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Ishqbaaz 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit says you call your wife. Shivaye says okay. He holds Anika’s hand and makes her sit along him. He says she is my would be wife. Everyone get a shock. Sometime before, Pinky asks Dadi about puja. Jhanvi asks her to ask pandit. Pinky says pandit is not coming, his elder son will do puja. Om and Riddhima, Shivaye and Tia come. Om greets Dadi and wishes Happy Dhanteras. Even Shivaye wishes Dadi. She asks where is third one. Om says I spoke to him, Soumya is with him, they is on the way. Dadi asks did you not tell about puja time. Shivaye says he is here. Everyone see Rudra and Soumya. Pinky asks them about their clothes, very nice. Jhanvi asks where were you all night, what did you wear. Soumya hides her mangalsutra. Tej says you should have called home atleast.

Shivaye says Soumya, what

happened, you were not irresponsible. Rudra says sorry, my phone battery got dead and her phone got stolen, I spoke to Om. Om signs Shivaye. Dadi asks what was that party where you have worn such clothes. Pinky says Bollywood theme party. Rudra says yes. Jhanvi asks them to change clothes and come. Om says Rudra, wait, I want to tell something to everyone. Rudra worries and says I told you Om heard it.

Inspector Patel gives Gayatri’s case forensic report to Ranveer and says there is no clue. Ranveer asks him to talk to her cell mate, they will not say, don’t try to find truth, try to catch lie, truth will come out. Patel says what about Omkara’s case, there is no info and clue, Priyanka is silent and did not say anything. Ranveer says she will say for sure, I know how.

Rudra says Om, I will tell truth, Soumya and I had desi wine. Shivaye says stop it, we don’t need to know what you did in party, Om just say what you were saying. Rudra worries. Om says Riddhima will stay with me in this house from today. Everyone get shocked.

Om says I know its shocking for you, but I decided. Pinky says living before marriage. Om says we stayed together in London when we were in Arts school. Jhanvi says that was London, and this is India, there is culture difference. Shivaye says its not a big deal. Pinky says how, people will point finger at us. Shivaye says I don’t care for people, I care for Om, if he is happy with Riddhima, I m happy, Om do what you find right, we are with right, right Bade Papa? Tej says fine. Dadi asks Om did you think well. Om nods. Shivaye says Dadi you are not happy with his decision. She says my happiness in in children’s happiness, its puja time, prepare. Pinky says yes. Shivaye asks Rudra and Soumya to wear proper clothes.

Soumya goes to change. She removes the mangalsutra and recalls marriage. She says this marriage had no meaning. Rudra looks at himself in mirror and says when marriage has no meaning, why am I thinking of it, its okay, things will get normal in few days. He recalls the marriage.

Pandit asks them to sit. Rudra and Soumya sit. Pandit asks are you husband and wife. They get shocked. Pinky says no, he is youngest son, his marriage will happen last, Shivaye and Tia will sit in puja. Shivaye and Tia come downstairs. Anika sees them and gets up. Shivaye walks ahead. Tia gets a call and talks to her mom. Pandit says its puja mahurat, call your wife. Shivaye says okay and holds Anika’s hand. He pulls her and makes her sit. He says she is my would be wife. Everyone get shocked. Shivaye does not see her. Dadi smiles. Shivaye says pandit ji start puja. Anika moves her hand. He asks Tia what are you doing. Tia sees them. Shivaye sees Anika and say you…..

Rudra says I wanted Anika to sit with Shivaye. Soumya says they look made for each other. He says there is some chemistry. She says I know, they get lost seeing each other, look at them, everyone is seeing them and they are seeing each other. He says our thinking match, it happens less that husband and wife’s thinking matches. She asks what. He says I was saying in general, not about us. Om says Rudra, Rudra talk later, puja is going on. Rudra says I was arguing. Riddhima says like typical married couple. Rudra says couple drama is happening there, look.

Shivaye sees Anika. Pinky says Shivaye she is Anika, not Tia, get up. Shivaye says get up. Shivaye and Anika’s heads strike. He does once again and says Anika says horns come if heads are not struck twice, I don’t feel so, she says this. Tia asks Shivaye how did Anika sit, we both were going to sit. He says sorry, its mistake. Pinky tells pandit that Shivaye held Anika’s hand by mistake, Tia is our would be bahu. Rudra asks Shivaye to decide to leave or hold hand, and signs him. Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand. Tia says Anika, you are coming in between us, I mean you please excuse me. Anika says sorry, and goes aside. Tia says pandit ji start puja. Tia thinks Anika you are trying to take my place, I will show you your right place.

Priyanka is on the way in her car. She gets Ranveer’s call. Pinky tells Jhanvi that everything went well. Shakti talks on phone and tells Pinky and Jhanvi that Shivaye did merger with Saraswati steels, profits have come and everyone is congratulating me. Pinky calls Shivaye one in a million. Tej looks on. Jhanvi gives prasad to Tej. Teh says look at them, they are so happy about Shivaye’s achievements, we don’t have such happiness in our fate. She says even Shivaye’s achievements is matter of pride for us. Tej nods.

