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Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says stop interfering in my life and pushes Anika. She falls down. He shouts Anika. Later, Shivaye says you know I did not push you intentionally. She asks where am I. Some time before, Anika asks what are you doing. He says don’t get in between. She asks why, Tia is trapping you in cheap plans. Tia argues. She says I just want our baby’s future to be secure. Anika sides Tia and scolds her. Tia asks Shivaye to see how Anika is talking to her. Anika asks how shall I talk then. She asks Shivaye not to sign. He says stop it Anika, 100 crores are nothing for me. Anika says its not about 100 crores, its about right and wrong, Tia is using your goodness, you will not sign. Tia says Shivaye, I have to listen to mom, Anika blames me, I m just silent for our baby else…. He asks Anika to give

the pen, I have decided.

She says no, its wrong. He asks for papers. She says no, I will show this to Dadi, then Dadi will explain you. They go upstairs and have an argument. He says stop it, its my money, I give it to Tia or in charity, its my wish, stop becoming my wife. She pushes him away and asks why don’t you understand, I m doing this for you. He says then don’t do, don’t interfere in my life. He moves her away and she falls down. Shivaye and Tia look at her. Anika lies in a pool of blood. Shivaye runs downstairs and comes to her. She holds Anika. Rudra comes and sees her. Om comes and gets shocked. Tia smiles and comes there.

Shivaye and everyone wait outside the room. Doctor comes out and says you can meet her now, not everyone, just one. Dadi signs Shivaye. He nods and goes inside the room. Tia looks on. Shivaye sits by Anika’s side and asks are you fine, I was scared, so sorry. She holds head and gets up. He says you know I did not push you intentionally, I was angry. She asks who are you, I don’t know you. He says I know you are annoyed with me, it does not mean…. She says I really don’t know you. She looks at herself and asks who am I, where am I, and who are you, don’t dare to touch me, tell me who am I, and who are you. He asks don’t you know me. She says I really don’t remember anything. He looks at her shocked.

Shivaye tells everyone that Anika does not remember anything. Om asks did you not recognize you. Shivaye says she is not recognizing herself, she was asking who is she, who am I, what’s her name. Shakti asks what did doctor say. Shivaye says doctor said injury is not so deep that memory goes, sometimes short term memory loss happens and it will be restored soon, she should not get any type of stress. Tia hears them and says Anika’s memory loss, how interesting. She calls Shwetlana and says its a good news. Rudra says there would be some way to get Anika’s memory back, we will get Sahil. Shivaye says he went on school trip, he is very sensitive, don’t know how will he react, if Anika does not recognize him, I don’t thin its a good idea. Om says you are right, we should not tell Sahil, doctor said its short term memory loss. Shivaye says I think we should wait, Anika will be fine in some time.

Tia signs Shwetlana. Shwetlana hides and goes to Anika. She puts a note on table and pats on the window. She goes. Anika turns by sound and does not see anyone. She sees the note. Dadi says Billu, how is Anika, now her wound effect will be down, maybe her memory came back, we shall talk to her, come. They all go.

Anika reads…. you don’t know you are in danger, everyone is your enemy in this house, someone wants to kill you, that murderer will come as your friend, don’t trust anyone, your well wisher. Dadi opens the door and comes inside. Anika gets shocked. Dushman hai hazaron…..plays……. Rudra, Om, Priyanka and Shivaye come there. Anika gets scared seeing them.

Dadi asks why did you get up, lie down Anika. Shivaye says doctor asked you not to take any type of stress, take rest. Om says you will get fine by rest. Rudra says get fine soon, then we will make your fav aloo puri. She recalls the note and moves back tensely. Shivaye goes to hold her. She shouts no and gets up. She says you all are murderers, I got to know you all want to kill me, no….. She jumps down the bed and rushes out of the room. They look on shocked.

Anika says you all want to kill me. Shivaye asks where are you going, Anika wait. He goes other way and holds her. She says let me go, leave me, you want to kill me. He says listen to me, did you go mad. She says your eyes. He asks what happened to my eyes. She says its strange. He asks really. She says it shows you are so dangerous. He asks what nonsense. She says let me go, your eyes are so scary, what’s they called. He says they are called Kanji eyes. She asks Kanji eyes? What’s this language? He says how are you talking like me, anyways listen to me. She says leave me, you are not a nice man, you are my enemy.

He says no, I m not your enemy. She asks then who are you. He says come with me to room, I will explain. She asks why room, how are you related to me. He says I m your…. you are my…..listen to me…. She moves back and shouts wait, stay back, you are my enemy and want to kill me. She runs and hides behind staircase.

Tia comes there. She asks did you get the note. Anika asks did you send that note. Tia says yes, I m your well wisher. Anika asks that scary eyed man. Tia asks don’t you remember anything. Anika says no, he asks me to go to room, who is he, and who am I. Tia says its important for you to know that your life is in danger. Anika asks from whom. Tia says from all of them, you work here, but they have caught you, don’t know why, but many attacks happened on you. Anika asks really, what should I do now. Tia says be careful of them, especially of that scary eyed man, if there is any problem, come to me, I stay here. Anika asks why are you helping me. Tia says because I m a woman, its my duty to help another woman, I have tolerated a lot here and does not want that to happen with anyone else. Anika asks do you know me, can you tell me my name. Tia says yes, your name is Kalavati Thakur, you watch out here, they will tell you that you are someone’s wife and bahu, don’t believe them, just remember you are Kalavati Thakur, go now, if anyone sees us together, it will be problem, take care Kalavati. She turns and smiles. Tia leaves.

Shwetlana and Anika dance on Naagin song. Shivaye covers up Rudra’s eyes. They all look on shocked seeing Shwetlana and Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. liji thum 2hrs bunk kiya ib dekhne mei. mei dho theen bar bunk kiya office ib keliye really crazy na. @lax surbhi is wonderful actress .vere show le pennungale kanda kinattilidan thonnu athe seriya

  2. OMG. Hilarious episode.. I never thought memory loss track can be this much humourous..
    Love IB…
    Keeping the logic and all aside.. I am laughing a lot

  3. what rubbish yaar. pls Anika ku thik kardoo. don’t spoil dis show also.

  4. What???Anika was not push from a balcony, A balcony is either outside or in a theater, Anika was pushed over the banister/railing..There was no Blood if there was why wasn’t her clothes stained at the back with blood, Who are the Writers, either they aught to go back to school or find something else..and felling from that height there’s no way shed walk for sometime..

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