.Seriously not liking this track not having any separate scenes for the couple and over crowding of characters in all the scenes

  12. Thank youu soo much @pushpa , @luthfa and @arpita6 ❤

    I couldn’t watch ishqbaaz at 22:00 bcoz i was busy studying I’m writing my final exams but hopefully will watch the repeat telecast as from today i can watch ishqbaaz at 22:00 but till tmrw only?

    I’m just gonna ask you’ll a little favour if you’ll don’t mind can i plz get introductions of you’ll and if you’ll want to know smtg plz dont hesitate to ask

    I have been to india like 3-4 times so you’llcan take names of where you’ll stay

    Thank youu once again

    1. first of all hai.. this is prabha.. from andhra.. and haa welcome to this family..

  13. Sorry to say.. but i think gul khan should stop selecting female actress on her own.. first she brought aditi gupta as a permanent villain in qubool hai.. than shivani as replacement of sanaya.. and now this fat bullshit to separate the leads.. i know its the producer’s monopoly to separate the leads just after a long fight with the villain.. but bring some good looking actors.. i had no problem with svetlana track.. bcoz i think in terms of glamour she was the most glamorous person in the serial.. just like aamrapali gupta.. we had enough program to support inner beauty.. but in a romantic drama we expect good looking actors… not a fatso villains.. n they are introducing her like she is the most beautiful girl in the world.. plz gul khan.. improve your taste in girls.. don’t show what you want to show… show what we want to see..

  14. Fatmi

    Hi PKJ gals…..hw r u all? Sorry I’m late to comment bcoz of my study….Thanx UF for ur reply….ya I love to come pkj bcoz I love u all….hmm Labiba meri jaan didn’t u really miss me?? ;( ;( :p :p

  15. episode is ok ok with shivomru’s cute expressions.. but yaar cant see that pia uncleji….. for god sake pls someone kill that pia uncleji….. aur uparse ye dinky bhi…urgh…. precap tho i was like have they gone INSANE… hope it ends soon…

  16. Heyyy fatmi ☄
    I’m okay and you ?
    Sorry i only saw your comment now only

    1. Fatmi

      It’s ok dear no need say sorry…I’m fine..didn’t u come yesterdays epi post? I was finding u to reply u there bt could not get o replied here….Happy weekend dear…….

  17. Hiiii prabha ?

  18. Angiecute

    hi guys how r you all
    in advance saying “I M FINE” but i think somebody is not fine
    first of all pinky ponky,
    then dinky donky,
    and now this piya chiya .

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