Shivaye talks to Daksh Khurana and says outside station, you are in my city. Dadi says carpenter does not know our address, I asked him to come station, someone will pick him. Anika says I will get him. Dadi says driver will go. Anika says there is parking problem, I will take him on scooty, I got it repaired. Shivaye says I know, one should pick up friend, but there is video conference, I will send car for you, see you. Anika says don’t worry Dadi, I will get him. Dadi says fine, get him.

Shivaye sees Anika coming and slides by the side. She checks the things to do and repeats. She goes. He says she is talking to herself, she is mad. He answers Mishra’s call and says yes Anika, say, I mean Mishra say….

Tej goes to Om and says I thought you will touch sky but you have no time than to touch this soil. Om says soil is the most beautiful thing in this world, you won’t understand, lets get to the point, how did you come. Tej says sign on this, I started NGO, I want you to manage it for social welfare cause. Om says you and social welfare do not go together. Tej asks will you sign on this or not.

Priyanka removes headphones as the car stops and sees driver gone. Ranveer sits in her car. She gets shocked. He says its good to see you. Om asks whats this, why is Shivaye’s name there on these papers, I will sign when I read it well. Riddhima comes and says I will come later, if you are talking. Om says no, its good you came, I need your help, Tej wants me to sign on this, it has Shivaye’s name too, can you check and tell me what are these papers. Riddhima checks. Om asks whats written. She says its agreement, if you sign, your stocks will be higher than Shivaye in Oberoi industries. Om asks what? He asks Tej about it.

Priyanka asks Ranveer to go, she does not want to talk. He says I will not go before completing my talk. She says I will call my brother. He holds her hand and takes her phone. She says leave my hand, you can’t ruin my and my brother’s life for a case. He asks what about you and your brother, who ruined my life, this is not just a case for me, she was my sister, whose accident happened by your hands. She gets shocked. He leaves her hand and gets down the car. He cries and wears shades.

Tej says I just want to make you elder than Shivaye. Om says just you know this talent to make a younger brother elder, you know Shivaye has more right than me on Oberoi empire, he has worked hard. Tej asks did I not do anything. Om says you kept the foundation and Shivaye has given it heights. Tej says enough, i know Shivaye is very capable and can make ten such empires, but not you. Om says Rudra and Shivaye are not just brothers, but my life, brothers are not left for a piece of paper, I think you should leave. Tej says you will regret a lot. Om says please leave. Riddhima holds Om. Tej says my words look poison to him, explain him, tell him to think with cool mind, emotions have to kept aside in business. He leaves. Om gets angry.

Daksh smiles seeing Anika. Anika and Shivaye argue. Daksh introduces himself and shakes hand with Anika. He says I m Daksh Khurana. She says Anika… He says its a beautiful name. Shivaye looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SSO held the hand of ANIKA, and made her to sit with him for DHAN POOJA !!, simply saying” This is my would be wife!!”

    There are two views
    (1) It is by mistake
    (2) It is a hint specially for ANIKA to make her realise her ,what does she means to him, in the back ground of a hillarious, mind blowing and most meaning full convo took place between OM and SSO along with HIS STARRING ANIKA!

    I opt for 2nd one, being away from any feeling for SHIVIKA , but for the reasons behind this.
    I don’t know, may be wrong or right my presumption, BCZ when strings of dolls are in the hands of GK mam, she has all power to make them dance in anyway, and make me right or wrong !

    All of you can express your views

    1. Hi Shekhar, may I suggest you 3rd option of what it was? I guess it’s what Italians call “la forza del destino” or “the power of destiny” in English. IB if full of such meaningful coincedence to underline coules supposed to be togather, like Shivay+ Anika, Rudra+Soumya, Priyanka+Ranveer during Karvachot. And that story with bird blood on Shivay horoscope could be the same.

      1. *not coules but couples

      2. DASHA MAM,actually , I do not trust on DESTINIY, simply believe as OM said, OUR PRESENT IS THE RESULT OF OUR PAST DECISSION!
        Overmore, I simply opted for 2nd one due to reason that, I marked, GK mam never throw any SHIVKAR or SHIVIKA moments without any meaning, so keeping back yesterday MIX MOMENTS OF SHIVIKARA, and also my denial for such more coincidents, I opted for 2nd one. Eventhough, yes, there is third possibility what you said.

  2. Hello

  3. Hello guys good morning
    Over all episode is nice and finally ridhima will our of the show.
    The girl is Ranveer’s sister that is really nice and I want that they revile her.
    Shivika story is on progress nice.
    Raumya story finally going to begin.

    BUT one question not solved till now what about om ????

  4. hey everyone,

    ur gonna enjoyy this.. breakup dance of om by rudy..and someone scaring anika.. it has to be tia

    1. Thank u so much archiya. Actually the video was not loading in my phone. So thank u so much. The video was so funny. I could not help myself from laughing. I think tia scared anika. I also think that then anika will run out of the room and daksh will come there and she will hug him. Then jealous Singh oberoi will feel jealous

    2. Diyaa


    3. Diyaa

      Om breaking up with Ridhima

  5. Yes a malayalee .am studying in first sem BSc maths….can I join ur grp plsss

  6. Tridha

    Guys omru dance on om’s break up party and someone is scaring anika. This is gonna be happen in the upcoming episodes.
    I think this mr. D is daksh. And he is scaring anika

  7. plzz plzzz plzzzz update it fast…..??

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